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  1. Thought I’d repost this (see the date of the post) just to reinforce to us all how long we have been thinking about this subject, how much time has passed and how much more informed we’ve all become....our stereo systems have become so very technical but slowly much more accessible due to the guidance of this community. It has been a great musical adventure! Many thanks to Chris and all other posters for this.
  2. Think you’ll find three or for long threads on this subject....please check below.
  3. Here's a drive I've not seen mentioned and wonder if anyone has a comment or two to offer. I'm using a i3 ROON ROOK server (non-Nucleus, assembled at home as per Chris's instruction set..Thanks Chris!) My current music drive is an external 1Tb USB mounted Samsung TS SSD drive...reaching capacity so bumping up to the 2Tb T5. Assuming there aren't any sonic penalties for a USB mounted drive but perhaps there are differing options. All thoughts welcome. Best
  4. they never give it up....! http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/mqa-supports-jazz-refresheds-sxsw-artists-to-reach-a-worldwide-audience-and-capture-the-outstanding-experience/
  5. Pleesseee....! I cannot believe you get away with this......
  6. blackmorec is the fas42 whisperer .... suspect they are one and the same but would wager that, if not so, neither Is willing to speak when the other is taking a drink.
  7. Ladies, please...Forty pages in and you’re still indulging this guy...apparently owns no equipment of any sonic worth/merit/value and appears to fuss about endlessly with gear one can only likely find at the used section of Salvation Army.....is this not simply a waste of time?
  8. Tried to tag his name but am a novice so it posted as shown...here we go @David Craff To your comments above, it is obvious this is not a sponsored thread but post the question for my benefit and for the many other Canadians who may be interested in the reply. If I attempt to log into Qobuz I get a large static image and the note, in big letters,; "Qobuz isn't available in your country. If yo wish to be notified.....when...etc...etc)". Hence my question on this thread.
  9. @David Craff Asked this question of you in a few pages back, and also many pages ago, but was unanswered...as we in Canada have no way to log into the Qobuz web page since the region restrictions give us the silly and patronizing message...it appears you logging in from a country, etc.....would you please advise if Qobuz has any intention of offering your service in Canada and, if so, at what timeline. Long ago, you posted that it would be six to eight weeks following the US release but this has proved to be laughable so I am just seeking some timeline. As a former owner of the French produced Devialet, an amazingly wonderful musical piece of gear, I am used to the very unique and binary French notion of customer service: positive: a gallic shrug negative: indifference (and possible raised middle finger) So I ask again, to you the North American representative for Qobuz, kindly respond with some thoughtful statement as to a timelime....if you're planning the gallic shrug....forgettaboutit....
  10. Question....have a VPN and attempted a full payment for Sublime using my Visa (Canadian Bank issue) and was declined as the card was noted as Canadian so then used PayPal which claimed to anonymize my location but the transaction spilled through the PayPal window landing back at Qobuz without confirmation of the order processing. Wondering if a pre-paid Visa issued from a US bank would allow this order to process. Any advice appreciated as it is apparent that the offering of Qobuz in Canada is a very low priority. I have no problem posting this proposed deception as I am willing to pay for the product and will likely purchase many additional downloads but am restrained by what must be bone-headed national distributorship squabbles...I even suspect there may be Canadian content requirements imposed by the Gov. of Canada because, in their opinion, we must listen to Canadian artists whether we care for them or not....
  11. @David Craffare we any closer to opening up to the Canadian market? I recall it was promised to follow the US open by six to eight weeks but we’re well past that window?
  12. Value digital product of the decade: Pure Music/Audirvana/Roon software players Value analogue product of the decade: IsoAcoustic Isolation devices......GAIA/Titan/Orea High End digital product of the decade: dCS Bartok (for price and versatility when compared to their products higher up the line) High End analogue product of the decade:
  13. As new...bought 5 months ago. Absolutely “stellar” monoblocks...class D but uniquely musical. Exceeding powerful but lightweight. Bought for a pair of speakers which demanded large amounts of power (Magnaplanar LRS) but have revised the system so moving on. All packaging, etc...literally new condition. Not in use, boxed up for shipping. Replaced with Pass Labs XA30.8 Have feedback on Canuckaudiomart and Audiogon as "wwdw". New $3000 USD. Asking $2000. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Non dutiable from Canada to USA. Reviews: https://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-stellar-m700-monoblock-power-amplifier https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1138-ps-audio-stellar-m700-mono-power-amplifiers
  14. This one of my fav Van Morrison album....glad to hear they are reviewing the catalogue but distressed to hear your comments regarding the remaster....will have to investigate. Thanks for the heads up.
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