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  1. Has anyone compared the Cable Matters SFTP Cat8 Ethernet Cable VS Ghent Ethernet Cable ? I have the Cable Matters being better than both the BJ Cat6A & Audioquest Cinnamon in my system Any suggestions ?
  2. Guys, Im about to pull the trigger on a SR4T to power a JCAT XE adding a DXP-1A5DSC Have anyone tried the New Neotech UPOCC copper cable that PH is delivering now compared with the Ghent DC-7N16C Neotech UPOCC 7N Copper 16AWG DC(JSSG360) Cable ?
  3. I wonder if a copper DC cable on the SR4 instead of the Silver one that came with mine would make a good change... Im powering my Ether Regen with it with maybe "cleaner" signal thru the SR4, but now that i have the JCAT XE USB card and after a week of having the XE "break-in" i decided yesterday to switch the SR4 and put the regular power supply that came with the ER, and for my surprise it was bigger and metier sounding although i think "dirtier" too, so im guessing if i change the silver dc cable with one like Ghent JSSG360 copper i could also get that bolder metier sound. Has anyone here has identified the SR4 sound compared with silver and copper ? Thanks Guys
  4. This is to share: I changed the fuse that came with my PH SR4 which is powering my ER with a HiFi SUPREME Cu SLOW SMALL 1A Fuse that i had on the cellar... All i can say OH MY GOD, i really can't understand how could this be....the fuse ?
  5. Was a 2 day delivery, the regular free shipping that comes with the price ?
  6. Send Paul one ER to try it, that will be the most elegant way to shuzz him
  7. My impressions were wrong, i re-connected the Ghent JSSG360 to the HDPLEX 200W 12V output to connect the EPS direct and WOW the change is very very significant... i don't know maybe after a week of letting the cable to settle from new and being disconnected and reconnected again made it finally to open more, cause the sound was "dirt" with some glare in voices even yesterday before i made the change that i was believing was better or maybe because i changed the USB input of the MOBO, i dunno but now the sound is amazing, hoping it won't change...so far im satisfied and a JCAT USB card is still on the build soon Hope this helps !!
  8. I never thought about that, so i could not 😬 Even though i connected to the same INPUT 1 where the MOBO is connected and even with the stock Eps cable, i feel so far, that the job that the 800W DCATX does is better than connecting the HDPLEX 200w direct from its 12v output to the CPU even with the Ghent cable...
  9. Is anyone here trying powering a server with some different choices ? Im powering my AMD RYZEN 7 3700X CPU direct from the HDPLEX 200W with its 12V output and the ASUS ROG Strix X470-I MoBo thru the HDPLEX 800w DCATX converter, ( all cables are Ghent JSSG360 inside this server ). Has anyone here tried different approach with good results ? I think i will try connecting the CPU thru the HDPLEX 800w DCATX with the INPUT 2, whereas the Mobo is in its INPUT 1, thing is i will try it with the stock EPS cable that came with the HDPLEX H5 fanless case... Suggestions ?
  10. If anybody on this forum is running Roon + Stylus Ep ? Can you please share where you have found your best CPU isolation set up and Min/Max Frequency ? Thanks !
  11. When my ER arrived after a few good hours (200), i tried different PSUs on it and back then (December) i was using a Macmini with a NUC which was powered by a PH SR4 19V, honestly by that moment i did not find much difference even when tried my SR4 on the ER, so i left the SR4 with the NUC where it belonged bes, now i got rid of the NUC and put the SR4 to rest trying to look where to put it in my NEW scenario ( a one only PC for server/ streamer ) and after being almost fore selling the SR4, TODAY i put it behind the ER to try again wondering if with this new setup would make some change, with this server, you can hear the noticeable difference putting the SR4 on ER, im very happy !! Don't get me wrong i was very happy with there stock Uptone PSU, it is just that now is better, bigger, meatier, clearer and less constricted Highly recommended.
  12. Thanks for sharing this magnificent discovery, INCREDIBLE both in musicality and quality of recording 👌
  13. My CPU is rated 65W, i believe my SR4 can't power it What was you CPU rated power ?
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