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  1. I did miss that. I've compared AQ Cinnamon, Meicord Opal, Teragran Cat7, Monoprice Cat6, and BJC Cat 6 and 6a, and Ghent Audio Cat6a JSSG. I prefer the Ghent over all of them (which I use as the endpoint cable), but for the rest of the network preferred the BJC over the others, and as endpoint for my office setup. But each person's ears and gears are different, so the 'tuning' aspect of the cable comes into play.
  2. I would suggest not wasting time on Amazon cables OR audiophile cables. The best in my system so far, and many others agree (big thread on it over at the Naim forum) are the Blue Jeans Cables (BJC) Cat 6a. Not inexpensive compared to Amazon, but cheap compared to the likes of Audioquest Vodka.
  3. Sandy, the problem is if you go around spouting fabulist tall tales such as this, then what can we believe about what you've heard in your hifi? And yes, I have extensive knowledge of this having been a professional photographer the last thirty five years. Ok, back to topic, which I find interesting though I have little knowledge of it, but sorry, had to call you out on this one, it's an expectation bias gone way too far imo.
  4. He can't be serious. Or can he? Thing is, vision is a very different sense than hearing. So in audio it's possible to hear things from certain improvements such as the Regen, but those improvements don't translate into other digital or sensory realms. Sharpening in photography is all predicated first on the sensor and lenses used, (and focusing technique) and then on the software. Bizarre...
  5. I never realized there are so many ten year olds into digital audio, and so many that can go on and on about it in thousands of posts. It gets really really old sometimes. Children are great - I have two mod them - but we're also teaching them the responsibilities that come with maturing, like when and where to keep your opinions to yourself. Time to grow the f*%k up a little around here - as I say often, it's only STUFF. Don't take it so damn personally, and don't take it out on another person because you think they're wrong and you are right. And if all you can add to a conversation is thousands of one lined barbs or huge diatribes about being poor me and those internet bullies, then maybe it's time to find a new hobby/life.
  6. They really should have thrown in a Cisco Catalyst 2960 as well.
  7. I went to a friends the other day to listen to his new rig - Hegel H190 and B&W 702's and SVS subwoofer. I had to constantly turn it down on him - the sub actually made me physically ill feeling, and the whole thing just sounded disorganized and veiled and fatiguing. He had zero optimizations going on (power, vibration, etc) and the source was an SSD drive into the USB of an Oppo BD player. The sound had enormous scale and was very full of course, but almost impossible to follow any single instrument. It could reproduce that pounding attack one gets down at front at a live rock show (my little 35W amp won't do that) but couldn't do, say, the detail and PRAT of a small jazz ensemble in Rudy Van Gelder's living room. I didn't say much one way or the other as he thinks he's got an amazing sounding setup, and he couldn't be bothered to add anything else, not even cable or optical for ethernet to the room so he could stream properly vs navigating folders only on the barebones Oppo app. He also has a big 10 foot long modern credenza between the speakers that the Hegel sits on top of the Oppo in, all plugged into a cheap power strip. It's a shame as it's not inexpensive gear. In comparison, my setup sounds much smaller and thinner, but one can hear every instrument in isolation and detail. I don't need to, and don't want to listen to it at ear splitting volumes. It won't reproduce a Tool concert but will put Thelonious and his piano right there in the room with you. Each to his own I guess.
  8. I had a cheap Chinese Amazon 64gb one fail one me recently, and no amount of fiddling in disc utility would bring it back. That said my wife also washed and dried a new PNY 128gb drive of mine and it still works fine.
  9. Try and find a used Cisco Catalyst 2960L-12 or 2960L-16. Both are fanless and offer 12 or 16 ports and will be considerably better sounding than a Netgear etc switch. I got my 2960L-16PS (PS can supply poE) for $155 used, though I think they generally run in the $2-400 range for used or open box ($1k new).
  10. Keep in mind I'm just talking about primarily the look, though functionally still too many arrows to go here and there, horizontal scrolling still on pc's and laptops, too many extra steps for some functions, and lack of user customization. It's just not a particularly modern looking/functioning software. It is unique in what it does, just not how it looks and interfaces with the user.
  11. An update that once again proves Roon badly needs to hire an actual designer vs leaving it up to engineers to monkey with the UX/UI. So ho hum. I'm a lifetime purchaser so maybe they'll pull it together someday...
  12. For a turntable ugly as sin if you ask me. Maybe if it made a good espresso too...
  13. Gawd, what a bunch of losers. Heck, I just got a $30 Cisco 2960PD for the office setup that's powered via poE from my main 2960-PS and it's even better than a standard 2960, but of course according to them a cheap consumer TP-Link is all you need to feed their recommended $150 DACs. Well it probably is, since living in your parent's basement it's hard to turn the volume up too much.... 👵🗣️😢 Unfortunately can't afford an etherRegen myself after going all in on opticaModules. Someday maybe, but looking at an opticalRendu first.
  14. With high end HiFi, that extra zero is all in the mind.
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