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  1. Mozart By Candlelight by Chasing The Dragon records, 24/192. My wife and I were at this concert sitting close to Mike Valentine with the binaural head right over us. This recording takes me right back to that night.
  2. I love flat tape transfers and will add something a version of which I do not already own when they go back up. Wading through too much Japanese jazz at the moment. 😎 I do have the older DSD download of Midnight Blue. I will say that I much prefer the 2012 remaster which I have at 24/192. That is a great album and recording.
  3. And to think Shimei was concerned about people being confrontational at an audio group meeting.
  4. Shimei, by all means join the audio club. I have been a member of one here in the Philly area for years. The meetings are always cordial and we can have great face to face discussions, even if we don’t agree on things like cables, vinyl, tubes, digital and the like. Nothing like you see on audio forums goes on in our monthly get togethers.
  5. My Lord, this is an audio forum. Calm down guys.
  6. I used to participate there and left for this very reason. Amir would measure something, say the measurements showed a flawed design and dismissed the product without ever listening to it. Then the pile on began. I am an objectivist at heart but man, listen too and stop the piling on. It is like dismissing an otherwise beautiful woman with a warm and sweet personality because her nose was a tad too big and out of spec. I just got tired of it and it hasn’t gotten better.
  7. I am more of an objectivist by far but some guys go over the line. And visa versa. As for censorship, freedom of speech ends at the front door. If a guest in my home, for example, insults my wife, I ask him to go. That request is non negotiable .This is a private site so you really have to follow the rules. That being said, it is too bad mansr felt the need to leave.
  8. Hope no more storms pass through. I was there for Ciara. Dennis seems to have been even worse.
  9. Sorry but I lost track of this thread as I have been away a good bit since the original post. My speakers are Vandersteen 3A Signatures with no toe in at all. In a dedicated room out into the room about 4 feet and about 6 feet apart.
  10. In the next month, Marty Grosz (he is 90 years old), Veronica Swift, a rather new and fantastic keyboardist Mike Bond and the awesome Ben Paterson who will be included in my next music piece.
  11. Imagine what they could get for them with some blingy boxes. Don’t give them any ideas. 😎
  12. I agree completely about the need for clean power and have done what I can do to get it. These babies are not in the audio budget. 😢
  13. I would only be worried when my wife starts to think I am a dunce. Hasn’t happened, yet. 🥺
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