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Audiolinux Server configurations, Software, Hardware, and Listening Impressions


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Audiolinux on Apple M1?


If you are interested on a version of Audiolinux for Apple M1 we can start development and release a version in approximately a month.
We need at least 12 users interested, When this number will be reached these users should pay in advance the minimum sum of 69$ (or more as a donation)
The advantage will be that this low price will be for an unlimited time version!
If interested please contact us at [email protected]

AudioLinux --> https://www.audio-linux.com

developer of AudioLinux realtime OS

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Audiolinux and hqplayer have recently supported pushing from other players to the hqplayer by loopback. However, I found that the sampling rate of the audio stream pushed to upmpdcli will be automatically fixed at 44100. No matter how I change "hqplayer streaming input enable/disable" in audio menu and the "streaming source"  input page in the web interface of hqplayer, sampling rate is also fixed. The same problem is also happened in Roon-loopback-hqplayer. Has anyone found the same problem?

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