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  1. To me MQA has always seemed like a solution looking for a problem, as a way to dominate and potentially monopolize the source material for a niche hifi market. I know many people who could buy a complete dCS system at the drop of a hat but are perfectly content with the music channels through their TV, and maybe step up to a Sonos system and find it the end all be all. I know even in my own house, when my wife or kids want to start an after dinner dance party, it’s not about navigating the vageries of Roon and my boutique streaming set up to find the perfect resolution and master of an album, but “Hey Alexa! Play that “I Don’t Care” song” to the Play1 on top of the microwave in the kitchen. Sounds execrable to me, but everybody has a good time which is what most people have always wanted from their music. So in the big picture, hi rez and even cd quality streaming is a still a very small market and will probably always remain so, with not much pie to cut up. How many times have you mentioned Tidal to someone at a party and drawn a blank stare? Even I’m on the fence with my Qobuzz subscription whether I really need the hi-rez sub or not as I don’t find that much difference. What I find most abhorrent is there’s no need to give part of this already small pie to a bunch of software sham-sters when the artists themselves already receive so little. People who stream hi-rez do so full well with the knowledge they are doing so (and paying for it), and typically don’t need it compressed or dumbed down, only to have to have special hardware to unpack it. It’s a rights grab to make money off the backs of others pure and simple, which is why we should all be outraged about it.
  2. Same here. And when I was with Tidal, most of the MQA I tried sounded ‘dead’ to me in comparison to the basic 16/44 they were meant to replace.
  3. And I suppose it’s ’provable’ there’s thousands of audiophiles in these underserved internet speed areas just clambering for compressed 24/192 streaming? So many that it’s worth trying to monopolize on music delivery? Give us a break. Most people could care less about hi-rez (or even regular cd rez) as it is, and if their internet is so poor, I’m pretty sure they have bigger issues than audiofooldom (like streaming basic Netflix for one). Yes, there will always be outlier cases for anything, but this sounds like yet another straw man argument to try and and kidnap an entire industry.
  4. One thing I haven’t found anyone discussing is processing power needed for MQA vs straight up hi-rez in Roon. I just switched from Tidal to Qobuz (with 100% crossover of 1700 titles!). An MQA runs at about 2.5X on my NUC (or less), whereas a 24/192 from Qobuz more like 70X (the lower number meaning more processing). We have nearly 100mb download speed on our internet so bandwidth is not an issue, but I’d prefer my NUC not having to work so hard - esp as I’ve found MQA to not sound as good as hi-rez, or even 16/44 for that matter (in many cases). So it seems to be a solution for a non-problem (bandwidth) that brings up another issue (processing power). Easy enough now to vote with your choice of streaming service.
  5. This question never made sense: if the ethernet cable has transmitted ‘noise’ or jitter, etc to the streamer/DAC, and then the dac/streamer plays that in it’s buffer, won’t it have the same ‘sound’ as the just pulled cable if the buffer continues to play? Alwasy seemed like a straw argument to me... Anyway, just go get a used Cisco 2960 Catalyst (fanless 8, 12.or 16 port models) for anywhere from $25-$200, and have lots of $ left over for gear that will make a bigger difference like amp, speakers, etc. The switch ‘sounds’ better than any consumer ones I used, and with a decent built in SMPS no worrying over power supplies.
  6. I think the 10/100 model sounding better than the 1G is a myth. My newer 16 port 2960 (that is used for whole house traffic as well as the audio setup sounds better than the older 2960-L I was using before. You may be thinking of TP Link FMC’s.
  7. Umm, EVERYTHING is missing - because they won’t open up their %^&* beta yet! (And yes I emailed).
  8. I too am disappointed with this update. They need a better UI designer, and fast. Roon is strong on compataibilty and tech but seem to be going backwards on aesthetic. The decision to relagate 1/2 the now playing screen to a shoddy artist picture that’s often missing and the album art to 1/4 the screen size with no way to switch should never have left the whiteboard imo. Roon is supposed to be all about viewing and sorting your album collection.
  9. Oh man, great idea but too rich for this boy (for now). Too bad as I have SFP’s, cable in place already, etc. Will stick with my mR 1.4 for now. Good thing is, in this hobby, those who wait can always find a used one when the next best thing comes out. For now that $ would make a much bigger difference on a new amp.
  10. Same here. I have to say, looking at the Qobuz splash page, it’s a lot more geared to an open minded fifty four year old than Tidal is. If I see one more new ‘trap’ release....!
  11. Which is also incredibly smart business and personal practice. Never make commitments or announcements in public that may not get released or accomplished. Yes, I too would love to know when Roon will integrate with Qobuz - but considering I can’t actually access Qobuz even as a beta in the US right now (email sent, no reply so far), then what’s the rush? I’m sure once the two companies finally sign on the dotted line, swap code, etc then we’ll hear about it. Until then, enjoy what you have.
  12. Wow, this is popcorn material. No skin in this myself, but I love how the rep literally gives away the scam when he says backers have either lost interest or moved on (same thing isn’t it?). That’s the modus of most scams - they string you along until there’s little to no recourse for receiving anything, refund or product. I have my own Welborne Labs story from a few years back. Thankfully it was only a $300 LPS.
  13. 2960L-16PS, or something like that. It’s a recent version, mfg 11/2017. 16 port, full gigabyte model.
  14. Well, fortunately not. Perhaps one was ‘with child’ when I caught it, but definitely dodged that bullet. Kids, well that’s another story. Why I guffaw (mostly with jealousy) every time somebody mentions their ‘listening room.’ Of course both bring way more pleasure than any hifi ever could...
  15. That’s funny. And yes, lucky! My wife and I were not so responsible...
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