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  1. Thanks Antonello. Shame on me, i should look to the wiki before asking !
  2. Sorry for the stupid question but where can i find in gentooplayer the vconsole.conf in order to change the local keyboard to latin1 ? BR
  3. Thanks a lot Antonello.
  4. Just installed the AudioLinux 1.0 for Pi4 on my Metrum Ambre. Seems ok as of now. Will start to play with settings. Thanks Piero
  5. No i did not expanded the partition, only put Gnetooplayer on a 16Go sd card. i will do a gp-update (that i forgot) tonight. -------------------------------------------------------- Finally made the gp-udpate and runs fine. Should have done it before complaining πŸ˜„
  6. Just tried using roonbridge and tried to load it in RAM but obtained the following error. Any idea ? I use a Pi4 with 4Go RAM.
  7. Hello Piero, i have a friend who changed the pi3 of the metrum ambre for the pi4. I bringed my ambre with my pi3 and we used the same OS (sorry gentooplayer as it was available for both pi3 and pi4). The result was really great with the pi4 versus the pi3 on the system of the friend : more details, more fluidity and more weight. I need now to convert my ambre with the pi4. I also have the 4go version so would be happy to test the ram root πŸ™‚ im ready for testing if needed.
  8. Perhaps it could come from the Totaldac server : it is known to be not so stable depending on the version you run.
  9. Hello, not sure it is the right place but let’s try. I already asked a lot of time to qobuz in France if they are going to release a family subscription like their competitor Tidal is doing. I’m tired of calling my children to ask them to stop listening to qobuz while I’m trying to use it from my side. if qobuz is not moving fast, it would be for me a clear reason to move to Tidal that should support 80-90% of my needs. would anybody heard about any move on that ? thanks
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