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  1. I just love this album. "a superbly sensuous blend of lusty blues swagger and achingly romantic ballads" -- from Steve Huey's All Music review
  2. I used IsoAcoustics Aperta stands under my monitors when stacking them on the subs. Worked great. IsoAcoustics has a number of other options as well.
  3. It's a matter of preference. Lots of folks dislike iTunes for a variety of reasons. To each his own.
  4. If your files remained as lossless (ALAC, AIFF, flac, WAV) when converted by Apple then you shouldn't worry. You can just convert the files to WAV and move them to your SD card. There are a few conversions programs for the Mac OS including XLD, dBpoweramp, and iTunes, of course. I use dBpoweramp. It's fast and powerful but you have to pay for it. XLD is free. There's a bit of a learning curve with XLD and dBpoweramp but plenty of users with a lot of experience who are quite willing to help should you need it. If you decide to re-rip your music you can output the converted files to your SD card via a setting in the software. Easy. BTW, if I remember correctly, iTunes has it's own way of storing metadata and cover art so you need to check it after ripping/converting if you choose to use it. Best of luck.
  5. Best to worst: microRendu with high capacity micro SD card and SGC 7V PS microRendu with standard micro SD card and SGC 7V PS Mac mini (2012, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) Bluesound Node 2 Chromecast Audio with iFi iPower 9V
  6. There are no dumb questions! What may seem simple to some is not so simple to many of us. Glad you got your answer.
  7. +1 to audio happiness when I went down this road toward the end of last year. Now, with the recent addition of a Sonore High Capacity Micro SD Card to the mRendu the Mac mini is no longer serving music and the sound quality is wonderful. Funny, having the library on an SD card reminded me of @Superdad 's thread and my own positive experience back then. Back to USB ports .. on both my 2010 and 2012 Mac mini any perceived difference between the ports was subtle but port #1 was my preference. Was there a clear difference? Not always. I drove myself nuts with this at one time.
  8. Nice to see Paul mentioning them. If one is all-in with Roon I see your point, of course. For Roon-ies using a Sonore Rendu product the Shairport function works exceptionally well and is a potential work-around (Roon supports AirPort, no?).
  9. Still love this album after all these years.
  10. Terrific video Miguel. Your passion for music is most evident. Thanks for sharing the photos of your apartment (I clicked the link you provided on YouTube) .. just gorgeous.
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