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Audio System

Audio System
Edited 2020-05-09


Main Listening System


Self built Music Server, commissioned March 24, 2018 120V AC powered
    Supermicro X10SAT-O Motherboard ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150
    Intel Xeon S1150 E3-1220V3 3.1GHz Quad Core CPU
    8GB KIT 4 x 4GB DIMM DDR3 ECC Unbuffered PC3-12800 1600MHz 1600 MHz Ram Memory by CENTERNEX
    Noctua NH-D9L Dual Tower CPU Cooler for Intel LGA 2011-0/LGA 2011-3 Square ILM/1156/1155/1150 and AMD                    AM2/AM2+/AM3/3+,FM1/2
    250GB Samsung 2.5" 850 EVO Series SATA 6Gb/s SSD Drive P/N MZ-75E250BW

    10TB WD Gold Enterprise drive music Files
    JCAT NET FEMTO (with Kingrex PSU MK-2 5V linear PSU)
    Supermicro SuperChassis 900W Mid-Tower Sever P/N CSE-732D4-903B c/w 900W ATX power supply
    Earth bonding to SSD, JCAT, mobo with AA59569F36T0062 Formerly QQ-B-575 Tinned Copper Flat Braid (QQB575F36T0062)
    Windows 2016 Server
    Roon 1.7 core

Experimental software
    (Fidelizer 8.3 Pro)
    - On hold now for several months. Couldn't make out a difference with Fidelizer running
    HQPlayer 13.x (standby)
    - The NAA software doesn't work with a networked streamer in the Lumin U1, so that's the end of HQPlayer for now.


Software for the library management

    MP3 Tag Metadata Manager
    Medieval CUE Ripper Splits those long FLAC files
    Teracopy Supercopy from drives to drives
    Beyond Compare Backup and verification 
    Sound Forge 12 for SRC hires to redbook and when Cue Ripper fails
    db Poweramp R17 Ripper and convert WAV and FLAC to uncompressed FLAC
    RealVNC - VNC Connect Remote control of servers
    Jriver 2x, Weeds out corrupted files
    Audio Inventory ProduceRD ISO to DSF conversion


Source control
    iPad Pro 10in wireless model
    Roon Remote


    Accuphase DC-950 (2019)
    [IC Accuphase ASLC50 XLR  5m]


Primary Digital Audio Chain (2020-04-04)

Music Server JCat Ethernet PCIe Card set in windows Bridged mode, fixed IP and DHCP
    -> Home Network -> Baaske Filter -> JCAT

    -> 25m CAT5e
    -> Lumin U1 Black Transport USB out  | Lumin U1 powered by Lumin X1 PSU (03-2020)
    -> Nordost Blue Heaven USB Cable

    -> Ifi MicroUSB3 powered from Acopian 9V 2A linear supply 120V ac powered

    -> Acoustic Revive USB-SPS-1.0 Dual cable
    -> Accuphase DC-950 USB input


Optical Disc Player [SACD-CD]
    Accuphase DP-720 (2014)
    [IC - Accuphase ASLC-10 SR XLR 1m]

    Sony X800 Region Free Ultra HD 4K Up Conversion Blu-Ray Player 


    Technics SL1200GR (2019)
    Ortofon Black MM Cartridge (05-2020)
    120V AC supply - 60V-0-60V standard toroid [upstream 120-0-120 Topaz 2kVA]
    [IC  Accuphase ASL-10 1m RCA] (05-2020)
    Phono Pre-amp - Accuphase AD-2850 (2019)
    Accuphase T-1100 (2013)- FM 
    [IC Accuphase ASL-10 1m RCA]

    Yamaha TD 500B (2018) - DAB+, Internet Radio
    IC - [Monoprice RCA 4m]

        - RG-6 coax output to DC-950 


    Accuphase C-2420 (2013)


 Power Amplifier 
    Accuphase P-4200 (2013)
    [IC - Accuphase ASLC-10 SR XLR 1m]


    KEF Reference 205/2 (2014)
    [IC- DIY 10 AWG PTFE Silver plated copper Bi wired 10m]


    Sennheiser HD800s, HD820
    Sony MDR-Z7


Headphone amp 
    Integrated HP amp in C-2420 [Primary]
    Sony TA-ZH1ES (2018) [Secondary]


AC Power Topology
    Dedicated Lines (4) From Main Switchboard - Sources,  Pre-Amplifier, Power Amplifier, Powered 24/7 

    Standard 2.5mm TPS (equal to Romex)
    Topaz 2400VA 0.0005pf 240/120-0-120  Isolation Transformer
    Furman M-8S Power Sequencer 120V Supply
    IDEC RH power relays controlled by the Furman
    Furutech FP-SWS(G) Schuko Outlets
    McMaster Carr P/N 8219K63    High-Temperature Cable Four Shielded Stranded 18-Gauge Power Cable (Sources)
    Oyaide Tunami Power Cable (SACD & Amplifiers) (now discontinued, mongrel to fit off, but very good SQ)
    Oyaide P079e Schuko Connectors
    Oyaide C079 IEC connector
    Furutech FI-E38 (R) Schuko Connector


Music Server AC power
    UPS Offline type 
    Topaz 1000VA 240/120V 0.005pf Isolation Transformer for Music & File Server


Audio Rack
    Quadraspire Q4L Cherry - 8 shelves


Projects for Q3 2020

Planning networking improvements, EtherRegen, Melco

Working on HTPC, 4k capable

Subwoofer back on the table








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