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  1. This looks like a great alternative to the changes Apple is implementing.
  2. Do you use Cloner instead of Time Machine? My iTunes files seem to be corrupted by time machine.
  3. Macrium Reflect only works on Windows machines. Any suggestions for macintosh? The reason I ask, it takes four hours for a copy and paste backup of my iTunes Mac library.
  4. Here is a great album with him playing with other greats.
  5. Check out the video of "Poinciana" on YouTube. No sign of Yusef on the stage. Maybe is he off to the side. I also do not hear a horn at all.
  6. Thanks for recommending this album. I purchase my music from the iTunes store and I do not hear Yusef Lateef in the band. I searched YouTube for Poinciana from this concert, iTunes notes that he is featured in this song. No signs of him in the video. And the album cover picture looks like he was added in. Great album non the less.
  7. A cornerstone of New Orleans music, the singer and keyboardist began his career with hits on Chess and Specialty Records in the 50s before fronting the classic funk and R&B instrumental quartet the Meters and finally forming the Neville Brothers in the late 70s. As a founding member of the Meters and Neville Brothers, New Orleans vocalist and keyboardist Art Neville helped immeasurably to shape the contemporary New Orleans funk sound. Neville's first band, the Hawketts, tasted local success in 1954 with the carnival perennial "Mardi Gras Mambo" on Chess. He cut some nice solo singles for Specialty during the late '50s, notably "Cha Dooky-Doo," as well as contributing two choruses of storming piano to Jerry Byrne's 1958 classic "Lights Out." "All These Things," a gentle ballad, also did well locally in 1962 on the Instant logo. He assembled the Meters in the mid-'60s, and the instrumental quartet proved the Crescent City's answer to the MG's until their 1977 breakup. That's when Art and his siblings formed the Neville Brothers, who went on to reign as the leading musical export from New Orleans. Health problems led to Art Neville retiring from performing in 2018, and on July 22, 2019, he died at the age of 81.
  8. I have been happy with the Mercedes CarPlay implementation. My wife has a new toyota Rav4 and it is not up to the user interface of the MB. She does not use Sirius, so as soon as the free trial is over, I will use the CarPlay app when we are on long trips in her car. Unless Sirius comes down in price for my subscription.
  9. does the streaming music come from your library or theirs? I have not been into streaming, my adult children laugh at that.
  10. I keep my library on my Mac Book Pro and I backup nightly to my western digital usb external hard drive. From that to my mac mini and my desktop iMac. Using the USB seems faster and safer than over the wifi. I have an account with iDrive which makes a back up each night also. I am thinking of dropping that account. as the external might be sufficient.
  11. The music stays on my iphone and disconnects when I disconnect the iphone.
  12. I found that Apple CarPlay in my MB controls my music selection better than the music in the USB media drive. I cannot wait to see the new updated CarPlay.
  13. 2844. Album of the evening keeps me adding albums to my iTunes library. Most of them are now on my iPhone for my Apple CarPlay.
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