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  1. Available as a flac download at his site. I found Giveton Gelin through a review posted by Nate Chinen. The influence of Roy Hargrove is undeniable. Toss him $9.00 and enjoy!
  2. New EP from Aoife O'Donovan out this week, Bullfrogs Croon. The main suite of three songs are based on a poem that she was commissioned to translate into song.
  3. Sorry if this question has been addressed but I have not been an owner for all that long. Is there a software/product path for a web or mobile interface for the Aurender family of units? Will it always be iOS tablet? Thanks.
  4. With Ellis Marsalis passing this week, I went back to listen to the 1996 duet with his son Branford, Loved Ones. A collection of songs with women's names in the titles. This album really stands the test of time and is just as enjoyable today.
  5. Just wanted to offer that some musicians are getting some good music out there. The spring into the summer is bright with some talented artist with new albums. Bob Reynolds - April 2 Aiofa O’Donovan - April 17 (EP out now for streaming, Bullfrogs Croon) Taylor Eigsti - May 1 Goat Rodeo Sessions - May 1 Norah Jones - May 8 Little Big (Aaron Parks) - May 8 In Common II - May 15 Jason Isbell - May 15 Sarah Jarosz - June 5 Gerald Clayton - June 2020 Redman, Mehldau, McBride, Blade - July 10
  6. I am all in on music during these times. I am an Aurender user so I don't have Roon. I do enjoy having my laptop handy while listening to do Roon like research on artists. I recently found Chris Dingman via Sasha Berliner who is a peer of hers. Just glancing at Chris's recordings it became a no brainer for me to buy his stuff (his albums feature Linda May Han Oh, Ambrose Akinmusire, Fabian Almazan, and Justin Brown. I love all of them). Just take some time to see who your favorite musicians are either listening to, or performing with. Pull that thread and explore. With a lot
  7. I just discovered vibraphone player Chris Dingman. You can get his entire catalogue on Bandcamp. https://chrisdingman.bandcamp.com/ All three of his albums are very good. Waking Dreams features a really solid line up with familiar names Ambrose Akinmusire – trumpet, Loren Stillman – saxophones, Fabian Almazan – piano, Joe Sanders – bass, Justin Brown – drums, Chris Dingman – vibraphone. The Subliminal and Sublime brings in Linda May Han Oh on bass. The most recent album is Embrace. Give them a quick stream and if you like what you hear, all three are a no brainer to p
  8. I need to keep chipping away at this podcast. I actually skipped over the BK as they are not fully my cup of tea. Will add it to the queue on your recommendation. Some really good discussions here.
  9. The Broken Record Podcast is wonderful, and I think that many that connect with music and creativity like what is being presented in the Soundbreaking series would enjoy this pod. I am still working through it, but the Booker T and Andre 3000 episodes are great. Questlove also.
  10. Thank you very much for this addition. Honestly, the bickering really made step back for a while. I am here for the music. The sweet, sweet music. The gear is only a means to that end. When the opinions and facts start flying, I think all would be best served by just....maybe go listen to some music.
  11. Indeed, awards are very subjective and not the end all measure. I kind of always took the the "continuum" album art to either be a visual to link that title to a "continuous" circle, or ouroboros maybe. Cheers!
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