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  1. In Domain box write the word “Workgroup” & username & password
  2. No idea if streamer or server. I suspect server! OS? I’m sure will be proprietary OS. Price no idea as yet. Info came from Richard at Lotus Hifi. He deals in the best of the best!
  3. I just tried to go to your Buisness link in your footer and the website is not responding??  You might want to fix that.



    1. ASRMichael


      I don’t have a business link in my footer. Strange..

    2. ASRMichael


      Here’s my affiliation.. I work in Seafood Industry! Far away from affiliations with audio! 



  4. High end company Tidal Audio (don’t mistake for Tidal music service) will be launching their new streamer this summer! Will Taiko Extreme be knocked off its shelf? Certainly stiff competition, going by the quality Tidal produce. Price? Don’t know, but would imagine around 30k mrk! maybe more, knowing Tidal’s prices (you pay for quality) Richard at Lotus Hifi in UK purchased a Taiko Extreme, as you can imagine, he loves it. He is a dealer for Tidal Audio, I think Taiko also, but not sure. Can’t wait to hear his thoughts with the head to head!
  5. I use VLAN for my audio. 3 IP’s allocated, one for server, one for NAS & one for iPhone. All IOT on its own VLAN, also firewall rule blocking access across VLAN’s iPhone I switch back & forward from wireless WLANS. One called Euphony & another IOT When I want to listen to music I’ll quickly connect to Euphony wireless network, choose few albums & hit play. Then I switch to IOT wireless network. Effectively turning off traffic from my phone. This results in just my Server & NAS running on the VLAN. Should be no other traffic, broadcasts reaching my server, just audio. Then, the fact songs are being cached & buffered. You should have no ethernet traffic at all. Well the odd ping from router I imagine?! But obviously better if it can be turned of in between albums like you say....
  6. ASRMichael

    HQ Player

    @Miska CPU manufacturer’s only ever seem to add more cores rather than higher clock speeds. Some manufacturers offering 60+ cores, but low clock speeds. So here’s my question...Can you not program your modulators across multiple cores? For example 10 cores? Spreading the work load? (I know nothing about programming)
  7. Anyone need 80 cores?! This is nuts! ARM processors! option 95w TDP, 64 Cores! k
  8. A feature so user can update to latest HQPlayer would be useful for HQP users. User can wait months!
  9. Bob are you running in ramroot? Did you choose option to add app config to ramroot? If so that’s the problem. Euphony tell you this on their support page. Come out of ramroot, restart & select Ramroot. This time don’t select app config to ramroot.
  10. Let's assume PF Ultra Clock is very good quality, like the Mutec. If the PF has much shorter path then surely would give better quality?
  11. I've been thinking about sending my EtherRegen to Pink Faun, to install their Ultra clock. Would involve some case work mods mind you.
  12. All sounds very technical! Yes, If I was to keep only one thing it would be my platform for speakers. Bass used to be flabby, now it’s really fast/punchy. Much better control also. I recently put Rollerblocks under the platform. Actually cut out circular shaped discs on my carpet so the rollerblocks sit on concrete floor, then platforms on top, then speakers on platforms. This gave another leap in SQ. mainly with bass control again, bass lot more prominent as well. The Energy drain that happens in these platform is crazy! When you touch them you realise how much energy is being taking out if the speakers (which can only be a good thing)!
  13. @ray-dude If i recall, It took me months to find the right placement for each of the Symposium feet. I see builds where there are 4 feet equally spaced out in a square. Where you place feet is really important. I’m still playing with my new server build....My OCD is in overload at present!!! 😂 It’s either my ears or my OCD!
  14. Totally agree, I think I’ve spent more on Symposium products than the cost of my server! Symposium Shelves x 8 Symposium Rollerblocks (sets of 3) x 12 Symposium Super Platform for speaker energy drain. (Feet from speakers removed) x 2 Symposium Rollerblocks under platform also!
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