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  1. Welcome news after reading about lost masters this week: https://www.jambase.com/article/miles-davis-unreleased-album-rubberband
  2. I just love this classic. Listening to a vinyl reissue I purchased recently.
  3. Listening to this thanks to the above post by @graham. So far I love it and will be listening to "Pacifica" later on. How did I miss these guys before today?!? This is exactly why Album of the Evening is my favorite thread here.
  4. Haven't heard this one from my youth in a very long time .. Released in 1972. Vinyl.
  5. And this morning .. Wonderful trio. Lovely music.
  6. Another talented (Grammy-winning) young man taken from this world much too soon. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/03/729263193/lawrence-leathers-grammy-winning-jazz-drummer-victim-of-suspected-murder
  7. Revisiting this terrific album ..
  8. Speaking of frustrations .. I needed to power down my mR for a short time today (don't ask) and, when everything was back up and operational, I got nothing. No sound. I went through all the requisite steps to ensure sound would indeed be happening only to hear more silence. Went through it all again and while everything appeared OK, silence. As a kind of last resort I decided to connect the mR directly to the USB port on my DAC and voilá .. glorious sound! Apparently my USB-SPDIF converter shit the bed. Fortunately, I'm liking the direct connection as much as, if not more, than the converter.
  9. A vinyl selection this afternoon.
  10. Thanks for sharing the article @semente .. very interesting indeed. I bet there are many residing in the lower echelon of hifi who would largely agree with his sentiments.
  11. Mr. Hutcherson's final release (2014). Yes, I'm enjoying the view!
  12. Same here. "Wish You Were Here" is my favorite followed by "Dark Side of the Moon".
  13. I guess I'm in a Pink Floyd kind of mood tonight .. "Animals" (2016 vinyl reissue).
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