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  1. The new ASIX AX88179_178A driver v2.0.0 integrated in Gentooplayer last kernels seems to solve all the clics/pops problems. Thanks @antonelloaroli !!!
  2. well done antonello, that is in my system the first rt kernel working without clicks/pops on the usbridge sig. thanks @clipper for this information.
  3. Hi xrobbo, On the aliexpress site, you can find the same switch with a set of 8 SFP. With those you will be sure of the result. They accept 1310n single mode fiber.
  4. I had the same problem one year ago. Jesus tried to fix it with a remote connection during one hour with no success.
  5. It's the way Audiophile suggests to use Jplay in dual PC setup. In this configuration, I don't feel a big improvement in SQ when I use an optical fiber in place of the CAT6 cable .
  6. Hi ted, don't know if it can help. My Control PC is configured in dual boot mode(WS2012+AO+JPlay/Ubuntu Studio+HQP). The Audio PC (WS2012+AO+Jplay) is connected to the Control one through an Ethernet cable (as usual with Jplay streaming mode). When I boot the Control PC under Linux, I can use HQP or Hqplayerd with the Audio PC as NAA. As already said, you need to route the multicast trafic.
  7. Thanks a lot Miska, it's for me the easiest way to stream Tidal to HQPlayer. Renderer: Ubuntu Studio + hqplayerd 3.7.1b3 + Rygel Contol point: BubbleUPnP on Android tablet (Renderer: SignalystHQPlayer3; Server: Local Media Server with Tidal activated) Hi Bubbleguuum, it would be great to have Qobuz in BubbleUPnP's Cloud option?
  8. Hi phil and Peter You were rigth, it was a browser issue. Thanks for your replies.
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