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  1. I wouldn't worry about direction. My NACA is so old that there's no arrows, or they all wore off. The dealer put straight bananas on one end and 45 degree ones on the other, so I use the straight into the amp. Looking at the solders though just now, I see a bit of corrosion, so time to redo I guess(picked up used for $125 from my dealer about twelve years ago) . Here are the NACA 5 specs. And modern Naim amps do have a Zobel, but still a good idea to use low cap and low inductance for sound reasons. Again, McIntosh might be a whole different beast. NACA5 specifications are as f
  2. Vintage Naim amps don’t have a Zobel network, so the speaker cable acts as one, so therefore needs to be a certain spec and minimum length. Not so sure if this is an issue with newer amps and integrateds, but most dealers play it safe. At least on vintage amps, the longer the length the better the sound. Anyway, at $25/ft I would take it and try it! Again, best to consult other McIntosh owners in regard to cable choices and length.
  3. No, I'd try the NACA5 first and see what you think. It's a good cable, and not inexpensive new. I would prefer it on my 160, but I needed something in white I could easily run around trim and NACA wasn't it (plus 50' new would have been probably over a grand) and my dealer had a 25' pari of the Rumor 2 for $175 and its always sounded fine to me. Yeah, you might want to poke about on some other forums to find out the minimum length of cable you can get away with on the McIntosh.
  4. Oh sorry. Yeah, no idea about Mc's. One piece of advice - you can always make a cable shorter but you can't make it longer! I've run into this before where I got something short and then my setup changes and need longer. Just food for thought. Why NACA5? Is it a known partner to McIntosh?
  5. What amp? If it's older Naim gear, 3.5m and right capacitance and inductance is a requirement as it acts as the Zobel and will keep your amp from overheating (and no Litz cable!). Many say the newer amps you can get away with shorter, but I wouldn't go under 2m personally. The longer you go the better it will sound - I think 5-7m is the sweet spot. I have 25' of Chord Rumor 2 with my Naim 160; one side I need all of that in order to go around some French doors, and the other the speaker is literally a foot and half away from the amp. I have the extra all taped up underneath the media cabinet.
  6. I tried a 10gb Mikrotik. Went back. I didn't find it anything special compared to my cisco switch or opticalModules. I probably didn't have it set up optimally or with the right SFP's, but I also didn't need that many fiber outlets. YMMV.
  7. Have you upped the resync delay in Roon under audio device settings? Setting this to 500ms has seemed to help with an occasional hiccup issue of skipping or non-playing of tracks on my Unitiqute. Worth a try if Roon hasn't already suggested it.
  8. Or the Sonore Power Supply is very good and much easier to get if you're in the US. I run mine with an SR black fuse, Shunyata Venom NR cable on a dedicated circuit with an iFi AC iPurifier and it makes the oR sound incredible.
  9. Sounding great(Qobuz 96/24). I love Coltrane, but suffering from pretty severe tinnitus, anything to temper saxophones is a plus. A wee bit bottom heavy for my taste, but isn't that all the rage theses days....
  10. Thanks to the reviewer above I finally took a stab at one of these. First one went in the server closet which runs off of my office circuit that has a lot of computer etc devices on it. Immediate and noticeable effect. Less glare in the treble in particular. Second one went on the same power strip, separating the power supplies and the network devices, third one went on the dedicated line that powers the opticalrendu via the Sonore Power Supply. Fourth one coming is going on the office system which runs off a different lighting circuit. Tested with the third and improvement noted.
  11. Out of the Cisco I'm using OEM multimode GLC-SX-MM SFP's that I picked up for about $5 on eBay. For the final opticalModule to opticalRendu I'm using single mode SFP's from Finisair, refurbished for about $25/ea. For the Cisco though, the most important thing is that they be Cisco coded, whether OEM or generic third party.
  12. I believe Roon doesn't charge their partners a fee unlike the MQA scam artists. I believe this is just about making sure manufacturers are developing their code to run smoothly and best with Roon, and most likely cut down on support calls for uncertified devices.
  13. Yes, but consider the original Rendu was $675, the 1.4 upgrade something like $225, so at $399 no matter which Crystek it's using it's a great bargain if it sounds better than 1.4.
  14. I use Ls50's near field in the office with a lowly 30W Naim Unitiqute version 1 and love them. So the active versions should be good. If you can wall mount them securely then even better. Yeah, with everybody working from home, I get the 'listening room' to myself very early in the morning or late at night, so more time listening in the office (as it should be actually).
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