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  1. I use my iPad3 for Control of my headless MacMini but most of the time I use it for playback when I travel. I flew 144 domestic flights last year. My set up is simple, IPad, Etymotic ER4 in hear head phones, MOG and Gogo in flight wireless which is what I am doing right now while flying back to the west coast. I also use it in hotel rooms though the built in speaker. When placed close to a wall, in a drawer or on a counter top in the bathroom, the bass is reenforced and it sounds passable. Much better than silence. Greg
  2. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Unbelievable control, pitch and soul in a league all his own.
  3. I've been looking forward to the newest Amarra release. Download away!
  4. Seven; four vintage Motcross bikes, 70's Husqvarnas, and three street bikes, a HD Duece, a Ducati Hypermotard, and a BMW R1200. RT. The BMW has a GPS that communicates and palys music through the blue tooth intercomm my wife uses to coach me on my riding skills. Greg
  5. Hi - Paul's suggestion has merit. It's a good idea to spend some time seriously listening to your system. Inviting someone over to listen to your system for their perspective is a friendly and potentially useful gesture. My experience in listening sessions lead to mixed results. I think you really need to trust the person's experience and listening skill to take their advice seriously. In lieu of finding a suitable guest, my suggestion is listening to live music for some "listening" perspective. Of course the quality of the musician and the venue will impact what you are hearin
  6. Chris, You are blessed. Beautiful baby girl. I can't help but wonder how long it will take before Yanni's "Baby Beluga" will be playing in regular rotation but I know it will be bit perfect. Well Done...
  7. My windows experience is a little rusty but I would enble 'display folder size' and look for unusually large folders in all drives. That search would include the trash folder.
  8. I agree with the comments posted so far and would add that it's a general rule to place the tweeters at the same height as your ears when you are seated in the listening position. From the photo it appears the speakers are well below ear level. That placement can contribute to the loss of detail you referred to. You might try emptying the third shelves from the bottom and moving the speakers around on those shelves until you get the best results. When you have found the best position you can load the shelves up again. Of course loading the shelves with books and stuff will change the s
  9. Major league technology wonk. The name "Desk Jockey" is tongue in cheek as last year I logged 200k air miles, 180K of which were domestic. Nearly three decades in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Industry (SEMI) in the leading automated test equipment company. Focus on DRAM, FLASH, CPU, DSP, FPGA and RF devices. My career path began in field and application engineering followed by almost two decades in capital equipment sales. In the last 2 years I have had the pleasure and good fortune to obsess on my technology jones by leading business devlopment of spectroscopic / imagi
  10. There is nothing more tedious than cable debate when in fact cables are really just "tone control". Since audiophiles and computer audiophiles consider themselves to be purists in the pursuit of true musical reproduction, the idea of an equalizer is apalling. However, the debate on cables, which are in effect "hard wire" equalizers, is wide open. In the grand scheme of things related to sound quality in your system, cables should be the final touch in fitting the sound of your systme to your preference after room treatement, system matching, and, in the case of computer audiophiles, ripping
  11. findog, I have used Airfoil with good success to multiple locations. Greg
  12. Cour Leather chair as seen in the plagerized Memorex advertisment used in my avatar.
  13. I'm reasonably optimistic about the future of energy efficient appliances and products for consumers. PMIC, power managment integrated circuit, is a rapidly expanding growth area in semiconductor development (my day job) and is inceasingly finding its way into new applications. As new generations of semiconductor content expands into nearly every consumer electronic product and appliance, the ability to reduce power consumption will be built in. Greg
  14. Mgod, Select edit your profile near the top of the page, then select the Subcriptions tab, then Select Pages/threads. On that page you can select or de-select the topics that you have contributed to. Have a Nice Day Greg
  15. It seems to me that most "green" energy acivity focuses on the supply side of the equation. Frankly speaking, without adressing the demand side of that equation it's unimagionable that real solutions can be found. This became especially clear when I began investigating solar voltaic solutions for my home. The first question I had to answer is how much electricity is required to power my home? The answer, in terms of the cost of a suitable solar array, was why that much? In pursuit of the answer to that question I began auditing my enrgy use with a "kill-a-watt" ($16 on-line) power monit
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