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  1. Yeah, the longer I listen, these single mode Finisair's are better than the multimode I had before. Listening to one of my test albums, Monk's "Straight No Chaser" and it all just seems to hang together better. Cleaner. I was thinking my "new" mid-seventies Naim CB 160BD was probably in need of a recap, but it's just revealing more. Treble easier and cleaner now for this longtime tinnitus sufferer. Love these little tweaks, but oh lord, what kind of a crazy rabbit hole to go down!
  2. So I rolled SFP's - went from the MM TP-link's supplied with the opticalModules by Sonore, to Finisair FTLF1324P2BTV-B1 and single mode cable. The SFP's were purchased refurbished ($30 each) and the 4m cable from Amazon (Corning curve cable used). Using 10db attenuators on the send sides. Since I have to pull the cable through the wall and floor using the previous MM cable, there's really no way for me to A/B. My impression though is that the difference is subtle but there. Seemingly less 'glare' in the upper mids and treble, bass seems a bit better controlled, and overall a slightly less fatiguing listen. Worth it (the $70 total outlay)? Not 100% sure, though to appease my curiosity over MM vs SM SFP's - priceless!
  3. @BigAlMc I went from an LPS-1 on my oM bridge, the one right before my microRendu to a LPS-1.2 and it is better (LPS-1 burnt out so got a deal on a 1.2 vs trying to repair it under warranty, other oM in the server closet just powered by an iFi currently). The Sonore Power supply is very good on my mR 1.4 but might be overkill for the oM and it's place in the chain. I think your plan is a good one.
  4. Not working on the Cisco or the eR? If not the Cisco, you may need to reset to factory defaults if it hasn't already been. You'll need a console, or usb cable depending on the age and model of the switch and then either a Windows pc or know how to use terminal on a mac. Lots of online instructions. Also, Cisco switches need to have a Cisco coded SFP - whether it's OEM or a third party SFP. Not just anything will work in them.
  5. If I had to start from scratch, I'd go with a Naim Atom, can be found refurbed, demo or used for between $2-3K (new just over I believe). All you would need in one box.
  6. I use the Witch Hat 4 pin din 'Hatpin' between the V1 and 160 (previously 110). Great and much better than the Naim basic cable. The Morgana's just a bit rich for me...
  7. Speaking of back to the future: the newest 40 plus year old addition to the family, a lovely Naim NAP 160 from the local dealer for $500 (via eBay) picked up today. No service history, but looks like it was recapped at least the big ones at some point. Deal with that when the time comes. Needs a better cable as well (have to rework the old bulgin connector it comes with). For now sounding big and juicy and really musical. Old is good, new is good, the old can be the present and the new, well, is always new.
  8. I would ask. They offer C to B for the USB dc interconnect cables so they must be able to do one for data.
  9. You could probably ask Ghent Audio to make one for you. Shipping from China might be a bit slow right now though I think they offer a quicker service surcharge.
  10. I run a Cisco 2960 switch via poE (from another Cisco 2960 that supplies the power) and it was a subtle upgrade over just the main Cisco switch. The poE switch only carries audio traffic. Worth the $50 or so I paid for a used one.
  11. First thing you need to do is backup! Not like next month after hemming an hawing solutions but like yesterday! I suggest at minimum a bare drive dock and hard drives of your choosing (I would go for two 10TB). https://eshop.macsales.com/item/NewerTech/U3S3HD/ Drives fail all of the time, so best to even have backup of your backups. With that much quantity I would suggest going RAID with the storage you'll be accessing for speed, and individual drives for the backup.
  12. Yes, you are correct, esp if it's a sudden on come and in one ear only with no easily recognized trauma being done to them. Many years of hanging over monitors and next to PA's, and one My Bloody Valentine show in particular, and I know personally there's not much to be done in my case. But others will be different. I had a scare a couple weeks back that ended me up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. It wasn't, though symptoms scarily lingered until a few days ago when I gave up coffee and they've almost entirely disappeared (as well as the associated panic attacks). Still going for more tests though (stress echo tomorrow) as one can never be too sure.
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