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  1. A double dollop of Beethoven from BIS ce soir.
  2. Just to clarify - I was talking about the desktop version, not mobile. Whatever you currently have on the mobile version (viewing on iPhone 7) looks perfect.
  3. Chris, I am severely myopic, so I usually welcome large text. In general, when it comes to summary views, like topics in a forum, or in an activity stream, I like the size. It's only in individual posts that it seems a bit large. Maybe dial it down by 10%...
  4. How many K-men are there on this site? Do you all live on the Cayman Islands?
  5. For the record, I have no clue what Emile has found to render the need for OCXO clocks unnecessary. When I made that comment, my best guess was a comprehensive overhaul of PSUs, all the way down to the VRMs on the motherboard. From subsequent comments, it appears it is more than that. I am of course intensely curious, but respect Emile's interest in protecting his IP.
  6. This album also has the Beethoven Septet, which I did not know well, so particularly enjoyed. https://open.qobuz.com/album/v9jsc5xociejc
  7. Here's one regarding sharing... When someone shares content from Qobuz (track, album, playlist, etc), it's in the form of a URL like this: https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/2469971 I'd like to be able to navigate to this from within the Qobuz app. Right now, you have to open the link in a web browser, then click on the Listen on Qobuz button.
  8. Like it or not, a DAC is so much more than "just" its filtering and D/A conversion design. Indeed, if my experience has taught me anything, it's that modern DACs live and die by how well they get the good old-fashioned basics right: analog output stage design power supply design clock architecture design or choice of chipsets used for interfaces like USB, ethernet Electrical isolation strategy - both at input, as well as internally Mechanical isolation via careful chassis design Parts quality, board layout, and quality of connectors And last, but certainly not least - filtering and D/A conversion design. To focus on #8 alone is to miss all the other factors that distinguish DACs from each other.
  9. Bob's video in this post shows it pretty well. Basically, once you "heart" the playlist in the Qobuz app, you can access it in Roon.
  10. Not sure where the Aperio is. Definitely interesting.
  11. I didn't play with different UPnP servers or clients. As it happens, dCS recommends minimServer, and I have been a long-time user of minimServer, so... serendipity. No issue with gapless. The Mosaic client is so nice, I never considered anything else like Bubble.
  12. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "leveraging of computer based processing." You seem to be implying that running SW upsampling via HQPlayer is always superior to a DAC's internal upsampling and filters. That is certainly not my experience. It is very DAC-dependent, and as it happens, most of the DACs I have had in my system have sounded best when delivered the recording at its native sample rate. I don't doubt that some DACs in some cases benefit greatly via this approach. Given the context of this thread, let's keep this discussion focused on the Bartok. This article was long enough already that I can't describe all the experiments I tried. Early on in the evaluation, I did a quick test with Roon to see if using Roon upsampling to PCM 352.8/384 or DSD128 (the max sample rates the Bartok will accept) yielded any improvements. Had the results been profound, I would have been motivated to try HQPlayer. But in fact, Roon upsampling sounded no better than no upsampling - in fact, I thought it degraded the sound.
  13. These things are relative. The QX-5 Twenty is, and will continue to be, a fantastic-sounding component. Like I said in the review, it's only when you put components side-by-side, that "high-end comparisons are cruel."
  14. Thanks. I really need to get my hands on the RAAL. Time to go to a CanJam!
  15. So true. I'm like a moth drawn to flame. But I couldn't resist!
  16. It's a brave new world. These are not your father's Grado's!
  17. Waynes World, Waynes World It's Party Time, It's Excellent
  18. Cool! That's a great spot. Well... not quite "can't," just not as much. Remember - I said I was tempted to stop tinkering... not that I would actually stop!
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