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  1. So due to an unexpected circumstance (tree falling down the street on the wires and frying my LPs-1) I'm now the proud owner of an LPS-1.2 for the opticalModule. Thanks to @Superdad at Uptone for some great customer service to help ease the pain (though he tree ultimately won out over my wallet). I just wanted to pop in and say, that the 1.2 vs the 1 (or the iFi in the interim) on the oM is almost night and day. It also goes to show just how much of an influence the opticaModule can have over the sound. So be sure to reserve a good power supply for the oM - I would say the difference is just as much as it was adding the Sonore UltraSupply to the microRendu 1.4 recently. Really in audio nirvana at the moment - crazy how much a decent DAC can keep reaching into the music as long as one keeps improving the source upstream (and for not a lot of $, at least in relation to this crazy hobby). @Superdad asked me to destroy or recycle the LPs-1. So the board has been removed and is sitting on my shelf of art and knickknacks (as it truly is a piece of art in it's own way) and with the empty case, back left off, I've carefully put the opticalModule inside, which stays nicely wedged inside due to the twist of the ethernet cable. Looks great imo- better than the thrift shop card holder it was on before. I'm using a little 6" well made copper cable I picked up off eBay ages ago from SK Audio for $25. And the oM, microRendu, and DAC/amp are all on their own respective individual circuits (and the first oM on another). So lots of isolation going on.
  2. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Sometimes these threads get impossible to follow. I'm sure in other technical applications, cable is used to spec, and if the spec calls for something exotic then it is used. But I seriously doubt that some of the esoteric designs seen in the audiophile world is at all necessary for other applications. Especially with imaging, higher end monitors are often calibrated with an external device to the monitor's LUTs, so one may theoretically get a better picture with a better cable, but that would be calibrated to a standard besides the cable, so in the end it would seem to be a wash to me.
  3. You do know that if you put your own shovel down, others will tire of shoveling themselves. It has to start somewhere with somebody - try taking the high road. We don't always have to be right.
  4. I totally get your point, but since when did we perceive images with our ears? Let's not take actual human physiology out of this. Ear and sound perception is very different from eye and image. I believe cables can make small differences - now whether a one meter piece of wire and plugs is worth the same as say a very high end camera lens or body is of course up to the consumer. Personally I see no value in it myself, but then again I'm listening to $2k speakers (purchased new as b-stock for $1200). I know, the horror!
  5. Well, there are good plugs on 'both sides.'
  6. Another incredible ambient comp from Light in the Attic Records. The best one yet imo. Incredible sound quality as well, and uniquely Japanese without being pigeonholed or dated. Title completes "...Age Music 1980-1990."
  7. Hmmm, inconsistent use of punctuation and capitalization, doubling/tripling down on insults, obsession with private parts, and fat shaming... who knew our President was into streaming audio!? You'd think he'd have more important things to do. Crazy times...
  8. Sometimes this forum makes my seven and ten year old kids seem easy.... and as my wife likes to ask, when the kids and I get into it, "Who's the adult in the room?" No idea what anyone is on about in this thread anymore other than insulting each other, but remember, deep breath, and repeat after me "it's just stuff, it's just stuff, it's just..."
  9. @Superdad The power went out last night (tree down), and the only thing that wouldn't fire up this morning was the LPS-1 powering my opticalModule. The Uptone 36w charging SMPS works fine. Opening it up there's a bit of black flashing on the top of R93 (transistor?)that is labeled 200. That was the only thing at all was noticeable. Is this something fixable? Or do you think there's more? We rarely have power outages or lightning strikes around here and this is the first piece of gear I've ever had fried from an outage. Thanks, Charles
  10. Not true even in theory imo. That said, it's correct to get the best power supply for the streamer you can. I recently acquired the new Sonore UltraSupply and it made a huge difference. I also go oM to Om before it and that was a huge leap as well, though i don't think the power supplies have as big of an affect on those as the streamer when used in combination. John's 'fingerprint' explanation is a very good one and what I've thought all along. Garbage in - garbage out (or slightly less garbage out).
  11. Popping back in to say that after 200-300 hours the UltraSupply really comes into it's own. Bass bloom is mostly gone (what's left is my room and gear sometimes not handling how deep it goes now), and it sounds really natural. Not even considering any more the need to upgrade my microRendu 1.4. I wouldn't hesitate getting a second Ultra if need be. Thankfully I really don't NEED anything at the moment and the sound is glorious, plus at this point spending on the amp or speakers would bring more than power supplies down the streaming line.. And I received it in a week (compared to months or years for a supply I really wouldn't think is that much better). Any plans on offering different voltages? 5V for the oM might be nice.
  12. Eventually you may want to move up to the UltraSupply. With my microRendu 1.4 it's been nothing but revelatory. Before I was noticing extra details in the instruments, yada yada - now I'm just hearing the instrument itself, if that makes any sense in an abstract way. Makes for a very neutral, fatigue free listen. Takes about 200 hours to really come on song, so to speak. I would be curious how the basic SGC supply compares to an LPS-1 and or HDPLEX 100.
  13. Haring and Basquiat with a dash of Warhol.
  14. That makes Trump's tweets look absolutely Presidential! This person does seem to love their hyphens...
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