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  1. Anyone else experience on the odd occasion? tracks that are buffered tend to skip the odd track? plays for short duration then moves onto the next tracks? I wonder if it's anything to do with playing large files from PGGB?
  2. Loved the whole series! Can’t wait for season 2!! Season two wishlist 1) Nenon, Ray-dude, Romaz, Austinpop - discussing DIY 2) Sean Jacobs 3) Mitch Thanks again thoroughly enjoyed ever episode.
  3. If I bought one my wife would say I have a screw loose! I reply, not anymore!
  4. I’m still interested in what other users think of PGGB EQ? I tried a few songs yesterday using PGGB files but no EQ. Although still sounds amazing, you lose the extra layers & depth of music. Please report back your findings also
  5. I use Unifi cameras for my home. No subscription needed. Will notify you if any movement in your property. Also don’t forget to make sure you are properly insured. It doesn’t matter how good your security they’ll find a way in. Also few security stinkers on your windows.
  6. Change IP address to your device IP. Will open HQP settings User/password is euphony/euphony
  7. RE: SQ from different versions How long are you guys running Euphony OS before you do a listening test? I realised it takes a few days for my system to sound best after complete reboot. So, what I hear in the first hour is not what I hear two days later. Well, that’s what my brain tells me. So, when comparing versions I would leave a few days then make a decision on what version you like most.
  8. Well done and great post. I wish I could have the skills to make cables. Or maybe it’s a blessing I don’t! 😂! Euphony Stylus only needs 1 core, 2 max. I would try allocating more to gstp audio services. Cheers again for the post.
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