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  1. I first became acquainted with Art Dudley when I subscribed to Listener Magazine. I enjoyed his style and approach to writing and looked forward to reading what he had to stay when he transitioned to Stereophile. As most of you know, he died after a short illness last spring and since then his daughter Julia has been selling some of his record collection on eBay. I took the opportunity to purchase his copy of "Four" & More by Miles Davis. I believe it was originally recorded in 1964 but the copy I purchased is from 1977. I was surprised and actually a little pleased that Julia included a c
  2. This is old and might even have been posted in this thread in the past but it’s still relevant... https://www.linn.co.uk/blog/mqa-is-bad-for-music
  3. And you thought MQA was gone.... https://www.whathifi.com/us/news/the-first-mqa-headphones-are-nearly-here
  4. There absolutely are criteria for judging art as a quick Google search for that term would show you. And yes, there are goals that artists strive for. Invoking a feeling and communicating an idea are just two that come to mind.
  5. I ran the Digital Imaging Studio @ The San Francisco Art Institute for four years and I suspect every member of the faculty would disagree with you.
  6. What an odd experience trying to preorder the book. It takes all of your contact information and when it has it ends with a message that says “You did a very good job filling out the forms”. Didn’t ask for a credit card, didn’t give an estimated ETA, no reference number, nothing. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. "If I was a current customer of yours I would be very disappointed in your response" Not sure if you even read my post.
  8. Fair enough. But you put time and effort into correcting the problems you were having instead of just saying that you don't respond to emails because a lot of the time you didn't get them. In spite of the problems that you and @Nombedes mentioned, I don't believe for a second that companies and private citizens in Europe don't rely on email any less than those of us in the US do.
  9. In many cases I don't hear the difference in some of the things described here although I certainly have spent enough time trying. There are a few things that have made an audible improvement to me though. I had my Cary 280 V12 Monoblocks for more than a decade and was pleasantly surprised when I replaced them with an Audio Research Ref 70 SE. My system had always felt a little light weight to me and the REF 70 seemed to fill in the areas that were lacking. My system is in a dedicated/treated room yet getting convolution filters from Thierry @ Home Audio Fidelity smoothed off the wrinkles that
  10. If email were as spotty as you describe, commerce around the globe would dwindle down to a fraction of what it is now. Your portrayal of emails routinely vanishing off into the ether certainly runs counter to my experience of using email for over 30 years. If I was a current customer of yours I would be very disappointed in your response. What it did do for me however, is guarantee I'll never become a customer.
  11. Your declaration that I have one view or another is based on ignorance.
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