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  1. This is the question for me!! as I ponder...... Options Pink Faun USB + Ultra OCXO + SJ - DC3 Or Innuos phoenix (Effectively same PSU as SJ DC3) + need to buy another USB cable Both options similarly priced... So I keep pondering......
  2. Hi Fredm Simple answer is no, I didn’t send it back, why? Two fold! Scared I wouldn’t receive it back, & even if I did, I would still have a machine that is so poorly build & sounds poor. Fidelity Audio in UK can fix for me, but they commented how poor quality the build & oxco clocks are. I’ve come to the conclusion all I have for my money is a $700 NUC. I really want rid of it to be honest, every time I see it, I get annoyed. Planning on 7 rail Sean Jacobs LPS for my server, & Innuos USB reclocker. Did you manage to resolve your problems?
  3. Hi, anyone here having issues with Ramroot & Roon? I setup Roon using my backup, all up & running with Ramroot disabled. I enable Ramroot & tick box copy to.... reboot. Load Roon & all settings have gone. I need to restore from backup again. So effectively each time I come in/out of Ramroot, Roon requires setup again. ???
  4. HQ Player user and password is Euphony & Euphony
  5. Hi Anyone else here using Euphony Stylus with HQplayer?, I simple cannot get it to work, 16 hours. HQplayer and Roon work, but cannot get Stylus and HQ player to play anything. "No outputs" Here everything I've done. 1) - Roon and HQ player work without any issues. See attached photos showing HQ player setting from, as you can see at the bottom it is showing my Streamer player running Euphony with NAA) "NAA: TAD-USB2D: USB Audio" This plays music no problem 2) - Then I start Stylus on main menu, Stylus says no output. as you can see from other attached photo I have HQ player box ticked to work with Stylus. The Euphony HQ player options cannot find my NAA, I presume this is the problem? 3) - Please note I have tried, rebooted both versions of Euphony/Refreshing, Rebooting my router, changed IP address, changed host names on Euphony to make sure no conflicts I even went to the shops and bought 2 other usb drives in case they were corrupt, still the same issue Tried Euphony downloader and also image Completed Euphony installations Tried from USB and running SSD, still I have the same issue. Euphony Stylus cannot find Euphony NAA Anyone else experience these issues?
  6. Hi Looking for a bit of help, finally purchased Euphony license, I already had end point license running my NAA. Euphony doesn't find my Thecus NAS. It's running SMB server. Works no issues with AL, & Roon, but not Euphony. I must be doing something wrong. address smb:// I type into server box & Music in path box. is there a certain way to enter the info? when I click browse it doesn’t find anything. I’m running from usb drive, no ssd’s installed Thanks in advance
  7. Jussi, question? Does HQ player use more CPU processing when upscaling from wave 96khz 24bit to DSD128, compared to upscaling wave 44.1khz to DSD 128? Both are upscaling to DSD128. Just the original source format is different? Why am I asking this? All my wave 44.1khz work on setting I like, but when I go to 96khz 24bit with same settings it skips. So I thought HQplayer has more processing to do on 96khz files?
  8. I'm curious, what does Watchdog actually do? keep enabled or disable?
  9. Nenon, you were right....... I have removed the SSD from my server, connected my NAS direct to TLS switch and guess what?? I thought bingo....I know my mind can play tricks, so I asked my wife to play her favourite songs and she asked "what has changed"? I said why? she said "have you spent more money again?" I said no! , she didn't believe me. What she is effectively saying it sounds better!! Cheers
  10. Nenon thanks for your recommendations. Question what's the benefit of having a NAS over SSD drive? I actually have a NAS which is used for a 2nd backup. Cheers Chopin75 thanks also, Yes CPU would be on separate rail. With regards to the Pinkfaun I2s Bridge, would this work using HQplayer upscaling to 128 DSD? Thanks Gavin1977 Cheers
  11. Hi, I am looking for advice/recommendations/thoughts with regards to new build I am planning. After the TLS issues I want to make sure I get this right this time..... Here are my initial thoughts... One box server Existing HDplex H5 case or other recommendations?, higher TDP? Mother board - Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Extreme MB, 16 Phases IR digital VRM (My understanding is lower noise output) CPU - Intel i9900k (run at 3.6gz base clock) (95 TDP) Existing JCAT Ethernet Card Existing data WD SSD drive RAM - 8GB - Apacer 2666 (What model? no idea yet?) OXCO Clocks - Modified Motherboard clocks for USB+Chipset by Fidelityaudio UK LPS - Custom Sean Jacobs 7 Rails in total for everything+Ghent PSU cables I'll be running Audiolinux or Euphony I'll be using Roon and HQplayer USB output to Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker I might add GPU at later date to help HQplayer CUDA offload (if required) The above if more of less an Innuos statement, but would be more powerful, and 4k cheaper. Thanks in advance
  12. I hope Audiophile are going to listen to their customers. Just to add, I have been emailed by others asking for advice about TLS, very similar stories to everyone else. Horror stories.
  13. Does any know what the console command for stopping smb server is? thanks in advance
  14. Just a friendly warning to any new or existing users on this site. Please ensure you read through the forum regarding the "The Linear Solution" before buying anything from them. Anyone considering buying anything from TLS like Adrian's Reference DS Audio Streamer. Then see my experience. Please don't waste your money. I paid £2700 for a £600 NUC, because the masterclocks aren't even connected to anything. If anyone else has bad experience with TLS, please post on here. I know of many already. I just don't want people losing their hard earned money.
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