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  1. THIS ANOTHER CHOICE: http://www.kecesaudio.com
  2. Hi Gents, Could anyone in this thread explain the main difference between the NUC7I7DNBE vs NUC8I7BEH that makes the NUC7I7DNBE apparently the best choice among the NUCs ? The only main difference i can observe is that the later is 28W vs the 15W of the NUC7I7DNBE, besides that the NUC8I7BEH is cheaper keeping all the same qualities and also having some upgraded ones like USB 3.1 instead of 3.0. Would the difference between the TDP in each NUC is what is all about this NUC (NUC7I7DNBE) as the real winner, or maybe I'm missing something ?
  3. You are welcome Rajiv, Believe when i say the set up in SQ is massive, at least in my case, the sound got wider and big, instruments more real and the sound overall is more clean and a lot less constricted...i mean i don't know why but the devices were connected to the already grounded outlets and the profesional guy said, it may or may not make any difference if the devices get to be connected also to the bar, well at least here it did mayor with only connecting one cable from the copper bar to my DAC...i will try to connect the other devices don't know if to "Switch, Integrated, Nuc HDPlex 200 or to all" Best Miki
  4. Well, here in the Yucatan Peninsula it is all solid rock, i believe even harder than Texas, but the company that did the hole brought this to make the 12 meter deep, look:
  5. That is exactly what i have here in general: Also I am going to find out which power system i have here (TN-C , TN-S, TN-C-S, TT, IT...)
  6. Hi Rajiv, My Room was already treated to have the best possible power in my wall, the thing that i just added was the copper plate in the picture to which i connected my DAC, its only purpose is that is connected to the ground outside and so i can connect several wires to it and each wire to connect to each of my devices, it does add a set up in SQ In my limited knowledge i hope i made it as clear as possible Best !!
  7. Hi Gents, Wanted to share that to my "already Grounded treated Room", i added a Ground Copper Bar with excellent results trying it on my DAC only so far, i really was not expecting this, it made a significant difference. If i got this increment in sound quality, what other devices should i try next, would all the connected gear would be benefited from this ( Integrated, Server, Nuc + HDPlex 200w & switch ) ?, what are your experiences with this ? I hope my experience could serve to others, i mean this added Copper bar is SO inexpensive and i believe there is a lot of people spending so much on those Grounded Boxes that i am wondering if those worth the investment. Regards
  8. Ray-Dude: I took my Topaz for service, they checked it, clean it and tighten the bolts, it really does not make any HUUM and the noise dropped Thanks for the advice !! Regards
  9. - I have the HDPLEX 200W with my NUC7PJYH - Having the NUC extracted fro its original case and put in Akasa case, do i still have WIFI ? i remember disconnecting 2 little cables that i believe were wifi. - I have NO ssd inside the NUC and i don't know how to use a local file in the NUC, i am running both AL and Euphony from a USB stick...Any suggestions ? - I have read that PH SR4 is so much better than the HD PLEX. - BIOS is in its place - I have tried Euphony Stylus alone from the USB stick on the NUC and managed from MacMini, and the sound is not a lot better, so this could confirm the Ethernet noise on this particular NUC and the use of HDPLEX to power it that could cause this "lack of the expected quality" vs the MACMIni + A+ - My system: Dedicated Room Power + Grounded - TOPAZ 1kva .001pf - DIY strip with OYAIDE plugs - TP-Link | AC2600 Wifi Extender - TP-Link | TL-SG105 Switch - MacMini - NUC7PJYH + HDPLEX200W - Denafrips Terminator DAC / OPPO 205 - Kinki Studio integrated amplifier - PMC Twenty5 26 / Power cables Less Loss Signature, Transparent - Speaker cable Audio art cable, Interconnects XLR Tellurium Ultra Black, DC cables Ghent audio for NUC and Switch, LUSH USB cable, firewalls (DAC & MAcMini)
  10. Any Suggestions: I have been trying Euphony vs AL... I have a MacMini and a NUC as the Endpoint, i have powered the NUC with an HDPLEX 200W. When i listen to AL, the MAC is the server and the NUC the Endpoint. When i use Euphony i select "ROON Server" using a USB stick on the NUC and the Macmini manages Roon I have heard little differences between the two, so far Euphony being having more emphasis in the high region and AL being smoother but very little those differences. Well here is where the things gets interesting and very frustrating for me, i have had Audirvana + for so long and i update to the latest version with made no cost and i have the idea that when i switch back to regular MacMini using A + compared with AL or Euphony the difference was going to be huge in favor of AL/Euphony, to my surprise it is not, all that cross to my mind is frustration, cause i have been investing to make this NUC deal shine and at the end i am not hearing what i should i think, so i guess maybe i am doing something very wrong here, something i must be missing, maybe i should change my Macmini server in order to extract the best from AL/Euphony and invest in a new dedicated PC with all the right ingredients. My Mac mini has not any tweak, the only thing that has on the power input is an adapter with two Less Loss Firewall which indeed makes a difference sound, without them the sound is smaller and less open. I am thinking that maybe because of those FireWalls the Mac is being more competitive ?... NUC + Akasa Case + HDPLEX 200W + AL + Euphony + Ghent DC Cables are what i have invested so far to NOT use the Macmini as i did before but i don't feel so far it has been a well worth investment...Either i am missing something or i definitely trowed my money away. Any suggestions guys ? Thanks !
  11. I have contact with Walter Liederman from Underwood Hifi, I read only good things about this Equi=Core 1800 balanced power transformer. So, is there any risk to do business with this brand ? Thanks
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