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  1. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    I understood. I just assumed you might want to read about this album and the others mentioned
  2. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    Here is my source. https://www.allmusic.com/album/a-tribute-to-jack-johnson-mw0000311307
  3. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    One of my favorite Miles albums. You have to read the review of how he arrived late and stoned.
  4. cambridgehank

    Big changes coming my way.

    Congratulations. No more MB sedans, you will now go to a mini van lol🤣
  5. cambridgehank

    Lazy Morning Music

    I especially like "Lazy Bird"
  6. cambridgehank

    Lazy Morning Music

    Giant Steps is my choice when I am alone on a Sunday morning.
  7. cambridgehank

    Article: Monty Alexander Favorites

    Not his greatest album, but a favorite, especially Killer Joe and Body & Soul.
  8. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    Cold night in DC, I deserve some hot piano. Sonny Clark Donald Byrd and John Coltrane.
  9. cambridgehank

    IMG_3907 5.jpeg

  10. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    Another thread about Piano sound led me to remember this album. There is no Monday football, so I am settled in with Duke and a martini.
  11. I am using an iPhone XS with latest IOS. While driving, I use CarPlay for my music. I have set the sort in the phone to by title. Now the problem is the sort order of albums in CarPlay, they are sorted by artist. We have 15 albums by Aaron Neville and I get frustrated trying to find an album by Marvin Gaye, I have to scroll through to many albums. It was suggested in the Mercedes forum that GraceNotes might be the issue. Yes, I know I can use SIRI to find the album, but sometimes SIRI gets it wrong. I have also resorted to creating a playlist of my favorite albums. CarPlay has no problem with sort order of Playlist. Any thoughts on this minor issue?
  12. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    A great review in https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-body-the-soul-mw0000612194.
  13. cambridgehank

    Playlist order on Mac and iPhone

    Thanks Doug: what causes the playlist creation to not put the songs in album order? I reviewed some of my album to playlist conversions and some are in album order and some are not?
  14. In iTunes, version, I selected all the tracks on an album and went to new playlist from selection. The resulting playlist on the Mac was in a random order, not the album order. When I sync'ed my iPhone to the Mac and selected the new playlist, it appeared in music in the random order. I then deselected the playlist and sync'ed the iPhone again. The playlist did not appear in the iPhone library. I then went to the Mac and found a way to view the playlist as songs and they appeared in the album order. When I sync'ed the phone again, the playlist was still in a random order. What am I doing wrong? Or is it in settings?
  15. cambridgehank

    Album of the Evening

    Sorry, but last thing I want to hear in the evening is funeral songs.