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  1. ...Then I have to get a Hapi with both D/A AND A/D boards! Damn...
  2. Are you talking about RME ADI-2 Pro? Or what?
  3. Perhaps in terms of DAC, but with their Ultra Low Noise clock at 40.000euro they are catching up pretty fast in terms of price.
  4. Yes, you can send Signalyst a request (e.g. you have a Windows license and wish to buy a Linux license) specifying the email address with which you registered and the fingerprint of your system which you find in Help(About. Miska will send you a 50% discount coupon towards the purchase of your 2nd license.
  5. The soon to be released Intel M2 Optane H10 seems an interesting solution as it has both types of memory and it comes at a cheaper price, more convenient MB/$.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I just read your blog post. You mention Optane's low latency benefits. Are they only achievable on Intel based systems? In this NVMe SSD round-up it seems that Optane is slower in terms of writes/reads. To use Optane in an AMD system, as you say, as storage only, does it still make sense with a USB loaded RAM OS? BTW, the AMD motherboard I am looking at for compatibility is Supermicro H11DSi.
  7. A little while ago there was talks about having, together with RAM AL OS on USB stick, a M2 NVMe for saving Roon database. To be honest, I am not sure if people were talking about Intel Optane...I am a little bit confused about different technologies: Optane, M2 SSD, M2 NVMe, ecc. Anyhow, what is the solution agreed upon? Would it work for AMD based too? Any particular model? Thanks
  8. I realize that noise floor drops, but this happens very clearly with Ravenna channel mapping too. I have a feeling that Ravenna's and HQPlayer channel mapping achieve similar results. This doubt of mine will be cleared only by personal testing.
  9. You get better sound quality by running individual modulator for each of those channels. It notably drops the noise floor. So instead output 8 channels from HQPlayer with matrix mapping from stereo to 8 channels. Sorry if I come back to this, but I don't understand the difference between my method and yours. By "doubling up" the modulator that runs on ch1 onto ch3,5,7 through matrix mapping, aren't you effectively adding up four times the same result?! What's the difference with me copying the result of ch1 to ch3,5,7 - I still get a drop in noise floor?! Afterwards, if you want stereo, you're still 8ch->2ch through wire at output, are you?!
  10. Thanks. This is with an i7-6950x.
  11. Have you actually tried it yourself on a Hapi or yours is deduction work?
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