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  1. I recieved a pretty colorful PM from an admin/mod on the forum too. Of course, in private and made it so I was unable to respond... Like good cowards. I don't think its impossible for them to mess with someones Roon, the proof needed would have to be quite convincing and I don't see that happening. If it did, and there were proof, it would destroy Roon completely, which is why I don't see them doing that. edit: I am glad you clarified.
  2. Now I am feeling nostalgic for The Met and the Northstars...
  3. I am also curious about this statement... Are you saying they remoted into your Roon and did nefarious things?
  4. Thanks, another place to dream about spending all my money... ;-)
  5. I am far from an expert on this but is there a way to figure out the offset via a null test and use that to align them? My "null test" idea would invert one file, play them back and see how far off it is from cancelling out the other file. Then, because that difference should be consistent across the entire file, align them somehow with that time difference information?
  6. The watermark was also found on purchased and down loaded alleged lossless files too, so we're still not at the point where there is a separate master for streaming only and therefore that's not the cause of the difference heard in streaming versus local files.
  7. I hear BAT is super nice, but overpriced. If they cut prices by 2/3rds I might be interested but 30k for a pre-amp is ridiculous... I just realized I said that while sitting here listening to my 30+k DAC warm up... ha.
  8. Thanks, that's exactly the kind I was looking at.
  9. So i picked an album that I bought from Qobuz, and is streaming at the same resolution still, with quiet and loud parts and while my ear is bothering me today some so take this with a grain of salt, I didn't hear any level differences. Playback chain was the same except for the source of the file being played. Volume Control was in HQP. I can see that some record company exec would want streaming services to alter the stream in some way but I don't see them creating entire new masters just for streaming. Is there anything else that can cause the differences this mysterious someone
  10. @Miska If I stick a cheap GPU in a machine running your HQP OS long enough to tweak the BIOS, and then remove it, will that upset the OS at all?
  11. In that case I have no idea, but it seems right.
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