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  1. Hello All, Anyone using or had a listen to this amp. I am not a GUTB and so have a more reasoned approach to Class D. I find this product to be interesting and would welcome any comments. Thanks in advance
  2. Those posts that suggest using two or one are, IMHO, coming from someone missing the point of these devices. Three are required for general stability and the suspended equipment must be free to "move" within the tolerances offered by the Orea. A spike would defeat that design intent coupling the equipment back to the support shelf. One decided to use four heavier Orea with a design load capacity far greater than the load he placed on them and so likely will never really enjoy the full design isolation offered by the use of a correctly sized Orea. Dunno.
  3. the look when in hand is all luxury Hermes.....surprisingly light and comfortable....think their market strategy with the Stellia and Arche Amp offers a headphone system as an easy use luxury music system for non-audiophile music lovers which could easily fit in a well-designed home. would love to audition the new DAC/Amp by Focal, the "Arche"...understand it has Micromega internals and customizable output for their product line...looks like a promising one set solution https://www.focal.com/en/headphones-0/headphones/headphones-electronics/amplifier-dac/arche
  4. We did a very brief but interesting comparison using my PONO player switching between the Elegia and Stellia. They were easy to drive with this portable player. To our ears the Stellia had a higher level of fidelity and was our first choice. The Sennheiser HD800S had a more expansive soundstage, albeit less dynamic, as it was a hard load for the PONO. As mentioned, we have yet to hear the HD820. The bearded one at Audiostream posted a positive review of the HD820 claiming it exceeded the performance of the HD800.
  5. Great review. Thanks. Love to hear your thoughts on the Stellia at some point. Your comparisons to the HD820 were of great interest as we are looking for closed back design and are considering both the Elegia and the Stellia. The HD820 is also of interest but no one in town is willing to bring them in for audition without prior purchase.
  6. I understand they offer carpet spikes that are fitted to sit under the lower ring of the Giai and the spike to the concrete below.
  7. Chris, My thanks for your Trane recommend. This is just the sweet spot in his, too short, career. Next off to buy a download...listening on Tidal and it sounds so fine.
  8. For the Oreo here’s the link: https://devialetchat.com/Thread-IsoAcoustics-OREA-isolation-footers You betcha...these performance points are repeatable and even testable. A nod to you doubly blinded testing advocates. 😄
  9. Check out the thread on Devialetchat.... Tweakers Corner, for a four or five page acknowledgement to the efficacy of these footers it is refreshing that this very professional group doesn’t lower into the mythos/mystery of the Ted Denny stuff (Hello Mr. Scroggie) and their obscene pricing strategies https://devialetchat.com/
  10. Thanks for your work on this...we are in the market for this high level of headphone and are considering the HD800 and the Focal Stellia. My interest is piqued by the new closed back HD820. Would love to read comments on that one. No dealers in my market are planning to bring them in so we cannot audition.
  11. this thread is a total shitshow of disfunction....but let's just keep it going for another twenty pages. Bicker, bicker, bicker.
  12. Esldude, you gotta a life about this stuff. Best WDW
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