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  1. from eclassical.com 24/96 ... delightful !
  2. Great review, Rajiv. I have the Bartok and agree with every point you raised but must admit to be saddened when you brought in the Rossini...had always assumed, as you did, that the improvements would be apparent but modest...oh, well! As mentioned above, bucket list stuff!
  3. wdw

    Robert Hunter

    Thanks for the link..truly a great article. Not a deadhead but this gave me a window into that somewhat foreign land...Thanks.
  4. wasn’t an appeal to authority (but thanks for the explanation of the obvious) and is simply a comment directed to Qobuz. A view of any current offering, whether US or EU, would give non-users a sense of and feel for the scale of their catalogue and curation. Impatiently awaiting the Canadian open.
  5. Hello David I understand the Canadian release is not imminent but it would be far more helpful if your website allowed potential future customers access to the site to review selection and terms rather than the large lettered banner stating (as per screenshot below) denying access. Cheers "
  6. wdw

    Bits is bits?

    blackmorec is the fas whisperer....of course you are the same posters. Your absurdity and his post, somewhat later down the line but a more reasoned explanations of your efforts...
  7. wdw

    Bits is bits?

    can we finally acknowledge that you and Blackmorec are one and the same?
  8. OK, that's totally crazy!
  9. Trudat...you do have swagger but the question stands and your bravado demands that this be substantiated. How can you state "I gave everybody a chance to walk away from MQA at the end of RMAF 2017 and most did" with a straight face unless you are truly our Overlord.
  10. a follow-up on my post and only after reading ASR and Amirm's scathing review. The guy has issues. Bought my first significant DAC, the Berkeley Alpha DAC, from his Seattle store; Madrona digital. At that time the companion Berkeley Alpha USB (USB to AES converter) was rumoured to be released but not yet available. A few months later he had a sample in house and with some cajoling, my posts included, he offered his "review" which was, essentially grabing the closest printer cable he could find and a crude sampling of low fi musical files to quickly reach the conclusion that the product was dubious at best and easily out maneuvered by his favourite Italian converter the name of which I cannot recall but now out of business AFAIK. The Alpha USB went on to receive the highest accolades in the industry including from our host, Chris.
  11. This is completely true...MQA has made an effort to obscure these easy and direct comparisons. A set of downloadable files would put this issue to rest but will never, I suppose, happen. I have the same DAC that Scroggy is reviewing (which is just a wonderful DAC) but his comments concerning MQA and even his supernatural ability to determine the file is MQA before the music has started to play is pure fantasy. I also see his equipment list continues to grow, now with Wilson Tune Tots for his office system, no doubt on long term loan or at "accommodation" pricing...just shill this stuff and the gear is delivered to your door. This industry is corrupt..(Oh no...I've become Crenca!...help!!!!)
  12. A data point for this Class D discussion...our system is now designed for near-field (condo) listening so use a pair of PS Audio Stellar mono blocks...these are, as I understand, the earlier ICE module but beyond that I have no idea what that entails...dCS Bartok direct to the mono blocks and these to a pair of stand-mounted Wilson Tune Tots...sound is wonderfully warm and sweet, detailed but not over-etched in the least. The Stellar M700's are highly recommended.
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