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  1. jacquesr

    HQ Player

    Miska.... help! Longtime happy user... For many weeks I have had the same issue. I listen to a symphony (20 mins per track) About 75-80% though the first movement... it skips to the next movement. Typically streaming from Roon. No I did no try without HQP to see if it's a Roon problem, but I don't think it is. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Hello Pedro. I have an xHD. And a LinQ. Could not be happier. Just my 2-cents.
  3. jacquesr


    I’m sure you meant: sure Chris! I would not want to look like a fool or embarrass myself. So grateful of you for noticing. I will oblige right away.
  4. jacquesr

    HQ Player

    I understand there is a quick fix. But I hope this can be resolved for good. Here is my situation. My kids have finally realized my hifi room can be fun for them too. Pick the iPad, choose something, enjoy. The problem is that if I’m not at home, they might not be able to play music because of that issue. Then my 100k stereo is broken. hope there is a solution in sight...
  5. jacquesr

    HQ Player

    Dear Miska, I have been having a new issue since (I believe) the last upgrade. After a certain number of hours that I am not playing any music, but with all equipment turned on, maybe 8-10 hours later when I go back to my room and press play in Roon... Nothing happens. All seems normal on the Roon panel. I quit Roon and come back, no music. I quit HQP and come back, now the music will play when I press Play. Am I alone with this issue?
  6. Only two words. Awesome. Thank you. Awesome. Oups. That was 4 words.
  7. jacquesr

    HQ Player

    You should try an EtherRegen first.
  8. I am very disappointed this is a scam. I was really hoping to win your Wilsons.
  9. jacquesr

    HQ Player

    Luca - I do not know what your problem is, but calm down. Jussi is one of the most hard working, nice, helpful, knowledgeable, generous people in the industry. That he stayed polited and answered all you question and disrespectful comments is a testament of how classy he is. Go walk your dog. Give us a break. Really. Jussi - why don’t you just ignore these kind of posts. btw. I wanted to suggest you should start charging for upgrades. You deserve it.
  10. Have been a huge fan of Qobuz since the beginning. A huge part of my every day routine. A huge thanks the team. Merci Qobuz!!!
  11. The Problem with Roon. Keep in mind I am myself a software developer of web-based applications and native mobile apps. I have 4 UX/UI staffer onstage. Our software also tries to get user to organize content and "get things done". Problem is... Listening to music is a VERY personal thing. All members of AS love to tinker with everything, and be in control of things, etc. Just look at the number of elements we use to weak our system to _our linking_. The Roon team makes decisions for us - and we are stuck with them. They force change upon us (like ve
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