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  1. One and a half

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    The opening of the original Downtown is hiss city, the demo tanks the hiss, well done. Petula's voice on the original is covered in mire, as opposed to a remarkable very clear distinction, and a little bit more reverb without the 44 gallon drum effect. Nice dynamics, wow, there's drums. The vocals overall convey the song with more vigour (more dynamics s'pose). Compared the SACD out of Hong Kong, and it sounds cleaner than the original, but not much, probably the same master, just transferred, but they have done some work, but it's not as good as the demo though. Level match between the SACD was a hit and miss not scientific, so tried various levels down, still the demo comes out on top. Now this is from a humble laptop soundcard and Sony MDR-Z7. Will transfer to the main system with HD800S/820 as soon as I can and compare Carpenters.
  2. One and a half

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    I had this topic on ignore as the quarrels started to mount, but reviewed and found @John Dyson‘s posts very commendable and even better has a solution. Right, for ABBA, and quite a few CDs from that era, the bass was wrong, does it exist? There’s the debate on phase polarity being wrong, wrong RIAA curve applied. Now this kind of audio engineering accounting driven mediocrity makes a lot of sense. Very keen to listen to the samples with the Dolby A decoding at the end of this flight. Even the consumer Dolby C was too bright to listen to without flicking the switch on cassettes, Dolby A decoding should bring this back and jerk the accountants. Im also very keen how @John Dyson software can be integrated into existing players such as Roon. Perhaps a meta data switch from the file to trigger a plugin , probably early days yet. There are hundreds, thousands of titles that the lack of decoding applies to, but the loudness wars titles would have to be clawed back to the beginning. Would SACD releases have the same problem? My purchases for SACD are sourced from Japan, and did find the Carpenters compilation album a little on the thin side, but Karen’s voice still sends the chills down the spine. Please keep the dialog going, fascinating concept.
  3. One and a half

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    @johanlarsen With a CD player the mechanical aspects of the turntable are just as important as the pickup , internal Dac. The big plus is the signal lines are very short, compared to a computer audio system where the transmission lines are astronomical in comparison. Each component in the signal line has to degrade the quality of the signal by adding noise of itself and from other components. One part of the solution is to isolate and to reduce the additional devices from the source to a minimum to the DAC. After a very long time of probing and trying many and spending far too much, I found the Ethernet streamer direct to DAC is so close to the CD player, I don’t have to choose one over the other over SQ. The NUC approach has me bewildered somewhat since the output is USB. Avoiding that media should be on your thoughts.
  4. One and a half

    Article: The Best Version Of… Steely Dan’s Aja

    @JoshM, long time Steely Dan fan here, and I really appreciate the detail of the provenance of the digital media for Aja. Now if only these notes would come from the label in the first place, they are so shy about such matters when you really want them to, especially for digital downloads, then again we have MQA for that, well no. If you're considering other albums for the series , could you cast your eye over Supertramp 'Crime of the Century', the dynamics on that recording are still vivid today. I play the MFSL version regularly, and life's good!
  5. One and a half

    Looking for a DSD sound card

    If it ditched the RGB light show altogether and added a mini XLR analog in and mini XLR digital out I would buy one. Noise is then differential.
  6. One and a half

    Article: The Best Version Of… Steely Dan’s Aja

    Well, the first part of the post is fine, but the quoted text above is insulting drivel and illegal as @diecaster pointed out. Don't care for your comment on wordy, just doesn't belong. Honestly.
  7. Thanks Bob for the great effort to post the install. Takes a lot of the mystery out of the equation. One possible ask is from @computeraudiophile to allow edits as time goes on
  8. One and a half

    Furutech FI-68 - IEC connector and power filter

    Right, the way these filters work as I was told is that the frequency is reflected back to the source and doesn’t pass the boundary. So the device making noise will still be doing that , but won’t infect other devices in parallel, we’ll up to the filter’s spec.
  9. One and a half

    Furutech FI-68 - IEC connector and power filter

    The schematic on the filter is typical of any standard EMC filter consisting of cap front end , differential chokes and a series output cap centre connected to earth. It would have to be Class B for domestic as a minimum. 100khz reduction is quoted at 8db, 500khz by 14db and at 10Mhz > 30db these figures aren’t too bad at all. There is a spec for this device, you are far too dismissive @Speedskater And @sandyk. http://www.furutech.com/2015/08/18/11637/
  10. One and a half

    Will Rafe Arnott of AudioStream allow my comment?

    Your problem, don't involve us please.
  11. One and a half

    CD players are back ?

    There are still a few being made for the top tier players from Japan where SACD holds its own. Esoteric, Accuphase, Denon and Yamaha feature their own designed drives and 'turntables' for their CD/SACD players. If I've missed a couple, not a real issue, but the rest use OEM pressed metal jobs, mainly found in BD drives. BD drive may play movies well, but are lousy at CD. While I had the Mutec MC-3+USB, the output of a cheap BD drive could be improved by reclocking the S/PDIF through the Mutec, worked well, not enough as a keeper though.
  12. One and a half

    A case of the jitters

    Here are the two flac files opened in Soundforge. Spot the difference quiz on the waveform. The spectrum analysis reveals the problem. UR242 Tascam The clocking could use some work. So what to choose, a jittery output and expensive external clock, or an expensive clock built in. Would be good to sample music through both devices.
  13. Roon does a VERY great job of converting DSD to PCM, dare I say, a DSD capable DAC is not warranted. Since my DSD DAC failed, for the last months being listening to S/PDIF in a few variations and I don't miss the DSD native. I'd say about 40% of my library is DSD, so it's important to have a method to play that content. That opens up a wide choice of DAC. Apart from Playback Designs, EMM, DCS and PS AUDIO, DSD playback is an also ran, and the bare minimum of effort is applied to make this happen.
  14. One and a half

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Thank goodness for 1 or 2 on the whole planet. Your lower photo looks decidedly worse, what are you on?
  15. One and a half

    A case of the jitters

    what does it sound like to you, like a dog barking, rough, ruff?