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  1. To avoid problems in upgrading from kernel 4.19.x to 5.2.x, I suggest, when updating the kernel, to go to Audiolinux update menu and 1) System update (before was update all other packages) 2) Roon update (this is because roon is distributing the linux package without build number) 3) Update kernel 4) Select Clean on the main menu 5) Reboot
  2. Right, very few services are running. Installed applications that are not running have no impact on sound. A possibility is to enable 4 "Realtime expert configuration" in expert menu because there is an option that will disable the watchdog if you remove # in front of the lines: echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/watchdog echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog As a side note, most probably most of the options in that file will be set to default in the next Audiolinux version.
  3. Just updated arch PKGBUILD to version 4.11.2 build 34.
  4. When updating you should stick to these rules: 1) Be sure that you have enough drive space. You can check it with df -H 2) If you decide to update "from inside" do it often, max 1 month, better each week, otherwise it could be difficult. This is true for all distributions that can be updated continuously ("rolling release") 3) Do it in normal mode, not in ram mode 4) Remember to use the option clean when you are finished. This will remove the downloaded packages.
  5. The kernel is only rt1, that is the first realtime iteration of version 5.2 and is very stable. I am using it for everyday work! However if all is well, I would consider to stick to 4.19, that had 22 realtime versions.
  6. About "realtime manual assignment" you should select it to disable, and click on it another time to enable (a sort of toggle switch) You should not disable it in general, this my suggestion. In some systems (very few cases) with low power CPU you could have a more relaxed sound disabling it. About Roon directory transfer, if you are in ram mode, the new type of transfer should save all configuration changes automatically, since the new is on a partition that is not loaded to RAM.
  7. Menu update 124 with new options in expert menu: 9 "ENABLE/DISABLE realtime manual assignment" (this will disable manual priority assignment standard or extreme but not general priority as managed by realtime kernel) 10 "Change ucode to AMD/Intel" --> Ryzen users should activate AMD option! WiFi script hotfix now will remove previous attempts configuration (wpa_supplicant). Roon database transfer script will move the full directory /var/roon not only the database (otherwise in ram mode you should save playlists each time etc.)
  8. I suggest a full system update (with the option in the update menu) before upgrading the kernel. Here network working fine...
  9. ...and 500 MB is an absolute minimum. You need at least 8GB RAM
  10. "When ramroot is enabled, during the initial phase of boot the amount of detected RAM on the computer along with the size the root filesystem to be copied is shown on the screen. If there is at least 500MB more RAM than the size of the filesystem, the user will be prompted to load the root filesystem to RAM."
  11. You should edit as root /etc/samba/smb.conf and add something like this: [MyMusic] path = /media/samba available = yes public = yes guest ok = yes writable = yes Samba server must be up. As root type systemctl enable smb systemctl enable nmb Finally reboot
  12. In Audiolinux there is the main menu option 14 "Clean system" that will remove downloaded packages after an update and some cache content. I don't think this is your problem however. Roon will increase cache and library size in time. The only solution is to transfer Roon library to another Hard Disk/Partition with the option 5 "TRANSFER Roon database to/from another drive" in configuration menu.
  13. There is the option WiFi in main menu where you must only give SSID and password. Personally I would not use WiFi for audio however...
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