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  1. What strengths and weakness are you finding VS the last firmware (not the last board) ?
  2. No Sr. : https://www.denafrips.com/firmware-update?fbclid=IwAR2gNBzmX56g6kYV_dd-kNP_ocZEMlqIrZM-e-m9JiW8mEwUSmExiYAhiIg Both for Ares and Terminator
  3. Has anyone in this group updated the firmware update of your Terminators ?
  4. I have been searching for a decent Priced NUC7i7DNH1E and i can get one NOW for 495 usd, i already have a NUC7PJYH in its AKASA case powered by a HDPLEX 200W, and i'm also waiting for my PH SR4 19v which is already shipped to my way...Do you guys think that i will be worth the 495 USD to replace my actual NUC with the NUC7i7DNH1E, or should i wait for the NEW generation ? I´m also looking forward to replace my Macmini as a server for an AMD Ryzen 7 3800x...Any suggestion within your experiences? Maybe my actual NUC7PJYH in its AKASA & PH SR4 19v would be enough to make a significant improve and put the money right now on the server side ? Thank you in advance
  5. Hey Folks, I want to share what it has been happening since some time and i don't know if some of you are suffering from this situation: like many of you i have a Mac mini late 2012 as server and a NUC as endpoint powered with a HDPLEX 200w and i use both AL and Euphony in RamBoot. Thing is sometimes i hear my system sounds amazing and the next day under same is not so amazing music is noisier on the same player, so i switch from one to other sometimes looking for better results sometimes not so, i started to guess maybe the pollution on the MacMini or perhaps the Topaz Isolation Transformer is not working properly or just maybe my router/switch could be adding these pollution to the system. Regarding the Topaz, i am curious if being old and used replacing it for something more into audio would be best, maybe something like PS Audio, Synergetic Research power cell, Tourus isolation transformers etc. My system is very sensitive to any change in power cables even with the Oyaide receptacles in the wall you can hear difference when connected to the Oyaide copper wall receptacles vs the Rodhium ones. Any experience on this ?
  6. Hello David, I have RamRoot enabled but can't understand what do you mean buy "activate "Buffer & Cache", i only can find activate RamRoot...what am i missing here ? Thanks !!
  7. Hey Guys, I hope this question is in track with the discussion here: Regarding network connection; My Audio Room is Downstairs and i have my modem upstairs which send via WIFI to a Tp-Link RE650 (AC2600) in my audio Room which is connected via Ethernet to the switch, from the switch i connect my MacMini, NUC and TV and in the RE650 configuration wifi to expand is OFF, so it only repeats thru the wired network... My question is: If i get rid of the RE650 and connect the modem thru the switch via wired (25meters long ethernet from CAT 6a Blue jeans cable) instead, which of the two choices should be best in order to minimize noise ? i know via wired it will be faster (up to 200) but not sure if the Ethernet way could be best or worst Kind regards Miki
  8. Thanks Larry, Are you using a fanless case ? Regards
  9. Hey Guys, Is anyone already using the AMD RYZEN 7 3700X ? For the moment i have been following the NUC path and im using a Mac mini as the Roon server and the NUC as the endpoint which i switch it fro time to time to try Euphony or AL I have been playing around with the idea of building a one machine to use AL or Euphony (or for server only) with this processor and a Mini ITX to use in a fanless case like the HDPLEX and be able to use my HDPLEX 200w to power it, perhaps my PH SR4 19v Could be used with a PCIE card or such or just leave it with the NUC The plan of using the mi ni ITX is in order to the HDPLEX 200W be able to power it, maybe i'm wrong but so far it is what i have understood Any suggestions ? Thank you all
  10. THIS ANOTHER CHOICE: http://www.kecesaudio.com
  11. Hi Gents, Could anyone in this thread explain the main difference between the NUC7I7DNBE vs NUC8I7BEH that makes the NUC7I7DNBE apparently the best choice among the NUCs ? The only main difference i can observe is that the later is 28W vs the 15W of the NUC7I7DNBE, besides that the NUC8I7BEH is cheaper keeping all the same qualities and also having some upgraded ones like USB 3.1 instead of 3.0. Would the difference between the TDP in each NUC is what is all about this NUC (NUC7I7DNBE) as the real winner, or maybe I'm missing something ?
  12. You are welcome Rajiv, Believe when i say the set up in SQ is massive, at least in my case, the sound got wider and big, instruments more real and the sound overall is more clean and a lot less constricted...i mean i don't know why but the devices were connected to the already grounded outlets and the profesional guy said, it may or may not make any difference if the devices get to be connected also to the bar, well at least here it did mayor with only connecting one cable from the copper bar to my DAC...i will try to connect the other devices don't know if to "Switch, Integrated, Nuc HDPlex 200 or to all" Best Miki
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