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  1. First listening impression of AL headless 2.5 in my system is quite positive. More body, less fatigue. Thanks hifi25nl for your amazing work!
  2. @hifi25nl The file size of Headless 2.5.0 is 325M only. Still uploading?
  3. Some FMCs don't support 100m, like my D-link one. I can only set the speed of my Nuc's network interface to 1000m to make it work with the FMC.
  4. Mine is a Netgear gs105 I haven’t try 4.57. I sent my Ultra to the Neo upgrade and just got it yesterday. So I updated from 4.56 to 5.58 directly. May try it later and report back if there’s anything worth to mention happens.
  5. I upgraded mine to 4.58 yesterday. Roon ready stops after 5 seconds playing every time no matter what I play. I found out later that the problem may be due to the 100BASE-T setting didn't compatible with the sotm modded switch. If l set the speed back to 1000BASE-T, everything worked again. And if I take the modded switch out of the chain, I then can set the rate to 100BASE-T without any problem. Hope this help. I also tried the Squezzelite last night. It worked. However, for some reason, I can't access Squezzelite setting. I tried several times, all I can see was the DAC status. Does anyone meet the same problem?
  6. I tried on my headphone setup Nuc7i7dnbe (Roon end point running Squeezelite) and speaker setup Nuc7pyjh(Roon end point running Roon bridge), improvements are pretty obvious to my ear.
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