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  1. Tidal have announced the introduction of Dolby Atmos for Atmos capable AVRs, Apple TV, Fire TV and other Dolby Atmos capable devices. Windows 10 is Dolby Atmos capable and Netflix detects my PC as Dolby Atmos capable. However I cannot get Tidal to recognize it as Dolby Atmos capable. Has any one got this to work?
  2. Thanks David, I completely missed those buttons. Is there any way to search specifically for 192kHz or for 96kHz?
  3. I know this question was answered sometime back, but I cannot find the information any more: Can someone point me to the Qobuz search parameters to find i.e. hires, multichannel albums. Is there a complete list of parameters that can be applied in the search field of the Qobuz app? Thanks a lot
  4. Sounds like you need a Pacific Microsonics A/D: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/mastering-forum/599758-hdcd-pacific-microsonics-all-thread.html I have never come across any information about other possibilities to encode HDCD
  5. I have just received a customer survey regarding usefulness of features and requested new features. At the top I have put the ability to remote control the Qobuz desktop app. Why? Streamers attached directly to a DAC are usually headless. No screen, no keyboard, no mouse. I use a NUC for this purpose and connect to my DAC via USB. For me it is a hassle to have to use my laptop to control Qobuz Dekstop on the NUC via Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop on a tablet or phone is virtually unusable. @David Craff , you have stated before that this feature is on the roadmap. Any visibility on ETA?
  6. I only compared the MacMini 2009 with OSX connected via Firewire and the optimized PC with Windows 10 connected via USB. So I can't tell you whether Windows 10 sounds better than Windows 7. I recall having read posts that report Windows 10 sounding similar to Windows Server and better than previous versions of Versions. See here: https://www.audiostream.com/content/audiophileoptimizer "Honestly, there are a lot of bad things about Windows 10, but Microsoft generally delivers better audio performance in Windows 10 and Server 2016 “out of the box”" I would stick with the FW connection and upgrade to Windows 10 simply for security reasons (Win 7 is end of extended support). If you are looking to improve your sound quality significantly beyond what the FW connection gives you, you would need to look into a different DAC. The Weiss is good, but does have its limitations.
  7. I also have a Weiss DAC202 (with USB Interface). I find the best sounding input is FW, so my advice would be to stick with FW. I am using a MacMini Late 2009 with OSX El Capitan and Roon Bridge as and endpoint. Works like a charm and the combination sounds very good. I have compared my MacMini / FW streamer to a heavily optimized Windows PC with a jCAT Femto USB card, and the USB connected streamer does not sound as good. If I were in your shoes, I would put Windows 10 and Roon Bridge on the existing ATOM based Streamer.
  8. I have a Weiss DAC202 and know its sound well. Choice will depend on your preferred sound signature and required functionality (DSP, headphone out). I have a Chord Hugo2 and I prefer it to Weiss DAC202. I would suggest Chord Qutest (same DAC as Hugo2) or RME ADI2 DAC. Both measure superbly, but so does the Weiss DAC 202. So at least both suggestions are solidly engineered. Which sound signature you prefer, is up to you.
  9. Here I read that one can supposedly add keywords to Qobuz searches. The keywords in the post are: - #HiRes to filter to only Hi-Res files - #NewRelease to filter to only new releases from the past month (even if they were not featured on the discover page) - #ComposerOnly to filter the query to composer only - #Award to filter to releases with an award (Qobuz Award or Press Award) - #MultiChannel to filter releases in 5.1 surround sound (we have about 300 albums available in 5.1) However I could not get any of these to work. Could someone at Qobuz confirm whether these keywords are valid? thanks a lot EDIT: They seem to work in the Qobuz Desktop App, not on the Qobuz webpage
  10. Is there any way to combine search terms in the qobuz Windows app? I would like to find recordings that satisfy the following criteria: - Robert Casadesus - Mozart - highres (>44.1kHz) Thanks a lot for any pointers
  11. I have emailed Ralph about this several times. He responded that he is looking into this. This was about three months ago. Neither the Qobuz App nor Roon Bridge on the MacMini show any issues with streaming Qobuz files. The issue really seems to be with Amarra.
  12. I have been trying to get Amarra 4.3.510 to stream Qobuz correctly on a MacMini 2018. At samplerates >48kHz streaming cannot keep up with the music and stuttering sets in within seconds. I do not have this issue when streaming from NAS. Is the Qobuz team aware of this? As the issue only happens with Qobuz, it is likely that customers will come to the conclusion that Qobuz is at fault here (which I do not believe is the case).
  13. Unfortunately not everyone has someone like Michael …. 😀
  14. Yes, Volumio, mconnect and co use the API in their apps for the Qobuz client. That means these companies need to build their own UI using the API. This also means (almost) all stumbled over some ascpects of the API such as the retrieval of more than 500 favorite albums. A nice sideffect of an official Qobuz renderer plugin would be that it would allow other streamers to use the plugin within their own app. And the biggest advantage would be that it requires minimal hardware (wouldn't mind it being limited to armv7 / Raspberry) and would allow full remote control via the Qobuz app.
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