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  1. I saw your post about Swinsian and found the web site.  The FAQ answered all but one, how do I purchase iTunes Store items or Amazon music?

    1. Bill Brown

      Bill Brown

      I haven't purchased music from the iTunes store in a while; have Amazon Prime, but haven't downloaded anything from there, either.


      I always had an iTunes folder and never messed with it directly, just allowing iTunes to keep it organized and thought it worked great.  Swinsian gives you the option of monitoring your "Music" (the app) folder or a different one.  I built a folder with all of my music in it (basically my old iTunes folder), no more linking to "Music."


      You can either create subfolders and put them in the folder it is monitoring, or just "drop them" onto Swinsian while open and it will do it.  It is nice, when/if you edit the Metadata in Swinsian it keeps it tidy.


      If there is something I wanted from the iTunes store (and I assume the original files from Amazon could be found), I would download them to "Music," then drop the file onto Swinsian (and then in my case delete it from "Music"- I am keeping the folder with my music safe now).


      I do have a "Music" library (with a separate folder), but it is just videos as Swinsian won't play them.  It otherwise really reminds me of the old iTunes.


      Just try the demo, free for thirty days.  Make a folder labelled "Swinsian" or something, drop some files in it (or open it and drop them onto the app).  You simply have to tell it to monitor that folder (I think you can also monitor the Music app folder, but I am not doing that).  It was a big switch as I used iTunes for years, but I am happy with it.


      Good luck!



    2. cambridgehank


      Thanks, and I will give the demo a try and follow your ideas.

  2. Your joke went right over my head. Hats off to you.
  3. Old Redd Foxx joke, except it was on the train. We used to listen to his records when my parents were not home.
  4. My other thought was to create a playlist on each of all the songs. Then run Doug's compare two playlist and see what comes up? Your idea seems like more fun.
  5. If you're stumped, imagine how I feel? lol We are stuck here in the house, so I have plenty of time to review both libraries. Thanks
  6. I promise, this is the last question in this discussion. I have learned how to compare the library on my computers. But, the difference in the numbers is still bothering me. The desktop iMac's Music App shows 16, 515 songs and the MacBook Pro's Music App shows 16, 131 a difference of 380 songs. I loaded the iMac library onto the MacBook, then selected show songs not in my library. Music App showed only 7 songs. Which should I believe? And how do I compare the two?
  7. Kirk, I found all the macs on line and was able to see the library on each. I put the largest on the computer with the least, show not on my computer and ran import. It found only 7 not on my computer. As you can see from the screen shots the difference is reportedly larger (16,515 vs. 16.131). And the 7 were already on the computer. I ran Dupin to check for duplicates on the larger library and none were found. Good thing we are on stay at home here as I have time to explore these issues.
  8. Kirk that worked. Now how do I find "Not in my library"? The music window only shows "show all"
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