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  1. ...am reminded of that humorous story of the rank and file from the Philharmonic, on a lunch break, looking to make a few dollars and renting an empty noon day picture theatre just down the street to play some concert music ..... sign said “All the Telemann you can take, Five Bucks,”
  2. I am happy...who’s Mr Trololo?
  3. You have made this point before...in the absence of other worthwhile and postable threads you’ve expressed this need to continue posting on this train wreck....what’s up you AUS guys?.....you, Fas42, AN and the FAS whisperer himself, Blackmorec? Just curious!
  4. It is obvious that this thread would wither on the vine if you and AN would simply leave it alone.
  5. as a long time member of this community it is clear that you came with the building!
  6. Appealing to reason not authority!
  7. Because this not a serious discussion. not sure why you are engaging in this nonsense but it appears to be important to you. best
  8. Possibly...perhaps AN and SandyK need some preoccupation.....cynical but possible.
  9. Don’t believe it....this will continue!!!
  10. hopeless! This trivial low IQ nonsense on this thread just turns people away. There is work to do; to offer guidance to new users, to help with the lay of the digital land, discuss new audio possibilities but this is not helped, in any way, by an apparently penniless lonely heart continually posting nonsense. I miss some of the smarter voices that have, overtime, left in some way due to this kind of stuff.
  11. Ladies, your continual replies to this nonsense will only insure that this brain dead thread will always be at the top of the Forum list....I am concerned that any newbie will come, have a look at this top performing thread, look at this totally Trumpian nonsense and, then, leave. This is forum is due more respect. It has far more worth than the three or four of you having your jollies....poking this particular bear. as always, IMHO Warren
  12. Wouldn’t place too much money on their survival, Tidal, and if gone MQA will certainly follow.....go to bed MQA! i tried quite hard to be a customer of MQA but the obfuscation and general BS killed any further inclination.
  13. We moved from a single family dwelling which had a dedicated sound room, monoblocks and Magico Q3’s, which we were completely in love with...likely stretched the drywall a few times listening long and, on occasion, loudly. Recently moved to a concrete tower Condo so were concerned about neighbours pounding on the door late at night so bought a DCS Bartok and, after one false start, a Pass Labs 30W Class A to drive our final choice (after a wonderful interlude with the Maggie LRS), the Tune Tots. So this is a different listening environment but any music lover wanting/needing to drive
  14. so, as I suspected, enablers...
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