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  1. Simple, it preserved the obvious puncture of the box and removed any possible argument of tampering if the box was completely opened and the piece removed. This is pretty typical in these situations.
  2. Yes but that was probably done to check to see interior damage without having to open the box up completely.
  3. I wouldn’t take it either. While the transport company is at fault, I am not impressed with how the box was protected internally.
  4. Great album. AIFF 16/44.1. I think it is out of print and used copies are expensive.
  5. Check out my articles here on the recordings of Monty Alexander, Benny Green and a list of piano favorites. Bill Evans is on the list.
  6. I rip everything to AIFF and is sounds great through Audrivana. I have flac files too and I doubt there is a sound difference but given how cheap storage is these days, I prefer to keep compression to a minimum.
  7. For what it is worth... http://www.sa-cd.net/showtitle/6491
  8. No there was not. I do believe that Russell Malone was the guitarist on the piano guitar piece, Marc Ribot on the Dylan Tune. Not sure what track Christian McBride is on, perhaps How Deep is the Ocean. I also think Kareem Riggins is the drummer on How Deep is the Ocean as that drum part doesn’t sound like Jeff.
  9. Agreed Kal, although my Spectral DMC 5 Is a close second.
  10. I have met her. Amazing what can be done with photography angles with figures. I am not a fan of the way the record company has tried to sell her. The music speaks for itself.
  11. I actually have the Glad Rag Doll LP. The photography on the gate fold is even better. Keep it closed to keep away from the kiddies, like the paper rappers on Playboy back in the day at the newsstand.
  12. SMc Audio does not have much of a website. Not sure why as it was better awhile back. Just send them an email and they will respond quickly. Give them your number and Pat will call you. BTW, the revised amps have a three year warranty.
  13. No such thing as objectivity in music reviews. Don’t see how there can be. It is all a matter of taste.
  14. I loved it and posted my thoughts. For once great minds don’t think alike! 😀
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