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  1. Can Euphony run on a server, using internal SSDs for the music storage, and play using Roon and HQPlayer to a Sonore Optical Rendu SE? And, would I control playback as I do now, with either my MacBook Pro or an iPad and the Roon control app?
  2. Don't forget the Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth either Chris. It's allegedly #1 of all 5 things to do in Eveleth MN... https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g43055-d123097-Reviews-U_S_Hockey_Hall_of_Fame-Eveleth_Minnesota.html
  3. Safe travels and remember, if you see a bear grab the nearest fresh steak and run!
  4. I was thinking about playing the 1812 Overture, but I couldn't figure out a way to get the neighbors to sync their artillery barrage to the music.
  5. The easiest and cheapest way would be to use the NAD thing linked above into your PC running Audacity. I can just about guarantee you won't like running a signal into the mic in on your computer.
  6. I have long wanted a completely energy independent home with battery storage for a significant amount of time, powered by both solar and wind, and perhaps a propane/natural gas system for cooking and heating, and a wood burning fireplace for aesthetics and backup incase everything else fails in the middle of January. Sadly, it's hard to put up a wind generator in the city, and I don't want to tear down trees to put up solar panels either.
  7. Chris, you keep reality out of this...
  8. I have my kid on a leash and I tell them to change the channel... Does that count?
  9. I am going back to my BBQ...
  10. ok... Now search your Qobuz favorites for all the HI Res albums from within Audirvana...
  11. True, that is an annoyance with Roon.
  12. If I may counterpoint this... 1) I have a combined 1850 albums in my library between local files and streaming favorites. In Roon, they are all in one place and organized in any number of ways allowing me to browse or scroll or I can search, or I can use the Discover feature, etc... 2) There is a limit of how many albums Audirvana will show of my favorites albums in Qobuz. I literally can NOT scroll through my entire library of favorited albums in Audirvana. 3) Even if I could, they are not in any order other than the order they were added to favorites. Audirvana has, IMO, one feature that makes it great, and that is when directly connected to your DAC it sounds fantastic, better than Roon when that is directly connected to a DAC. But that's not how Roon is meant to be used. Audirvana sounds so good that it's worth overlooking its faults if you can deal with them and will be directly connecting to your DAC. edit: I use Audirvana when I travel.
  13. Say what you want about my horrible musical tastes, but I really like this debut album by the former First Lady of France.
  14. @jamesg11 said "“better ways” ... riff on this please!" Roon. the UI is so much better it's as if aliens came from the future and handed it to us. And, you can use HQPlayer all you want easily.
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