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  1. Tried this procedure and it set a new (local) ip address and worked for awhile but then lost internet and Jriver connection. Have now reconnected my TP-link switch and have Nas, server, router and ethernet to ER "A" side all connected into the switch - then "B" side of ER to end point. This has been working fine all day - I don't think this arrangement compromises the regen - or is another link in the chain not a good idea? Something I have noticed, running AL on server and end point, having the monitor panel open on both machines it shows the status of the cpu etc. It also shows the same local ip address in each panel which is different to the router assigned address. I am assuming this is the LAN? it is this indicator that has informed me, visually, of disconnections.
  2. dctom

    HQ Player

    Yes it is the desktop of hqp4 I am using.
  3. dctom

    HQ Player

    Hello Jussi generally have got HQP 4 running fine on my AudioLinux OS machine - however still cannot get drag an drop music files into playlist to work, as I was able to with HQPlayer 3?
  4. Probably a dumb question - but what should I be looking for in respect of the LEDs?
  5. OK got the connection going again last night. However this morning had to restart etherRegen and unplug/replug ethernet cables several times to get Ip address on laptop, have now got ip on on both server and endpoint - took a while to settle down, the ip address kept disappearing seems fine at the moment
  6. Here is a diagram of my system. Running AL on both machines I have been using Jriver media center mostly.
  7. I should have explained further - my initial problem was not quite the same as lxgreen's, I am not using optical just copper to copper. However it does seem a bit like a handshake issue. I have set the endpoint to 100Mps.
  8. I have had a recurrence of the problem today. I went to play some music and both the server and endpoint had lost their network connection and hence ip address. I had not switched them off overnight. Repeated unpluging ethernet cables and turning the etherRegen on and off got the server back on line, took another 10mins to get the endpoint to show an ip. Hope this is not an on going issue.
  9. Success!! Thank you for your replies Alex. Power cycling the EtherREGEN has done the trick, NUC connected to all points now. Have been able to set AL on the NUC to 100Mps. Does it have any "burn in" period? it is doing an excellent job as it is. I can hear the improvements now, wider sound stage, the already excellent image is deeper, harmonics are richer and more detailed, subtlety stronger dynamics. Congratulations on an excellent device.
  10. I had not set a network speed on the Nuc endpoint. However have gone into AL expert menu and it says the enol1 interface is degraded? Have tried to set it to 100Mps but it does not make any difference?
  11. Hi have recieved my etherregen today and connected it up as described in the instruction booklet. All seems to be well on the A side where my Nas, router and computer server are connected, server sees the Nas and internet. However my endpoint NUC, on the B, side no longer gets an internet connection hence no ip address etc. This is the same configuration I had previously with the basic 5 port tp-link switch which gave fully functionality to the end point. Tried restarting the computers, running Audiolinux on both machines. Wondered if I am missing something?
  12. dctom

    HQ Player

    thank you Eric
  13. dctom

    HQ Player

    I am not sure of how to get a log file?
  14. dctom

    HQ Player

    Wondered if anyone had any solutions to ; Don't seem to be able to drag and drop files into HQP server play list. Also have been unable to export library after scanning in HQP Server screen crashes when I browse the client library list.
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