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  1. Which Fiber NICS have you tried? I had no idea there was such a thing as a low power Celeron board that has 2 PCI-E slots in it. I need the USB out to the DAC.
  2. SO far I have found that using Miskas NAA image on a Raspberry Pi4 sounds better than using the NAA on Ropieee. Not by any large margin, but it's noticeable. I have a theory as to why. My idea brings that theory to the extreme. edit: Hypothesis.
  3. No, I am not looking for an off the shelf device to beat it. I am looking to BUILD a network endpoint, with two relevant audiophile cards in it. Much like I built my server and after trying ALL the audiophile OS's on it, find Ubuntu sounding the best. This has been done once, Chris did it with his CAPS endpoint. I am looking to do it differently without adapters. This is a place to share thoughts and ideas about what may or may not sound good or work well in this device. Because I do not know much about computers, I am in the planning stages. However, I did notice earlier that fullysilentpcs.c
  4. I am pretty sure the McIntosh will drive the hell out of anything. The rated output is continuous into 4 or 8 ohms, They can actually push much higher for shorter periods of time.
  5. My experimenting with Apple Music ended today when I cancelled my subscription. I know that Apple won't care because there are many many people that are subscribed, but it makes me feel better.
  6. This was posted here a while back, but it's apparently not available for sale in the US. If I had the knowledge to do this, I probably would be trying it right now.
  7. I agree, I do too. I also have a Sonore Signature Optical Rendu that shows me there is more sound quality to be had.
  8. For some time, I have been thinking about trying to build a network audio endpoint. There is often talk of building our servers, but not endpoints. This thread is to change that. There are so far a few things I have decided I want/need in the end point itself. 1) small-ish form factor 2) absolute quiet 3) room for at least 1 Network card and 1 USB card, whether it be from JCAT, PinkFaun, or someone else 4) sound quality to beat, or match any commercial product currently for sale. 5) As few adapters as possible Those criteria dictate some basic things
  9. I just checked the specs on those speakers. While the specs say that the minimum power is 40 watts, it also says that the minimum impedance is 2.9 meaning your amp needs to be pretty stout. Not necessarily with big wattage but ability to drive a speaker at low impedance. As a Mcintosh owner, I don't find the amp dark or overly warm. I find it musical. Considering that, imo, Focal tweeters are a bit bright, the Mc152 may be a great match for it. I am listening right now and I don't feel the treble is lacking any clarity or sparkle where it's required.
  10. Give the Mc a listen, if you can. If you like it I bet you could find a good used one that would fit right into your budget. An outlier suggestion might be either a pair of Schiit Vidar mono's or a pair of Schiit Aegir Monos. Those are 1600 or less for the pair. edit: To run those in mono you need a truly balanced pre however. edit: Like this for example... https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649746934-mcintosh-mc152-power-amplifier/
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