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  1. Yep, it is so. I do love some of the sour looks when I ask for lemon slices at high tea at places the Fortnam and Mason and the Ritz. I like what I like.
  2. Right now it is Claire Martin’s Bumpin, with Jim Mullen playing some damn tasty guitar.
  3. I agree, people like what they like. Personally, I have no interest in tubes. Been there done that. It is ok if you do. It is like arguing over ice cream flavors. I can’t taste what you are tasting as we are different people, with different taste buds and more importantly, different processors between our ears. It is great that we have choices so we can put together a system that we can each enjoy. I am happy for you if you are happy what your system does for you. That, after all, is all that matters in this hobby.
  4. I always use fresh lemon juice in my tea. No milk or cream for me.
  5. Speaking of travel photos, here is a good one I took in December, in far more peaceful times.
  6. Love my tea too although I am more mundane. My favorite is Smokey Earl Grey from Fortnum and Mason in London. Got back from London on February 10th. Glad I bought 8 250g bags. No traveling for a long time. Be well everyone!
  7. In the old Home Theater Geeks podcast, Scott Wilkinson interviews the mastering engineer for this recording. It has been awhile since I watched it but I recall him saying that the material he was sent to master was at 24/192. I am sure that the podcast is probably still up on you tube.
  8. Amen brother. Some just can’t help themselves. Just look at the ridiculous postings in news comments threads around the web.
  9. Watching a livestream now from Ronnie Scotts with Ashley Henry.
  10. As an old law school professor of mine used to say, only if you say so.
  11. Before the Unison upgrade, I was contemplating adding the whole Sonore system. Now, the sound I am getting straight out of the laptop is outstanding. Maybe later in the year I will revisit this.
  12. Axpona has been rescheduled for August 7 to 9. Good move.
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