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  1. After more than 11 years on this forum it's time for me to say goodbye. I've learned much over the years but I'm most grateful for this particular thread, which has proven to be a wonderful source for music discovery. My understanding and love of Jazz has grown considerably over time because of y'all and I'm forever changed by it. Thank you. That said, I leave you with an album by Mr. Donald Byrd, who has become a favorite as of late. Happy New Year. via Qobuz
  2. Considering the massive price difference between them this speaks well of the Node 2i. Seems your DAC is doing a fine job regardless of source/input. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Another Qobuz playlist this morning .. Blue Note Tone Poet Reissues
  4. Yes, very sad another legend has passed. RIP Mr. Ishiwata.
  5. Listening to a Qobuz playlist this morning .. 80 Years of Blue Note
  6. I haven't listened to this one yet but it's up next. Thanks! Listening to this now ..
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