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  1. Joking aside! What would be the subject? Audio SQ or your knowledge in IT Networking?
  2. 😂😂😂! Nobody has taken you up on $4000 offer, now you’re reverted to offering out YouTube battle! Getting close to WWF event!
  3. I’m now 100% confident and agree with your findings. It’s conclusive! Well based on the equipment you have compared against. Which is fine. What you can’t say is your server is equally as good as Taiko or others without actually having compared them. Yes back the subject on Emile, I think most people who know Emile will know how credible he is. There’s hundreds and hundreds of people who talk about him. Can you send me a link to your credentials? Forums etc that talk about how credible you are? Please don’t say Fox news!! Maybe tongue & cheek, but that’s what we are dealing with
  4. Can you advise what server have you compared yours with? There might be a reason why no one ever takes you up on your blind test offers.
  5. Seriously you digging yourself a hole. Everyone knows you work in IT, no need to float your expertise. The point I was making was you were effectively calling Emile a rookie? Can we compare the Extreme to your pictures above? in fact don't answer that.
  6. Seriously? I’ve never not know an IT person to spout out.... Raid is not a backup! It must be the 1st thing in the manual! Lets be clear mind you. Raid is a form of redundancy? Which in turn is a backup of some sort. 1 drive goes down & you replace the drive without losing all the data across all drives. Obviously subject what Raid you using. But I agree it’s not a 100% back & there is risk attached to it. So for 100% safety sake backup to another device if you are worried about it. You calling Emile a rookie?
  7. I’ve never been on the ASR Forum before so I thought I’d have a small peak! mmmm....not sure I’ll be going there again! This post is in reference to the Taiko Extreme...so many opinions rather than say I’ve heard it and I think X! I think users here need to understand how good this forum is compared to some of the horse sxxt out there! Excuse my french!
  8. Better method to test the two cables! It’s called my wife test! If she notices the difference then Lush wins! 😂
  9. Sad day.....seen them live twice! It still doesn’t make sense to me why they didn’t tour more!! They always sold out!
  10. Nice, congratulations I similarly moved from MCRU LPS to DC3, actually now have 11 DC3 rails. Will take a few months to get the very best SQ from the DC3! So more to come my friend!
  11. Lossless CD quality coming to Spotify!! I wonder how this will sound!!! Someone is listening to the audiophile community!
  12. Your profile doesn’t list your system. What are you currently using? Do you have an LPS with individual rails? If not you’ll get better bang for buck upgrading to an LPS than upgrading from an i7 to i9. Or adding say a pink faun usb card? I think the question should be? I have x amount of spare cash the now, where should I spend it on my system? So many choices.
  13. Sorry should have said I upgraded to i9 using SJ 5a. But had to restrict to 3.6ghz. My comments above are based on moving from i7 to i9 using same LPS. When I added the 10a LPS & opened the CPU to 5.0ghz, that gave dynamics another big leap.
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