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  1. I heard part of this album on the Sirius Real Jazz station this morning and had to hear it complete this evening.
  2. Good advice above. Any time you enter into an agreement involving money and people you have concerns about, put it in writing.
  3. I was thinking about in the thread. For example, I get a notification that Kirk has mad a comment in a thread. The notification takes me to his comment. There could be hundreds of pages, maybe a link to my first unread comment.
  4. I am using several other forums and many of them have a link to view the first unread message in a thread. Is that possible here? Some of the threads I am following have multiple pages and it is difficult to find the first unread message.
  5. I found that What Hifi Magazine article to be awesome. I created a playlist from it and using it in the house, car and desktop computer. Thanks
  6. . Thanks M701, I have been searching for this answer. I have my music on an Apple Mac Mini. I use an Apple TV on my network to connect my music to a Onkyo TX -NR636 AV receiver. I had assumed that the DAC was either in the Apple TV or the AVR. The AVR is central to my TV watching, radio and music streaming, and my iTunes library listening. I have a pair of Boston Acoustic speakers and sub. When we retired and downsized to a condo, I ripped my cd's with iTunes and have been purchasing new songs in the iTunes store. Everything seems to work with decent sound.
  7. I purchased this Monster device 18 years ago. They no longer are in that business. It works great in our condo. According to the diagrams on top, it cleans up the AC and I can attest, it shuts down with a power outage.
  8. And, I thought I was the only one with this ailment. I see an album in a thread at audiophilesstyle.com and look it up on allmusic.com or iTunes. If it appeals to me, I purchase it. Sometimes I find I already have the album and have not played it in a year or two. Many times, I enjoy the artist and decide to create a playlist, allmusic.com and iTunes Essentials have great suggestions for playlist(s). This leads me to purchase even more iTunes or Amazon songs. Finally, on Sunday, Facebook had a salute to Miles Davis Birth of the Cool. That lead me to watch the movie Miles Ahead, not a great movie, I had most of his songs in the soundtrack, but purchased it anyways, My collection continues to grow.
  9. My all time favorite album cover. I had the poster in my dorm room and my house for 30 years. You have to really study the artwork.
  10. A crazy, dangerous, genius according to those in the industry at the time. This is the 60th anniversary of Kind of Blue, one of his greatest accomplishments.
  11. Here is another of his classics for you to like in the evening.
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