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  1. Some how, I have created duplicate media folders on my MacBook Pro. In the users folder with my name, there is one music folder and inside that are three folders listed as music, music and music 1. In the first music folder there is an iTunes library folder which has what I believe to be most of my music files. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". This all began when I installed Catalina. In the users folder in the shared folder are three folders again Music, Music and Music 1. The first music folder has iTunes library folder also, but his one has all the files and folders from my original pre catalina library and a media folder with Music listed. In that folder is what I believe is most of my music. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". A lot of space is being taken up by duplicate music files. Any suggestions on how to merge and find a happy compromise? The folder names are not the same, so finder does not offer a merge. Also what is the file music library and the other files musiclibrary.musiclibrary are these needed by the new music app? Thanks for any assistance. I tried apple support, they were of no help.
  2. Found a nice evening cocktail hour album, before the family comes hone lol
  3. Apple must still listen to its users. That is a good thing.😎
  4. That is the same statement Sonos made on their community site the same day. My suspicion is that Sonos as a technology company does not have any Macintosh specialist.
  5. Album view also sucks, in the new app. I find an album with no artwork and/or missing information. When I select it to edit the data, I only see that album. Back in the iTunes app, I saw all the albums in order by artist. With the new app, I have to start over from the first album.
  6. Kirk, I really thought I fundamentally understood iTunes and therefore the new Music app. Was I wrong. I have three Macs in the house and a fourth in the vacation home. The MacBook pro laptop has been the central iTunes location. I purchased music from iTunes store on it and made playlist on it. I could export a playlist from the laptop to the mac mini and to iMac. If I purchased new songs, they were automatically downloaded from the iTunes store to mini and iMac. I backed up the laptop music library to a Western Digital external hard drive. Occasionally to make sure all the libraries were the same, I would copy the backup to the mini and the iMac. Big mistake, I upgraded the laptop to Catalina and the Music app. The app imported some of the library but not all. Playlist were partial copies of what I had created. I deleted that library and cleaned up the music folder. Knowing that I had two copies and the backup, I imported the backup to the laptop. I option clicked the Music app to open it. It could/would not open the library. I called support and they were equally confused as me. She tried screen sharing and could not figure out what was not happening. While she had me on hold to speak with a senior advisor, I tried clicking the xml file, nothing. I clicked on a file itl. This opened the library and slowly, painfully load Music app with current songs, albums, artist and full playlist. No album art work for about an hour. There is now three folders on the laptop named Music. One has the copy from the backup, one has a file named Music Library.musiclibrary, and the third has a file Music Library. I tried talking with Apple Support about this, but they are not fully up on the Music app. One even asked why I didn't just use Apple Music? Second issue, prior to Catalina, in the iTunes Store I could purchase a song or album and it would appear in mac mini and the iMac iTunes screen as recently added. Catalina is not recognizing my apple id in the store and nothing is downloading to the other computers. Again, Apple support was not helpful. I needed to vent about this experience and hopefully find some results in your new take control book.
  7. But, what is happening with Sonos? I cannot control my speakers with the Music app?
  8. I have been in contact four times with Apple support about syncing the iPhone iTunes with Catalina Music App. We have been able to resolve all but two issues. So I come to you all for help. I get a message that some of the songs on the Mac cannot be transferred to the phone, as I do not have authority to have them. Support had me log out of my apple id and then back into music account. That works, but the message keeps occurring Many of my playlist appear as duplicates, triplicates or more when viewing music on the phone in the finale der. There are no duplicates on the computer. Support was not able to resolve this issue. I appreciate any help Errors.txt
  9. On Saturday, I begin my 75th year. So Yes I am old school. But family knows I like my jazz in the evening, so I am hoping for Sonos speakers Saturday.
  10. We are setting up a winter home. One of our children works for Sonos and convinced me that receivers are old school. I will see. I will also look to see if Roon works in this new century lol?
  11. Thanks, that is one of the benefits with using the Apple TV and mini on my receiver, I guess. I enjoy seeing album artwork, especially when listening to a playlist. I can turn off the tv when not needed.
  12. First let me describe my current system. We are setting up a second home for winter living, Snow Birds. My Samsung TV, and Apple TV are connected to my Onkyo receiver. I have a Mac Mini on my home network and the Apple TV sees each of the computers in the network. The mini has my latest iTunes library. I am able to select the am able to manage Apple TV as an input for the receiver. This displays the mini's library including playlist, artist, albums and songs. Controlling the Apple TV with the remote lets me select which items I want to hear. I do not use any of the other options on the Apple TV Now, I am shopping for the second house. I was looking at a new Samsung TV. The BestBuy Geek Squad guy tells me that the generation 7 TVs have an Apple TV App. He could not bring it up on the demo tv in the store. He also suggested I use a sound bar instead of a receiver and set the TV up as the media manager. Has anyone had any experience with the Apple TV app on a TV set? Thanks for any feedback and info.
  13. Thanks for starting this post. Audio Doctor, my music library is on my Mac Mini, I use my Apple TV to select my iTunes music to play on my receiver. Sounds like you are doing it directly to the receiver. How do you see/select files ?
  14. Other than backing up my music library, are there any suggestions for the library prior to updating the Mac's OS?
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