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  1. No, most are multi mic’d. I have had this one for a week in 24/192 and it sounds fantastic. Working on a new article about these recordings now.
  2. HDR and the wider color gamut are what really shines not the increased resolution when it comes to 4K. Of course, YMMV.
  3. Can’t say I am a big fan of where the replies to this review have gone so I will try to steer it back to the sound of the DAC as described by Danny. I am more concerned by the description that the DAC has a sonic signature. I guess that all DACs do to some extent but when I see this type of language used I think that it means that it makes different recordings sound similar in tone. I have heard some DACs do this. You listen to wildly divergent recordings and hear a similar sound with each that shouldn’t be there. It is usually a softness to the top end. I won’t mention any names though so don’t ask. I hope this is not the case with this DAC, especially at this price point.
  4. I had mentioned this release in one of my article here. The cd sounds fantastic.
  5. Leaving Hi fi is an interesting question. I have in the past. When my kids were young, I couldn’t justify spending the money. The noise would keep the kids up too. Same with my wife. I would still listen but would pick my spots. When my younger son started to get into writing and singing, I lost my audio room. I was losing it anyway, as part of it was a home office. So for several years, I didn’t even turn on the hi fi. I was busy with other things and my home theater room picked up the slack as did attending live events. About 6 or so years ago, I got my room back and enjoyed the hi fi again. Funny thing is, I still have the same equipment as before. Most is 20 years old. I just changed the DAC to get into computer based audio. I still attended a few audio shows a year and quickly learned that newer gear isn’t always better. Far from it. I also came to fully appreciate the role of the room in putting together a system. Sometimes, your equipment is just fine, it is your room that needs fixing. Almost three years ago, the section of our house that housed the educated room was demolished as part of a remodel. I took what I learned over the years and designed another room in what was attic space to be great as a sound room and still work as a bedroom in the future when someone else owns the place. So, I had no system at all for 6 months but enjoyed listening to music via my laptop or you tube with headphones and enjoyed it. While I love the new room and the ancient kit, I could live just fine without it, as long as I could still enjoy music at home in some other form. Sorry for the rant.
  6. And a darn good one at that. Well done.
  7. I will have to go listen to the Witmer again but I loved the sound of the piano on the Feenbrothers recording. I will be doing a piece here on AS about my impressions of the one mic technique after the next one is released, including an interview with Frans. Thanks for the comment on Benny. Will be seeing Monty Alexander Friday night.
  8. Sound Liason released another one mic recording last night, Feenbrothers Play Brubeck. Since my Yggy does not take DXD recordings natively, at least not yet, I downloaded the 24/192 WAV file. I like this one way better than the Carmen Gomes recording as it has a fuller and more impactful low end. The tone on this release is excellent. Great piano reproduction, tight detailed bass and drums that sound like drums. Same with the sax, The instrument placement perfectly matches the pictures of the recording session before a live audience. Oh and the music is great. Well done Frans.
  9. After getting over a head cold, I was finally able to sit down today and listen to the new Witmer Trio release. Sonically, Frans hit it out of the park with this one. As with their first release, this group has some interesting and appealing takes on tunes. Very nice and a very natural sound. It has none of the shortcomings I noted above with the Carmen Gomes one mike set. Sensational bass and drums. The piano and violin sound perfect. Well done.
  10. Check out the new album from Catherine Russell, Alone Together. Superb.
  11. Personally as I noted in a previous article here at AS, I find pcm and Dsd to sound similar. I do find dsd played back natively through a DSd DAC sounds a tad softer generally, which may be a better match for some systems and not others. I find that dsd converted to pcm sounds great. The same with pcm to dsd. The engineering is way more important than the format, imho.
  12. That is a downright bargain. 😎 the Tice clock was $300 back in the early 90’s.
  13. Not before mine. I remember it well. Never bought one though. 😀You plugged it into a wall outlet and it allowed the electrons in your romex anywhere it the house to flow more efficiently. I can’t believe how many they sold.
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