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  1. Can this help? ... https://forum.psaudio.com/t/new-lanrover-no-music/4086/4
  2. Try this, at the bottom of the page and follow on page 2 https://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-perfectwave-directstream-da-processor
  3. ... if this can help ... no problem here with SoTM SMS-200 neo and A 3.5.17
  4. If all music and podcasts on iPod are in iTunes try to reset iPod and sync it from scratch. It happened to me that sometimes the iPod internal db went corrupted
  5. Click on the “audio receiver” then go to Prefences ....
  6. You are missing that starting from Audirvana 3.5 the name is Audirvana and Audirvana Plus/+ anymore .... This happens if you choose 2 method (iTunes integration) in Preferences/Library options
  7. .... you shouldn't have migrated to the new version .... if you have many (thousands) tracks the prices could be long, very long. be patient try this ... in this process you'll lose all your playlists ... keep your license code on hand Stop A+ Go to User... Home Folder... Library... Applications Support... Audirvana Folder... Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System... To turn this folder visible and keep it visible, you can change the settings here: Note: This option will not work for Mojave users (10.14). Open Finder In the Go menu, select "Go Home" (Keyboard Shortcut: Shift+Command+H) In the View menu, select Show View Options (Keyboard Shortcut: Command+J) In the View Options dialog box, check the box next to "Show Library Folder" Copy the files in that folder somewhere else for backup... then trash the original. now go to User... Home Folder... Library... Preferences locate these files com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist com.audirvana.Audirvana.plist copy them somewhere for backup and trash them restart mac restart A+ you'll be prompted to insert your license code again add your music folder again, like new and let it sync complete, be patient
  8. ... the maintenance tools are in Audirvana Preferences, click on the dented wheel in upright corner of the window. All the options could be collapsed, to expand them click on the little arrow you'll find on the right in the same line of the option name use them in the sequence Check, Rebuild, Defragment. Wait until each one is finished, the last one (Defragment) can be long, Audirvana will close and another window will open, don't do anything until Audirvana will restart Once you have done this check the DAC configuration, the little speaker icon in the bottom right corner, click on it then click on the arrow corresponding your dac If you are upsampling how did you configured upsampling? If you configured DSD upsampling consider that a lot of cpu is needed, which kind of iMac do you have? Just to check if everything is going right uncheck upsampling at all, put it to Deactivated try now to play something let me know the result
  9. Hello Whitestix, you should post in the dedicated Audirvana 3.5 thread .... it is easier to receive an answer anyway, some details about you system configuration are needed to try to sort out your problem: is your dac (which one?) connected by usb to your Mac? which resolution are your files and which type are they ( flac, alac, aiff, dsf, dff?) which resolution can your dac accept? have you tried to use the database maintenance tools in Audirvana (integrity check, index rebuild, db defragmentation)? do you have some other audio application running when you receive the error messages?
  10. It is limited because he is using a network player and the option is not available in that mode. The same is in my configuration as I’m using a SOtM SMS 200
  11. be sure to have a backup before doing anything .....
  12. I think you could find the drivers here: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/portable/
  13. I've found on the web this: "If you’re interested in taking advantage of the drive’s encryption abilities, Samsung includes a Portable SSD Driver on the disk. After the driver software is installed, you can use Samsung’s software to enable encryption, check for updates, and rename the drive."
  14. ... can you rename it from disk utility? how is it formatted?
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