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  1. Which goes to prove that using 'raw' USB from a desktop/server/laptop should not be used. Although I don't use the Femto USB board everyday now, it was a no brainer to install the JCAT net Femto for Ethernet with similar results.
  2. If ever there was a question loaded with snobbery behind it, then this it. Coming from the bottom of the barrel, this is rich, huh?
  3. Once again you’re out of your depth and you name audiophiles ignorant. Semiconductors that generate HF due to operations, like any other circuit, return the current to the source, in a computer the ground plane, 0V. Show me the data, hahaha, will a simple battery and light bulb circuit do ? Lasagne had better advice for you Ralfee Babee.
  4. Gee I couldn’t live a day without a vital link in the chain missing, let alone several weeks in the hands of a stranger. Agree with @Superdad comment about the $150 dac, although as an Ethernet streamer, the USB is out of the equation as ASR can’t measure effects of Ethernet transmission, come to think of it, can’t measure USB effects either, lmao.
  5. In early 2013, I bought the Audeze LCD-3. Sounded terrific, but far too heavy on the head. Persisted for a time, then enough was enough, especially in the summer, and bought Sennheiser HD800S, pretty happy with them. So the LCD-3 sat in a cupboard for some years until this year, took them out for a spin and condition check. The Left channel wasn't working, debugged cabling, but turned out the left driver was damaged. Online price to repair were more than half of the cost of the headphone. If just having them stored caused the driver to fail, then would a replacement fail again or the other side fail shortly thereafter? An online search revealed the problem was very common. The best day was to throw the LCD-3 in the trash, begone. Never again an Audeze to buy. Kept the Pelican case though and the foam to store HP cables, connectors, very handy!
  6. We need Dolby Atmos for 2Ch much the same as MQA and holes in the head. Dolby Audio hardly raised an eyebrow, and Atmos will succeed? Still thinking of all the other Dolby products A, B, C, S, did they use up the alphabet and ended up where? Here they are again with Atmos, what's the minimum channel count, 14 something? I only have two ears. I hope someone can invent an Atmos and MQA encoder in the one box, thus avoiding having to plug and unplug DACs.. At least we have a wider choice now PCM, DSD, Atmos, MQA.
  7. One would question whether streaming as it is now with MP3/AAC is making any money with all the millions of subscriptions and equally large user base. Streaming consistently loses money, just don't understand how these companies can survive, with just promises of coming good. Look, good luck to Amazon HD/Ultra HD, but the demand for lossless streaming or even downloads is just not there from Mr/Mrs/Miss J. Public. Might be showing my age here, but very little modern pop music interests me, used to ,but now it sounds too much the same, ergo content is a large part of it, the large reason why I dumped Tidal, the front intro page was usually kack. In 2002 Norah Jones, Come Away with Me. That album appealed to a very wide audience, and still sells well on the Super Hirez, hasn't dropped out of the top 5 for years now. So where's the next Come Away with Me?
  8. It’s far too early in the piece to be excited by Amazon HD. Apart from a browser , how to listen, on the preferred hardware? I see Rotel there what do they offer that’s tangible. Will other hardware vendors sound better/worse. With streaming services, where’s the provenance mentioned, a sticky question answered by crickets. If there are no downloads, then streaming will sound like all the other streaming services that don’t make any money, flat dull and lifeless. So where’s Roon and Audirvana to manage the service. LOL , just 500 items on the playlist? Anyways, the same can come for Apple, if they ever get their act together on Hires. BTW, the hires logo on Amazon is not the same adopted by Japan, ah must be faux hires. No doubting the audio industry, if there’s a way to confuse the public, their job will never end, very good at going in all directions.
  9. Sound card emulation for retro games is not that seamless to transfer, especially with quite a few platforms in the day, Sega, NS, SNES, let alone all the Creative SB. The DAC under discussion is engineered with these protocols and interfaces in mind, so hopefully it will live up to the claims. BTW Sega is kicking off a MegaDrive (Genesis) September 2019 with 42 of the original games built into the one console, complete with original style hand controllers, HDMI out.
  10. Like Audioquest , Kimber have a bewildering array of cables, in one series seems to be good better best extreme and the seven layers of each of these. Each one more $ than the other, far too much choice of the same theme, so no choice makes sense 😁. i built the classic in the 80’s from 16 gauge PTFE and WBT plugs, worked out reasonably well, but best results were with a screened PTFE 2 core RCA.
  11. Oh another one to jump on the ignorance bandwagon, don't show yourself to be like @The_K-Man.
  12. OK, then please put forth your proposal to remove currents caused by parasitic capacitive junctions between gates and the case of every semiconductor from diodes, IC, FETs, switching FETs especially high power ones.
  13. A couple? Try a couple thousand, but who's counting. It's obvious from the mockery from the usual posters, that this topic is far too audiophile for them and not interested in appreciating the music that's on vinyl. @The Computer Audiophile, as the OP of this thread I wish it closed.
  14. Please refer to the snideness in post #121 and 124. If I have to spell out specific examples of stifling free speech, then you have a different opinion of what can clamp conversation to a nil.
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