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  1. AudioDoctor

    OT: Share your hobbies beyond being an audiophile

    To add to my previous hobbies of track days and otherwise spirited driving, flying which has now become a job, and sailing which I still do for fun, and coffee. I have added cooking with my SO, and noticing how gracefully and beautifully she does everything, which is probably my favorite hobby.
  2. AudioDoctor

    Drobo or... what?

    What is out there that could replace a Drobo on my desktop for my mass storage of music, photos, etc... that shares the benefits of the Drobo such as ease of use, speed, no RAID set ups or complicated anything, just works, hot swappable drives, etc...
  3. AudioDoctor

    My System is So Good that...

    Why on earth did I let Beethoven's Dad do this to me?
  4. AudioDoctor

    My System is So Good that...

    I can hear what Beethoven was thinking when he wrote his 9th Symphony.
  5. AudioDoctor

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @bobbmd Roon has been having some sort of issues today with Qobuz, I'd give it a day or two and see if they can figure out what may be happening before getting too upset.
  6. AudioDoctor

    AT&T Fiber Internet

    In Minneapolis with a good signal I get over 100Mbps on my phone over the AT&T network. I have been a customer of theirs for decades and never once had a problem of any sort dealing with them or their service, customer or otherwise. At home I am still on Comcast though. For now.
  7. AudioDoctor

    Album of the Evening

    Tonight had a theme!
  8. AudioDoctor

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Did you enter to win? Sounds like a great deal... 😉
  9. I spoke too soon, I am experiencing slowdowns in ROON, only in ROON. They are aware of it and are investigating it per a message on their forum. I hope they solve it soon.
  10. I have also not had any problem with ROON and Qobuz. Are you using the Mini to run ROON? Have you seen that exhibit any other odd behavior?
  11. Kat Edmonson: Old Fashioned Gal Abby Jeanne Alice Babs and Duke Ellington in Paris
  12. AudioDoctor

    Article: McIntosh RS200 Wireless Speaker System

    So you're looking for it to be a ROON endpoint. I see. In that case, I have no answer for you. I have McIntosh and ROON working together, but I am plugged into my Mc via USB and that works fine. Rather than using a streamer, have you thought about getting something that acts as a ROON endpoint and can plug into the McIntosh?
  13. AudioDoctor

    Article: McIntosh RS200 Wireless Speaker System

    In what way?
  14. AudioDoctor

    Article: McIntosh RS200 Wireless Speaker System

    3 feet, by 6 inches, by 2.5 feet, roughly. It's on their website if you want the exact dimensions.
  15. AudioDoctor

    Article: McIntosh RS200 Wireless Speaker System

    This is so cool looking I think I need to buy one despite the fact that I am selling my main system off.