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  1. I sure hope not. This whole name/numbers game is getting old, and is really just a cynical marketing ploy by the behemoths, imo. Of course, if it costs Bandcamp nothing to do so then sure, but I'd rather keep the $ going to the labels and artists vs server upgrades in order to play keeping up with the Joneses (who really don't give a sh*t about hi-res other than attracting new users for subs and marketing data).
  2. There's a real simple solution to all of this: it's called Qobuz (or Tidal if you must). Heck I even have a free 'lifetime' sub given to me by Tidal, and I still ponied up $150 this year for Qobuz, because it's better (sound and curation, for me at least). I do understand it's not in all regions, so yeah, there's that, and that some already have package Apple subs or subs to several services. But man humans, and audiophiles more specifically, just love to chase after the newest sparkly thing no matter what - and I do realize it's Chris' job to do so, and many are investigating AM
  3. I haven't gone near iTunes or Apple Music in over a decade. I know why. I am about to order a 16gb Mini M1 though to replace my trash can Mac Pro (w 64gb RAM!). Still make pretty fine hardware imo.
  4. Sorry to keep this veering o.t. but I expect for many (and that has included myself) it's easy to mistake that initial difference in sound for better, even if it isn't. It's human to do, and we're only human.
  5. Well, they are a magazine that regularly refers to $10k items as being 'inexpensive.'
  6. I was going to say... I was wondering why nobody was questioning his need to shut things off everyday. Best practice to leave solid state powered up (or let it go to sleep if it has that function). Less wear and tear and it will sound better. You can literally do this for years. Just shut it down for any extended time away.
  7. Good suggestion with Schitt. You might also look at Matrix Audio if your budget reaches a $1000- the Mini-i Pro 3 is pretty incredible, and the 4.4mm headphone output is very good and powerful enough. If your budget is much bigger, then the newly announced Naim Atom HE (headphone edition) at $3300 would be my go to 'lifetime' unit (it will be my next hifi purchase at some point, replacing my current Naim DAC V1).
  8. Welcome, but way too generalized of a question. Your outside budget? Very important as audio gear ranges from $100- $100,000. Personally, if it was me, I would replace everything (including the YT sub), so you'll need to be more specific as to which component(s) you want to change, and perhaps include a few choices you are thinking of to narrow the question down. Best, Charles
  9. Yeah, I've never owned a P model M, but do love the look of the silver M10-P with no red dot. I've had my eye on a used model, but just not sure I want to go through the hassle of buying and selling. I got my black M10 the month it came out (upgrading from an M9, also purchased first month of release, coming from an M8) and it's been flawless.
  10. @nonaim I bought a used Leica Q a couple of years ago. Great camera but returned it after a week as it just didn't do anything for me over my M10 and 28 summicron. That said, if somebody gave me a Q2 I'd happily take it and use it! I like Leica's for the same reason I like Naim - no nonsense, built like tanks, timeless styling, still repairable, vintage just as good as new, and the sound/look is one that appeals to me. The M11 is rumored for this fall - we'll see. Might drive down the used M10 prices. I picked up the new Voigtlander 50mm APO last week - imo as good as any Leica le
  11. My Leica M lenses, all bought used in the first place, are the only pieces of gear I own that have actually raised in price over the years. Same can't be said of too many HiFi pieces. The old adage "never sell a Leica lens" is true, as you'll most likely just end up buying it again for more money (been there done that).
  12. It's so sad to read here and and on other audiophile forums just how many 'audiophiles' who have invested in niche, small company, 'boutique' audio gear are ready and willing to throw the niche, small company streaming services under the bus to try and save a few dollars (or to 'simplify' - yeah right) with the gigantic corporations that really don't give a shit about audio playback beyond numbers (number of users and now the resolution numbers as marketing). Vote with your minds, hearts, and conscious and please continue to support the likes of Qobuz and/or Tidal (despite their MQ
  13. Nope, but you did say 'for some reason' so clarifying that it isn't Qobuz.
  14. Hyperion don't offer streaming with any of the services, and are a purchase only label. Nothing to do with Qobuz.
  15. Before worrying about the power cable(s) I would upgrade the iFi wart to an LPS. My Ls50's in the office sound great solidly hung from the walls as well if you have that option.
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