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  1. You can test the RAM with the command free: free --mega before enabling ramroot After you know what could be a good low value, maybe 400 is enough
  2. No, that should be the max free zram. Zram is a virtual hard disk and that line define the max free space you want to leave on it. You can go down to 250, if needed.
  3. With 4GB RAM an option is to remove some packages, at the cost of not being able to install extra kernel modules or compile some applications: yay -R gcc linux-rt-headers or yay -R gcc linux-rt-bfq-dev-headers (if you are using linux bfq) Also the ramroot configuration file /etc/ramroot.conf should be edited to different values. Default is # minimum MiB free ram: ram_min=500 # minimum MiB free zram: zram_min=250 # preferred MiB free ram: ram_pref=4000 # maximum MiB free ram: zram_max=1000 After disable ramroot ramroot -
  4. 09/09/2020 In menu 237 an improved network script with: 1 BRIDGE with DHCP automatic IP Address 2 BRIDGE with static IP Address 3 DHCP automatic IP Address (default) 4 STATIC IP Address 5 RESTORE previous configuration 6 ETHERNET speed limit 7 Exit" New options 3 4 without bridge. Now you can also set network mask
  5. Just updated! @cat6man If I ever have a Ferrari I would not lower the power to pay less taxes... A good system (from electronic point of view) does not have limitations if power supply is of high quality. There is no evil in high power... I guess that some people are forced to lower power lowering CPU frequency because of absolutely inadequate linear power supply. Those power supply would have high ripple if used near maximum capability, much more than powerful SMPS. People should read the CPU documentation to see the minimum power requested. Moreover on Audiol
  6. ALSA system wide configuration is there only for special needs. I wouldn't add anything I think that enabling Realtime Expert Configuration could give a substantial improvement. You can check the configuration file /opt/configuration/realtime_custom.sh and eventually edit it as root Remove # in front of each line if you want to enable the corresponding configuration I would enable all (in last Audiolinux versions the # is already removed in front of all options) The option with cpumask should be enabled only if you have isolated some core.
  7. Second computer in a Server/Endpoint configuration cannot use bridge. Go to Network configuration and choose 4 = RESTORE original After reinstalling shellinabox-git also check in Web Interface 2 0.4 SYSTEM status that the 2 computers have not the same MAC address Test that the first PC can ping the second ping ip_address_of_endpoint If this do not solve the problem, contact me by email tomorrow.
  8. You could try to reinstall it, since it is a git package: yay -Sy shellinabox-git and reboot Before changing hostname was working? In that case the easy solution is to switch to audiolinux
  9. Clear browsing data, use Chrome, try with another PC or from smartphone. It should ask for password.
  10. It seems all OK. What do you see when you go to ipaddress:8500 in a browser?
  11. If you can connect with ssh, you can have menu typing... menu and this is the recommended way. Once connected, you can check the status of Web interface with systemctl status [email protected]
  12. I cannot reproduce this. I have changed hostname and I can access without problems Web Interface at ipaddress:8500 I remember that hostnamectl only change computer name not login user name. Maybe you should reconfigure ssh on the client computer since it will probably think that something is wrong and you are accessing another PC. In linux you should delete the line involving Audiolinux computer in /home/audiolinux/.ssh/known_hosts You can try to go to EXPERT menu in Web Interface 2 and disable - enable Interface 1 Did you reboot?
  13. @dctom Go to Console mode and be sure that you don't have previous downloads in /tmp. Eventually remove them before running the script sudo rm -f /tmp/menu_version sudo rm -f /tmp/almenu.tar.gz or simply reboot first. Now edit with file editor ROOT in SYSTEM menu the file /opt/scripts/update/menu_update.sh so that read pass is in a new line (F4 to edit, F2 to save) and update from Web Interface 2 at ipaddress:5001 Here the first corrected lines of the script: #!/bin/bash echo "Please type your update password ?" read pass cd /tmp If you still
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