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  1. I use Carbon Copy Cloner on my 2013 Mac Pro to take care of my backup chores.
  2. We're talking home music files here - no need to be so IT about it all. RAID is fine as long as one also has a stand alone hard drive backup (or two or three).
  3. I have a Drobo 5D that I do backup to a Synology NAS (Raid), and to stand alone hard drives (8TB and 12TB). No RAID in itself shouldn't be considered a resolute backup, but is good enough in itself as a 'middleman' that if a drive goes down (and both of mine have double redundancy) then it can be quickly repaired. And mine isn't for just music files but photo files which imo are a lot more valuable. I personally don't believe in the value of a $27k music server (lord how I'd love to afford a computer so powerful for Lightroom though, but even then the limiting factor would be the
  4. You're welcome. That was a fun book to do, though in the end I wish we could have made a few changes. But Eddie took seven months to give his feedback on the layout, which of course he did right before it had to go to pre-press. Damn rock stars! ;)
  5. I also shot a some color back in the day as well, which a lot of people are surprised about as they didn't get much exposure back then (or now) compared to my more 'iconic' b&w images . Nirvana Motorsports Garage 9/16/90 and L7 at The Vogue sometime 1990 (both Seattle).
  6. Thanks Chris! That was so much fun! I'll get the link out onto social today and post a few more pics here. I'm not super keen on listening to myself (who is?) so hopefully somebody else can chime in and tell me I didn't make a fool of myself! Best, CP
  7. I can't stand the guy and I know my way around his site better than some of his defenders: https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?pages/SpeakerTestData/
  8. An old friend recently bought a large print of mine, a photo of the U-Men from back in the day, before he got a job early at Amazon, had kids etc. Anyway, this was for under his stereo in the living room. His stereo appeared to probably be the same one he had back in college, and most likely worth all of a quarter, being generous, of what the print cost (let alone framing it). People have different priorities. He could afford anything you want hifi wise, within reason, but he prefers travel, art, kids private schools, etc. and playing his U-Men and Gun Club and Mudhoney records on his old basi
  9. Currently listening to my Ls50's in the office. Superb sounding as always, even with the highly rated by ASR Matrix Mini Pro-i 3. Even more absurd is he rates the ATC SCM19's, an even better speaker than the Ls50's (I've heard them) at 4.6. It's all hogwash and 'science' filtered through bias imo, which isn't science at all. I'm all for subjective opinions upon actual listening mixed with measuring, but not bias based on solely some most likely inaccurate numbers.
  10. Umm, perhaps because these 'blind test' challenges with expenses paid and big bets going to charity etc are more than a bit puerile in the scheme of things (how life actually works when you have a life), and most likely not truly sincere and waived about to just try and make a point? I wouldn't respond either.
  11. Yes, I realize that, just elaborating on your valid point/joke.
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