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  1. Forgot to ask - do you run Euphony as Naa on the NUC?
  2. Hi can you purchase just the Euphony end point and use, say, AL and HQP on the server side?
  3. Ok, thank you for that - I will attempt having a go at that procedure!
  4. Thats great, thank you for the info.
  5. Thank you for your response austinpop. I can run euphony with HQP on my server and send files to my NUC running NAA, HQP picks up the NAS ok. However when I try stylus it wont connect to the NAS, it shows it as hidden and when I browse network it does not show as available? I don't have roon maybe that is the issue.
  6. I have just recieved my SR4 19v and was considering making up my own dc cable but am unsure of the XLR pin configuration - anyone know this? Has anyone compared the PH copper dc to to the silver dc cable?
  7. I asked this earlier, is it possible to use my NAS to play music with Euphony and if it is, how to do it? At the moment Euphony "sees" the NAS but will not connect. Would be grateful for any help.
  8. I have been playing from HQplayer server to Euphony end point using my NAS library ok. I would like to try and use the NAS with stylus as a comparison but have been unable to get Euphony Stylus to connect to the NAS - anyone managed this? Have been skimming the thread but have not seen an answer.
  9. I have all 4 connected running my; 19v i3 itx server, 12v router, 5v ssd, and 9v switch at the moment - it does get pretty warm, I leave it on all the time except that I turn off the server supply when when not listening, it is just slightly warm then. Am awaiting another LPS to do 19v duties. I have had the unit over 2 months.
  10. I have just been reading the thread and saw this post. I had the G1 (a bit more than half the price of the G2) for a couple of weeks, it was a little more transparent than my fanless ITX build when I could run it directly connected to my usb HD library. However it stopped working in this mode, it kept losing the library. Dealer said the best option was to use NAS, SQ went down hill when I had to stream via ethernet . I was not inclined to keep it, the significant improvement I was hoping for did not materialise. Since then I have been treading the Novel improvement path, I use my ITX as a server to my NUi7 client with audiolinux running in RAM. Now I do have the massive improvement I was looking for, way ahead of the G1 for a similar outlay and plenty of options for further improvements. I know the G2 is a step up from the G1, however from what I have read they are pretty close in performance and the nature of the sound produced. Back to Euphony - would it worthwhile putting it on my server to stream to the Audiolinux NUC?
  11. I agree and have been reluctant to lay out a large sum for something that could be superseded very rapidly. On the tweaking front does the sNH-10G have as much effect on SQ when playing music files from a NAS, as when streaming from Tidal for instance ( I don't use streaming services). Also does the basic one sound very different to the one with the sCLK-EX built in?
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