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  1. I have been using Panzerholtz for a while as a component in my turntable support it has produced a significant improvement. Have also implemented it in some diy supports for smaller components. Besides being used in grand pianos Panzerholtz has some other, very interesting, properties as explained in this pdf. https://www.delignit.de/fileadmin/downloads/produkte/Produktdatenblatt_Delignit_Panzerholz_Protect_EN.pdf
  2. I have been using a 2TB NVMe in my Asrock ITX Z390 for local music storage, OS ram root AL. It has improved SQ over my synology NAS and gives much faster access to music files in HQplayer.
  3. Yes it does improve on the existing MoBo ethernet connection. I use an etherRegen which works very well in my system,so my impression is that network improvements upstream of the ER are more subtle. The Tp link has been in a few days - so far I would describe the improvements as; richer harmonics, slightly better separation with vocals and transients. Very interesting to read about your engineering experience, I taught mech eng practice years ago, unfortunately no longer have access to a machine shop.
  4. Thanks - have got it to work now - however , strangely, I need to start up with ethernet cable disconnected, then plug it in when computer is up and running. Otherwise the system will not recognise my internal NVMe internal library storage?
  5. Thanks for this. Thought I would give the TP-Link 3468 v.3 a try as it is such a low cost. Unfortunately it seems to create a hardware conflict with my Z390 phantom MB and OS. I am running audiolinux are you using windows?
  6. Thanks for the update Piero. After updating system and Kernel I can see the Kernel is now 5.6.4-3 is there a way of confirming system is 4.4.0? Also I run a server with AL and HQP to a NUC with HQP naa, I have been unable to get internet radio to play on my system could someone advise me how to achieve this please?
  7. dctom

    HQ Player

    my i7 9700T (35w) running at 4GHz will run DSD 256 and ASDN7EC in a H5 2nd gen case.
  8. Well I decided to try a NVMe, for music storage only, in one of the M2 slots on my Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX/ac server. In the past I had used an external USB drive then more recently a Synology Nas. My library just fits onto a 2Tb NVMe, I run AL in ram root and disconnect the OS ssd after start up. In this configuration the NVMe sounds better than the NAS, no issues with harshness and I have the added bonus of very fast control over my play lists in HQP. I should also add I run a server to NUC end point set up, via an etherRegen. Guess this just goes to show there are no really hard and fast rules in this game, other than the requirement of high quality LPSs.
  9. dctom

    HQ Player

    FYI - my i7 9700T runs DSD 256 poly-sinc-ext2 plus EC
  10. Great to read about your server explorations. I have only just got around to experimenting with the CPU frequency of my server. I am using a low power i7 9700T CPU 35W on an AL OS server HDplex H5 ii case. I have a NUC naa end point and use HQP to upsample on the server, the cpu usage is pretty low averages about 5/6% across 8 cores runs at around 48deg C after a few hrs use, 40 deg below the recommended max temp. The case only gets slightly warm locally. I believe you don't bother with upsampling Nenon. I am using the HQP poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7EC to run everything at 256 DSD This has resulted in a further increase in sound quality on top of other improvements - 16GB apacer ram and installing a 2Tb NVMe PCIe for local storage. Using a low tdp cpu can produce excellent results - unfortunately it is nigh on impossible to compare results, especially at the present time. Maybe I will be able to obtain an i7 9700 or K to compare at some point.
  11. Interesting how different systems behave, I have been thinking of using Euphony as an end point. I currently use AL RAMroot in my HQP server and HQP naa on the NUC end point. Have just loaded my library onto a 2Tb NVMe SSD in one of my server.'s M2 slots. I have a separate boot ssd which I can disconnect once OS is in RAMroot. In this set up the files sound better playing from the NVMe SSD than the NAS.
  12. My server build continues with the addition of 16Gb Apacer Dimm (thanks Nenon) . I have also installed a 2Tb NVMe PCIe M.2 drive for music storage. Using this for playback instead of my NAS drive has produced another improvement in sound quality, more natural, slightly better dynamics, impact and excitement. I expect this to be more pronounced when I am able to power the server with a PH SR7 12v+19v. However a very welcome advantage with using the M2 for storage is that I am able to load my 24k track list into the HQplayer playlist in 30 seconds and scan the entire library in a similar time.
  13. Better late than never. Since building a new server I have been experimenting with cables. Using some diy Vablue shielded ethernet cables I have implemented the jssg loop conection - the cables go from my server to the etherRegen A side, then B to my NUC endpoint. I have been surprised by the significant improvement. Increased dynamics, impact and separation no increase in glare or harshness. I have done the same with a diy furutech DPS 4.1 mains cable to my pre amp. Out of curiosity I placed a SPL meter on a tripod about an inch from the 12" woofer on my speakers. The v slight background hum at max volume decreased by 4Db on both channels using the jssged cable compared to the original 8TC kimber mains cable. Also comparing the new Sablon USB cable to my existing Sablon one, the new one is sounding very good.
  14. Ordered one at the beginning of June last year - it arrived towards the end of August which was the time frame I was given at the time of ordering, so no complaints.
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