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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I have ordered a NUC7i7DNBE and Sean Jacobs 19v power supply.
  2. Thank you for all the excellent info you have posted on the NUCs. have you tried any other voltages besides 12v to power your NUC7i7DNBE, or is 12v the sweet spot?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, glad to know it will run both players. I do some upsampling at the moment, appreciate that it won't cope with very high upsampling - maybe 2x dsd? Happy to trade off the low power spec of the with low or no upsampling.
  4. Considering building a new machine based on a supermicro X10SBA-L running linux, using an external PS. Does anyone know if the built in cpu would have enough power to run HQplayer or jriver?
  5. Hi Anyone compared the sound quality from the zenith internal SSD output to streaming through ethernet from external drive?
  6. Not really. Quoting myself above, "the Zenith is a bespoke, ultra high-quality computer that can deliver exceptional signal integrity on the USB port to the DAC." From a HW perspective, that's it. Whether you run server or renderer software on it, or both, is a matter of choice. Hello austinpop thanks for all the info you have posted - I am trying to get my head around the pros and cons of using a MKii with my current fanless diy server. any chance you could elaborate on " bridging, shunting and reclocking in the switches like I do."
  7. Hi very interesting I built a similar itx computer but it has just died dont know if it is worth doing again with atx How isyour server running now?
  8. dctom

    HQ Player

    Yes do have play from memory on Jriver. Have just swapped out the external drive and have put a self powered portable USB drive in. The same files are playing fine now with HQP, so it must have something to do with the type of external drive.
  9. dctom

    HQ Player

    Your reply prompted me to investigated the external drive. It has a LED light which flashes every now and again, this causes HQP to drop out. Light stops flashing, HQP restarts. However when using Jriver, get the same flashing but Jriver continues to play happily?
  10. dctom

    HQ Player

    thanks for the reply with HQP... 1. the music stops playing for a second or so, then starts again, at random intervals 2. when playing upsampled PCM and playing native DSD 3. an external 2TB usb3 hard drive connected via usb to PC 4. recommended buffer in Jriver, 500000 5. the a core usage fluctuates, average below 10% for any 3 at one time the fourth one around 35%
  11. dctom

    HQ Player

    Hello this is my first post. I have been trying out the demo version of HQplayer comparing it to JRiver, I am using a diy linux music server. JRiver sounds excellent, upsampling PCM and DSD, but HQ does sound better. However HQ drops out frequently I was wondering if this is because it is the trial version? Been experimenting with various settings, the CPU (i5) is coping fine. JRiver runs fine upsamplingx8. I know the it is only supposed to run for 30mins in demo mode, just reluctant to purchase if I cannot over come the drop out issue.
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