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  1. It is what it is and a small road bump for me compared to the current fate of thousands in the hospital or the millions who have lost their jobs. As a lifelong freelancer, I learned a LONG time ago to never spend money promised until you actually see it in the bank. Take care and stay safe.
  2. Well, a lot of the 'objectivity' we've seen on this site (and others) mostly begins and ends with 'no, not, or can't' and very little else.
  3. Well, as tempted as I am, you or anybody else won't be getting any discretionary spending out of me anytime soon. Sadly, an overseas ad agency who has licensed an image in the five figures, contract signed and invoice sent, has suddenly decided to not reply to any of my emails, even though I let them know I don't care if the news is good or bad (perhaps the client isn't paying them). Crazy times we live in.
  4. Yep. I wish some people would remember this is a hobby, and not something to get worked up about over other's people choices in spending or how they go about it. But sadly we now live in a culture where flaming others has become a sport or hobby unto itself.
  5. I use a Ghent 16ga Neotech solid dc cable between my Sonore supply and microRendu, though I have DIY'd a 12ga in the past. Gives it a bigger beefier sound imo, though the 12ga was difficult to work with and no way to fit it into dc connectors without leaving them exposed.
  6. The heavier gauge the better; shorter the better. Beyond that, the world of specialized wire is your oyster.
  7. The Unitiqute doesn't have a USB in, only ethernet.
  8. My older Naim Unitiqute all-in-one streamer (amp, pre-amp, DAC and streamer) won't accept a Roon signal, so enabling squeezelite in Roon and then using the Bridge app in SonicOrbiter will stream Roon to it. Pretty great. The mR is plugged into the back of a Naim DAC upstairs. Think of it as casting.
  9. @sahmen I've asked on this. No difference in hardware other than the silver case. The software serves up Roon and ONLY Roon to RAAT ready devices. I need the Sonicorbiter Bridge app to serve Roon to a non Roon ready device so it was a no go for me.
  10. An even simpler thing is to put you in my ignore list. Buh bye.
  11. One simple thing that can be done is to purchase a used Cisco 2960 8TC-L Catalyst switch, which can usually be had for around $30 and compare to a cheap consumer unit. A very knowledgeable user who works in networking over on the Naim forum recommended these a number of years back, and yes, they do sound better than say a cheap Netgear and lots of Naim users have them now. Last I checked, Cisco are not considered 'snake oil' peddlers and many of these used switches originally retailed for close to a thousand dollars, way more than the eR. Even better is one that is powered via poE, so therefore entirely cut off from the mains. He's laid out the reasons, though much of it is over my head, but better power supply, PHY layer, IGMP snooping etc. So pick up a used one, and compare (the newer the better many report). I do know Uptone broke one of these down in researching the eR. No clue how they measure. Don't care as they improved the sound of my system. I cascade from a 2960L-16PS to a 2960CPD which is powered via poE from the 16PS and only has audio traffic. The main switch was almost brand new and purchased used for $155 (it's full gigabyte and able to power poE switches; the second switch has 8 10/100 ports with one gigabyte uplink port that goes to an opticalModule, and cost about $25. The other ports have Roon NUC in and office Naim Unitiqute out. Be sure to stick to the 8,12 or 16 port models as they are fanless. Observe first, crunch the numbers after. I would say that is sound scientific practice, but what do I know.
  12. Perhaps if the objective 'beliefs' weren't smears with an agenda with no good factual basis against a good company that would solve the issue? Mostly just one new member here. Perhaps police your own? Personally I think this divide over material stuff that brings enjoyment to our petty lives is ridiculous. I don't want or need an EtherRegen myself (fine with my Cisco Catalyst switches and opticaModuels), but I have had good dealings with Uptone and Sonore and needed a diversion this morning so decided to defend them.
  13. Good one. I'm pretty sure that my rebuilt vintage Naim amp doesn't measure as well as their matching contemporary model, but when I asked my dealer if I should move on to that, he replied with a resounding NO. Measurements won't tell you how something actually sounds, just as lens measurements won't tell you how a lens renders. Real world use will. Easier with lenses as one can post the images; impossible with audio gear to post the sound.
  14. How nice. Looks like this thread has come to an end. Have fun.
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