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  1. Although...the easily heard improvement with a "bridged" ethernet connection; your Thunderbird to Ethernet, my USB to Ethernet connection, suggests that devices that can help separate electrical noise (in this case an additional powered switch) are well worthwhile...have a suspicion that a Nucleus would have a small but noticeable improvement in that signal path...I'm suspect the Roon Rock OS is written to emulate a very dim-witted turtle with very limited requests to change the signal path...just guessing but suspect it to be true..
  2. Am using a home built Roon Rock i3 using the very cogent and easy to follow directions on the Roon site as well as our Chris's set of directions. Installed it with paired, mirrored, ram, an iBooster LPS, fanless case and an USB/Ethernet adapter. Inexpensive and reliable. Did have a mini quite awhile ago but nothing to directly compare to. Think the Rock OS must be idealized for serving music but this is only supposition on my part. Everything suggest this is as minimal as can be and therefore less noisy an environment...who knows?
  3. wdw

    Bits is bits?

    Dear Frank, Clearly you were dropped on our head, as a child. Good luck with YOUR RIG
  4. wdw

    Bits is bits?

    Frank, As far a can be determined you have no music system of note/worth and use youtube as your musical reference. You refer to a music systems a "rig"; what can only be seen as an odd term for something that has the potential to give great joy so wonder, in all innocence, if you may have worked on some very noisy offshore oil drilling rig, your hearing's gone, and you are now may be confusing the two...that very noisy rig and your suggestion for what appears to be this most completely theoretical "rig" you continually post about. WDW
  5. wdw

    Farewell ML

    I wish him the best...as mentioned above, we benefit from more rather than fewer voices and opinions in this hobby. He experienced the worst side of this site although it was somewhat self-inflicted.
  6. We have a full MQA renderer DAC...(dCS Bartok) and the one artifact that seems constant to us is the noticeable gain (easily readable on the DAC) for the MQA alternate. As a couple who did make a serious effort to investigate MQA in the early days of the hifi press hysteria (that birth of a brand new era euphoria) it became increasing clear that MQA would not, at shows, play an evenly matched pair of files each having the same master and gain. At one point I put this off to arrogance, then stupidity but in these later days it seems the only conclusion is intended deceit.
  7. Hello David, Do you an update on the release date for the Canadian roll out of Qobuz? It had been mentioned to be six to eight weeks after the US but that date has come and gone. thanks
  8. Any news about release dates for Canada....their web site, when logging in from an area not served by their service, will not let you post this simple question, only offering an email entry for future annoucements. Just want to give the Heave Ho to Tidal..
  9. Hello All, Anyone using or had a listen to this amp. I am not a GUTB and so have a more reasoned approach to Class D. I find this product to be interesting and would welcome any comments. Thanks in advance
  10. Those posts that suggest using two or one are, IMHO, coming from someone missing the point of these devices. Three are required for general stability and the suspended equipment must be free to "move" within the tolerances offered by the Orea. A spike would defeat that design intent coupling the equipment back to the support shelf. One decided to use four heavier Orea with a design load capacity far greater than the load he placed on them and so likely will never really enjoy the full design isolation offered by the use of a correctly sized Orea. Dunno.
  11. the look when in hand is all luxury Hermes.....surprisingly light and comfortable....think their market strategy with the Stellia and Arche Amp offers a headphone system as an easy use luxury music system for non-audiophile music lovers which could easily fit in a well-designed home. would love to audition the new DAC/Amp by Focal, the "Arche"...understand it has Micromega internals and customizable output for their product line...looks like a promising one set solution https://www.focal.com/en/headphones-0/headphones/headphones-electronics/amplifier-dac/arche
  12. We did a very brief but interesting comparison using my PONO player switching between the Elegia and Stellia. They were easy to drive with this portable player. To our ears the Stellia had a higher level of fidelity and was our first choice. The Sennheiser HD800S had a more expansive soundstage, albeit less dynamic, as it was a hard load for the PONO. As mentioned, we have yet to hear the HD820. The bearded one at Audiostream posted a positive review of the HD820 claiming it exceeded the performance of the HD800.
  13. Great review. Thanks. Love to hear your thoughts on the Stellia at some point. Your comparisons to the HD820 were of great interest as we are looking for closed back design and are considering both the Elegia and the Stellia. The HD820 is also of interest but no one in town is willing to bring them in for audition without prior purchase.
  14. I understand they offer carpet spikes that are fitted to sit under the lower ring of the Giai and the spike to the concrete below.
  15. Chris, My thanks for your Trane recommend. This is just the sweet spot in his, too short, career. Next off to buy a download...listening on Tidal and it sounds so fine.
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