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  1. Sorry, I haven't listened to either of suggested mentioned amps for years, so cannot comment from an SQ perspective.
  2. The Adcom was very good at current delivery to the speaker, with fairly low ohms on the speaker, to find such an amp these days is somewhat difficult, since the adoption of Class D has set the pace to an irreversible doom. The other amp of its kind was the Citation series, these are also gone now, although Electrocompaniet has carried on that tradition in their power amp line, have a look at AW250R, can deliver 100A peak, so should be very stable below 2 ohms. An alternative are the Accuphase amps, they can deliver to 1 ohm, but beyond the price limit. Yam
  3. Wow, ok, the DX has affected the integrity on the input to the M1. I thought that possibly the buffer settings on the network adapter in the M1 could be adjusted, but the settings in my M1 nic also are only basic , the advanced settings are laughable. Surely should be possible to find the nic buffer settings, maybe Macos aficionados can help here. For my music server settings, the Nic buffers are wound high to 512kb for an Intel on a JCAT NET FEMTO, but that server is under Windows LTSC, where settings are to hand. Good to see that the buffer settings were cleared by
  4. Agreed, let the DAC process the data as is, been listening years now 'as is' after abandoning HQPlayer's and Roon's upsampling processes.
  5. I read all this and wonder why vinyl made a comeback the way it has. Half full is true, modestly put, half assed a better description. Will give it some time, there's ios15 or 19 to look forward too.
  6. Ticks are usually due to starving buffers in the music player. I haven't used HQPlayer for a while, but there are settings that can increase the buffer and should remove the ticks. Can also be due to aggressive USB audiophile type cables, which have too much capacitance, that can also affect playback more severely, like dropout, or white noise.
  7. I hope the pops weren't there always.... Suggest to move one pair between the NAS and the router away from the output of the Mac mini and sms 100. Reason being there could be adverse reaction there.
  8. As a bonus, quite often the artist will release a hi res version on WAV only at Bandcamp. There's nothing in the description of the download that points to a hires version. Typical example is Jazz Sabbath, the flac is redbook, the wav is 88.2 IIRC. It's a little more work to make the flac yourself with the right tools to set the metadata, no biggie. I always now download the wav.
  9. I like the intimacy of the small group for this release. As with most Patricia Barber albums, it needs for me to listen to a few times to absorb the details and nuances. From a creative performance perspective, just right for night time listening. For the DSD128 download, technically I've heard better sound staging from 48/24 or even Redbook releases. After all these years of 8' pianos, we still have them. After the first two tracks the hi hat appears in the left, and doesn't travel from centre to the left for example. Percussion is too hard right speaker, why not half way centre t
  10. Yes, allows bridge node to connect to the main network and an audio endpoint like a renderer . The router can assign a fixed IP to one port's MAC address, the other is DHCP. The renderer needs to be connected to the network for remote control purposes. You could add another router to do that, but introduces a very noisy piece of IT gear where it isn't wanted. Net card is about essential for a music server.
  11. After the ER was cooking for 14 days on regular IT duty as a switch from new with lots of traffic, while still hot was installed into the audio chain. The difference was significant enough to leave the ER in and not bother with further AB tests.
  12. The time it takes for the EtherRegen to break in minimum.
  13. I totally forgot the order on Acoustic Sounds for this 6 record set placed in November 2020 and finally arrived in May 2021. Wherever Sony dug up the original tapes for this set, did a great job of preservation, the crispness is really something worth listening to. Comparing to digital which is usually butchered, the Vinyl is better by 20-30%. Surface noise is small and not noticeable. My only complaint is the plastic that is melded to the paper sleeve provides a lot of opposition to remove the record, and any micro paper deposits can leave scratches on the disc.
  14. When the DX filters are fitted inline with the source, whether it from a switch or router to the audio end (start) point, is a good place to start. With a few spare DX 10 pack left over, I added these to the router, so all three Ethernet cables in and out of the router have DX filters. Cable Modem ----DX-------> Router in Router out 1 ----DX -----> JCAT NET FEMTO 1 JCAT NET FEMTO 2---DX-- 25m CAT5e ---> EtherRegen A | B-
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