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  1. Always great to hear when someone is happy with their purchase. Presume you are using AudioLinux? Would be interesting to know how the PF performs using Euphony-HQPlayer. I have PF USB Ultra clock, love it. Especially powered by Sean Jacobs rail. Once I upgrade my CPU/MB I plan for PF MB clock mods.
  2. Listening to what Sean told me about his new DC4, and price point, I think his will at top of the tree! Time will tell....
  3. @ken6217 have you had a look inside to see what OCXO clock they are using? I have PF Ultra usb card power with Sean Jacobs rail. I do wonder how they would compare. or two of them in a chain, would sq improve.... never ending this stuff!
  4. Good point, I’ve had similar thoughts, however, think about how much you could spend on 2 boxes?. Could the same amount of money be better spent on a single box!!! Will it ever end?! “Nenon’s quote”’ Me personally It needs to stop sometime, so what’s next? Awaiting Nenon’s new Xeon build+JCAT new ethernet card with OXCO clock! Hopefully I’m done!
  5. Hi, I’ve tried this. My one box, JCAT, Pink Faun USB, Sean Jacobs 7 rail LPS. Running Stylus I also have NUC with OXCO clocks & 2 LPS. I tried running both Roon & Stylus on the NUC, (doing hard work) sending to my one box server running Stylus EP. I really thought “it must be better” but It wasn’t. I preferred my one box server. Don’t ask why! I just go with my ears! If looking for advice, then my opinion is to put all your hard earned cash into one box server, starting with a very good LPS. Note I have two full versions of Euphony which helped me experiment until I found the best sq.
  6. No amount of refunds can redeem this business. Let’s be 100% clear here, TLS did not choose to give the refund. Paypal refunded this as part of there T&C’s. I’m sure Paypal now chasing TLS. People who paid outside payment methods like Paypal or credit card will probably receive nothing. Unfortunately! So stay clear. You’ve been warned. I hope to meet Adrain at a hifi show!
  7. Jeff from my experience. I moved away from records over a year ago. I bought a high end DAC, I thought that’s all I needed (i was wrong). I quickly realised ever part in the digital chain matters. Especially the server. I’m at the end of my journey now. Have a look at my system. It took a lot of time, afford & money but worth it in the end.
  8. Hi, are you using Ramroot? I had this when I was using Roon. Each time Euphony was rebooted had to restore Roon’s backup file. I cancelled my Roon due to SQ, I’ve been using Euphony media player for 3 months now, I’m very happy with that.
  9. @StreamFidelity where did you get the 4 cable clips from? 2 wire going out of the case. I’ve tried a few but didn’t work. Yours look like they’ll do the job perfectly.
  10. Hi, anyone in uk interested in backing/RIP up 5 SACD’s for a small fee like £20. I see many people have bought sony dvd or playstation to do this, however doesn’t make sense for me to do this for 5 SACD’s. PM if you can
  11. If looking for his address PM me
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