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  2. It would be important to know the whole testing setup as well... thanks
  3. bibo01

    HQ Player

    Any idea about this?
  4. bibo01

    HQ Player

    @Miska I have a little problem with v4. In both Linux and Windows 7. When I open Settings, the menu is too long for the screen and I cannot scroll down. Perhaps its a question of libraries, but at least in Linux when I installed it, v4 also installed its libraries dependencies.
  5. I have no doubt about that. And personally, I like Merging a lot, but it must be said that they are not behaving well with their recent Linux driver development.
  6. Good for them! But not for the people who want to use it with Linux and ask for support
  7. Hi Tom, Was this difference perceived in listening tests too?
  8. My freind @Sigi posted this on Merging forum which may be of interest; Hi community,As announced in the forum rules I asked some questions to the technical support.This was the answer I have got:The ALSA driver is an open source and free of charge driver. The support for that product is reserved to the OEM program only.We do not offer specific support for our Hapi customers regarding the ALSA driver but we have opened a forum board where you can ask your question and thus offer information to the whole community. Now you know what you can expect!
  9. I cannot see it because FPGA is under the shade, but look at anything else and you can confirm that the two boards are the same...To me, anyhow.
  10. This is the interior of Hapi. The green Ethernet card looks the same to me as NADAC.
  11. @Miska In another thread you mentioned that HQPlayer Pro can be used to record. How do you manage the recording from within HQPlayer Pro (obviously with a suitable input card)?
  12. ...Then I have to get a Hapi with both D/A AND A/D boards! Damn...
  13. Are you talking about RME ADI-2 Pro? Or what?
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