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  1. Pachanko integrate Diretta in their servers/host and become Diretta partner. Optimized ASIO drivers coming ?
  2. Few pictures of the assembly of the Development Kits for the B2B partners with 2x 5V DC inputs (Diretta LUCIA module) : LINK
  3. Not sure why you are making all your posts very personal Mr Hopkins who left a french forum insulting everybody, asking people to stop posting on « his thread » . If it is the way you like to interact with people, it is not mine. I have nothing to sell, nothing to prove. Writing a tutorial is just here to support anybody that would like to try as I’m fully aligned on the fact that Diretta (even SPEC) support is not enough to implement it and this solution remains a « niche » and a more a DIY solution. I agree with you on PGGB and according to their statement, yes i will not try personally
  4. I fully share the viewpoint of @SwissBear on the experience and the Diretta support. Always difficult to have professional to come on a forum. I was reading this afternoon some discussion around MPAudio and the request of the moderator to answer only to specific questions (always welcome) but the exercise is always borderline. They are answering quite well to support when somebody tries to implement this solution. This is perhaps all what they can do today according to their business model. @R1200CLConcerning the post concerning SPEC, it is just an information and do not see anythi
  5. SPEC using the LUCIA module of Diretta in their case with their dedicated Power Supply. Available in 2 versions : RJ45 and SFP….Link >> https://spec-corp.jp/audio/RMP-UB1/ Seems to be well welcomed in Japan with Diretta producing a new batch of Lucia modules for SPEC.
  6. This is what you mean by proven ? raat and naa free : are you sure ? only ipv6 in the asio : are you sure ? purchase HW from them : are you sure ? seen from the moon perhaps….
  7. This is a joke : good to laugh around personal attacks. Difficult for you to be in front of the reality and recognize your strange behaviour. For sure positive, negative, constructive feedbacks are more than welcome. it is even better when it comes from people who tried and not take what they want from another forum to "animate" the discussion. Anyway not an issue, should be the right time to speak about Diretta and forget the trolls who have no clue about what they are talking about.
  8. Same from my side, official USB Stick from Diretta to sell (Diretta agrees on this transaction and would support the new owner). PM me if interested.
  9. This is what I understand : pcie with fiber to a usb output.
  10. Thanks for this very interesting post. Could be really interested to put in front of JCAT or PF boards as mentioned earlier
  11. You should take a breath and start thinking that universe is not running around you. Nobody is accusing you..you are using words that are really strong and completely out of the topic. Please take a breath. I learn from Philippe’s threads and fully respect : no point talking about that and the problem is not there. Already shared my thoughts as Pascal64 in other places. Bear also explained you that your way of doing was borderline. You are right you can learn from criticism.
  12. Hello, mine is on the way to home. Let’s see what it could provide in front of the JS2 and HDPlex 400w.
  13. It’s fine you are not sharing any enthusiasm from my side especially because it is not enthusiasm. There is some drawbacks on diretta for sure adding some boxes, cables etc...which most of the times is bringing more questions than answers. Contradiction is always good and I value it when it is done openly. Don’t worry you did not twisted the words you just extracted what you want to hear/read. Let’s keep contradiction run in an healthy way :-)
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