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  1. Singer, songwriter and entrepreneur of soul music.
  2. Here is the original cover. Over time there have been many questions about the evil look Mingus has for Duke.
  3. Year old playbar and sub. I got at Best Buy so probably very old equipment that sat in their inventory. Thanks for the link. The bottom line there is that I have my system set up for surround sound and AirPlay is not supported in that mode.
  4. Thanks Kirk for the reply. Neither of my macs shows the Sonos system in the Airplay list? Not sure why that is not happening?
  5. I have not received any success from Sonos support. I am hoping iTunes folks will have a better understanding of my issue. I have created playlist folders in the music app. I have 271 playlist and 52 folders . The Sonos app shows a notice that I have to many playlist to import. The app sees the folders as playlist, including a playlist called library which list all the songs in my library. Here is an example. I have a folder called "The Blues", it has five playlists included. Sonos shows a playlist "The Blues" which includes all the songs from the five playlist. The So
  6. No, no I was only commenting on the jokes. I am not that easily offended and Chris can leave it here.
  7. Yet, when I looked at the album name for all songs, it did not say "mixed" as usual in the app.
  8. I highlighted all the songs, in songs view, then get info . I deleted the album name and went back to the songs info and rewrote the album name. That worked. Thank you for working on this with me.
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