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  1. Thank you Chris. I also hope Amazon improves the service. I've had a pretty good experience so far and will continue using it when my trial ends. I don't love the UI but I'm getting used to it. Nor do I much like Bluesound's integration. A Bluesound support dude on their forum stated once Amazon releases some new code (which they are currently working on) Bluesound will update their integration. I've been going back and forth between my Bluesound Node 2 and Sonore microRendu. The Node 2 is very convenient. I have it wired via analog out and digital out to my DAC. Both sound quite good with the digital connection edging out the analog. I like that both outputs are active at the same time .. sometimes I just don't want to fire up the DAC. For the microRendu I use Shairport (AirPlay emulator) in conjunction with Amazon's iOS app/AirPlay on my iPad. Shairport is limited to 16/44.1 (according to a member here who enlighted me) thus everything above that rate is down-converted. The sound quality is fantastic nonetheless. In fact, I'd venture to say it's better than the Node 2 at any bit/sample rate.
  2. Kenny Dorham (trumpet) seems to be somewhat underrated in the jazz world. On this album he's accompanied by Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Art Taylor (drums). A nice late night set.
  3. I've been exploring Donald Byrd's discography lately. Among the many:
  4. Haven't listened to this in a long time.
  5. The Beatles - Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition) via Amazon Music HD
  6. Wonderful! I'll be in touch when the time comes. Thanks Jesus.
  7. Wish I knew this before I purchased the High Capacity SD Card in August .. I would have waited for the update. Will you have an upgrade path for those of us using the HC SD Card?
  8. I thought as much but this is what’s reported by the Amazon app:
  9. Well, I'm streaming from the iPad app to the mRendu via Shairport. The iPad will only do 24/48 .. sounds good anyway.
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