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  1. Trust me - I really want to hear 2nd (3rd, 4th and more) opinions as well! That's what makes this fun.
  2. You might be interested in my findings reported in the other thread:
  3. The reason I asked you to put Stylus on your testing list is that unlike Roon, where Željko says they were limited by Roon's behavior, with LMS as the server, they were able to achieve "100% buffering" with StylusEP. This means that potentially, LMS+StylusEP could (TBD) equal the SQ of Stylus standalone. So if you could confirm or deny that, it would be good for the group to know.
  4. If you get a chance, run Stylus standalone on your endpoint too. I know it's monolithic, and not distributed, but try it as a test.
  5. Some examples on using the expert fields... SL parameters example to set buffer sizes: -b 2097152:2097152 -a 52428800:4:: ethtool parameters to override auto-negotiation and set a particular interface to 100Mbps: eth1 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off Min/Max CPU freq. parameters: use units like MHz or GHz, for example: 400MHz 3200MHz
  6. I see Željko just pushed a new update out today. Checking now, but I think this has all the StylusEP and other enhancements.
  7. Bob, I'd keep Roon Core constant on the server (either Euphony or AL/RAM, your choice), and compare on the endpoint: AL/RAM Roon Bridge SL default SL with large buffers Euphony OS Roon Bridge SL default SL with large buffers StylusEP I would also suggest running standalone (all in one box), comparing: Roon Roon+SL Roon+SL large buffers Roon+StylusEP Stylus Have fun!
  8. Should I infer from the "we" and "our room" in the above that you were an exhibitor at the HiFiDeluxe show? I swung by there for a couple of hours on Saturday, and found many of the rooms quite impressive. What brand/exhibitor do you represent? My favorites at the Marriott were the Alsyvox room and the Rohm room, mainly for the small but really impressive stand-mount MBL's.
  9. This was not my first time in München. The last time I was there was a few years ago in June, when I experienced European Delivery at the BMW Welt, followed by a delightful driving tour with my family in our brand new car on the AlpenStraße and into Austria. On this trip, even though though the High-End show took up a lot of the time, I got to see more of areas like Schwabing, and I agree this is delightful city to visit. The weather on the whole wasn't as bad as forecast either. Finally, as I like to do wherever I visit, I got to go to 2 classical concerts at the Gasteig Philharmonie, which were fantastic. As far as audio shows go, I've now gone to RMAF and AXPONA multiple times, while this was my first time at High-End. While acoustics are challenging at all the shows, I found I liked High-End Munich the best. The US shows also tend to skew much more to older male attendees. I liked the energy and diversity of Munich much more. Ah'll be baaack.
  10. I didn’t really dig into that. It does look like tri-amping...
  11. Yes, the Hagen was very impressive for the price point, although once again I found myself seduced by the >100k€ Mpeggio! I'm a big fan of the Canton's. The Gershman (Canadian) speakers are very nice at a fairly reasonable price point. I'm hedging, because I can't recall the number.
  12. Had a great chat with Jord from Pink Faun on Thursday, about server design, clocks, and power supplies. Their show system was pretty extreme (in a good way), with the wacky looking (but excellent sounding) Aries Cerat chain!
  13. LOL sign near my hotel: Maybe the traditionalists consider it a violation of Reinheitsgebot?
  14. I went to both the Julia Fischer/Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and the Berg/Mahler with Kavakos/Harding. Both were excellent. I really like the sonics of the Philharmonie Gasteig, from previous visits to Munich. As for "calibrating my ears," I seem to remember an article on that a while back.
  15. Best rooms for me so far: MBL. Those RadialStahler's are something else Von Schweikert Ultra 9 Wilson Benesch Wilson Sasha DAW - one room with dCS electronics, one something else Devore Orangutan Nagra, this time with YG Sonja speakers None I can afford of course! Any great rooms with speakers under 10k€?
  16. Yes. The 192 sample rate limit is imposed by Roon Core. It is built into their Squeezebox support, so applies to any device that presents as a SlimProto endpoint. This means DSD is limited to DSD64. Again, this should not apply if you use LMS as a server, I just haven’t actually tested StylusEP with LMS. I am at High End Munich this week, so won’t be very responsive.
  17. Apparently, it's an overflow and feeder show to High End - from last year's coverage: https://www.stereo.net.au/features/gallery-2018-hi-fi-deluxe-munich Usefully, perhaps, there is a shuttle from the Marriott to the MOC - which isn't listed in the High End site, but is listed here: http://www.hifideluxe.de/shuttle-serviceE.htm
  18. Any idea what this is: http://www.hifideluxe.de/hifideluxeE.htm ? It's going on at the hotel some of us are staying in!
  19. I have an extra ticket for this concert on Wed, May 8th: https://www.muenchenmusik.de/veranstaltungen/Academy_of_St_Martin_in_the_Fields-4186.html A fellow AS'er who was to attend as part of our group had a flight schedule change, so he gets in too late to make it. I thought I'd offer the ticket to anyone in the AS community who might be interested. You'd get it at a substantial discount over face value. Just PM me if you are interested.
  20. Having been in the software delivery business in real life, let me tell you it’s a lot more fun setting requirements than delivering!
  21. Yes, we were testing a private “dev” build. The StylusEP feature will ship in the next public release by end of month, I’m told.
  22. I don't, exactly. Željko did mention he had to fine tune his interactions with Roon to make everything work. The key is to trick Roon into feeding you large chunks of the music while providing the feedback Roon expects, without getting out of sync. Unfortunately, that did make 100% pre-loading a "bridge too far." In practice, the only glitch I see from time to time is that "seeks" - i.e. moving further ahead in a song via the slider - can trigger a skip to the next track. It's nowhere as bad as with SL with large buffers.
  23. I haven't tried this, but in theory it should work.
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