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  1. Gonna check this out, some great musicians here for sure. Some of my favorites. Todd Whitelock mixed and mastered a couple of Cecile McLorin Salvant's GRAMMY winning albums and also recorded McBride's album at the Vanguard. Might have done Aaron Diehl's Bespoke Man's Narrative also........dude is good on the board.
  2. @Quadiffusor HK I think that I would probably agree with you on having the ability to favorite entire albums, but I would speculate that the reason it does not work this way has to deal with the database structure. I went about setting up a subgroup of favorites as suggested by Ari, and it worked out giving me the sub-group that I desired. Removing that last "star" if you want to un-rank a song is indeed pretty tricky in the app.
  3. If you dig Melissa, check out Joel Ross who plays vibes on Melissa's album. His Blue Note release, Kingmaker, is excellent.
  4. Bit of a good bye and also a thank you to Damien for A+. I have replaced my Mac Mini with an Aurender, but this forum has been super helpful over the years. I have been an Audirvana user going back to the skeuomorphic design, into v 2.0, v 3.0, and now the 3.5 design. I learned a lot over here about how iZotope works from @Jud and @Superdad as they tested the engine. I will still keep up with how things develop with the product from time to time, but I have more than gotten my money's worth several times over. I will say that if you are thinking about swapping over to a purpose built audio streamer or server, it's worth it.
  5. While I love the idea of a spot like this to chill, I fear that it would serve a very distracted crowd more often than not at least in the US. The venues and shows that you can attend where the artist has the sole attention of the audience are few and rate at least in Houston. Listening is often a forgotten skill.
  6. Shout out and thanks to those posting here for the guidance as you can now count me with the N100H owners. I appreciate the information and the reviews on this thread. I have long been over due to retire my 2012 Mac Mini / A+ combo, although Audirvana has really served me well. I have known for a long time that I needed to move to a purpose built machine with a lower noise floor and no concern for transition between OS versions. So now we sit in my home office loading files..... @rwwjr44 thanks for the reply. I take your reply to mean that to create a grouping or mini library of "Favorite" albums, just make each one of those albums its own playlist. Let me know if I interpreted that correctly.
  7. Does the Conductor App have the capability to set "Favorite" albums as a group for content stored locally on the Aurender hard drive?
  8. This was great and thanks. How many misguided political campaigns have we seen co-opting Springsteen or Neil Young? Somehow those campaign managers never listen to the lyrics. The Houston Texans rally around "Bulls on Parade." Really? Tom is genius and reaches people in the same way that Chuck D did. Very intellectual and thought out. One of the best of our time also. Gotta shout out Trent Reznor also here. "Anger is a gift" Why yes it is.
  9. I have been a very long time fan of the Marsalis family, particularly Branford because he has always been a no BS, tell it like it is guy. Super direct with no pretense. Interesting read over on Stereophile on his new group and his thoughts on some modern artists. I personally see the tradition in good hands with great artists like McBride/Salvant/Redman/Mehldau/Joey Alexander/Diehl/Akinmusire and so many more inclusive of everybody playing with those artists. I would love to know who he refers to as the guys "playing the modern stuff." Maybe The Bad Plus and those contemporary artists similar? Would be a great conversation over a beer. https://www.stereophile.com/content/branford-marsalis-listening-sonic-ears
  10. I think I read this to be a music only app, so the movies/TV would be in their own app. Re: the sync to devices it seems like they want an ecosystem where your device syncs directly to the crowd and you don't need a laptop/desktop in order to manage devices. I would guess that most walk out of a store with their phone and never tether them.
  11. I am ok with the interface provided, but every time that I expand that window Audirvana locks up. It's not a crash, but the program becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks and I have to restart it.
  12. I hope my description was correct, not a pro at the network stuff. As I plan for a music server, I need an ethernet port in my audio room for the server. Unfortunately my Netgear R7000 (AC 1900) router is on a different floor. I think that I could buy another R7000 and run it in bridge mode, but is there another solution with a smaller footprint that would be compatible and also cost less than the new router - $150. Just don't want to purchase the wrong component. In the end, I would desire the functionality of the Netgear Orbi mesh systems. Thanks.
  13. Joel Ross - vibe player from Chicago. Excellent album.
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