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  1. Teaching the girls to play air guitar...
  2. And now this... 16/44 on TIDAL... So worth it, Morgan James is so freaking talented!
  3. I heard an interview with Anne Sophie today on MPR New Classical Tracks re: this album. She is quite the Star Wars fan and I like her playing on this album. 24/96 via Qobuz
  4. What recently changed Metallicas mind? I am not even sure they were available for download anywhere.
  5. "I want to thank the Audiophile Style community for being the best audio community in the world. Without you guys, this site wouldn't exist and I'd have to get a real job." You're welcome! ;-)
  6. It is evening here now... the real, best, and should not have broken up, Fleetwood Mac.
  7. it is one of the odd GUI quirks of Audirvana.
  8. Here is a larger photo of it, does this help? I only am listening to this album, I added nothing to the list.
  9. I understood, I was hoping Elvis could come down with some polonium poisoning... joking of course, I wish him well.
  10. I tried telling Putin that Elvis was selling Russian State Secrets, but I think he was on to me...
  11. Ha, I think having Diana Krall in the room with me would be wonderful... 😉
  12. You know, now that we have narrowed down the culprit... Sonore makes a USB to S/PDIF converter. http://www.sonore.us/ultraDigital.html
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