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  1. Nenon Can I ask what is the gstp for? Something new for me, all I’ve been doing is 0-1, stylus 2-3, 4-7 hqplayer? thanks in advance
  2. Nenon Are you able to share where you placed your EMI absorbing material? I have SOTM sheet ready to go in my case, but unsure where to place it?
  3. Does anyone else have an issue edited album details? When I click on artistalbum (3rd option down in album edit) when you click to edit euphony crashes from the screen. Is this a bug?
  4. Has the install tab for backup been removed from Euphony functionality? It's gone from mine?
  5. Unless I have misunderstood, but when you put the USB in Euphony has menu that says “install” pop in another usb & use install menu to create your back. I’ve done this several times & no issues.
  6. Just scroll down & press the stress below or side of the last cover on the page. I use iphone x
  7. Hi fellow Euphony users. Does anyone else have this issue? On my iPhone running Euphony app, I set the rows to show 3 covers wide. Which is my preferred option. The issue is whenever the app is closed & opened again it resets to 2 covers wide. So effectively I have to set to 3 per row each time I open the app.
  8. Naim is Hifi highest end and superior to most of the brands mentioned on this entire forum??? This is a very bold statement. I would say Naim is very good equipment, but would never go as far to say that.
  9. Hi all, I've been tinkering...as you do...….. I was running Euphony Server and Euphony NUC end point to my DAC, then I thought I would try this...and really like it... ----- My endpoint (TLS) is now running Roon Core, sending data to my server ----- My server is running Stylus & HQ player option. My server is now connected to my DAC Why? ----Now I feel I have the best of both worlds, because I can use Roon app and Stylus app on my phone at same time, why would I want this? Discovering new music on Roon (Tidal) is great, and easy access to add to favourites, also good for A/B testing. ----Other main reason it frees up some performance on my server, which now means I can run HQ player at higher settings. In my case I think it sounds better overall, but 100% confident it will be system dependant, please note you will need full Euphony license on each machine to test this. If you like tinkering give it a go... Merry Xmas to all by the way.
  10. Hi, I have two box setup 1) Server - Running Euphony, JCAT Ethernet, Apacer RAM (thanks Nenon) 2) end point The linear solution DB7 with two LPS Here’s my plan for 1 box setup - I’ve just ordered 7 rail LPS from Dr Sean Jacobs for my server. - Add Innuos Phoenix - Fidelity Audio - add OCXO clock to cpu/chipset. So this leaves me surplus to requirement TLS db7 with 2 LPS. I’ve been struggling to sell the TLS (not surprising) so was thinking how best to use this... What’s people’s thoughts on using the TLS instead of NAS? I’ll need to add an M2 SSD, don’t think it supports normal SSD. Would it simply be my server running euphony being able to mount the TLS streamer data drive? also running Euphony, could use windows as option if required? I’ve attached TLS MB for reference Presume this is doable? appreciate comments?
  11. Has anyone bought Innuos Phoenix yet? Thoughts?
  12. Hi, I see there has been 3/4 releases of HQ player since last Euphony update. Do we just need to wait or am I missing something?
  13. Hi, I thought I would start a thread on motherboard optimisation. I see in many post people taking about motherboard setting tweaks. Would like to know what others have done, I appreciate there are different settings per manufacturer. I’ve done the following with ASUS MB Speed step off Turbo off Hyperthreading off RAM voltage set to spec not auto Turned off USB ports I’m not using Has anyone dared to change any of these auto settings to fixed settings? Is there other optimisations that can we trialled?
  14. This is the question for me!! as I ponder...... Options Pink Faun USB + Ultra OCXO + SJ - DC3 Or Innuos phoenix (Effectively same PSU as SJ DC3) + need to buy another USB cable Both options similarly priced... So I keep pondering......
  15. Hi Fredm Simple answer is no, I didn’t send it back, why? Two fold! Scared I wouldn’t receive it back, & even if I did, I would still have a machine that is so poorly build & sounds poor. Fidelity Audio in UK can fix for me, but they commented how poor quality the build & oxco clocks are. I’ve come to the conclusion all I have for my money is a $700 NUC. I really want rid of it to be honest, every time I see it, I get annoyed. Planning on 7 rail Sean Jacobs LPS for my server, & Innuos USB reclocker. Did you manage to resolve your problems?
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