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  1. It is not done violently. Now, other than asking you to leave for not wearing a mask, they hit you in the head with a Billy club until you do, that would be violent enforcement. Stop the hyperbole.
  2. DSD64 converted to 24/176.4 for playback. Nice.
  3. Not to get political but Van Morrison has no idea what a police state is like. He should visit one and see what they are really like.
  4. John H, I will be listening to Stacy after this fantastic sounding CD.
  5. I do not know. But, if the natural gas stops flowing around here, we are all in big trouble. That has never occurred here in the northeast US.
  6. Natural gas, the line out of the meter was split, one to the inside and one to the generator. You can hear it in the audio room but it is not very loud with the windows closed. It is two levels above the ground level of the house. The space is fully insulated and is 4 years old now.
  7. Is there such a thing as alternative objective facts in audiophilia?
  8. Yes, we have the transfer switch. The box on the back of the house next to the meter looks the same as that of MF but I can’t sure the innards are the same. I relied on the electrician and the Generac people to do it right as I am not electrician. They did say that grounding was important and they had years of experience doing it properly and according to code. It works beautifully, a good friend has the 22 kw box with the transfer switch with a truly SOTA room and has no issues at all. I really wouldn’t worry about it. The problems MF has seem strange to me.
  9. We have a 27 kw whole generator from Generac. Special attention was made to properly grounding the system. There is no difference in SQ pre and post install and while the generator is running. I have listened to music for hours with it before the power came back. No experience with solar. Checked into with Tesla. Due to the terrain here they told us not to bother as we would basically get nothing in the winter months.
  10. adsf1000 so Schiit bought a APx555. So what? The Yggy doesn’t measure perfectly, still doesn’t. Mike Moffat has been clear that multibit doesn’t measure perfectly. I have spoken with him about it. He doesn’t care, neither do I. It measures well enough and sounds wonderful. I am not into measurbation.
  11. We just got a cat against my better judgment. The door to the audio room remains locked all the time to keep the cat out!
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