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  1. @Vangelis It seems to me that the comparison is a little unbalanced. Sonore and SOtM are very similar in terms of functionality but Lumin U1 mini is a machine with many more features ... it would seem to me to compare apples and oranges. I have SOtM SMS 200 Neo (not Ultra) and I find that it works very well despite not having linear power, the improvement of SQ compared to Mac + Audirvana has been remarkable for me. Regarding the Sonore and SoTM features, they have very similar sw, it has the same origin even if SoTM then followed its own path, they offer MPD UPNP/DLNA roon Ready HQPlayer NAA LMS/Squeezelite Shairport Bubbleupnpserver and just the SOtM Librespot and Minimserver. I think the comparison should be made on the availability of streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal (MQA) etc ... I am not very interested in Tidal and Qobuz but I have tried Tidal these days and, as far as I have been able to understand, the service is accessible only for cd quality, MQA is not available. Furthermore, the availability of navigation options is rather poor compared to the original Tidal app. I can imagine that Sonore is also on the same level, but I could be wrong. Very different is the Lumin U1 mini that I do not own but of which I have carefully read the specifications. I use use the Lumin app which I find exceptional. Lumin allows you to upscale to DSD, access the most popular streaming services and Web Radios and on paper it is perfectly compatible with Tidal MQA. Last but not least the fact that users talk about it very well also in terms of SQ. The support offered directly by Lumin on this forum is also effective, precise and almost immediate (considering the time difference). That said my vote is for Lumin U1 mini
  2. @5-pot-fan ... really strange... change log information should not depend on version .... here attached you can find what can be seen ... I do not find any change in SQ ... and according to change log I shouldn’t... ... I think could be a good idea to flash again the sd card with the 4.7 version and retry the update here the link to eunhasu guide to burn the sd card http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image at the bottom of the page you’ll find the link to download ver 4.7
  3. You can find the updated change log link at the very bottom of your eunhasu system config page
  4. @guilders try to clear the web browser cache
  5. If mandatory it is written in the change log, anyway I perform it always after the update. Maybe not useful but not dangerous ....
  6. you can install bubbleupnpserver where you like, I installed it on my NUC on which is installed Minimserver too to configure it after the installation type in your web-browser server-ip-address:58050
  7. .... you are right .... as I told before, my configuration is to use Bubbleupnpserver and didn’t realized that, due to a recent update, Lumïn app is not working good anymore using the option to use the lumincompat parameter. ... sorry for the misunderstanding...
  8. @DomieMic65 you actually have two options the first is to have Bubbleupnpserver installed anywhere in your network, this is my option even if I don’t use the one from GentooPlayer the second is to change the lumincompat parameter to 1 in upmpdcli.conf in GentooPlayer, but you loose the possibility to login to streaming services as Qobuz and Tidal here you can find the upmpdcli user guide https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/releases.html https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/upmpdcli-manual.html#UPMPDCLI-RENDERER-FORMATS
  9. Hello Groucho it is Lumïn app, I configured upmpdcli.conf file of GentooPlayer to show the logo in the control point as you can see on the left of my two gp renderers *GP-Studio and *GP-P1S
  10. @antonellocaroli ... the cherry on the cake ... I added the GP icon ....
  11. .... update is ok and, clearing iPad/Safari cache, the web interface on iPad/Safari is up and running again ... so much ado for nothing .... thank you!
  12. .... all the above where done using a tablet (iPad) just checked on Mac/Safari and is working .... but still no more web interface on iPad/Safari
  13. @antonellocaroli hello, just tried to update version to 2.12 gave gp-update command using web interface then the web interface is gone .... tried to restart the web interface in terminal without success still possible to use terminal what to do? thank you
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