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  1. Big thanks to @antonellocaroli for his fantastic support on a boot problem due to a network configuration .... directly on my system with a remote session ... 👍
  2. I have the same configuration I think the problem could be due to Bubbleupnpserver, it is quite slow in retrieving the streamer ... did you shut down the SOtM? Sometime I have observed that, after a reboot of the streamer, Lumïn app still show the streamer but Bubbleupnpserver not yet and this is causing the crash of the app hope this can help
  3. two more problems after gp-update this morning 1) if I enable mpd and upmpdcli the web interface crashes but it is possible to reach rpi with ssh and the restart the web interface 2) if I disable HDMI it is impossible to reboot ... then a reflag is needed
  4. for now I prefer to enjoy the sound of this sw which seems really amazing to me I will try other configuration options in the coming days for now mpd + upmpdcli + mpd bit perfect looks really ... perfect thanks again for your excellent support Stefano
  5. Hi, here the same problem reported by franz159 I’m trying to install your sw to test it but every time, after some configuration, RPI do not reboot and I must reflash the card starting from 0 .... My configuration should be quite simple: configure static IP address enable mpd enable upmpdcli assign a usb dac but something go wrong and pi do not reboot .... every time, with different microSD It seems that something breaks the sw, during reboot I can see just few green flashes then nothing at all ... died I do not have any wlan configured in my network my rpi is a RPI 4/4Gb (ver. 1.2) and the dac is a Khadas Tone Board thank you stefano
  6. ... you are right ... I have another renderer, moOde installed on a raspberry pi 4, and just configured it as an openhome renderer in Bubbleupnpserver and it works too I didn’t realized that the connection to Qobuz was done by Lumïn app .... anyway it seems better than mconnect and you can shutdown the app (Lumïn) and the streaming will not stop as happens with mconnect The conclusion seems to be that Bubbleupnpserver enables the streaming from Qobuz with any UPNP renderer and control points like Lumïn, Linn Kazoo .... and Lumïn has a wonderful interface ...
  7. @Peter_T & @Cebolla just an update ... I installed Bubbleupnpserver on a NUC/Ubuntu and defined my SOtM SMS 200 as an OpenHome render then I selected it in LUMIN app and I could see Qobuz and Tidal icons in the raw where you can select Artists, Genres, Composers ..... I selected Qobuz icon and the login windows appeared and I filled it what my credentials .... and it worked! Now I can navigate and stream in Qobuz .... just to let you know, maybe something has changed ....
  8. ... interesting. Then the solution could be arriving earlier ..... I suppose this is why some developers like Volumio decided to open this solution only with a paid subscription....
  9. ... and this is the same view in MConnect (light version)
  10. Just to give you an idea ... I’m using LUMIN app and this is the first level of my library....
  11. You could try to use MinimServer, it is fantastic for classical music. It is very easy to install and very lightweight. In MConnect you could browse MinimServer folders, actually they are the tags ... give it a try. You can install it more or less everywhere (pc windows, Linux, nas, raspberry ....) with the only prerequisite of java installed on the same server. It is very interesting his “Intelligent Browsing” capability... in few words you can browse starting from any tag and you’ll have all the others available ... you just need to have all your files full tagged.....
  12. I was facing your problem a couple of months ago I contacted May, she is in the Marketing department of SOtM ([email protected]), and after more or less a week of suggestions and trials she gave me the solution to use MConnect to stream Qobuz to my SOtM sms 200. she also told me that “some day” the problem would have been addressed.... After some investigations about MPD and UPNP, I discovered that there is a problem in UPNP protocol due to OpenHome configuration You can read yourself here https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/upmpdcli-manual.html#UPMPDCLI-RENDERER-FORMATS in this chapter Accessing the streaming services with OpenHome from Kazoo I suspect that this could be the real problem and the solution seems ... remote I didn’t try another solution as my Qobuz trial period expired, you could install Bubbleupnp server on SOtM, you can find it in Eunhasu UI and configure it here the instructions to configure https://www.bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver2/) It works on top of MPD/UPNP and could give the access to Qobuz Hope this can help you
  13. Yes, it is the router from where I get the WiFi connection, didn’t tried SQ ... you are welcome
  14. ... just tried .... I configured the internet sharing options on the MacBook, I configured the DNS address of the ethernet-thunderbolt connection with the router address (my router address is, I connected the SOtM SMS-200 to the MacBook Pro through the thunderbolt to ethernet adapter, the elgato dock, I rebooted the SMS-200 and ... it works! You can see that the SOtM SMS-200 appears under the thunderbolt-ethernet slot 2 in Audirvana
  15. Hello Matt, here attached you can find three schemes of the possible connections 1) ethernet connection: I think this is the most common scheme we are using, it is the one I currently use 2) ethernet connection through a thunderbolt-ethernet adapter: I have a MacBook Pro (late 2011) with thunderbolt port and a Elgato Thunderbolt Dock. I've just tried this configuration and it works perfectly (this should be your choice with your new MacBook Pro with thunderbolt ports only) 3) Internet sharing connection: did not try it (too much complicate to replicate a test environment...), but as I can understand it was suggested in case a wired ethernet connection was not available hope this can help you
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