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  1. Paul thank you for the update, I’m sorry to hear this. Regarding Administrators, for good order would be good to share the administrators name & contact details. This will enable anyone who is owed money to contact the administrators direct. This is common practice in the UK. I also presume you have contacted companies house? You might want to chase them up as Paul Hynes Design Ltd is still active. Hope this post helps you & your customers
  2. Converted DSD files with PGGB is magical, defies belief.....Been listening to all my DSD rips today... well converted to PCM. 🤪
  3. 😂! Well in theory yes, using PGGB for all my albums resulted in my albums of the evening!
  4. I’m up & running after the following purchases. Home PC to convert files: - 64gb of memory - 4TB M.2 Storage - Full PGGB license Audio Server: - Extra 8gb Apacer RAM for audio server running Euphony, enables me to buffer full upsampled albums. Started converting my 320gb library, 50% converted in last 24 hours. PGGB upsampling on my system is absolutely stunning. I appreciate system dependent. I’m clearly one of the lucky ones. I encourage anyone who has not trialled PGGB to go and do so. You might be
  5. To a layman like myself... My DAC can do 384khz max. So why does PGGB convert to 352khz? And what is Integers.
  6. That explains why the software is so good! You’ve got 2 heads & 3 arms! 😂
  7. @Zaphod Beeblebrox please tell us how you came up with PGGB name? Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (PGGB)
  8. The problem is buffering tracks take so long with 100mbit. Have you tried disconnect network option? Works well for me. Add album or playlist and sit back and enjoy with network connected.
  9. This thread is not about theory, it’s about building a diy server. Clearly you have no plans to follow what other users here have tried. So suggest you search forum for subjective threads. You can argue your points there. I do wonder why you joined this forum? Your 1st post was asking a question. Your 2nd post was you telling us you think. So I do wonder why join the forum? I suggest before telling people they have wasted their money go and spend a few days reading through many greats threads/posts.
  10. One opinion versus many many of us here & plenty of other forums, who would disagree with you. But sure you’re entitled to your opinion. I presume you have come to that conclusion based on actually trying & listening? Or is it just your view?
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