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  1. I can't make my MoBo ethernet ports work with Euphony, i was thinking that with the new upgrade that issue was solved, is anyone having issues with this ?
  2. I agree and this would be fantastic !! I have been doing A/B with 102 vs 421 and although (at least on my system) 421 is cleaner in presentation i believe it needs more deep in the bass, yes bass is a bit leaner and flat compared to 102 My two cents
  3. How can I return to try 102, do i need to ask that to Zedjko ?
  4. While i was reading this i was wondering, we need more honest People !! Thanks for the honesty and all the support to all of us during this time, 👏👏👏
  5. View Classified Ghent Neotech 7N Copper 18AWG - CPU / DC-ATX Converter Seller mikicasellas Date 04/11/21 Price Category Power Supplies / Power Products  
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  7. Hi Larry, Im using Euphony...So far !
  8. With the i7-10700K and having returned the Rog Strix Z490-E, im towards the Z590 which are compatible with my actual CPU and easier to upgrade to Gen 11th, so far these are the ones that im trying to decide. - Asus Motherboard Intel Z590, ROG Maximus XIII Hero.....$499.99 - Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master...........................................$409.00 - Asus Motherboard Intel Z590, ROG Strix Z590-E..............$379.00 - Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Ultra...............................................$319.00 Much of the differences that i have read is about more con
  9. So, what did GIGABYTE respond to this ?
  10. The Aorus Ultra Z590 over the Z490 has also the advantage of the M.2 from CPU too:
  11. The Z590 Aorus Master & VISION D uses 2 PCIE Express x8 from CPU & 1 - M.2 from CPU too, looks appealing it seems better than the Z490 that lacks of M.2 from CPU, Z590 it claims to be compatible with 10th GEN too, but not so sure if those characteristics are 100% for the 10th or only for 11Th generation:
  12. Thanks It seems AORUS has more to give to AMD processors
  13. Looking for a replacement: I just putted an Intel i7-10700K + Asus Rog Strix Z490-E but the ASUS MoBo was damaged so i returned to AMAZON. I have been looking at several MoBo from Gigabyte and ASUS with characteristics like number of power phases and PCIE slots & m.2 from CPU: GIGABYTE AORUS Master Z490 GIGABYTE AORUS master Z590 GIGABYTE Vision G & D in both Z490 - Z590 to name some... Has anyone experienced any of these with Intel 10th generation ? i wonder how do they stack against the ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E G
  14. Ohhhh Exactly, that is why then... Thanks for that 👌
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