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  1. They don’t... afaik you can attach a usb hdd and they work ... of course in this case you loose all the added functionalities that are proper to Minimserver.
  2. You could get a raspberry pi4 (2/4GB ram), install some sw emulating Airplay (RoPieee XL/Shairport), connect any dac you like ... done! Should you use a metallic case (like this https://flirc.tv/more/raspberry-pi-4-case ) a wired Ethernet connection for raspberry will be better.
  3. bad news for hqplayer embedded fans .... if you use it as an upnp renderer (with minimserver) unfortunately the gapless doesn't work. Although this is an indispensable feature for an optimal listening, Jussi's diagnosis is "forget upnp" if you want the gapless, a statement in stark contrast to what is described in the description of the hqplayer embedded features .... “It can also function as a UPnP AV Renderer”
  4. You can try MyVolumio for free for 15 days. I don’t like it but it’s my opinion ... If you prefer the iOS app do exist, search for Volumio, but it is nothing different from the safari web interface you can reach typing in the url Volumio.local (once Volumio is installed), if you save the page in the iPad/iPhone home it will be full screen. I don’t use streaming services but a friend of mine told me that Tidal implementation in MyVolumio is quite .... basic, cannot say anything about Qobuz
  5. then you’ll need to change your player too as Swinsian is Mac only ... One choice could be to use JRiver (it runs on Mac , Windows and Linux distributions like Ubuntu) as the new player. JRiver can play to a device Upnp/DLNA compliant on the network (wired is better but WiFi works too), it could be a raspberry pi4 running RoPieee XL with Upnp/DLNA service activated. If your Arcam-based hifi doesn’t have a dac you should provide it too to be connected with usb to the raspberry and with analog/rca output to the Arcam amplifier.
  6. @ambre even if you disagree the gapless issue is there ... and what's really ridiculous is that @Miska claims that gapless can never be guaranteed (not due to his sw of course) ... that’s totally fool .... if you can listen to an Opera or just Pink Floyd without gapless ... you are happy
  7. Actually not clear ... gapless issues using NAA and Minimserver (an upnp renderer must work with a upnp server .... afaik, otherwise it wouldn't be an upnp renderer ) you asked to try without NAA and still gapless issues in two cases. you didn’t suggested any other change except to not use Minimserver.... but minimserver is a must .... then you say that upnp and gapless do not work ... to sum up ... you declare a functionality that doesn’t work and when I report issues you declare that the functionality is not reliable at all ... this is not a serious attitude on your par
  8. it seems your software works only if .... it doesn’t rain, there is a full moon ... it is not rock solid at all, too many variables to consider to have it working ... as you thought ... not as it should ... upnp and gapless work flawlessly using Minimserver, MPD/upnp ... and even JRiver works as a real upnp renderer whithout issues using Minimserver with gapless working as it should and more ... your approach is always to throw the ball into the opponent's court without considering that the problem may be a defect of your sw .... as it is
  9. It doesn’t work as gapless is not functional, be consistent please
  10. then I must consider hqplayerd nothing but a real mess, a colander
  11. then I must consider hqplayerd nothing but a real mess, a colander ...
  12. This is really the worst answer I should ever expected. so are you claiming this statement is false?
  13. Searching for a solution to my SoTM sMS 200 Neo pops and crackles issue I found this thread https://community.roonlabs.com/t/hqplayer-naa-and-sotm-problem-solved/107999 where the solution suggested is effective, setting the NAA buffer time to 10ms solves the issue. It could solve your issue too, it's worth a try. @Miska ... still waiting for some suggestions about gapless issue ... thank you
  14. Never seen anymore Damien here since a long time, better to post the issue on Audirvana Community Forum https://community.audirvana.com/?_ga=2.203435344.1344659801.1608486009-1127351791.1605544692
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