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  1. @pl_svn that’s not actually true. If you go to an Apple TV by AirPlay then anything is converted to 24/48 but if you, for example, send via AirPlay from iPhone /iPad something played by the IDAGIO app then you’ll have exactly 16/44
  2. @botrytis … that’s true but with MinimServer you don’t need any rescan (0 sec.) .…. and don’t forget the Daphile lack of tags … I manage about 13 tags in MinimServer and I can find what I want in few taps
  3. @tfmeier that’s fine! 👍 FYI … in my scenario I have a huge 8TB library and I use MinimServer which is installed on a second Nuc8i3. Using the Remote Music Libraries plugin in Daphile I can use MinimServer as library manager (enabling UPND/DLNA Client) … this solve the very long library scan time in Daphile and I can have a lot of tags to search my music, Daphile is quite “poor” about tag management.
  4. @tfmeier I installed the last beta available from here http://www.daphile.com/firmware/private-beta/ Daphile is on a Nuc10i3fnk and runs from the internal 120gb ssd m.2 … I think you have some more partitions, that’s why you have this issue. this is my available space
  5. @tfmeier I suggest to format your hard drive and reflash Daphile, I’m running the last beta version and don’t have this kind of issue
  6. If you follow the instructions : download http://dsd.sonore.us/iso2dsd_gui.jar.zip then download https://github.com/EuFlo/sacd-ripper/releases (select the version according to your OS … at the bottom of the page click on Assets) unzip both files and put everything in the same folder then Windows Usage Double click on iso2dsd_gui.jar
  7. Just follow these instructions https://www.sonore.us/iso2dsd.html
  8. @labjr … two things to check: verify if the Windows wireless network (if not wired) is private, if public any connection will be refused try to deactivate your Windows firewall …
  9. @PunkRockDoc you could try FreeFileSync too, very simple and effective and free https://freefilesync.org
  10. @GZOO you can download the firmware from here https://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image at the bottom of the page
  11. AirPlay isn’t lossy, it just can do 24/48 maximum … a red-book file will be played lossless
  12. You don’t need a monitor, raspberry runs as a black box. You just need to install RoPieee XL, configure it through its web interface and … forget it. If you don’t like diy bundles are available … some examples with dac https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/bundles/hifiberry-dac-bundle-4/ with spdif output https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/bundles/hifiberry-digi-bundle-4/ https://allo.com/sparky/digione-player.html To use your pc you could try GentooPlayer that can be installed on pc or raspberry but it is not free.
  13. Audirvana has always, at least since version 3.2, changed the metadata of the files. This happens to insert the Replay Gain data, moreover, if you use the Audirvana metadata editor, it also arbitrarily returns the data present in Soloists, Conductor, Orchestra in the Artist tag. I asked Damien the reason for these arbitrary changes and he replied that those too were artists ... I have since stopped using Audirvana's internal editor. I agree that the arbitrary updating of the metadata of your files is absolutely unacceptable
  14. Using MPD&Dlna service it will be discovered by Euphony as an upnp device/endpoint.
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