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  1. Because the Rendu's sound fantastic. The Rendu products are Ethernet renderers built for audio, not a general-purpose computer. Sonore has a forum section here where you can read all about the designs etc. (and plenty of more knowledgeable folks than I to help you out). Actually, I replaced my Bluesound Node 2 (previous generation) with a microRendu, which proved to be a wonderful sonic upgrade for my system. I had the Node 2 for 2.5 years or so and now use it in my work system .. I still like it a lot. Realize they are vastly different designs and implementations. The microRendu, for example, is Ethernet-in / USB-out, and has no on-board DAC. The Node 2i is Ethernet-in or WiFi / SPDIF-out, and has an on-board DAC, thus RCA-out as well. For the microRendu I use Asset UPnP for the library and either mconnect or BubbleUPnP Android apps for control. The Node 2i uses their own proprietary BluOS and companion app, which work quite well. Like everything in audio, it's about your needs/wants.
  2. @abulr there are plenty of good options at every price-point for you to look at. For the same price as a Roon lifetime subscription you can pick up a Bluesound Node 2i. It's well-reviewed, easy to set-up and use, nice app for control, WiFi or ethernet connections, support for lots of streaming services, can connect an external USB hard drive or thumb drive, NAS support, AirPlay 2, sounds good, and is even a Roon end-point if you ever decide to go down that road. Roon is the darling of the audiophile world (rightly so) but expensive. Great for large libraries and Qobuz/Tidal integration. I gave it a trial and passed. I liked it BTW, I just don't need it.
  3. Check out this iOS app .. https://www.stratospherix.com/products/musicstreamer/. I used it for quite some time with music located on a Mac mini and with music stored on an external hard drive connected to the network (via AirPort Extreme router). It's both AirPlay and Chromecast capable. You have several configuration options. For example, you could leave your music on the laptop and point the app to your iTunes library. Or purchase an Airport Express and external hard drive. Very simple and very convenient to use on either iPhone or iPad (the bigger iPad screen is nice though).
  4. Looking forward to the season 8 premier this evening .. Via Qobuz.
  5. When I was using a Mac mini for my audio pleasure I used sQ+ in the same manner quite often. If I ever go back to a Mac I will certainly use it again .. I'm a fan. It indeed brings the Sonic Studio house sound to any audio stream. Being a product of Sonic Studio it has some idiosyncrasies, of course, but I found it to be quite stable for the most part. @DancingSea .. if memory serves I also tried sQ+ with HQPlayer (along with JRMC and Audirvana) to good effect. BTW, I'm basically in the same camp as you regarding Roon. It's a great product but a bit too pricey for my needs/wants. As to being back in the Amarra world .. best of luck and good listening.
  6. Interesting album from the talented Ms. Jones .. I quite like it.
  7. I'm happy with mine .. I use it to power a microRendu. Before purchasing I powered the microRendu with my SOtM battery supply and iFi iPower. I prefer the SGC power supply. Nice build quality at a great price. BTW, I tame the incredibly bright blue LED (my only complaint) with Light Dims. Best.
  8. Listening to this now via Qobuz (24/96) .. very nice album with excellent sound quality! Thanks.
  9. Listening to Chet .. again. Such a great late-night listen. Goes well with a nice glass of Bourbon.
  10. Spot on! I have no interest in the Vega so I didn't read your review when you first published it .. wish I had. Thanks for pointing it out.
  11. I heard about this talented singer-songwriter only recently. Along with Dylan (his inspiration) I hear an essence of Tracy Chapman in his vocals. Kenyan-born and self-taught, he's living the American dream. Highly recommended for those who enjoy folk/Americana.
  12. And a bit later .. I only saw Roxy Music once and that concert remains one of my all time favorites.
  13. From my progressive rock days .. I saw Yes 5 times in my youth. One concert was outside on a fine misty night .. the laser show was incredible. The light produced by those lasers went as far as your eyes could see.
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