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  1. … it’s not XLD job … afaik, it is not specialized for this at all. XLD works at its best just unpacking flac and other formats with cue into single track files within the same bit depth/resolution. To extract single dsf (or dff) track from iso use ISO2DSD from Sonore that works better than XLD.
  2. @One and a half … just added few albums to my library … the Minimserver rescan did last 30/40 seconds as I told before and the Lumïn app update library more or less 8 minutes … actually not an overnight task … … btw … be sure not to issue the Reload Library as it can be very long, the right command is Update Music Library that in normal condition should start automatically when new albums are detected by the app … and wait until the spinning wheel on the right of the Minimserver name in the app will disappear
  3. ... if you have a Lumin streamer you must use its app ... didn't realized you have a Lumin streamer
  4. This is a Lumïn app task due to refresh the internal app database (the time of completion can depend on the smartphone/tablet cpu) … if you are in a “hurry” you could instead use Linn app or Linn Kazoo app, they cannot issue the Minimserver rescan but they don’t have an internal database therefore they are instantaneous
  5. @One and a half … and the MinimServer library rescan can be issued from the Lumïn app
  6. As it is a new install are you sure you configured it exactly like the other one, maybe some transcoding occurs
  7. No, just a rescan is needed … on my +12k albums it takes few seconds (30/40) Yes, as the app needs to update its internal db, anyway you can find immediately the album going through the “folder” (in Minimserver ‘lexicon’, ie metadata) structure.
  8. Yes, you can. Just consider the workload of your computer. As described before Daphile’s components are LMS and Squeezelite a little bit “stripped down” but they are still LMS and Squeezelite. On my point of view Daphile is less complex than LMS and Squeezelite: Daphile is at the same time an OS (Linux based), a music server (LMS) and a player (Squeezelite) and you can choose to run it on a single computer or on a two computer set. Would you use LMS you should need to install the OS (a Linux distribution like Ubuntu), then you should install LMS and fin
  9. @Mark Labbett Daphile can work on a single computer, server and client share the same hw, or on two computer and in this case the server will do the heavy work (transcoding, resampling …) leaving to the client just the conversion to the dac. In other words, Daphile is something like a stripped down version of two components LMS and Squeezelite that can be used on a single computer or on a two computer set. Therefore plugins like DSDPlayer or C-3PO can be used on both the configurations
  10. Not HQPlayer Desktop but it seems possible using hqplayerd (embedded) Here a guide to configure it (Italian only) https://www.nexthardware.com/forum/pc-top-software/90915-mini-guida-come-usare-hqplayer-embedded-hqplayerd-con-lms.html
  11. @musicme2 the app name is Innuos Sense …
  12. @Mark Labbett if you go to Advanced Media Server Settings/Advanced/File Types you’ll see all the accepted file types and which transcoding/conversion/resampling is allowed. It seems DXD is missing …
  13. Why not 👍 … I’ll try in a couple of days and report you back btw … -W argument should not have anything to do with dsd/dsf -W Read wave and aiff format from header, ignore server parameters
  14. Never tried before … just tried now, same behavior as yours. but reading (Italian only) something from the developer it seems that only pcm to dsd upsample is possible, dsd/dsf can be transcoded to wav or flac.
  15. Here the user manual https://www.rme-audio.de/downloads/adi2dac_e.pdf page 32 chapter 17.2 ”17.2 DSD Direct To be able to digitally adjust the volume, DSD data must be converted to PCM. This is done automatically within the DA converter chips. In DSD Direct mode there is no PCM conversion – and consequently no volume control anymore. After having activated DSD Direct in the ADI-2 DAC’s menu (SETUP - Options), the analog signal is available only at the rear outputs, with a coarse volume control via the analog output reference level control. Outputs Pones and IEM deactivated. In DS
  16. It works because those apps do manage login to Qobuz and not MPD/Upmpdcli, you can verify it by sweeping off the app … streaming will stop.
  17. … it can discover upnp endpoint too, when I tried it I could play to my SOTM sMS-200 and to and rpi4 with RoPieee XL with UPNP/DLNA enabled
  18. Should you have troubles with your cpu try to check CPU security - Disable all optional CPU exploit mitigations FYI I’m running Daphile on Intel NUC10I3FNK/16GB ram
  19. … and here you can do some more settings for C-3PO (input formats …)
  20. @lotusaurus … and this is how I configured C-3PO to upsample to DSD512 (on the server side)
  21. @lotusaurus. I’m on 1.132 that include the change I requested to Harry to play native dsd on Squeezelite I don’t remember if 1.132 is a stable release or a beta one, anyway you can install the last beta
  22. @lotusaurus did you configured RoPieee XL Squeezelite tab? this is how I’m running Squeezelite
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