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  1. Hello, my review done few month ago (in French) : http://patatorz.com/2019/03/24/carte-jcat-net-card-femto-en-mode-bridge-un-solution-gagnante/ This review is describing the usage of the Netcard femto in bridge more under Linux. i use this card today in my server under gentooplayer and audio-linux but also on my custom nas under openmediavault. Even on the server (Ethernet only) the impact of this card is huge and could not do without today. What’s next ? Improved hardware ? Deep dive into Linux parameters for the card like on Windows.... anyway great work for the money.
  2. Dear Antonello, concerning the intel or AMD micro codes, I updated the ones for intel from my side but after these updates a gp-update should update them or from time to time I need to update manually ? thanks
  3. http://dpaste.com/1REDXW5 and http://dpaste.com/2HR6ZVQ Thanks
  4. I'm in version 2.11. Yesterday worked fine 🙂
  5. yes perfectly from the first point to last point gp-update echo "net-p2p/resilio-sync **" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/my_key echo "net-p2p/resilio-sync all-rights-reserved" >> /etc/portage/package.license/my_license emerge --ask resilio-sync /etc/init.d/resilio-sync restart i try to reboot and try another time
  6. Just went through by hand an now
  7. yes gp-update done and yes copy/paste. I try by hand
  8. Hello Antonello, for different reasons i re-installed from scratch yesterday. this morning when i trie to insall resilio-sync according to your recommendation and when i put the "emerge --ask resilio-sync" i have the following error thanks for your support.
  9. Thanks : it works Great !!!
  10. Hello Antonello, thanks a lot it works fine. I use this application since years to synchronize backups and never had any problem. You select the folders you want to sync on one computer. You copy the link of this folder on the webUI of Resilio-Sync on the computer/NAS you want to synchronize and as soon some updates are done it is synchronized. This is RSLSYNC with a webUI much more easy to me. In fact there is still a problem, i think i need to give the rights to the folders i want to share to the resilio-sync service....
  11. Hello Antonello, i use to synchronize my library between the server and the NAS for purpose of backup with Resilio-Sync : do you know if i would be able to install Resilio on Gentooplayer ? thanks
  12. @David Craff few month ago you were mentioning, answering one of my question, that family subscription for qobuz was in the pipe and would be perhaps ready in Q1. Any updates on that ? thanks and take care.
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