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  1. Ok. How were you attempting to import? Where did you save it? Perhaps there is a process error someplace? I don't know.
  2. We need GUTB to answer this for us...
  3. Did you have a playlist selected when you tried to export? I am also on 3.5.12 and "Export Playlist" is grayed out when no play lists are selected, but was available when I selected a playlist. The import also worked just fine for me.
  4. I'll be camping out down the block with a mega zoom lens you guys!
  5. I was done a long time ago, now I am just having fun...
  6. You should rename your discs like such... Disc1 1csiD Technically, they would still have the same name...
  7. Jud, simple answers simply are not wanted here.
  8. Lash them together, get a waterproof container for your electronics and listen to music while fishing? I got it, not a bad idea!
  9. That took 5 whole seconds... http://osxdaily.com/2012/04/22/format-drive-mac-pc-compatible/
  10. So you acknowledge that the problem isn't with Apple and Audirvana? You were here just to complain about your own inability to come up with a better solution? Gotcha. Damien, you really should consider that refund and revocation of license for this guy.
  11. Ideally, you shouldn't worry about floating while ice fishing. If you are floating, something has gone horribly wrong.
  12. At this point I am done with you. I gave you directions on how to fix your problem. Take it or not, it's up to you.
  13. I am well aware of what I said, thanks.
  14. Your problem is they are formatted as ExFat... If you have a backup, and at this point its a huge IF... then what you need to do is open disk utility and reformat the entire drive as APFS, NAME THEM SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER, then copy your music back to them and then erase the current drives from Audirvana and add in the newly formatted drives. Voila, zero problems... But then you can't blame Apple and Damien so you probably shouldn't do that.
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