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  1. Yes, just a firmware update ... I suppose
  2. It’s not SOtM, it should be MPD and/or Upmpdcli (SOtM uses MPD https://www.musicpd.org and Upmpdcli https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/upmpdcli-manual.html )
  3. Genelec G One or 8010a (same model, different color) Genelec G Two or 8020d (as above)
  4. Yes, I did. But not interested as I don’t use Tidal or any other streaming service
  5. You can find several options about power supplies on that site, they can be internal or external
  6. Have a look to HDPlex fanless cases The H1v3 has a special kit option available for Nuc. https://hdplex.com/hdplex-h1-v3-fanless-computer-case.html https://hdplex.com/hdplex-fanless-nuc-kit.html it is also designed so that you can use a pcie card.
  7. Did you tried to move (drag and drop) that icon into the apps folder?
  8. Roon Rock needs the whole computer available, don’t think it can run from an usb stick. You could build a dual boot pc, install Linux (Ubuntu) for first and then install Windows 10. The Ubuntu partition could host Roon Server and the Windows partition could host your office tools.
  9. The “cheaper” solution is to define a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the two sites, this is a WAN (Wide Area Network) based on VPN. This is possible with appropriate router configuration, normally not available on routers provided by Internet Providers. In-depth expertise in managing data networks is also required. The assumption is that an adequate network speed is available to allow effective sharing of large data files such as music files, please note that the speed required for a LAN is at least 100Mb/s (1Gb/s is better), therefore a WAN must be “balanced”, that’s to
  10. @longinc I think that an hdd integrated in a music server could be e risk as your library will grow and could be difficult to change it for a bigger one. I would suggest to get a nas, 2bay can be enough, start with one hdd and then add a new one when the first will be full (start with a 4tb hdd) This opens up many alternatives about the streamer: - Lumin D2, with integrated dac, you can read a lot on this forum about Lumïn streamers - Lumïn U1 Mini without dac - SOtM sms200 Neo/Ultra Neo without dac (I own the sms200 Neo) About dacs you have tons of alternatives,
  11. @Zauurx try to reburn the SOtM micro sd card following the attached instructions (the last firmware version is 4.91 in available at the page bottom, chapter 3) https://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image
  12. You could have a very interesting experience if you get a nas for you music archive install Minimserver and Bubbleupnpserver get a raspberry pi 4 (4gb) install GentooPlayer with MPD/upmpdcli enabled use Lumïn app as control point connect any dac you like to the rpi4 all connected on your lan (WiFi just for control point) not very expensive but really effective On my experience raspberry is a bit in trouble with large usb attached libraries and a nas with upnp server is the best solution.
  13. Roon doesn’t have any integration with Amazon services ...
  14. unfortunately this seems like a huge lack of Amazon ... you have a couple of alternatives: bluetooth airplay both from your iPad using the Amazon app. if your pre/ampli/dac do not have any of these features you could check Advance Acoustic wtx-500 for Bluetooth https://advance-acoustic.com/en/multimedia-and-wireless/aptx-wireless-receiver/34-wtx-500 or consider a raspberry with Volumio or moOde which have AirPlay capability (and Bluetooth too) A third solution, wired, could be to use the Apple Camera Connection Kit to connect your iPad to the dac
  15. Here you can find which type of WiFi dongle will work with sms200 https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/update-news-about-sms-200-wi-fi/
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