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  1. I found the iPad app HQPDcontrol v4. No information for set up or management of the app. I currently manage my mini through screen sharing on my MacBook. Think I will stick with this.
  2. remember the quote about Einstein
  3. Maybe they were alien visitors. Watch Close Encounters of The Third Kind.
  4. Forgive me, but I am new to Spotify. I was able to see your #1 playlist, but unable to move to the other 5. How do I accomplish that?
  5. iTunes Store. I am not a audiophile or as compulsive about my listening experience as others.
  6. A while back, iTune album artwork was not complete in many of my purchases. This must have been common, dougscripts created scripts to re-embed the artwork, another checks if the artwork is attached to the files, and another saves artwork to album folder. When I purchase a item now on iTunes, I run re-embed and save. Do I need to any longer? Has iTunes solved the problem? What are your thoughts about album artwork?
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