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  1. Let see what is Marcin cooking then... About the LAN GOLD from JCAT, seems out is awesome although 1000 ish USD is expensive... It seems to me that you can upgrade the BIOS from ASUS, i believe it was ready since Oct-Nov 2019 Where i know for sure i will be playing blind, at least in the beginning is to set up BIOS the best way posible for Euphony...is there already a profile that any of these forum has gotten to be the best, or is it system dependent ?
  2. I'm just waiting for the HDPLEX 800 DCATX which is supposed to arrive next week and will begin with the build... That would be another journey for me when setting BIOS the right way, ONLY Euphony Stylus or Euphony Stylus Ep - ROON will be in this machine. Im still deciding which PCIE USB card will be using with this server. Exciting times 😊
  3. A lot of People suggest that the amplifier does not benefit from the IT but the contrary, When i used to have a HEGEL separates, they suggested that i do that and now i saw a video from PS Audio where Paul suggested the same...
  4. I have an Isolation Transformer Topaz 91001-22 ( 1kva / .001pf )...that is the only thing i have from my wall and then all my system connected to it...should i disconnect the amp from it ?, what would you suggest in order to obtain less noise that don't break the wallet ?
  5. I hope im sharing this in the right thread What do you guys think about Isolation Transformers actually NOT DOING ANY GOOD to our systems ?
  6. Hello Bodiebill,



    1. bodiebill


      hi there mikicasellas, did your message break off? Best, Denis

  7. What Power Supply are you using for the Allo USBridge Sig ?
  8. It is what i did but the TP LINK switch that was in place is also doing the exact issue...
  9. Is anyone here using the ER with Euphony ? I having mayor drop outs after a week of ER's burning in, and now suddenly not only with the ER but replacing it with the TP LINK which i have had since two years ago without problems until now...i checked all connections that I'm aware so far in order to discard elements that could be causing this issue: and when i disconnect my NUC endpoint and connect my Macmini direct to the DAC using ROON directly there is no issue so far. In the other hand my internet speed seems to be fine but real performance when opening pages on the web or playing videos is not as good and sometimes very slow (weird, never happened) I am powering my ER with the HDPLEX 200W at 9V and the NUC with a PH SR4 at 19V Any idea ??
  10. A few minutes go, i used the stock cable to compare with an Audio Art power cable that has been in my system for a while with good results, is the only one left that i have that is a little more forgiving than my Less Loss Signatures: When i connected the ER in the OYAIDE Rodhium outlet, the sound is more "bright" even with the Audio Art, but when i connect the ER to the Oyaide Cooper Sound signature becomes more natural and balanced (its amazing how an Outlet can serve a s a tone control), Now i added the LessLoss Firewall 64x to the stock cable and PSU into the aide Outlet and the sound just came out incredible so far, much better than with the Audio Art...so it is "Oyaide Copper Outlet + Stock cable + LessLoss Firewall + Stock PSU to ER"... I will keep doing these tweaks during these week, i will guys let you know, but indeed an interesting findings
  11. Are you guys using the stock power cord with the ER's Stock PSU, it's curious but i can hardly hear an improvement (although there is but minimal) using an HDPLEX 200W at 9v with its variable output, BUT i can hear a more than a subtle improvement when using a more robust power cable with the stock PSU, even i can hear difference between the OYAIDE COOPER outlets vs the OYAIDE RHODIUM outlets in the wall
  12. Has anyone has an issue with Euphony lately.... ? Mine stopped playing while playing via Roon (StylusEp), i rebooted and found that is asking for "Euphony Login" & "Password" but i have neither, it was automatically every time
  13. Patience is All 😀 With the "Stress CPU" on Euphony, things have been going faster and SQ is starting to rise very good !! the silver cable is giving some very nice bloom on HF and MF too, i am guessing there is some good time left for this to come mature enough and I'm very happy where it is going...So far !!
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