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  1. I am still having a few Catalina/Music App problems. This document helped me Change where your music files are stored on Mac
  2. My music library is in a lot of chaos. But, I am trying to sort it out. In the old iTunes, I could go to File> Library >show duplicates and in that screen there was a "same album" button. Not so in Catalina. I did show duplicates and 8,000 items showed up. Half of what I could see had a cloud next to them. I searched and found a command for view>only downloaded files. Now there are 5200 files but they do not appear to be duplicates. I selected by title and by album, but I do not see where there are duplicates. I tried calling Apple support but the wait was killing me. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks
  3. Same here, she who must be obeyed.
  4. It was amazing how Turtle Beach just dropped the AudioTron and support for it. They must have seen the iPod coming.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AudioTron Your picture reminded me of the Turtle Beach Audio Tron. When building our house, the developer installed the AudioTron. Apple eventually replaced this device. Sorry, I never took a picture of it.
  6. Thanks Kirk. I have been working with Sonos tech support all day. Their diagnostic report has the same problem as you and I have. They cannot figure out why Sonos is not reading some files.
  7. I have a number of playlist in iTunes. I have set up a Sonos system in my condo and imported iTunes playlist(s) to the Sonos system. In several of the imported playlist, a few songs are shown with the file number first. Sonos does not play these songs. Yet, the same song is in the Sonos Music Library which is imported from my Mac Mini Music Library. I have spoken with Sonos tech support and they tell me it is a tag/media problem with iTunes and iTunes playlist. I am not that technically sophisticated that I know how to make the playlist song and the album song identical. Does adding a song to a playlist change the tags? Thanks for all you support.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/06/arts/music/mccoy-tyner-dead.html
  9. Good review by @kirkmc on the Next Track, https://www.thenexttrack.com/173. Also a good PBS video Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (documentary).
  10. Some how, I have created duplicate media folders on my MacBook Pro. In the users folder with my name, there is one music folder and inside that are three folders listed as music, music and music 1. In the first music folder there is an iTunes library folder which has what I believe to be most of my music files. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". This all began when I installed Catalina. In the users folder in the shared folder are three folders again Music, Music and Music 1. The first music folder has iTunes library folder also, but his one has all the files and folders from my original pre catalina library and a media folder with Music listed. In that folder is what I believe is most of my music. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary". Music 1 has a file "music library". A lot of space is being taken up by duplicate music files. Any suggestions on how to merge and find a happy compromise? The folder names are not the same, so finder does not offer a merge. Also what is the file music library and the other files musiclibrary.musiclibrary are these needed by the new music app? Thanks for any assistance. I tried apple support, they were of no help.
  11. Found a nice evening cocktail hour album, before the family comes hone lol
  12. Apple must still listen to its users. That is a good thing.😎
  13. That is the same statement Sonos made on their community site the same day. My suspicion is that Sonos as a technology company does not have any Macintosh specialist.
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