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  1. Happy 2019!! Feliz 2019!! Wish you all good health and blessings and that all your projects come true 👌 Miki
  2. Well NUC + AL has been very favorable compared with the Zenith SE, so that says a lot
  3. I have just purchased my NUC7CJYH... I am trying to figure which RAM are you guys using for this NUC with best results: - Would it accept the 16GB or only 8? - Crucial DDR4 2400 SODIMM - CT4G4SFS824A CAS Latency 17 - CORSAIR Vengeance Performance SO-DIMM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) CAS Latency 16 - Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 SODIMM @ 2400 MHz, CAS Latency 16 - Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4 SODIMM @ 2400 MHz, CAS Latency 14 Thanks!! Miki
  4. Hi Guys, Is this the same Pentium board or if not, can it be used instead of the one that comes with the NUC7PJYH: ASRock J5005-ITX Intel Quad-Core Pentium Silver Processor (Up to 2.8 GHz) Motherboards https://www.amazon.com/ASRock-J5005-ITX-Quad-Core-Processor-Motherboards/dp/B079G91MQ1
  5. No i have a special adapter which Louis made for me 3 years ago, look: In this case it has the first generation of firewall attached (don't get worry about that), important thing is to make the adaptor, then you can add the NEW firewall 64X (wood one) as you see in the picture...
  6. While i still in the hunt for the Streamer which fits best with my system to put aside the 2012 macMini and can make a significant reduction in noise, i had the chance to purchase the last upgrade from Louis Motek´s LessLoss the Firewall 64X, i juts received mine two days ago with the suggestion of leaving it for at least several weeks before it can show its fully potential, oh man this little magic thing has put my system so far in another level of clarity, blackness dimension and easy to hear even my records that just could not hear them before, only 3 days and this thing is a HUGE improvement at least in my system which i consider is already a good one, i am going to ask another which i will use on the DAC, this one i put it in the MacMini and to be honest i never thought it could made a lot of difference in the Mac mini, really wow! very recommended! I have to say that i have no agenda with Mr. Motek, only the fact that every time i have had something from him is a hit and i don't have a lot from him I suggest this little piece of magic!!
  7. mikicasellas

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Who ever is in his own right, there is no excuse for anybody to deal with a situation in this way, insulting and aggressive is not the way to treat with respect, bottom line he is a disrespectful person and no matter the issue it is not acceptable
  8. mikicasellas

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Sooner or later this Pendej... was going to show up some where with his pathetic and irrational self, had a similar experience with his Nazi attitude a few years ago over facebook when elections were on fire and among all the audiophiles writers that i have on facebook as friends this intolerable disgusting man named Jeff Dorgay went "Cheetos" over me with an agresivo comment that he was going to shut me down for commenting about politics, he is a piece of.... BIG TIME, let him be, people like this guy little by little they go sinking in their own S...t Best regards Chris!!
  9. mikicasellas

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    Jajaja, i have been learning for quite sometime in these forums that the reality of regular folks is not our history here, just listen and enjoy is not particular the fashion of this hobby, but i am glad i am returning to that meaning again, i feel like i have been in a long dream during the time in this hobby where sometimes it is very nice in the way of getting better sound as you go building things but there is a point where things gets very stressing and lacks of enjoyment at least for me, i don't blame other for doing so...a few days back i was at a friends house, he has a 1,000 usd Yamaha system (integrated, speakers and subwoofer) you don't have an idea how much i enjoyed listened to music in his system, definitely not in the level of my system but at the end i think i have been forgetting the super enjoying part in a natural way where i don't have to sit and examine if the sounds is right or not, or the song was not properly recorded in the studio room and that is why it does not sound as i was expecting specially some of my favorites songs...it made me wonder if i am spending my money wise...i am in the last pull of this hobby! if after going for my streamer whatever ended up being i will probably sell everything and get a very decent and normal system, my system has reached an investment of around 25,000 usd, go figure i was sitting and tapping my feet in a 1,000 system oh Lord! jajajaja
  10. mikicasellas

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    I read that a lot of folks preferring the SOtM streamer, it seems that perhaps those people have an already warmer system, where others with a more forward HF system would be preferring the UltraRendu? Has anyone A-B with Bricadti M5?
  11. mikicasellas

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    If anyone have listened to SOtM sMS-200Ultra and Bricasti M5 and UltraRendu, which one do you consider to sound "less bright", more engaging and clean?
  12. Yes i was referring to connecting ISO REGEN direct to Terminator, Let us know the outcome of putting the ISO REGEN with the Singxer makes a difference Regards!!
  13. You don't need the ISO REGEN with the Terminator...my ISO REGEN is been disconnected for two months now...deciding what to do, keep it for a future or sell it ?? Please share your findings on this...maybe you can hear something different but i believe some with Terminator agree
  14. Thanks for the info seeteeyou!
  15. Hello, I am wondering if this approach of using a SD CARD as music library instead of the MacMini HD that runs OS and more programs...Has anyone tried this to avoid noise?