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  1. wonder if our friends from Oz, if they sent an email questioning these silly payment discrepancies, will get a similar reply: " Your point is obviously a good one, and surprisingly, you are the first one to raise it." ...ooof !
  2. Update from A+ Hello Warren, Your point is obviously a good one, and surprisingly, you are the first one to raise it. So we rechecked our pricing in CAD and you are correct, this is a mistake initially due to a conversion from the European price that included sales tax, of course not intentional believe me. So thanks to you, we are immediately adjusting our CAD price to 89,99 CAD (sales tax excluded) for the yearly subscription. Can you check in your account if you have the proper price? Musically yours,
  3. Sent the same query a few days ago without reply….suspect they may be revisiting this odd pricing regime but who knows. still find the UI quite buggy but the sound quality is the best so still on the fence about purchase
  4. Question regarding Podcasts....happy to have this feature but, as a novice with A+ (have 3.5 and earlier iterations but moved to ROON a many years ago) not sure how to add Podcasts to the Podcast menu among other UI frustrations. Have searched for some favorites and they are showing in the search window but I cannot find a link to move/add/save to any menu on the left side panel. Any advice would be welcome. Is the side listed Podcast menu intended to be the listing location for saved favorites and, if so, how do we build up a list on the Podcast page?
  5. Agree completely...have sent an email asking them about this, asking for an explanation for this difference. Ah, the French...reminds of my days when owning my Devialet monos. (which sounded fantastic) Just slightly different and unexplainable.
  6. Just been reading the 40+ pages discussing the recent A+ Studio release (which sounds wonderful beating my ROON lifetime) and see this thread....all this computer driven audio may be trying our patience...perhaps it's time for an Aurender. Sheesh!
  7. May be of interest to some...turns out there is a shortened set of "tracks" available from this boxed set in 24/192 on the Cz Supraphon site...sadly the sublime Janacek isn't included but the Debussy offered (not the full set) is quite special. https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/598702-ivan-moravec-portrait-selection/hi-res was told to simply " Just push red button "Koupit album" (Buy album) and then you can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  8. Thanks for the tip...hadn't investigated the Discogs and Musicbrainz Wizard in Yate. The later yielded metadata for the first three of the eleven discs. Had assumed that since dBpoweramp searched these databases during the rip that this info was not available.
  9. Thanks for your reply...yes, agree that the issue is the lack of metadata at the various databases. MusicBrainz has a partial listing only at this time. Should we expect the label to post this information? Will review Wizard in Yate, wasn’t aware of this, although dBpoweramp does poll Musicbrainz site when searching.
  10. Hello All, Just received, from Presto Classical, a new issue 11 cd boxed set and DVD of works by Ivan Moravec. None of these, other than the first, have no metadata and simple list as track 1, track 2, etc.. None of the album information is populated by dBpoweramp. I can add the track titles, etc using Yate but for a nuanced classical set this is clearly a PIA. Anyone have any similar experiences with discs from Supraphon? Any suggestions? Cheers,
  11. ...am reminded of that humorous story of the rank and file from the Philharmonic, on a lunch break, looking to make a few dollars and renting an empty noon day picture theatre just down the street to play some concert music ..... sign said “All the Telemann you can take, Five Bucks,”
  12. You have made this point before...in the absence of other worthwhile and postable threads you’ve expressed this need to continue posting on this train wreck....what’s up you AUS guys?.....you, Fas42, AN and the FAS whisperer himself, Blackmorec? Just curious!
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