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  1. A recent acquisition, Morgan James latest album Memphis Magnetic. 16/44 CD rip
  2. I believe the mac will automagically compress songs to put on the device while keeping the originals intact, and you can pick the format. Has anyone checked if you can select ALAC? as well as AAC?
  3. Spinning storage is cheap, and some people even say it sounds better, so why not just rip to AIFF and store it on a big spinning drive on your network someplace, and stream it to your playback system? AIFF has great tagging support and I haven't found a problem playing it back on any platform I am aware of yet.
  4. I have this happen as well. I have my Roon core on a CAPS running Linux to a Raspberry Pi4 NAA to a Schiit DAC. I have been using Roon to play internet radio through the house as we unpack and move stuff lately and it will stop randomly. I have tried every troubleshooting suggestion I can find, so far no fix and no idea what is causing it.
  5. What are you saying here? I've met her as well, she's stunning.
  6. Absolutely +3 Listening to the new one now. Glad Rag Doll is a close second for me, and a #1 for Cover Art. ;-)
  7. Ah, yeah, I bet that's it. The album has always had weird legal issues here in the US.
  8. Are you sure you're listening to it on Qobuz? I have never been able to find it there.
  9. I was able to get the Roon Web Controller extension working as well.
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