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  1. Its like I have a reputation around here or something... haha
  2. How have I not seen this before? HAHAHA
  3. I can’t remember if it came this way, but it has a lot of built in support for streaming services and the new DAC with ARC, whatever that is. I really want to get one of these. https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/lifestyle/RS200 “Play-Fi from DTS has built-in interfaces for many leading streaming services including Amazon Prime Music, Pandora®, Qobuz, SiriusXM®, Spotify® and TIDAL to name just a few”
  4. I'll watch this after Michigan has the greatest comeback in college football history... 😉
  5. I sure am glad they kept the storm in Hennepin county. It’s lovely here in Ramsey...
  6. Someone’s fucking CPU is over heating and needs to shut down for a while.
  7. Get the new GLS and you can literally "bounce" down the road... https://www.motor1.com/news/354303/mercedes-gls-bounce-out-sand/
  8. Voodoo Lady by Ween is a good Thanksgiving song, right?
  9. last winter one of my neighbors was blowing his walkway clear, but trying to blow it into the wind. He finally gave up and in a very exasperated state kicked his snowblower a few times. I wish I had been recording that.
  10. I’m becoming suspicious that the Russians are a very unique breed of human...
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