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  1. It not difficult at all … experimenting is the funniest thing about this hobby, better than following the instructions strictly. Try yourself …
  2. A raspberry with RoPieee XL or PiCorePlayer could be a good solution. ….. if the OP have interest in the suggested configuration then instructions will follow …
  3. @Dawnrazor you could try Logitech Media Server (LMS) https://mysqueezebox.com/download?langoverride=EN You have Qobuz and Tidal access, Internet Radio from TuneIn, plugin app for Radio Paradise and other “special” radios and, of course, local files library manager. If you don’t like the “standard” web page you could try the MaterialSkin plugin or the iPeng app (more or less $10 from Apple App Store ) to be installed on iPad or iPhone
  4. …. and if you tap on the now playing album cover ( top left of the first view) you have another zoom of the cover
  5. This is the first view if you slide from left to right you go to the second view and if you slide again from left to right you go to the third view (zoom on the now playing album cover)
  6. I’ve not compared them as I don’t own any hat dac, anyway the KTB is really a very fine dac and can compete with much more expensive dacs.
  7. That’s true but having thousands of Alac files it could be a very tedious and time consuming task converting them, I agree that a conversion can be easily done in batch way but you loose metadata (for example XLD do not respect embedded metadata) JRiver, Audirvana, MinimServer, moOde, Volumio and many other players on different OS do not have any difficulty with them … should be fine if you could reconsider your point of view
  8. It’s the hardware connection type limit … any HAT do have that constraint. If you go for a usb connection you’ll be able to play native dsd at any resolution. With my rpi4 and a Khadas Tone Board usb connected I can play native dsd up to DSD512 that’s the limit of the KTB
  9. … few months ago I posted a more detailed “guide” try to follow it step by step
  10. …. The second link shows a GitHub page … go to the bottom and expand the Assets paragraph, then download the zip file according to your OS
  11. You have to download both zip files, expand them and move the content of the second zip into the first one … DOWNLOAD Download Sonore iso2dsd - iso2dsd_gui.jar.zip Download the latest EuFlo sacd_extract from GitHUB (click on Assets and select your operating system) - sacd_extract.zip
  12. Just now to be sure, pressing the power knob once (on a Nuc8i3) it waits 30 second then shut down
  13. … but you can use your tablet (Apple iPad ) and install some ssh app. I use Termius - SSH Client, free simple and effective You could use also PiHelper, despite it is rpi oriented it works on Ubuntu too and let you save for each device as many commands you need
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