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  1. Your corded phone uses electricity. The phone company sends the power directly to your house through a dedicated pair of wires that connect to your phone jack.
  2. Wow, I missed that. I read it as 2,984 compared to your 66,000 but you’re right, I typed it as Roon has it so I suppose it is 2,984,000. I was going to ask on the Roon forums what I need to do to get over the hump with my settings but your article brought it up before I got that far.
  3. I'm a little surprised at the results you're getting on a machine that I THINK is less capable than mine. I run Roon on a 2014 Mac Mini, 3GHz i7, 16 gig RAM and a 500 gig SSD. I have hundreds of DSD64 files ripped from SACDs and when using Convolution filters made for me by Home Audio Fidelity along with a Low Pass Parametric Filter my setup is just on the edge of not working. When I hit play on a DSD64 file it takes a second or two for the music to start playing. Watching the monitor in Roon it's almost like the music is spooling up. It starts out at about 0.5X and ends up with the music playing at about 1.2X. If I let the music play it's fine for the rest of the album but if I skip a song Roon spools up the music again before continuing on. I just tried playing a DSD64 file and under Convolution Roon says it's using 4 paths and 2984k taps which I believe is far fewer than you said you were using. Everything else about Roon works as expected and I'm very happy with it. Turning off Convolution immediately solves the problem but I much prefer the sound with it on. This too is a First World problem but I wouldn't mind knowing what spec I need to upgrade on my computer to get rid of the delay.
  4. I really enjoy that album but every once in a while when I listen to it I wish they'd used a little less reverb.
  5. I believe this question has already been answered. ”most stuff is just upsampled 44.1K...”
  6. I might be the one who derailed the thread. Digi&Analog Fan told a joke where the punchline was what size listener the speakers were designed for and I responded with the size of the listener my adjustable Wilson speakers are set for. The thread went off topic from there. Sorry.
  7. Well, in the case of my Wilson Audio Sasha II’s, they’re set for someone sitting 9’6” away whose ears are 40 1/2 inches above the floor. 😬
  8. What on earth are you talking about? Envious? People should donate money to me instead of buying expensive speaker cables? How did you get any of that out of my “tongue in cheek” comment, “air around the notes”? For what it’s worth, Mark Zuckerberg is #5 on the Forbes richest list, almost 70 billion behind #1 Jeff Bezos.
  9. As long as I can hear the air around the notes... https://luxurylaunches.com/gadgets/costing-71000-this-handmade-24k-gold-audio-cable-is-the-ultimate-accessory-for-an-audiophile.php
  10. One thing that comes to mind when looking at these pictures is how HOT my ultraRendu gets. It's a topic that's been discussed many times on the Sonore forums. In fact, I do something that's been suggested there with all four of my Rendu devices which is to tip them up on their sides so both the top and bottom are available to dissipate heat. My preference would be to not cover up both sides of the Rendu, no matter what it did to the sound. If you were to post this to one of the Sonore forums I'll bet @vortecjr would weigh in on whether this could cause any problems. Or maybe it wouldn't. That would be the place to find out though.
  11. From time to time TAS reruns the Super Disc lists with updates by Jonathan Valin.... http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2019-tas-super-lp-list/
  12. If you go to the Sonore forum on this site you’ll find tons of discussions on that very topic. As well as compared to the opticalRendu.
  13. “the fact that capable music servers can be bought for a small fraction of the cost, there is absolutely no way that a $27,000 server can be described as "affordable“ You are saying that you can buy a server that is as good or nearly as good for “a small fraction of the cost” suggesting that you consider the cheaper server a better Value. Whether you can buy a cheaper server that is as good as the more expensive one has absolutely nothing to do with how many people can Afford the more expensive one.
  14. When you compare it’s price to less expensive products that are available you are talking about value, not affordability.
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