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  1. Hello, in fact i was fed up of trying to understand how to setup the optimized setups of Marcin and gave a try to windows 2019 server. I’m running this OS now and quite happy vs Gentooplayer and AudioLinux. There was some options in gentooplayer but impossible to understand the parameters behind. I should give a try with the new AudioLinux 2.5 while I would be on holidays in august.
  2. Hello Marvin, any updates concerning a « netcard XE » ? bR
  3. Hello I read an article on another website that Qobuz is finally opening family subscription. Would it be possible to know if is going to be open worldwide and when ? thanks
  4. A link to give perhaps more insights to a disappointing patent : https://www.processing-leedh.com Soulution (yes yes Soulution), Lumin, 3dlab : who’s next ?
  5. Used to have a Paul Pang 10MHz reference clock : great improvement in terms of soundstage and fluidity in transition compared to the internal clock. A good improvement seen from me.
  6. Hello, i hope i post in the right thread, anyway, i assume the experts are here. I’m running a PC with a Supermicro X11SCH-F / Xeon E-2136 under windows 2019. The MB is powered by a HDPLEX DC/ATX 800W powered by 2 Keces P8 : a 19/20V and a 19/12V. The 2 rails of Keces P8 are connected to group 1 and Group 2 of the HDPLEX and the 12V of the Keces is connected to the 8Pin cpu connector of the MB. I have been surprised to see that no current was pulled from the Keces on the 12V of the CPU Connector. So i decided to remove the 8 pin connector and the MB is booting fine while the manual is saying that the 24 AND the 8 pins connectors need to be powered. Do you see any rationale behind that ? Thanks for your expertise.
  7. Follow-up I came back to profile 6 : temperature and amp are remaining high or higher than expected. I removed the profiles and reboot : temperature and amp are remaining high or higher than expected. I stopped the roon server service (the one consuming the more) : temperature and amp are remaining high or higher than expected. I had a look to htop : nearly no service running requesting CPU load. I re-installed from scratch Gentooplayer 2.13 with only RoonServer and Minimserver running, without tweaking anything, and temperature is below 40°C and amps around 1.2-1.6A..... Very strange. Thanks for your support
  8. 60c a coincidence : what is pushing you to say that ? I just made a test with RoonServer and Minimserver running. My power suplly is a Keces P8 that display the voltage and Amps requested by the PC. Under 19V and running without any profile set, playing music through Roon, the Amps are between 1.2 and 1.6A and temperature below 40°C. I just applied the following parameters in custom profiles and reboot : Now with the same services running (RoonServer and minimserver), the temperature is above 60-65°C and amps required by the PC is 3.4 to 3.5A. So same services running requesting twice of energy/resources. What did i change that request so much : just changing cpu for irq ? I will keep it running for few minutes and will try to move back to profile 6 and even remove as you propose. Will let you know. Thanks for your support.
  9. I thought it was the case. I re-installed everything yesterday, made gp-update and start very well. So forget my previous post until i'm able to reproduce the problem (i will try to install Intel micro-codes, perhaps it comes from here as last time we were not able to fix this problem). I have a question : i went through the GentooPlayer wiki and tried to understand the profiles (https://github.com/gentooplayer/gentooplayer.github.io/wiki/Profile-Select). With a fresh install, the Gentooplayer running only minimserver and roon server as servers, the PC is not heating too much (around 40°C). In can increase when Roon index some music. When i try profiles (even profile 6) , the consequence is that the PC start to heat more (60°C) with same processes. My CPU is a Xeaon with 12 cores. When i try to come back to the default profile (6 if i understand well), it changes nothing. How can i go back to the default profile meaning with all the cores in order to better understand step by step how these profiles are working ? The custom profile is also for a 4 cores ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I try to run gentooplayer on a M2 ssd and as on the same motherboard I have another M2 slot that is running Windows 2019 server. To install windows server I removed all the Linux drives. After installation I was able to boot from windows 2019 and gentooplayer by selection in the bios. today i tried to reboot to gentooplayer and had the following issue I just tried to have a fresh install with the 2.13 version and everything was good. I reboot one time to windows 2019 to check some parameters and tried to come back to gentooplayer and obtained the same error message. Any idea how to solve ? thanks
  11. Yes build 536 and after 537
  12. Yes the router should also give this information. BR
  13. Hello, this is also the next version of the Netcard Femto ?
  14. I missed at least the wiki information 🙂
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