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  1. @damien78 A+ 3.5 is sounding superb!
  2. I like the ideas, I like the looks, I love great sound... I don't love the price...
  3. It was just a question regarding my own curiosity about whether or not we were actually talking about the same DAC board is all.
  4. I would be interested to know how this DAC compares to something such as the Aqua Acoustic La Scala MKII Optologic DAC which retails for 8k. Edit, I see we are apparently done talking about the DAC. My bad... 😉
  5. I got it figured out, I had to go to the website and update my license for 3.5. Listening now!
  6. DO I need to buy another license for 3.5 now that its officially out?
  7. Only two of the parts to be fair. There are more parts inside the DAC, but I don't know the cost of those.
  8. Can you verify that it is indeed limited to 24/192 in actual implementation? Did I miss that in your review?
  9. hey, I know damn well where my 20K+ went on engine work... 😉
  10. I echo SuperDad's sentiment. I infect think the engineering and prototyping etc... is worth a lot. My Brother has in fact brought an item to market and I have seen first hand the steps he went through to get there. I would love to hear one of these for myself, but perhaps the 5K model and not the 19K model.
  11. $314.89 x2 = $629.78 for the two DAC boards $19,628.00 - $629.78 = $18,998.22 left over for the rest of the parts and the engineering, custom programming they say they did, etc... Basically, 19K for the rest of it. Is it worth that much?
  12. It might be an earlier version of the board, there is a note that there is a version not being stocked anymore.
  13. Wow... The DIY part linked above lists that it is capable of 24/384 and Native DSD. The LessLoss Website says the DAC is capable of 24/192 and DSD.
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