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  1. Hello, just installed the 2.0 on my new setup (Supermicro / Xeon / M2 Samsung 970 evo plus). No problem so far and very smooth. I will deep dive like @Bricki in the sound quality and the different options. Great job Piero !
  2. Thanks. Could have been interesting to put it somewhere on the website....anyway will check tomorrow 🙂
  3. How to know the defaults parameters linked to the menus (green ,orange (default), fire, Auto (gnerated by Audiolinux menu), custom1, custom2, custom3) ? thanks
  4. thanks, I will do a fresh install. What is the purpose of this password when updating menu ?
  5. Hello, what is the “MENU UPDATE PASSWORD” in the email with download credentials we received ? thanks
  6. i assume that your local dealer could help you in having a rossini/bartok to have with you a test feeding these DAC with HQ Player. You are more than welcome to share your experience when it would be done. without that you can argue for hours. Anyway these devices are more than dac with the streaming feature and the efforts put on the software side. BR
  7. I only tested the AES and I2S between the ambre and the Pavane. i2S is definitely better in terms of sound stage and bandwith extension. This is the post of the Network Bridge so perhaps better to discuss somewhere else. By the way you need also to pay attention to support that is amazing with dCS : evolution, communication, features,.....I would not say that you could have the save support with the other competitor.
  8. Hello I own both. Over AES the network bridge brings definitely more sound stage and air when titles are complex. Through its i2s the ambre is very good associated to an i2s DAC but associations are very limited. Changing the os inside the ambre improve also a lot the results (audiolinux, gentooplayer or picoreplayer) compared to the stock version oh ropieee. i use the network bridge on my major system and kept the ambre for the headphone system. BR
  9. Hello, this feature is native. No need of url adding like in roon. not sure if this feature relies on a provider or managed by dCS .
  10. I just discovered this thread and my mx3 bought few weeks ago through amazon in France, went with the 4.1.1 firmware. The application on iOS is 5.2.0. Any chance to move to the 2.0 firmware in this setup ? thanks
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