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  1. Do you have the current version of 2.8? For some people, including me, earlier versions of 2.8 had that problem which was resolved by a software update.
  2. Perhaps I don’t understand what this forum is for? ”Welcome to the new space solely for objective audio discussions. Subjective impression threads, anecdotal or experience only based comments are not allowed here. Have some wonderful news to share about a USB cable? Great, do it in another sub-forum here on Audiophile Style.”
  3. No one in a Subjective thread is allowed to be called out so let me refer you to this thread. Not only are you allowing the Subjectivists to freely roam through this dIscussion but you are actively arguing their position here as well. You keep saying you’d like your site to be a place where members can share their similar beliefs without getting shouted down by those who don’t share those beliefs but apparently that only applies to one side.
  4. You seem to have a little bit of a selective memory considering the number of time Chris has had to reprimand you for your posts.
  5. And that’s your idea of it working well? I wonder if Chris agrees with you.
  6. I use Roon with fixed volume and use my preamp to set the levels. Another choice for me would be to use the volume on my Directstream DAC but the one time I tried leaving out my preamp I didn’t care for it.
  7. How about if we get this thread back on topic and move the nostalgic comments to their own thread? Thanks.
  8. I start a thread based on my belief that the technical people on this site are getting the short end of things and your analysis of that is that I don’t care about the technical side? Wow.
  9. If you don’t have anything to contribute to my thread I would appreciate it if you would stay out of it. Thanks.
  10. I’m confused. What does whether I contributed to your thread or not have to do with this thread?
  11. I apparently didn’t express myself clearly in my initial post as you (and @sandyk) completely missed the point I was trying to make. No reason for me to pursue clarification, it was just my 2 cents.
  12. I never suggested that what you posted was wrong, just pointed out that you were allowed to post a counter argument in an objective thread. And yes, @SuperDad and @Vortecjr did contribute to a BALANCED discussion in an Objective thread, something that is not allowed in a Subjective thread such as the comments section of Austinpops article.
  13. What about using Thierry’s app instead of REW to do the measuring? No settings to figure out, press the start button and the app plays the sounds, does the measurements and saves them to disk. No configuration required by the user. All you have to do is send the files to Thierry and let him do his magic. I spent more than a year working with REW and making convolution filters but never got results that were an improvement. One shot with the HAF app and I’m done. Might be worth looking into. The simple measurement tool is a little difficult to find on the site so here’s a link to it. https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/english/requirements/
  14. I think your analysis is pretty spot on. The back and forth in the objective discussion seems to be measured and to me is way more interesting than the lack of any kind of discussion in the comments section of the article. Hopefully, the disappearance of the members whose idea of a conversation was to “body slam” the person they disagreed with will allow the discussions to be a little less vanilla than they appear to be headed for now.
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