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  1. Also ordered! The highly anticipated new card!!! Nice xmas present to myself!
  2. Had a quick look at some plug ins which support http commands. The software I use for home automation is called Demopad similar to Creston I suppose. I have Hue lights, heating, AV/Hifi setup. All works nice on iPad. Being able to create your own visual look is pretty cool, & being able to use multiply IF’s is great. Although very time consuming. I discussed years ago with Demopad voice control, the fact all home automation can’t trigger http, being able to scan albums covers on the webpage of streamer library would be great. Visual recognition of album covers. Then for each visu
  3. Thanks sorry thought you could moderate.
  4. looking forward to the day it happens. As a challenge I previously spent a lot of time trying to get Alexa to play songs on my system. This was more a challenge than creating a way to import full library but managed to successfully do a few albums. I used IFTTT, Alexa voice > IFTTT > Setup module to send command to my raspberry PI, (Alexa to IFTTT website back to my home, 2 secs delay), which has home automation software, then from software I was able to setup receive command from IFTTT trigger the following (effectively 1 command to play one song from my NAS to my St
  5. @austinpop due to different regulations from different countries with regards to mains supply. I and other members here think it would be best if my setup schematics throughout this thread be deleted. Certainly wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt because of different countries regulations. I suggest you delete all my posts on this thread. Thanks
  6. Yes I agree, maybe I gave the impression I carried out these works myself. Absolutely not. I always get a qualified electrician to spec out & carry out any electrical works. And ensure you get certificates complying to your countries guidelines, also supply your insurance company with the info (like I said I done above) I stay clear of electrics myself due to the dangers involved. That includes wiring sockets. I’ve had great SQ benefits from what I’ve done, so just wanted to share. That’s what I forum is for, but do agree this could result in serious accidents. Maybe it’
  7. Do you use RCBO’s in the US? Electrician is saying this is the safety part in my CU.
  8. The electrician has said to explain The cable from 60a breaker to JB & CU had to be an armoured cable. Which is permitted.
  9. Just to note the junction box sits/attached to the back of CU. I appreciate if the junction box was good distance away then you only have a live & neutral in the cable going from JB to CU, which yes would be dangerous.
  10. Explain why please? & I’ll go back to the electrical company who work to UK’s 18th edition regulations. & my engineer manager at work. any advice would be appreciated. I want a safe system in my property. Just to note my planet earth are external to my home AC wiring. As per above
  11. @barrows phewww, I’ve managed to explain things. Cheers
  12. The electrician just send me this. Hopefully this clears things up.
  13. I can see why you wrote this, however different guidelines for US I presume. You are allowed in the UK to have a TT system. Presume not in the US? c] do not run a wire from your components to an external Planet Earth grounding system. d] do not add an external Planet Earth grounding system that is not part of the existing system. I agree with a&b, but for the record I didn't say that, but probably explained things wrong. a] do not remove or modify any Protective Earth/Safety Ground connections from your components. b] do not replace any Protect
  14. Also see my post on the 26th August on this Thread. I already showed a visual of my electrics
  15. @barrows For UK residents only. Always speak to electrician first. He you go, I;ve not listed all my devices but you should get the idea from the example I have used with EtherRegen ground screw, and also Sean Jacobs LPS casework. (The rest of my devices replicate casework of Sean Jacobs). Let's not get into opinions about draining RF/EMI noise. Let agree, so people agree and some don't.
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