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  1. Hi Guys, Yesterday I received my Terminator-II DAC and Im trying to play with Euphony with the HQPLAYER at PCM 1411/1536 and for some reason it goes up ONLY to 706 despite that with my older Terminator I never had this issue a couple of months ago when I was trying Euphony / HQplayer and I was able to play files at 1411/ 1536 full. Well even with using only Euphony and tried to upsample to those numbers it just does not allow For those who owns new Terminators, is there anything that i might be missing here, any ideas ? Thanks a bunch !
  2. Well, I had a Hegel separates ( P20 + H20 ) and the regular EX-M1 (not M1+) bettered them, last year i upgraded to its separate Brother the EX-M7 and yes it is even better, but have not heard the M1 +, although I was just about to upgrade my M1 to M1+ initially. Kinki EX-M7 paired with the Denafrips Athena Preamp is AWESOME ! Hope this helps ! Hope you are better 🙏
  3. This is only my own experience: If you don't have a message " USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT" it is quite possibly it is underpowered or you need the W. drivers.
  4. Thanks so much Guys !! Are you using the regular or unpowered version ?
  5. Great Elan, Thanks for your kind feedback ! Regards
  6. Greetings All, Any of you Guys using JCAT USB XE card with Sablon 2020 USB cable with success and without an issue ? Thanks in advance, Cheers !
  7. Marcin has been a totally Gent in this situation and he is backing me up 100%👌🏼
  8. I thought about it and that will be my next step, even though so far it seems the card itself
  9. The XE card when inserted on any PCIE slot, even without being connected to the PS launches the alert
  10. Hi Guys, Has anyone suffered from this issue before ? I turned on my server (ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO Z590 with an Intel i7-10700K) a few days back and suddenly a message appeared: "USB Device Over Current Status Detected": So I swapped the JCAT XE USB card which caused the alert and put a Startech PCIE USB card instead without an issue, I also checked all the PCIE slots with the Startech and worked without an issue. I then downgraded the BIOS to see if maybe the problem could have been that way cause a few weeks back I upgraded the BIOS to the last firmware and all was the same. After all this checking and honestly with my limited knowledge on this, I keep wondering if something else could be making this issue or is it for sure that the USB PCIE card is the one that got damaged ? Should i look into someting else perhaps ? Thanks !
  11. No, Im not bypassing the server, Euphony Stylus is on the server which is connected wired to the net, and I played all my music from the server via UPnP on the OPPO. Oppo has the USB input damaged now, not the DAC, so the UPnP capabilities on the OPPO took place, the DAC inside the OPPO is just fine. What Im saying here is that Isolating the Access point (wifi) from the server via Edgerouter gives you as a result this Gem even when using WiFi on UPnP thru at least with this regular OPPO DAC is in place, bettering the USB connection that I mentioned before even with the T-1, which before this isolation change was a lot better than going UpnP on the OPPO via wifi, not anymore with the EDGEROUTE Isolation
  12. I need to thank Rob (Exocer) for his endless patience into guiding me in some areas for achieving better SQ thru the server. I've been following his findings the most close I can, and without a doubt he is a great contributor to this forum. One area that has increased the SQ of my system to a whole different level, is isolating the server from the access point, adding an Edge Router to the chain, I purchased the Edge Router from Rob suggestion some time back, but it was not until now that i decided to go that route. My System is: - Denafrips ATHENA Preamp - OPPO 205 via UPnP (wifi) for now --- Denafrips Terminator DAC (2018 version) - KINKI EX-M7 Amp - PMC Twenty5 26 - Speakers - Tellurium Ultra Black II speakers and XLR - Paul Hynes SR7T (19v & 12v) for Server + TAIKO DC-ATX (19v goes to TAIKO & 12v goes to CPU) - Paul Hynes SR5T (12v & 12v) for ER & External Clock for ER - Paul Hynes SR4T (5v) for JCAT USB XE - P.I. Audio Group Uber Buss with Uber Puertos SERVER: - ASUS ROG MAXIMUS HERO XIII Z590 - Intel i7-10700K - TAIKO DC-ATX - Apacer 2666 Industrial (8GB) - Optane 58GB (Euphony OS & Music) - Startech NIC PCIE card - JCAT XE USB PCIE - ALL Cabling is NEOTECH 7N JSSG360 Bye Bye Terminator, hello back OPPO 205 (via USB) I sold my Terminator DAC last month in order to find (later on with patience) a better DAC for my system and i cleaned the dust of my beloved OPPO 205 to cover the DAC department in the meanwhile; as to expect, sound became a little bit thiner and close the soundstage a bit too, the sensation of "Big sound" reduced a little , it lacked that little bit of more organic presentation of the T-1. but all and all not a too dramatic change. After selling the T-1, I got a Sablon USB 2020 cable which replaced an Oyaide Neo and became clear since day one, even without 5 minutes of use that SABLON was the better cable, suddenly when turning on the server during those days, the screen showed that " USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT STATUS DETECTED !! " and after several checks and with a friend of mine we could determinate that all PCIE slots on the MoBo worked perfectly and that the problem was neither the MoBo, CPU, SR4T, or SABLON cable, there was some kind of short circuit between the JCAT XE USB card and the OPPO USB input, no matter what, once you inserted the JCAT with or without the SR4T powering it, the message was showing and also the USB input on the OPPO stopped reading the entry cables, so I swapped the JCAT and put a Startech USB card instead and although the server turned on without an issue confirming that only with the JCAT was the issue, OPPO would not read it. Edge Router taking the stage: I added this wonderful piece creating VLANs for my access points so the server be isolated from wifi, to my surprise... While we were testing the equipment suddenly sound started playing with UPnP on OPPO started playing automatically thru wifi and to my surprise the level of SQ was much more better in every aspect compared with T-1 and USB connection with JCAT/SR4T/ SABLON, and only with wifi on the OPPO, I am amazed that the isolation on the server thru the Edge Router is a huge leap for streaming, now I can listen to the goods of the SR7T/ TAIKO TX among other things that did and upgrade in the first place but not a t this dimension, this has made that all the good ingredients in my server to finally shined and showed their true credentials, Im now wondering with this kind of isolation on the server and the SQ that im hearing, if it would be worth to fix the JCAT card re-connected with my SR4T and go as planned with my " better " DAC, including the SABLON, would that kind of equipment and investment on that chain would worth it ?, and the answer is yes I will give a try and once is in the USB chain as it was BUT NOW with the EdgeRouter isolation on board. First thing i will do is put an ethernet cable on the OPPO and see how much is the gap between this isolated WiFi and the cable. Im buying an additional good ethernet cable, I dont have left, so i will have to wait at least a week for that. Has anyone experience this before ? cause i wanted to share this as it came by surprise for me Miguel
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