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  1. Plese be sure that there is nothing extreme in your configuration (priority, boot) set cpu governor to performance or max frequency turbo on and set hqplayer buffer to 250. ... And please test without Roon, I see a lot of threads there. If Roon is scanning library a lot of resources are lost.
  2. 23/05/2020 Good news! Merging Ravenna driver now compiling fine on 5.x kernels. In a few days the new aes67-linux-daemon will allow a complete configuration of audio over Ethernet. In the next Audiolinux menu a new almost definitive version of Web Interface at ipaddress:5001 with many bug fixes and corrections. A revolutionary kernel is on testing. Stay tuned!
  3. I just checked and the default is fine. If by chance you have changed it pressing inadvertently some key on the keyboard, go to audiolinux line and press D. This will restore the default boot option. Unless there is a problem with graphic card....
  4. You can check the original version of the installation with the command cat /etc/motd When updating with the options in update menu, the version remains that of the original installation. You can have Internet radio with Roon, LMS in headless and various other options in lxqt version, for example vlc-tunein-radio, a plugin for vlc player.
  5. You can try sudo ramroot -Dsudo ramsave [when in RAM mode]reboot
  6. For your reference full readme on ramroot is here: https://github.com/arcmags/ramroot/blob/master/README.rst If you can is better to boot without ramroot answering N to boot prompt.
  7. Just updated hqplayer-embedded hqplayer-network-audio-daemon and hqplayer4
  8. i guess you are using lxqt version. Go to file explorer (pcmanfm) and in preferences disable automount
  9. See this... https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/Tx31WZWMM49HWX0/ref=ask_ql_ql_al_hza
  10. The only way to see what's happening is to send me the content of the file /etc/fstab. If you want to fix it yourself take a look here: https://www.audio-linux.com/html/mount.html
  11. Increase buffer to 250 ms or lower volume if you are using hqplayer.
  12. Ethernet should run at max speed available unless you set a specific lower speed in network configuration (system menu)
  13. This can happen for various reasons: 1) Archlinux servers are not in sync yet. Wait the next day... 2) You need a full system update before with yay -Syu --noconfirm 3) For some reason the worldwide servers are blocked. In all cases is a good idea to switch to the servers of your country. Go to SYSTEM menu and select File editor ROOT Edit /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist pressing F4 Put a # in front of worldwide servers Remove # in front of the servers you want (those of your country) Save with F4 Update database with yay -Syy --noconfirm EDIT: before switching servers is better to clean the already downloaded packages with yay -Scc --noconfirm
  14. With Audiolinux menu 214 new Web Interface at ipaddress://5001 touch screen compatible and with search function. To install it go to INSTALL menu and select 0 "Install new web interface 2 (beta)" You can enable/disable it in EXPERT menu selecting 10 "WEB INTERFACE 2 enable/disable" Search function is very useful: typing main, audio, system, update or expert you can see on the left column the options of classic menu. New Audiolinux headless 2.3.0 and lxqt version 4.3.0 fully updated and with the new alternative menu already installed
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