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  1. From THD+N: 0.00080%, I get -101.9dB ...but I might be wrong
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    NextHardware, more specifically the cMP2 forum I personally setup years ago, is a good site because there are various developers (Piero/AudioLinux, GentooPlayer/antonello, Squeezelite-R2/Marco) and a community interested in developing new, SOTA hardware/software solutions. We at NextHardware help each other for example, as a reseller, I offer HQPlayer Desktop purchase at a discount with no personal gain. Differences between AL (which I originally reviewed years ago) and GP are getting less and less. Mainly Piero of AL offers top support at a minimal cost. GP is younger (it has started development more recently) and is an OS tailor made to your own hardware, so process/services can be reduced to bare essential.
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    HQ Player

    Miska has expressed in the past that he has no intention to implement this feature.
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    HQ Player

    Can you send that email to me too?!
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    HQ Player

    As Miska mentioned previously, HQPDcontrol (an Android remote client) allows to have GENRE view, provided the albums are genre tagged.
  6. Just to add something about Squeezelite, directly from Marco, which might be useful to many... All Squeezelite versions, on Linux only of course, allow to vary ALSA parameters, ie buffer size, period count, format and use of MMAP, through the "-a" parameter, for ex: -a 40:3::0 means 40ms of buffer, period count = 3, format 'automatic' depending on the sound card, no MMAP. Watch out that > 499 are no longer ms but bytes. R2 versions can be found here: https://github.com/marcoc1712/squeezelite-R2/releases/tag/v1.8.4-(R2) Furthermore, there is Falcon, which is a WEB interface that allows you to graphically vary those parameters (along with others) and restart Squeezelite, in 'almost' real time, like C-3PO. It can be found on gitHub with installers for Gentoo and Debian (or Ubuntu).
  7. It's part of Squeezelite-R2. He told me that he also did a special version of C-3PO where it is possible to change dimension of input/output buffer and chunk.
  8. The link vortecjr has provide is by Marco, developer of SqueezeLite R2 who is present at NextHardware. He has also developed a simple tool to change buffer, period,... and test results.
  9. Sorry I must have missed that LMS test.
  10. Marco, developer of C-3PO, is developing an interesting library manager for LMS that can work on all platforms. https://www.nexthardware.com/forum/pc-top-software/90206-e-il-momento-di-leia-ovvero-la-library-manager.html
  11. Why don't you do a simple test with enabling LMS and use that in place of Roon, so you can verify if the problem is due to Roon?!
  12. In C-3PO just disable DSD256 as supported rate.
  13. You better post where I told you before and ask Marco directly.
  14. This is the setting the developer of C-3PO (marcoc1712) uses for non-DSD: -n squeezelite-R2-o hw:CARD=J20 -x -m 00:e0:4c:68:ce:78 -r 44100-768000 -c aif,wav,pcm -b 1048576:1048576 -a 499:3::0 -f /var/log/squeezelite-R2/squeezelite-R2.log I do not want to divert traffic on another site, but you guys having problems with LMS/Squeezelite are really better off posting your problems (you can post in English) on Italian NextHardware, in this thread. You will find many developers and users of Squeezelite, HQPlayer... and myself!
  15. Just a note on the "b" option in squeezelite... -b is the input/output buffer, the two values should be equals when using uncompressed PCM, that is when one uses C-3PO plugin. For best results, when using FLAC, the output should be 1/0.75 of the input. Option 2 above "-b 1048576:1048576" is 2GB, that way the song is almost always in RAM, the network inactive and CPU gets 400/16 fewer interrupts from memory, but be sure you have enough RAM or lower the value.