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  1. @kennyb123 Let me know how those extra db work for you. So you're saying you have attenuators on both ends of the cable, or just one end and different values for each side? (I'm not sure if one side of the fiber cable sends one way and the other the other way?)
  2. Installed the -10db attenuators on the receiving opticalModule. Thoughts so far - this is yet another rabbit hole to go down! Might actually be worth starting a separate thread. Sound was a bit disconcerting at first - there's so much more detail, and the instruments have so much separation, I think it's taking my brain/ears awhile to adjust (burn-in so to speak). Bass doesn't seem as prominent, but on careful listening one can really hear the full tone of the bass, and really discern the instrument in space, and pick it out even when it's pushed back in the mix. In fact the same can be said for every instrument/sound. Closing my eyes and listen to "Cluster &Eno" and Harrison/Shankar's "Chants of India" last night was near psychedelic sounding, for lack of abetter descriptor. With all of that extra clarity, it did seem to lose some mids weight and musicality (toe tapping) but I'm thinking that's mostly a case, like I said, of getting used to all of the new detail. The big question is: how do different db attenuators sound, and would a better quality attenuator (say a Belkin) sound any better? Also, both ends vs just the receiving one?
  3. I had to have a talk with my ten year old last night about why I wouldn't let him buy into this 'free' mystery box scam going on (don't ask, it's a YouTube thing). I guess maybe I'll have to relate the LH Labs story to him so as to show how adults can fall for this kind of too good to be true crap as well. I have no skin in this, but find it fascinating and feel for those duped.
  4. I see where Sonore (whom I've been a loyal customer of for years now) is coming from with regards to claims. In this day and age of social media, it's a damn if you do, damn if you don't situation, so they've decided one damn is enough and leave it at that.
  5. Good question: https://www.belden.com/blog/data-centers/upc-or-apc The biggest takeaway is don't mix APC and UPC connectors. If you have standard OM1/UPC (orange) cable, then use the UPC attenuators.
  6. I don't have an etherRegen, but using a pair of Cisco 2960's (second one is poE powered by the first and only has oM and NUC on it) and then a pair of opticalModules, the difference between streaming and local files on the internal SSD in my NUC is negligible. FTR my modem is powered by an HDPLEX rail, though there is an Airport Extreme in-between the modem and main Cisco switch. Using the Cisco's esp after the inclusion of the second poE powered one, I'm hearing a lot of what people are describing going from a basic consumer or no switch to an eR.
  7. @kennyb123 Thanks for this info. Ordered a pair and will see what they might bring (or take away) from my pair of opticalModules.
  8. Great advice. I see the trend towards perfection in art to be its death knell. As a photographer, I rely on those 'happy accidents' - which are often luck, but luck born of hard work and diligence towards one craft. My style is to often (like really often) not even look through the camera when taking the picture, and rely on my deep intuition and knowledge of framing and timing. Here's what I wrote on Instagram awhile back: "I don’t look through the viewfinder, but instead pre-focus, hold the camera away from me and just wait for the right moment. I’ll keep adjusting the focus as the subject moves, either by eye or lens marking, and re-frame accordingly. I always tell people that the camera will take the picture whether you’re looking through the viewfinder or not. Just point and press the button. It can be a difficult leap of faith to make, but quite liberating once done." And it's that leap of faith Christina and her producer are talking about, creating perfection out of imperfection.
  9. Depending on the program you can control the UQ, though you are actually just controlling the volume of whatever software on your MAC is sending music to the UQ, not the UQ itself. For example Roon will allow me to send fixed volume or use the software to control the volume (I prefer fixed). Be sure it comes with the Naim remote control, as it is a very good one and then you don't need the app at all.
  10. Thanks MAK. Had a quick look at a few of those links, and there's something to be said for having a monitor with LUT's. I think our TV's are fine and not something I'm really not all that concerned about, just curious. Seems like more work (brain and otherwise) than I care to take on. Best, CP
  11. I have an i1Pro (older version and a newer NEC proprietary version) - that I use for my NEC monitor with Spectraview software, but wondering just how one would use it to calibrate a TV? Or even a MAC laptop for that matter?
  12. @David Craff Hey, just wanted to let you know some more of my beloved Kraut Rock seems to be showing up. It would be ideal if you could convince Bureau B to let go of more of their titles as they seem to have the bulk of rarities. Just sticking it out there, I'm sure they have their biz plan though which might be forcing me to buy their goods vs streaming it. Happy new year and hope all is well. Charles
  13. Oh man , a whole week? I lasted about two days... talk about call out culture to the extreme! I thought some NIMBY was going to call the police on me for just daring to be on the forum.
  14. Thirty plus years ago I sent a VHS player across the room in frustration - a good friend spent hours soldering the traces on the broken board and actually got it working again for years to come! A few years back I sent my phone flying across the room in fit of anger - it bounced off the floor due to it's silicone case and broke a living room window. Fortunately they are no questions asked, lifetime repair under warranty windows, but needless to say it was a big lesson on anger management, esp for the kids (who were in the room at the time). So anyway, I can relate (just not the gun or pickup part).
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