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Cour Leather chair as seen in the plagerized Memorex advertisment used in my avatar.


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Like everyone here, I have had a number of listing chairs. At home I was using a leather arm chair made by Natuzzi which was very comfortable but the color of the top grain leather was wearing off. I have no idea why. What I really wanted was a tufted Chesterfield sofa in a dark red, similar to the chair Chris uses. I searched for about 2 years but only found sofas where the seat was tufted and hard.


Then in the fall of 2010 I was in Austin, Texas and wondered into this antique store looking for lamps. I saw a nice chesterfield sofa and did not think much about it, after all the color was Havana (like the color of a Havana cigar). Once I sat down it was all over. I went for lamps and came out with a sofa that needed to be shipped home. It was not red, but the excellent condition, the buttery soft full grain leather, wonderful patina to the color, and excellent padding in the seat cushions out weighted the desire for red. A few months later I purchased a 3 foot square ottoman with a tufted leather top that almost matches the sofa which I also use as a coffee table.


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If Ikea is Swedish for cr*p; you've obviously not seen British flat pack furniture. ;-) MFI really meant something in the 1980's and 90's.


With complete respect (for its price) there is little better (when well put together) than Ikea kitchen units, most of their bookcases and much of their seating.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Hi Priaptor: Over the weekend I tried out the Peel chair and it was actually really nice. Black leather upholstery, the cushions are firm but not hard, the base is stable for my size, and one can move around in various positions and still be comfortable. I originally thought the chair back would extend a little higher on my shoulders. If you recline back, you will definitely need the headrest to prevent strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, but for some people with a longer torso their head may extend above the headrest when in its lowest position which would make it a good listening chair with excellent shoulder support.


I have attached photos of the chair and one with woman sitting in the chair but it is difficult to tell her height. The link to the video of a woman using the chair is more revealing. http://centuryhouseinc.com/peel-chair.html From my experience with sitting in the chair she is about my size of slim build and 5’ 9” tall. In my opinion, the chair was more comfortable and versatile than I expected.


I purchased the Peel for my office. However, I wanted one with the cream colored leather and black base to match the colors in my office (the natural base will also be fine). It was not in stock at the store, but one may be available at one of their other stores, or I will need to wait a few weeks for delivery, I should know within a day or two.


I am not jumping out of my shoes with thoughts of the Peel chair being the ultimate listening chair. My focus was primarily on the many hours I spend each week reading reports, proposals, e-mails, articles on various subjects and contracts. Even though I use a comfortable Aeron chair at my desk, leaning forward to read can become tiresome. I also have a small sitting area with 4 leather club chairs which are quite comfortable, but do not promote good posture and reading for hours on end my joints begin to feel stiff. I purchased the Peel chair because I can shift around in different positions and still read comfortably. Nevertheless, I intend to place the Peel chair for the prime listening position to my office system. I also need to decide on what size and height of an occasional table to use.



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Over the weekend I was thinking of some of the really nice chairs I have seen in recent years that would make a great listing chair. The following were two of the more outstanding chairs.


I went to a Thomas Moser furniture showroom in Washington DC this past November and sat in several exquisitely made chairs. Thomas Moser is a company in Maine that makes seriously fine hand crafted furniture.


The Thomas Moser Vita chair and ottoman is quite comfortable even without arms. It is a modern interpretation in wood and leather based on the well known Barcelona chair designed by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe and designer Lilly Reich circa 1929.

The Barcelona chair is a classic rendered in chromed steel with black leather and seen in many decors. The Thomas Moser version is built out of solid laminated cherry wood, leather upholstery, with soft but somewhat firm cushions. Oh so very comfortable. The chair and ottoman is priced at $4,775


For the audiophile who has everything but the ultimate listening chair I would suggest the Thomas Moser Kinesis chair and ottoman. Wow, totally hand crafted by American artisans out of wood, leather and bronze, like a functional piece of sculpture that is ultra comfy. The price is $9025 for the chair and ottoman in cherry wood, $9550 in walnut. A real bargain compared to the Ballerina Sweetspot listening chair made of molded plastic and chromed steel.


I’m sorry gentlemen, but for $13,500 the Ballerina Sweetspot is one ugly chair. It reminds me of something out of a medical research laboratory where evil scientists would strap you down and attach electrodes to your body. However, very clever storage for remotes in the arms, but the leading edge of the seat pan extends beyond the seat cushion which means the back of your thigh could result in some irritation, I would consider that a design flaw. The inexpensive Sorbothane feet added to minimize vibrations is a totally bogus feature. Most any chair with a cushion will perform the same task. Once your feet hit the floor, far more vibrations will travel up through your legs. Anyway, I always thought the vibrations were part of the listening experience. Also, their claim of using various densities of foam on the cushions is exactly what many manufacturers of task chairs already employ, nothing unique. In my humble opinion, the only two unique features of the chair are the use of the word “Audiophile,” and the outrageous price tag. Actually, I can envision some people thinking, “Wow, I should have thought of an audiophile chair myself.”



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The Kinesis chair is not that large of a chair. Think of a bucket seat in a Porsche but without the side bolsters. If I remember correctly my head was perhaps two inches higher than the head rest, and about 2” wider on both sides of the head. However, the seat is wide, as is the ottoman. I like the way the chair narrows above the shoulders, and reclines to just the right angle while giving a nice even support down your back, around the butt, and through the thighs, even more comfortable when using the ottoman. When first walking up to the wood chair it appears (for lack of a better word) delicate, but once seated I can assure you it is rock solid, and a beautiful piece of fine woodworking.


I cannot say how much sound from room reflections would be hindered by the upper portion of the chair, but far less than most lounge chairs with high, wide backs.


Here is the link to the Thomas Moser website about the Kinesis chair, scroll down to watch the video. http://www.thosmoser.com/product.detail.php?product_id=1419


My problem is thinking of a good excuse to reward myself with this chair. I even have the perfect room to place it in.



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Beautiful and beautiful. Incredible timeless design (check out all the wanna be Eames chairs!).


Get a stability ball if you want to go cheap! Honestly they work great!


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