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  1. Very surprised that several contemporary artists changing the genre for the better have not been mentioned. The Highwomen album (Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires) was one of the stand out albums last year. Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, and Sturgill Simpson are each stand out artists. They are the face and sound of the future.
  2. I had a 2011 Mac Mini until this year running Audirvana/UpTone Regen into a DAC. With every update of the MacOS and in turn update of Audirvana it felt like I was rolling the dice on the system updates being stable without glitches that would cripple Audirvana. While I never had any major issues and Audirvana was a workhorse providing stellar quality, I knew that this was not a purpose built system for Audio. Every time I heard purpose built components there was no comparison. I stepped into an Aurender N100H this year and I am more than pleased. Very simple to manage, great app interface, solid sonic performance above my Mini that I attempted to prop up. I say make the jump!!
  3. Criminal that I found only one other mention of Jazzmeia Horn here on the site. Not saying she is a Cecile McLorin Salvant but absolutely deserves a listen. Very talented and stands up to accolades of winning a Monk award. Check her out!
  4. @The Computer Audiophile I would be curious if a parenthesis "(" has a different implementation than a bracket "[" with the metadata. Aurender seems to use bracket to prioritize music folders on the conductor app when the [folder name] is used. Wonder if that carries some property down to the file name level.
  5. Happened upon this 2019 release on Mack Avenue. Julian continues to set a high standard.
  6. Music is a beautiful thing. Checking out Walter Smith III's twitter lead me to a Nov 2019 debut by bassist Harish Raghavan (yes yes) then leads me Harish playing bass with this unknown to me (plus drumbrownie for the win). This is how you find new music
  7. @Domeniss Check out his duo record with Chris Eldridge from Punch Brothers. Mount Royal. Excellent album.
  8. A question on back up compatibility. I am backing up my Aurender via my Macbook Pro using Sync Folders Pro to an external pair of WD Hard Drives. I have a cloud plan also but will save that for another day. I first need to reformat the drive that will hold the clone. What is the best format to use for the back up drive? Should I reformat to Apple File System (APFS) or Mac OS Extended. I think the right answer is the former. Just want to make sure that there is no compatibility issue. Thanks!
  9. Conductor app will never be ROON even if they add lyrics. ROON is a much deeper, immersive experience for the user.
  10. Yeah I am digital. Aurender N100H to Benchmark DAC2 L to Peachtree P220 amp and Martin Logal. I only have vinyl rips. From the rips I have, I would only say not all vinyl is created equal, and care must be taken on the rips to capture the range. All of the artists above I have lossless digital. The 24/96 Aaron Diehl Bespoke Man's Narrative BUT Akinusire's 16/44 When the Heart Emerges is pretty damn good as is.
  11. Looks good to me, I like it. Any changes under the hood that I should notice other than the visual refresh? Thanks!
  12. Maybe try YATE to edit the metadata.
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