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  1. Personally, I have no issue with the subscription model. It really isn’t that much. I have been using A+ since about 2013 and have really enjoyed it. I really don’t stream much and use it to play my local files. I will check out the trial version for a month. If it sounds better, I am in. The SQ is all that interests me.
  2. When someone who disagrees with me tells me to do your own research, I am OUT.
  3. It is the soprano sax on track 2 that is fatiguing. I find the same to be true on the latest Emmet Cohen release even with a tenor. The tracks without the sax sound fantastic, but the ones with the sax are annoying. Must be those new horns. They are nowhere as good as the old ones. Too bright.
  4. Let me know where it is so I can visit it the next time I am in Antartica. Maybe through here? I hope I didn’t reveal too much!
  5. I am beginning to think that the bloom is off the rose for Amir at ASR. The MQA has provoked some real vitriol towards Amir, some of which was over the top. More interesting is some of the blowback he got for the JBL speaker review which found, shall we say, less than stellar measurements. Nonetheless, he recommended them after actually listening to them and liking them. Almost like a subjectivist reviewer saying don’t mind the measurements, it sounds good. Fascinating.
  6. Indeed, I have seen him many times live. He is fantastic. Saw Ray Brown live once in the 90’s. They are very similar live, which is really saying something.
  7. I am using the latest version of A on my MacBook Air. No issues at all. Sounds fantastic.
  8. I understand that one of the great recording engineers passed away. A real loss.
  9. Team up to help the planet?.........hum.
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