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  1. Search, and ye shall find: https://euphony-audio.com/hesk/knowledgebase.php?article=5&suggest=1
  2. @seeteeyou You are the Earl of URLs! Respect.
  3. Excellent as always, Ray! A riveting read. I’ve long been an advocate of modularity in DACs, especially when it comes to power supplies. This is an emphatic case in point.
  4. I know this is like saying “I read Playboy for the articles,” but I listened to this for the Gershwin! Still an outstanding recording.
  5. You need a safe word. Maybe Željko can recognize an event — like one press on power button — to abort and re-enable the network interface(s).
  6. This is a cataclysmic development. I suspect this will break the Internet today!
  7. I can’t overemphasize just how good this first volume of Jordi Savall’s Beethoven cycle is. I keep coming back to it. And what a sumptuous recording. Today it’s the Fourth, with a wee drappie of 15 year old Dalwhinnie!
  8. I love the direction this is going! I anticipate this being one of the most important threads on AS in 2021.
  9. The 2000s called. They want their SACD players back. I realize this article is geared towards people who still like to play physical discs (how quaint!), but just in case this is being read by someone who didn't know that an easy ripping option existed... it does! We have all the expertise right here on AS: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/28569-sacd-ripping-using-an-oppo-or-pioneer-yes-its-true/ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled DSDs yearning to breathe free...
  10. @Nenon That looks amazing! I’m going to be following the progress with great interest. Just for folks to know where to post regarding this... while this project comes to fruition, please discuss over on the main DIY server thread: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/58164-building-a-diy-music-server/page/ Once builds are completed, by all means post your listening impressions and comparisons with other servers here on this thread.
  11. I’m sure this is an interesting discussion, and not intentional on your part, but you’re taking this thread off-topic. See posting guidelines at the top of the page. This thread needs to stay focused on direct listening experience. Please create a separate thread to dig into clock design to your heart’s content.
  12. Tough Mahler crowd here! Today's Isabelle Faust's Mozart violin concertos is a nice collection, if you need one more set.
  13. Blue is the placebo arm. This pandemic has made us all experts on RCTs.
  14. We can be such snobs when we have such a plethora to choose from! I do like Vänskä’s 7th. While it's not my all-time greatest, it's certainly one of the best recorded. Quite a value at under $10.
  15. Started here, with this wonderful recent release: This led me to this delightful set: These Archiv recordings from the 80s were quire excellent!
  16. From a pure performance point of view, the MTT/SFS Mahler 6 from 2001 (from his renowned cycle) is superior, no question. The latest Mahler 6 is interesting more because it is from his final season at SFS, so has more nostalgic associations.
  17. The Isabelle Faust album today is excellent. Not so much a fan of the Schoenberg violin concerto, but love Verklarte Nacht.
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