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  1. Just finished listening to this new album from Emily King. If you don’t know her, go give her a listen. this album is a mix of originals and songs on other albums, mixed differently and acoustic. Very good.
  2. I have seen people build their own RCM using a shop vac before. Google could probably find it.
  3. Have you seen a Nitty Gritty? I hear good things about them. Or a Spin Clean https://www.musicdirect.com/cleaning-machines/spin-clean-starter-kit-record-washer-system-mk2
  4. I’m not sure why but I suppose someone has a use for them.
  5. You don’t need to use them just because they are there. I’d bet money you get some RCA or XLR cables, whichever your Reciever accepts, and bypass the digital conversion you have going on now in the DAC, and you’ll get much better sound quality. edit. All DACs DO come with analog outputs, or it wouldn’t be a DAC, just a Digital to Digital converter.
  6. Set JRiver to not adjust volume, if I still had it I would tell you where to find the setting. Then ignore Audio Midi. Third, shut jRiver down and set your Macs volume to max. Restart jRiver. Use Reciever volume control as normal.
  7. Uhm... why are you going from USB to the DacMagic and then Optical to the Receiver? You could skip the DacMagic completely and go Iptical from your MacBook to the Receiver. You should be using analog outputs from your DacMagic to your Reciever, or pitch the DAC, one of the two.
  8. Or a new cartridge once you get to a certain level. It was 3k, plus I bought it on a sale, when I bought mine.
  9. This thing has jumped up a lot in price since I purchased it but it really works. If you have new albums you probably don’t need it. If you like to dig through the crates for gems, you need it. https://www.musicdirect.com/cleaning-machines/audio-desk-2019-vinyl-cleaner-pro-record-cleaning-machine
  10. @k-man my point is that there are ZERO adjustments and futzing needed for a CD player where all those adjustments are necessary for a turntable to even begin to sound decent and not destroy records. If you want the best sound possible you have to set up all the parameters as precisely as possible, clean the record, get rid of static, make sure it’s rotating as precisely as possible, etc... it’s nearly endless. To play a cd you put it on the platter and press play. As an analogy, a CD is a Keurig, a Turntable is a French Press. that makes a turntable inherently more difficult to get good sound out of than a CD player which has zero adjustments.
  11. Two thoughts - a $200 turntable has no credible adjustments other than right side up. I laughed good at that one.
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