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  1. I think it would be a good time as a refresher to revsit music players, from a reliability, ease of use and SQ. Too many of them are written by the single person, who either gives up and is swamped by questions/demands, or in the case of a company, this is what you get, kind of thing.
  2. If you're brave, there are many players out there, a topic here discusses in some detail. Yes players do sound different, even though they play bit perfect, or try to. The major drama seems to be the volume control and implementation, just set at 100% and use the amplifier's volume, my suggestion. For a whim, Musicbee is working on the office computer, has ASIO support and can play from memory. It sounds actually 'OK', which means for me it doesn't sound muffled. It's a local/desktop player only, no DLNA just yet. Subjective comparison of Software Music Player - General Forum
  3. I wish I could compare HQPlayer with other player software, it's not plausible now. I use Ethernet direct from the Music Server PC to a Lumin renderer via EtherRegen. HQPlayer can transmit over the network to another computer with their own renderer software (NAA-right?) and from there, USB, AES3, coax etc. to a DAC locally. That means the endpoint can only be a computer or a device connected locally, not over the network. I have tried, many times, to use a PC locally to the audio system. Mainly due to failing of isolation of the crud from PC on the AC side (as well as output) PC's are banned
  4. That means it doesn't work at all. Did you try and remove IPV6 from the NICs?
  5. The main reason for the suggestion to install Foobar2000 is for functionality only, just to make the XE work to the DAC. It's easy to install and add a few tracks to get going for testing. As far as which music player sounds best without the steep learning curve, debugging, quirk acceptance, I've yet to find such an application that satisfies to tick all the boxes.
  6. Hey, some good work there in cleaning excess crud from the Gold contacts. You should now have a new USB HUB , with four ports IIRC, since two are real and the others are phantoms. Can't help you HQPLAYER or the remote tablet, but try maybe foobar2000 to prove the XE card is working OK.
  7. Will wait for Marcin then, the card doesn't appear in device manager is not a good sign. Tried it in another computer?
  8. I've had this problem occasionally with both Jcat usb and net versions with an external supply. Sometimes the external psu goes out and it messes with the JCAT if it's on. Not to put the OP in a bad light, please check the polarity of the connection with a meter. Centre is +5V to the outer. Dumb things can happen. Not 5.6V, 4.3V but either 4.999 or 5.001 is what I would deem acceptable. Switch off the PC, and pull out its AC cable. Make sure the jumpers are set for external power source. Wait. Energise the 5V supply to the JCAT. Wait. Connect t
  9. Yes, the word bovver is from an accented pronunciation of bother, "Guv, ya lookin' to cause 'bovver?'"
  10. Thanks for the note. I wish it was simpler, the install of MiniMserver was default, other than to add the license in, and to advise where the media files are, that's it as far as the install went. Much pi$$ing about was with Java, and letting that through the firewall, since each version of Java has a different folder for the version. The sooner Minimserver removes that overhead, the better. Since the slow to index is shown at the Lumin end, that's where the fault is? In any case, to record the settings, screen shots, and document the problem is, to me, a lot of work, for something t
  11. Updates to listening mechanisms. Yes, IPV6 switched off improves the actual on time of Minimserver. However all is not good with Minimserver and the iOS Lumin app even before the current drama. To add *two* albums took close to 3 hours to add, this is update music library. Rescan Minimserver takes only a few seconds, but dragging the albums in is another story. Had enough of the BS. Minimserver is stood down. For fun, installed fidata, thank goodness it's free, it can only select artists from AAA to ED, that's it. Can't find any more. Useless, not recommended. I do have
  12. Whole house surge protection at the main panel is a good idea. It's benign 99% of the time, doesn't affect audio, and lasts for years. When a high voltage spike enters the house from the street, the spike is absorbed by the protector and conducted in a control manner to ground. Depends on the rating, but 6kV is the common max limit and presumes the fault is due to switching transients or power authority goof ups. If lightning protection is desired, that's a whole different concept again.
  13. @Zaphod Beeblebrox, cool the component for foobar is available, can't recall many people running Foobar2000, perhaps in 2009, but haven't listened to it since. Looking through the notes on PGGB-RT, mentions that it can't decode DSD on the fly, the offline version is better for that, that's fine, but playback is then only PCM, that's kind of sad. Today I listened to Marian McPartland "Silent Pool". There's two versions in the library, a 88.2 PCM from HD Tracks and the SACD as an iso ripped to 2.8 DSF. The PCM was OK to listen to was kind of tired the first few tracks, the DSF on the
  14. Whenever I used the NAS just for storage of music files, the sound wasn't the best, was gritty the best explanation. Operationally, NAS use detracted from playing music and became a chore, such as backups, providing a UPS, frequent updates, very long boot up times. No thanks, done with it.
  15. Updates Lumin App on Android. Oh, what a bother, takes about 10s to boot up, screen is not populated. Finds Minimserver library, but not the U1. Vanishes from the screen, phone goes to home page. Try again, still can't find U1. iOS iPad was the last controller, works fine. Android phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Model SM-N976B, Android Version 11, security level July-01-2021. Minimwatch- Every now and again minimwatch would go grey. Switched off IPV6 protocol on client machines and Server. Now is behaving better. Adding new albums: Still taking t
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