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  1. This is just a small sample of what there is to see.
  2. Yes. Roon is pretty neat. There is a free trial to give it a whirl. I don’t know of a way to display album artwork on your tv though. But you can control the Roon server with an iDevice or a laptop running either windows or Mac OS.
  3. Roon server is on the mini and I control it with either Roon remote on iPhone or iPad or my MacBook Pro with the Roon software as well.
  4. I have never listened to this album until today and I am not sure why. Anyway, there are no new songs here that aren't on her other albums, the difference is this is live. I prefer live performances rather than studio albums.
  5. Annoying to read, I see your point of this being unfair to actually paying advertisers.
  6. That Marantz used UPnP too... I'll leave you to your anger then. Have a good day.
  7. Maybe we should try to solve the problem then so you can get it to work flawlessly as well... Hows that for an idea?
  8. Because ROON uses its own protocol that works flawlessly... But hey, don't listen to any advice from someone that actually uses this stuff too... If you can't figure out how to return the device, I think I found the problem as well.
  9. Well, first you're trying to use UPnP right? I don't know much about that and I have seen many comments over the years that it isn't always the most stable route to go for network play. If you want to give it a try, give Roon a trial and see how that works via your Microrendu. Worst case you either stick with Audirvana and the Naim or you keep Roon and it works flawlessly with the Rendu OR Naim Uniti...
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