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  1. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  2. Melvin

    Archimago and the TLS DS-1

    The Cold Snap is particularly good this year!
  3. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  4. Signed up for a trial after seeing the "Try It Free" ad change. Streaming via mconnect/mRendu .. sounds wonderful so far.
  5. Melvin

    Which (xxx)Rendu fits this situation?

    Paul, I purchased a B-stock mR at the end of December .. no issues whatsoever. Incredible value.
  6. Melvin

    Big changes coming my way.

    Or a minivan 🚐 CONGRATS!
  7. Melvin

    Sonore microRendu

    Veils were lifted 😉 Last evening I spent some time listening to a few favorites, among them was Steely Dan’s “Two Against Nature”. Dan fans will know this 2001 Grammy Awards winning album (i.e., 4 including Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical) is just superb in every way. It’s been in my collection since its release in 2000 so it’s safe to say I’m very familiar with this recording, yet I was completely taken aback while listening last night. I’ve experienced this “hearing deeper into the recording” type of improvement in the past and now, once again, I’m hearing detail I’ve never heard before. I can only attribute this latest refinement to the microRendu (w/SMG psu). The microRendu was indeed the missing piece in achieving my sonic goal with this system. I now believe I’ve taken it as far as I can but my inner audiophile (the crazy part) is, of course, taunting me with thoughts of “better”. Is it even possible with this budget system (albeit a very fine one)? I might not think twice if I were listening to a $20,000 system, but a $5000 one? Granted, my components/speakers are said to scale wonderfully, and they do, but sanity reminds me of the law of diminishing returns. Perspective is a good thing. Fortunately, I’m enthralled with this little system and sanity will prevail .. for now. I can’t help being intrigued with Sonore’s latest developments. OY.
  8. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  9. Melvin

    Qobuz streaming MQA CD's?

    Given the fact that Sony, Warner, and Universal (among others) are already MQA partners it seems the horse is already out of the barn. How unfortunate.
  10. Melvin

    Qobuz streaming MQA CD's?

    Isn't this what we all expected to happen? MQA allows the record labels to keep their precious crown jewels to themselves and distribute MQA-encoded albums to all the streaming/download services. Tidal/Qobuz/Spotify/ect. streams the files which unfold according to tier paid for. For the record labels it's an elegant approach. Not so much for us. Now we get to have MQA and watermarking rammed down our collective throats. Joy. Yet another reason to purchase CDs for now.
  11. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  12. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    Listening to Weezer's latest covers album .. fun as all hell!
  13. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    It's been a while ..
  14. Melvin

    RIP Dad

    Condolences @Rt66indierock. I hope your many memories bring peace and a smile to your face.
  15. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    An interesting duet. Nice short review here.