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The Jazz Groove - major overhaul

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On 7/4/2019 at 10:49 AM, daverich4 said:

It works in Roon which for me is always a good place to start. 


Tried pasting the URL and it didn't for me. Can you share the URL you used for Roon? Thanks.

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16 hours ago, austinpop said:

I read about this in Paul McGowan's blog today. I understand they're struggling, but unless they can supply the premium lossless streaming through Roon via URL, it's a tough sell...



Nice to see Paul mentioning them. If one is all-in with Roon I see your point, of course. For Roon-ies using a Sonore Rendu product the Shairport function works exceptionally well and is a potential work-around (Roon supports AirPort, no?).

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Good point. AirPlay does work. 


To be clear, this isn't Roon - you just need to have an Airplay server running on the DAC-connected machine (be it standalone music server, or streamer/endpoint), or the DAC itself in some cases, like dCS.


I tried it with Euphony OS, one of whose modes is Airplay Server. I assume other endpoints have similar support.


I was then able to run Jazz Groove on my laptop running MacOS/Chrome, and "cast" the output to the Airplay Server.

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On 8/12/2019 at 11:40 AM, austinpop said:

I read about this in Paul McGowan's blog today. I understand they're struggling, but unless they can supply the premium lossless streaming through Roon via URL, it's a tough sell...


I emailed them regarding Roon compatibility as a way to expand their market and they said they would add it to their list of improvements they would consider; however, they have bigger concerns, like long-term viability.  They pay IT folks it appears, so there doesn't seem to be a volunteer that could take up the "cause."  I'm still using the link from a year ago (or so) within Roon internet radio.  Not sure how long that will work.  

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17 hours ago, cambridgehank said:

I was able to add JazzGrove to my Sonos system as a steaming service.  Nice smooth jazz for the evening.

"Smooth Jazz" is one of our radio stations - we have five jazz stations - our most popular feature Laid-Back Jazz (artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, Chet Baker, Brad Mehldau & hundreds of others - 10,000+ recordings - no "algorithms." Each hour of music is hand-selected, meticulously curated and artfully blended. We're now in a Fund Drive which is silenced for Premium Plus members.  You can listen for free & donate for more. Thanks for your kind words, Hank!  New website! JazzGroove.org


Audio testimonials from some of our supporters here: 


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I like radio since I don't have to think about what to choose for tracks. I see there's a setup for Lumin and a pile of other devices that looks straightforward. 

So far I like what I hear, and bonus of lossless a nice plus. Will become member as soon as I get home this weekend.

Thanks all for the recommendations.

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