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  1. charlesphoto

    Sonore systemOptique

    Looks like it’s time to chill and wait for ALL to get announced. I have to say, this release is confusing for many of us, esp. if there’s more options coming down the road that pertains to optical or ethernet. I’m pretty damn fine where I’m at, but always on the outlook for some further gains for not a lot of $.
  2. charlesphoto

    Sonore systemOptique

    I don’t think this release could be any more confusing, and I’m pretty well versed for a layman on FMCs! Questions: So since the UO is too rich fpor me at the moment, I’m curious about the OM. I’m thinking it’s a different thing than the systemOptique? That appears to just be an OEM switch with all the right bits to get one up and running into a UO? And the OM will be similar to an FMC? I currently have an mR 1.4, a newer Cisco 2960 1g switch for the whole house (which improved audio and network quality all around), which I can run a cable from the SFP out of that (cable already in place between floors) to the OM, and then RJ45 from that to the mR. Is that correct? Any idea when the link for the OM will be active? Best, CP
  3. charlesphoto

    Sonore opticalRendu

    Oh man, great idea but too rich for this boy (for now). Too bad as I have SFP’s, cable in place already, etc. Will stick with my mR 1.4 for now. Good thing is, in this hobby, those who wait can always find a used one when the next best thing comes out. For now that $ would make a much bigger difference on a new amp.
  4. charlesphoto

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    Same here. I have to say, looking at the Qobuz splash page, it’s a lot more geared to an open minded fifty four year old than Tidal is. If I see one more new ‘trap’ release....!
  5. charlesphoto

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    Which is also incredibly smart business and personal practice. Never make commitments or announcements in public that may not get released or accomplished. Yes, I too would love to know when Roon will integrate with Qobuz - but considering I can’t actually access Qobuz even as a beta in the US right now (email sent, no reply so far), then what’s the rush? I’m sure once the two companies finally sign on the dotted line, swap code, etc then we’ll hear about it. Until then, enjoy what you have.
  6. charlesphoto

    LH Labs. No delivery after 2.5 Years

    Wow, this is popcorn material. No skin in this myself, but I love how the rep literally gives away the scam when he says backers have either lost interest or moved on (same thing isn’t it?). That’s the modus of most scams - they string you along until there’s little to no recourse for receiving anything, refund or product. I have my own Welborne Labs story from a few years back. Thankfully it was only a $300 LPS.
  7. 2960L-16PS, or something like that. It’s a recent version, mfg 11/2017. 16 port, full gigabyte model.
  8. charlesphoto

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    Well, fortunately not. Perhaps one was ‘with child’ when I caught it, but definitely dodged that bullet. Kids, well that’s another story. Why I guffaw (mostly with jealousy) every time somebody mentions their ‘listening room.’ Of course both bring way more pleasure than any hifi ever could...
  9. charlesphoto

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    That’s funny. And yes, lucky! My wife and I were not so responsible...
  10. charlesphoto

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    Also, if your insulation has lots of silvery glitter in it then you may not want to disturb it.
  11. charlesphoto

    Can I Run Romex Wire Between Joists In Photo?

    Those of you who are concerned about mice or rats eating wires - then deal with your mice or rat problem first! Having run out a pair of rats from my basement office last month I can tell you they wreak more havoc than just eating wires. Once their ‘toilet’ was exposed the smell was almost unbearable. Rodent proof before worrying about sound quality.
  12. charlesphoto

    Sonore microRendu

    If it’s 1.4 it should have a big white sticker on the side saying as such. The only way to get a 1.4 board was sending the mR in for an upgrade, and since this cost over $200 I would expect anyone selling to advertise as such (and leave the sticker on). I would imagine it’s a 1.3. I got one of the very last 1.4 boards and that was about a year ago (?).
  13. Man, you clockers sure are a tough lot. At the end of the day, if I were Uptone I’d just do what feels right vs trying to pander to a small minority, many of whom would probably find something wrong with it no matter how many kitchen sinks are put into it. Personally, I’m very curious to find out how it compares to my newer 16 port 1gb Cisco 2960 Catalyst I picked up on ebay for $155. It blows away any consumer switch with or without JSGT, and is even better than a seven year older 100mb 2960. Of course if the Catalyst is same or better, I’ll just keep that finding to myself, in appreciation of Uptone and what they do. I know you got a Catalyst in house and was impressed- any takeaways or impressions you or John have of it in relation to what you’re accomplishing with the EtherRegen?
  14. charlesphoto

    Article: RMAF 2018 Show Report

    And what I find amusing is that those ‘cosmetics’ on most $200k speakers I’ve seen I wouldn't let anywhere near my living room even if they were gifted to me! But yep, I’m pretty sure Diana Krall, Steely Dan and Dire Straits sound SO much more lifelike through those speakers styled to look like some sort of glossy cello skyscraper coming apart at the seams... Maybe high end hifi is like a sports cars substitute for those that can’t handle the speed.... the demographic must be aging out though, because I just don’t see the nouveau rich spending their money on $100k speakers when now you can get similar or better for 1/10 or less of that. There’s only so much smoke and mirrors and snake oil to go around...
  15. charlesphoto

    Article: RMAF 2018 Show Report

    This question might be worthy of a thread on it’s own, but having read about show reports for the last few years since I became interested in hifi, I have to wonder who actually buys this five and six figure s**t? I mean, I could understand if there was say a half dozen companies or so making reference statement gear for a handful of millionaires/billionaires, but it appears as if there’s dozens of companies making this stuff, and new ones every year. And many of the wealthy people I know seem to be just fine buying a gaggle of Sonos and calling it a day. So where’s it all going? I’m a photographer, and I would be hard pressed to spend five or six figures on even on the most top end system (say Phase One medium format digital). I know many balk at the cost of say a top of the line Leica lens for $10k, but that’s almost nothing in comparison, and will actually hold much of its resale value in comparison to a pair of speaker cables at that price! It’s honestly totally head scratching to me. Plus there’s only about five or so camera companies that even begin to come close to the cost of some of the gear mentioned here. Some of it actually makes really high end cars look a bargain and there’s a lot more material, manufacture, r&d, etc that go into those! FTR I’ve never been to an audio show but would like to if given the chance locally some day. If nothing else for the amusement....