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  1. It was 10,000 for your Vaporware thread. Why the different standards for the two formats?
  2. Tidal has it. Song #16 on the second disc.
  3. I think I reported it and that was one of the posts that Chris removed without comment.
  4. You're really giving Alex the short end of the stick here. The post you called him out on is pretty tame compared to the ones aimed at him including Ralf11 telling him to STFU. I think you might have deleted that one if I remember correctly but I've noticed that you delete posts of some members without comment but you seem to feel it necessary to call out Alex in public.
  5. As I said in an earlier post, I THINK I slightly preferred Y but have no confidence that I could tell them apart if I didn't play them back to back. If I'm reading the statement of yours I quoted correctly, you seem to be saying that I should believe that higher resolution files sound better to me because many Audiophile members are telling me they do, even if I don't hear the improvement?
  6. Two more companies that sell used merchandise for new prices. Good to know.
  7. Can you tell me where you shop so I can make sure I don’t buy anything there? I have no interest in doing business with a dealer who thinks it’s OK to try and pass off used gear as new. Thanks.
  8. I wonder if we’re looking at different files for some reason? When I search for that album with Roon it only comes up with the one version. If there was an MQA flag in it I would think Roon would know it. In any event, both Roon and my Auralic Vega think the one I’m listening to is 16/44.
  9. Not for me. Roon/Tidal working as expected.
  10. I think it’s mislabeled. Roon sees it as non-MQA and plays it as straight 16/44.
  11. Perhaps you could list several of the stores that fully refund your purchase price after you have opened and used the product that they sold you? And what do they do when they get it back? Repackage it and sell it as new?
  12. No, I didn’t ignore that passage. My only choice to try a cable is to buy it.
  13. How am I going to know if it makes a difference if I don't buy it?
  14. d. Buy the cable and feel ripped off because I trust my ears and don't hear any difference.
  15. Roon is suggesting it was a little more complicated than that.... https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-6-build-475-is-live-for-macos-catalina-fixes/81982
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