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  1. Yes, the 'squared' version of Tea for the Tillerman is out. The 11 songs are re-recorded, obviously different production/arrangements, louder than the original is one stand out. Listening to the squared version is well, 50 years on, this sounds politically correct and normalised cover version, both technically and musically. Wild Word is a radically different song... On it's own if you haven't heard the original, it's not bad. The original is a lot better, more punch delivered at the right time. Out from September 18, 2020
  2. I have an Onkyo T-4070 mutlifunction Tuner, same family as the 8270 s'pse. It accepts a DLNA Server input from Jriver26. Doesn't have to be Jriver, any DLNA server will do, Jriver is working & can play regular flac/wav tracks as well as from CD Drives. My computer name was recognised by the Tuner, since Jriver is setup to perform that function for videos. That's another drama on its own, Jriver is quite hopeless/inept/unreliable to provide a Miracast solution over the network.... It's possible to play ripped tracks (FLAC/WAV) to a certain sample rate with the Tuner, so no real
  3. Let's not beat about the bush here, Roon has the target on Aqua. Took a screen shot in case circumstances change. Aqua claim that their LinQ can work with Roon, uncertified, aka "I'm not paying for the royalties to Roon". Link also here, impressive engineering, must say.
  4. Weird. No cover art in V26, but MP3Tag shows embedded artwork. Clear as a bell. The 'other' is a reference to the type of cover, Front, rear etc. By other maybe it's not defined, Jriver having difficulty.
  5. Well, sort of. It's not possible to listen to Excel or Word files, so if there are a few pixels missing, who's to know. Digital audio files include parasitic crud from the computer playback system which is free but no one wants. The crud can and does significantly affect sound-stage dimensions most noticeably height, in my system(s) anyway.
  6. The ipad can browse the internet via wi fi? If yes, then maybe the Lumin app is broken. Remove it and re-install. Its possible that the D1 and ipad are different versions, Lumin is always set for DHCP, from the description the device looks OK.
  7. Of consideration is AC induced hash, but DC , that's an offset built in.
  8. No I haven't seen the post on the dual processor and passive cooling, thanks for posting It's a pity the top CPU isn't at the same distance from the wall as the bottom CPU, the extra length pipes aid the cooling. Nice job, I know how difficult it is to bend little pipes.
  9. @sandyk and I have differences now again with perception on files, but we do have an agreement on a simple method inside a PC which provides quite an audible uptick in SQ. There's less noise generated between the hard drives, mobo and the PC's PSU case, the SQ is clearer, lifting the soundstage. The effort is minimal with the result quite a surprise! The Music Server I use is a standard Supermicro case for audio serving only. There's a JCAT NET Femto wired directly to a Lumin U1. The PC has a standard ATX supply, Noctua Fan, and plenty of other bog standard type features found
  10. I would be interested on your thoughts on how to use passive cooling for a twin XEON pc, perhaps another thread.
  11. Nice system! Total agreement to put macmini to pasture. Not so much agreement with DSD1024. After some time, the upsampling was tiring to listen to, far better to play files as is, anyway. There's a theory where high sample rates introduces brightness caused by noise as a mask for clarity.... To this end, and especially for redbook, some dacs excel at this sample rate , a good indication that it can work at higher rates with equal performance. IIS is a VERY short distance transmission like 3 inches, the rest is a form of LVDS with so many dizzying variation
  12. By transmission of digital signals includes the source interface (USB, Ethernet), tortuous path of various reclocker/fixers, cables and power supplies to drive them all. It's difficult to argue the point where the source has infinite sample rate of an AC voltage over a (relatively short) distance). It's easy to generalise though, there are exceptions everywhere.
  13. I thought that after ditching my vinyl collection in the mid 80's, problem was apart from a wipe before playing, that's all I did. Records need to be cleaned, and they don't suffer the funny noises. My gets my goat are new LPs out of the sleeve that are covered in crap at the factory and the crappy paper sleeves that leach fibres into the grooves. This bad habit is narrowed down to EU origin, isn't there a Czech plant. There's no problem with MFSL, Decca releases, well so far. As far as electrical interference is concerned, cabling and proximity need attention and this works. I don
  14. Naww, it's 80's horrid drum machines.... sound bad any time, hopefully all of these are now deceased along with Betamax and VHS video, Laserdisc, composite 240 line video.....
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