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  1. I have done done something similar to fit the Taiko in my steacom case, seems to work ok
  2. I have been running my Taiko ATX for a few days powered by my 12v 19v SR7T. so far I have preferred using the 19v to Taiko and 12v rail to EPS. Admittedly the Taiko to EPS is via the bog standard one that came with the Hdplex.
  3. Struggling to get the Taiko ATX up and running. I cannot get the system to boot up beyond bios screen, the sata OS ssd and my nvme m.2 storage drives do not show up in bios screen. If I substitute my hdplex 800 it boots up with no problem??
  4. Thank you for all that information Nenon I only use the SATA ssd to boot the OS into RAM and then switch the ssd out. It only requires 5v. The HDplex 800w's SATA output has 6 pins but the two central ones seem to be superfluous.
  5. Thanks Nenon I need a cable like this?
  6. Hi asking for some very basic help. I have got my Taiko ATX however not sure how to connect the SATA power lead. My SATA lead has a 6 pin connector (as used on the HDPLX 800) but the Taiko SATA out has four pins??
  7. Thanks, look forward to seeing your results. Do you know if Taiko are contacting prospective purchasers yet. I did submit one of their contact forms.
  8. Thank you Rob for the info. Yes I use the same USB cable, performs well in my set up. It would be good if you could compare the PH SR7t to the Taiko PSU, maybe powering a single CPU would give different results? After waiting so long for the PH7 seems a shame to give it up! Have you compared local files and Qobuz using the Taiko? From what you and Nenon have written it seems there are no predictable results with the Taiko. With the Taiko ATX being so transparent, cpu, motherboard, file source etc will all influence results in some way.
  9. Thanks Exocer, I have the same phSR7t with internal silver wire, ph silver cables- which hxplex ATX are you using is it the 800w. Can you say which usb cable you use to your as well please. l have signed up for the taiko atx so wondered about the comparison. are you streaming with roon etc? Or using local files. I find local files stored on a nvme m2 using hqplayer sound much better than roon-buffalo-ER-hqp.
  10. Thank you for the responses. I should have applied the classic IT solution before posting🤔 Switching the ER on and off several times established a connection! The ER provides an improved SQ over the direct connection greater transparency and dynamics. However roon is not providing the same quality as I am obtaining from my nvme m.2 local storage through HQP. From what I have read I believe this is a common result. Still, pretty amazing considering the data is coming down a phone line from I don’t know where!
  11. I have had my etheregen for a while and it works fine. have just set up roon and qobuz out of curiosity. It works fine if I connect to the internet through my buffalo switch to server to streaming dac. However if I put the ER between the server (A) and dac (B) roon can’t find the dac? any advice appreciated.
  12. I had something similar happen with 2 mother boards, the first one shut down overnight and would not restart also the 12v on my PH sr7 stopped working not sure what the link was between the two events. The second time the MB just stopped working whilst playing. I am using a HDplex 800w atx with my PHSR7 T dual rail (19v/10A,12v/12A) the PH voltages measure fine - the ATX 5v measures 5.27v which apparently is over what it should be. I am not leaving it on permanently - on the list for the Taiko atx. Sound quality is excellent with the 19v to the atx and 12v to EPS.
  13. Like a lot of others have found, it varies from system to system ymmv, I use a high powered silent pc + vg power supply (in my case a SR7 T dual rail) server and don't use a naa anymore. This simpler connection has provided an improvement over naa for me.
  14. I used a PH SR4 19 with my i7 NUC naa. Back in the day haha, romaz kicked off the novel way to improve SQ thread using 19v on his i7 NUC naa so that is what I used. Did not notice any improvement using 12v and using the lower voltage settings makes the PH 19 run warmer. I seem to remember the the general feeling was 19v was more dynamic. You should read the earlier section of "how to massively improve the sq thread, link below.
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