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  1. Looks like it is real this time! Apple Music to get lossless music in June 2021...
  2. Alex helped me out a lot, it was a shock to hear about that. His grandson, Daniel, is looking for pictures of Alex if anyone has any. -Paul
  3. Ugh - that is an inappropriate comment that shows I seriously underestimated your overbearing ego, and at the same time overestimated your urbanity and ethics. MQA and your campaign against it are in no way comparable to the Trail of Tears. Which, as you well know, had effects well into the 20th century, and even has lasting effects today. MQA will soon be replaced by something else and your brief time in the spotlight will be taken over by someone else.
  4. Perhaps the easiest and best thing to do would be simply to post a pointer to the best of the substantive critiques. That would have the advantages of being efficient, being helpful, and even being civil. It is a ethos that has worked well before. If then, someone does not engage in refutation of any of those points, it is probably safe to assume they have given the critique a lot of thought, and probably agrees with it If they do engage, then maybe they have a point that should be considered. Heck, all I really did was say that the algorithm that MQA uses is new expression of old an
  5. What value is there is nasty attacks, personal or otherwise?
  6. Oh, I think perhaps you underestimate the impact you have had on the audiophile world at large Chris, not just computer audiophiles, though other than vinyl there are not many other sources of fine audio today that are not digital. Definitely you were far ahead of the pack there. Honestly the lack of civility from the clique in the MQA thread is a well discussed subject in a lot of audiophile circles. I would bet someone has clapped you on the shoulder and commiserated about the tough job you have riding herd on this bunch - more than once or twice. 🙃 It would be delightful to
  7. You have to be kidding right? You of all people have not really bought into the KoolAid of this thread have you? I have been trying not to post or say anything, to avoid becoming irritated, but you really disappoint me. The science in the thread is great. The personalities in this thread are ruining the whole audiophile world, and driving people away. (shrug). Believe what you will, ,have a great and Merry Christmas anyway! -Paul
  8. No more, but not in the same way or with the same output. May be a difference that makes no difference, but it is a difference.
  9. The confusion is probably in which "industry" Chris. The Audiophile world? The consumer electronics world? You have your fingers in a lot of pies. Note that any indication of a positive opinion of MQA will garner a quick comment that the Audiophile market is too small and means nothing. The opposite gets an opposite reaction. (grin). -Paul
  10. I suggest you might be reading the backlist comments through a haze of prejudice then. No insult intended, but that is one odd conclusion to come to. -Paul
  11. The Mastered for iTunes rules are public and very clear.
  12. Being not sure and being ignorant are two different things, and conflating them is also disingenuous.
  13. Not sure what you are trying to show here and have no intention of guessing. In the same scale, what does the Non MQA version look like? This is is a bit disingenuous, since you obviously know the frequency domain is the inverse of the time domain. Converting from one domain to another makes some problems easier to solve. It can very well be true that MQA solves some processing in the time domain instead of the frequency domain. A process that would very well result in the “sharpening” of the signal in the time domain. Nothing particularly earth shatteringly new or n
  14. No, you have an imaginary advantage. Which you are welcome to keep. -Paul
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