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  1. We will be hosting a virtual meeting with Mike in late February with our local audio group. It was scheduled for October but we had to cancel due to Mike’s Health issue which I was not able to talk about. Glad to see he is doing so well. These issues will be discussed.
  2. Supposedly due to the fact of the Unison usb output. Mike claims that Unison out to in is fantastic.
  3. The Houston Person Ron Carter recordings are fantastic. Both living legends. A friend has recorded a couple albums with Houston as the bassist and says how amazing he is to work with. The Hightone recordings usually sound great too.
  4. Hans the audio evangelist. When I see anyone that claims to be any sort of evangelist, I just have to ignore them completely.
  5. I cannot find an a to c cable anywhere or a male a to female c adapter.
  6. Yes, I use an Oyaide cable now and will be getting these once it is confirmed that the unit is shipping.
  7. I can get an adapter for A to C, but none exist for B to C. Jason has talked about selling USB c cables.
  8. Yes, the SchiiT URD will have at least one USB input which is why it is of such an interest to me. MM claims that Unison out to Unison in is the bee’s knees. The transport will also function as an EITR for those that want to use coax or AES. I do not think it will have a toslink output. They are making the beta units now and I hope to have one in late January. The only bug in the ointment is that all of the usb in and outputs will be usb c which means new cables.
  9. After a long search for this rare gem, it is finally here. Recorded live at the Blue Note by Jim Anderson. He didn’t even know it was ever released on CD. Happy 2021 everyone.
  10. MQAnon says it all for me. Well done. My list of MQA recordings is empty and will stay that way,
  11. Monty Alexander Love You Madly Live at Bubbas. Superb performance with Monty at the top of his game and stellar sonics.
  12. My guess is that when the next Yggy update is released, it will have an improved power supply, which may result is a larger chassis. Just my supposition though.
  13. I have the 2012 remaster of Midnight Blue in PCM and much prefer it to the DSD 64 file.
  14. It is called vertical integration and is a smart business practice. Just ask Elon Musk.
  15. Well, maybe they should just give them away then? Doubtful. They will show up elsewhere.
  16. Agree, but without it, they have files that will generate no income.
  17. I would hazard a guess that those DSD 64 files will show up on another site.
  18. Yes, it is just the download store. They may be the first to go but not the last. A victim of streaming and frankly, their high pricing.
  19. Yes indeed. Sounds fantastic and the music is fantastic too.
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