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  1. What's strange is the above specification says capable of 23amps, but then same it's capable of 95w TDP. (At 12v is circa 8amps. So maybe the it's not a continuous 23amps, maybe @Marcin_gps can confirm? I currently use 10a LPS, (12v) & run my i9 9900k @5.0ghz with HQPlayer (128DSD) and HDPlex case. If JCAT is capable of continuous 23A then i9 10900k should work with ease, but will need good cooling, only passive case I know that can do that is Turemetal UP10. If using a CAPS watercooler or fans then it should work.
  2. Competition for Sean Jacobs DC4 then!!!! Exciting times!!!
  3. 😂😂😂😂! That’s because you just back from your vacation! Knowing you, you’ll have the itch again very soon.....
  4. @Miska what’s the reasoning why you don’t recommend Ramdisk/Ramroot for HQ embedded? Like me I use Euphony/HQP with setup in SQ for using RAMROOT.
  5. @Nenon Have you considered replacing your Asus (dual CPU) clock?
  6. @Marcin_gps with your Duo LPS being a competitive price point. Are you expecting your new ATX to be of similar price? or what commercial price point you trying to hit?
  7. Miska, you have to ask yourself how many if your customers have the latest & greatest CPU’s. I appreciate what you trying to achieve, but maybe it’s just too early.
  8. You get can any spec you like, I have 1 LPS with 7 rails, 5amp version. & 4 rail 10 amp version. check out my profile & you’ll see different voltages per rail.
  9. I’ve not heard SR4-T or Farad s3, but if you search the forum you’ll see Positive reviews everywhere. I use 2 x DC3, 11 rails in total. DC4 is expensive but leads the way!
  10. Yes, I use Sean Jacobs rails for my router & EtherRegen. Use same LPS if you can for all devices.
  11. Hi, that’s what I currently have with one rod. 25ohms. I have perfect ground conditions to achieve this, and enough rain here in the uk. I am planning Star configuration next month to get it down to 10ohms. Fingers crossed. Also add magnesium sufar to each pit. I’ll never know the difference in SQ until I listen to property earth versus ground rod. Maybe do the test in the future.
  12. @barrows In your opinion, which one do you think would be best? 1) Separate earth Rod/spike for all HIFI Ground. Not connected to property ground. Resistance from earth rod/spike say is 10ohms Or 2) Connect HiFI to property ground (bonded/Neutral) 0.25Ohms I've read so much there is different views, lower resistance is obviously better but not at the expense of isolating your hifi ground from your property.
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