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  1. I needed some upbeat smooth jazz this evening and a nice glass of Merlot
  2. Did you use an old iTunes library for your new library?
  3. I was wishing Doug Adams would chime in here with some insights. Maybe this has overwhelmed him also?
  4. I tried your cut and paste tactic. I cut the artwork from the album and from the individual songs. When I went back, the artwork had reappeared? Not sure why?
  5. I discovered Doug's app. I have been using it with my albums (3004 of them) since Sunday morning. Most of the albums respond to the re-embed artwork, some do not. I will try your cut and paste to see if the ones respond to that. I select the album songs and run the app. As I sid most of the time this works. Every so often it does not. The app runs and quits before the Music App displays the album artwork This happens on a one track or multi track album. Twice when there was no album artwork showing and I went back to album view, the artwork appeared. That was strange. I wish there was a way to get an error report about why the artwork did not re-embed. Thanks
  6. Ever song I checked has album artwork in the file information. Yet, in album view, song list view, and playlist there is no artwork shown.
  7. The three new songs and the four previous songs were filed in two different folders by the iTunes Store. The new files were listed as a compilation and I changed that and the program merged the two files. No more album artwork for the new songs.
  8. This morning I purchased the remainder of an album. When I looked for the album in the recently added collection, the album artwork was showing. When I merged the new files with the old files, the album artwork was missing.
  9. Kirk Here is a reply I found in the iTunes support community: "This is a bug in Catalina and iOS. There is nothing you can do. If you Google the issue you will come across a number of workarounds, all with varying degrees of success. This bug no longer has a chance at being fixed, since it was never a show-stopping bug, and the time window for Catalina refinements has long passed, as we move into the cycle of the next OS release by Apple. Based on the history of Agile development practices at Apple, this bug will be carried over into all future releases of Apple Music apps, until they are replaced by a new app, like Music replaced iTunes, since the code where the bug is will not be revisited unless a security flaw is exploited in that specific area of the code base."
  10. I purchased a new Mac Mini (with Catalina) and moved my Music Library to it from the old Mac Mini also Catalina. The album artwork is not showing on the new but does show on the old. I have closed Music. I have restarted the new Mini. I have go to file/library/get album artwork . None of this worked, still no artwork displayed. When I go to songs and get info for that song, the album artwork is there. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks
  11. I got it and understood where you were coming from. My youth was misspent on many youthful misadventures, most of which I have to keep to myself until my three best friends are dead. We've been together since 3rd grade. We still share our music taste. One of the kids I raised became the drum major for Gramblng Univ. and is a music teacher. We did a lot of traveling with the band, most folks stayed in the stadium for the band. He has worked with me on listening to the music I love. Thanks
  12. I was not dis ing Motown. Early Motown Review bus would come to Boston once a year. I traveled to NYC for the Apollo experience, including James Brown, Funkadelics and Earth Wind and Fire shows. I say all that to reinforce that I was not listening to the music, strange that 65 years later and I still remember the words. But now I am starting to listen to the music. And I do have the movie in my collection. Life has been good with the music soundtrack.
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