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  1. Whats a little Ramen next to better sound quality? ;-) edit: I kid, of course.
  2. Enjoying two things tonight, 1st, this album which I heard a song from earlier on 89.3 The Current, and 2nd, the absolute awesomeness of HQPlayer 4.9 This is an Irish woman who makes dance music. Roisin Murphy is her name.
  3. Just saw 4.9.1 was out, listening to it now. In its favor it started right away with no hiccups!
  4. Interesting... Thanks for posting their reply.
  5. I am very interested in how this resolves as I am considering the purchase of two net cards and a usb card from Jcat and I also run Euphony.
  6. It happens with any local file All my local albums are on a HDD physically inside my server, my NAS is only for backup. the path is whatever it is in Euphony OS, not sure what that path is, but it is mounted on the servers own system, not over the network. edit: The path is probably something like ~/mnt/music/*all my music files*
  7. That's the common sense answer to the problem, there is no reason it shouldn't work that way.
  8. Maybe I have missed it someplace, but is there a way to be alerted to updates to HQPlayer other than checking the website?
  9. Just to let you know, my above comments were in regards to HQPlayer 4.8... 4.9 came out yesterday and WOW is it a big increase in sound quality!
  10. An All in One isn't Roon's purpose. A Roon Endpoint makes more sense.
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