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  1. Hi Chris, I agree that the more choices we have, the better. When it comes to DACs, and the Yggy in particular, I bought it because of the mega burrito filter. I have tried fussing with the Audirvana software and find that sending the data stream unaltered in any way sounds best. But others may feel otherwise which is fine. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Bill Charlap Trio, Uptown Downtown. 24/96.
  3. Not sure either. I do have this recording on a 1980’s Japanese pressing and the HDDT tape transfer. Prefer the tape for SQ.
  4. That was quite a few years ago (at least 7 years, wow) as was using them since I bought the Gungnir DS that I eventually upgraded to the Gumby. I will PM you once I recall what the adapters are. I will pull them next time I power down the system which will likely be tomorrow with severe thunderstorms predicted, 7 years with no issues at all.
  5. Firedog, check out the version of this from hughdeftapetransfers. Superb in all respects. Love this album.
  6. That is indeed correct Audiodoctor. I still use the balanced with adapters recommended by someone at Schiit. I am very happy with the results, even if I am only hearing the difference between 4V and 2V. If I were to make a change to the Yggy, it would only be a beefier power supply. Not sure there is enough room for that though.
  7. Been a busy day. Tonight a double header, Till Bronner The Good Life AIFF 24/96 and then Monty Alexander Road Dog AIFF rip at 16/44.1.
  8. The best results I get is out of the balanced out using XLR adapters into my preamp which is single ended only.
  9. Schiit acknowledges it, which is why they recommend that you keep the unit on 24/7.
  10. I am not a tube guy but I do have experience with the Rogue stuff over the years and they make very good equipment. Great company and their owner is a class act all the way. I am NOT biased at all being in PA.
  11. That’s what I do with Audirvana. Bit perfect, no processing or upsampling. Sounds better that way.
  12. The megaburrito filter operates at DXD levels but again, Unison is new so it will take awhile before it is redone. While there are more and more native DXD recordings released now, they sound great at 24/192 and 24/176.4. I would not expect it until Yggy 3 is released.
  13. The only problem with the 8 x light is that Unison is limited to 24/192. So, to add DXD resolution will require a redo of Unison. Not happening any time soon.
  14. Schiit cash flow is just fine, even today. However, I doubt any high end or mid fi brand has any desire to have product sitting around burning in for a month when that product could be shipped out to paying customers. It is on us to do the burning in, once the product is shown to operate within specs prior to shipment.
  15. I believe they burn them in for two or three days just to make sure they are working properly, not for maximum sound quality. Holding them for two to three weeks before shipping would not go over too well with customers who can do that themselves while listening too and enjoying music.
  16. Three weeks did it for me, with some of the storms here Recently, the Yggy gets turned off. However, even if it is off overnight. Sounds great again in an hour. Keep us posted Audiodoctor.
  17. Sorry photo man, but I have personal experience with a few Yggys. The burn in thing is real. You don’t get used to the sound listening for brief periods every few days,
  18. It will get better and better the longer it is on, but really should sound good overnight. I would run music through it if you can while you aren’t listening to it. 300 hours is about right, so about three weeks until is is optimized but the improvement after two weeks isn’t that much.
  19. Last one for the evening before my wife either pulls the plug or cuts the power, Overseas Special, with Monty Alexander, Ray Brown and Herb Ellis.
  20. Andre Previn and his Pals, West Side Story, CD. Awesome sound. Almost wraps around you.
  21. Saw Sheena Easton in a revival of 42nd Street in London a couple of years back. She was fantastic.
  22. Tonight it is the Emmet Cohen trio livestream with guest vocalist Veronica Swift. Should be a great two hours on you tube.
  23. Johnny Hartman, Once in Every Life. Last piece of vinyl I have ever bought from AP. Did a stellar needle drop of it at 24/96. Johnny is hanging there right in front of you. Then time for a nappy.
  24. Coleman Hawkins Quartet Then and Now. Impulse 1964 in 24/96. Stellar sound. Marvelous transfer.
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