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  1. @renan do you update the system as root in terminal using pacman -Syyu ?
  2. I went from a raspberry pi with digione + pro to a sotm 200 .. now a nuc with audiolinux which I luv ! Sounds amazing .
  3. Hey there .. I use m.a.l.p on android . Great app . You might need to find the .conf file in volumio as it might be set as hardware or disabled . You might need to change that word to software Then you should have volume control with your app / phone . It's been a while since I've used volumio .. anyway hope it helps
  4. Tweak maybe the wrong word to use .. but changing from Intel_paste to acpi-cpufreq Definitely gave more seperation with the mids and highs on my system
  5. @Bricki don't forget the scaling driver tweak .. I only did it a couple of weeks back . Luv it .
  6. What did the new update change / add ? Il try it on the weekend
  7. Yes . A nuc with audiolinux . I moved from the standard sms-200 and I couldnt be happier . Rock solid stability.
  8. Last weekend I isolated 2 cores in AL . Glad I did . I also just finished putting the board inside the akasa case . I gave the front panel a cs bath to remove the black anno to match my other components. Liking the look .. loving the sound !
  9. I was and still am using openmediavault ( omv ) on a raspberry pi . Rock solid stable . Really happy with it . I had my music on a usb stick being read through my sotm-200 . I now just use it to back my music . It might not be what your looking for though ..
  10. Another ghent usb 360 user here . I have 2 . One for the hdd dock to nuc and the other from nuc to dac .. been really happy with them .
  11. That's messed up @ray-dude . Can u hand the footage into the cops ? Parcel insured ?
  12. Thnx @jcn3 there is no side scroll so I pressed down and 2 more options appeared . Is this the procedure? Stop running processes .. isolated 2 cores .. save into ram .. then reboot ? What does isolate irq threads mean ? Should I say y to that ?
  13. There was a little bit of talk about isolating cpu cores a couple of pages back . im wondering if its done in the bios or the AL menu ? i cant see it in the AL menu unless i need to update it ? using a nuc7PJYH . should i isolate 2 x cores ?
  14. finally got this to work .. i really dont know why it was being stubborn . maybe i should have taken out the iso regen to get a direct first start up connection .. but anyway all good now , i did change disabled to software so i could change the volume with malp app . Piero gave me great fast replies too , great service from him
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