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  1. I saw that and this has been China’s mantra for awhile BUT this is the same China who also claims to never have had more than 150 COVID cases per day, the same China who can’t be trusted in any policy claim whether it be Hong Kong, human rights violations or Taiwan and the list goes on and on. The fact that the second biggest economy gets a by from these Paris Accords tells us all we know Personally I don’t trust them and the only way to get them to acquiesce to global demands is monetarily (of course will never happen with today’s governments) because their word means
  2. China power crunch spreads, shutting factories and dimming growth outlook | Reuters An interesting article, hardly from a "right" viewpoint of the absurd and ironic logic of the world, including "green companies" relying on coal utilizing countries for their manufacturing. And The Band Played On. Nothing threatens our environment as well as global economies for that matter than what this article illustrates.
  3. It’s not binary and the two are not mutually exclusive. While the mainstream media would love and does love to pose those against, for example, what is going on at the US southern border as nationalist right wing zealots the reality is quite different. It’s easy to frame this and other patriotic/nationalistic arguments in a propagandist way but as I said the reality is quite different. You can frame the description anyway you want with whatever terminology you want but the “globalist” may be more dangerous than the nationalist in absolute terms.
  4. Don’t disagree that the individual shouldn’t act appropriately. I live every day in a manner I wish all would live, whether it be environmentally cogent, charitable and law abiding. I have never said or implied that what the other guy does or what we should or shouldn’t be doing should impact what me, as an individual does However, hiding reality from people or manipulating the facts or stats in order to propagandize while ignoring the elephant in the room not only ignores the biggest impediment to fixing things but to a certain extent will breed cynicism of some to say screw it an
  5. Well you can't just pigeon hole one POV regarding populism. I don't know, if I look at "nationalist populism" on face value, there is something to be said about the national populist (here in the US) wanting to bring manufacturing to a cleaner manufacturer like the USA compared to China (and others). There may be no bigger "national populist" than China despite what the mainstream media would have you ignore. The point being terms and tags are just that. We have manipulated the term to mean all bad when in fact, there may be "some" good. Of course, is not the first requirement of
  6. Biggest problems with laws and the Constitution as I see it is the justification and rationalization by some to ignore them with ZERO accountability. The problem with replacing or amending a Constitution is what makes you think those who break the laws now will follow them in the future when no one is held accountable now? Or when a precedent is set that it is OK for some to ignore the laws why others with new laws won't justify the breaking of new laws or Constitutions.
  7. Call me a cynic, but the UN, international courts, etc. may be more be more corrupt, duplicitous and economically as well as politically motivated as any local, state or federal government. Don't disagree with the premise just don't trust those you name.
  8. Yeah, Iceland did do some good. Agree. America has become a joke politically as has most of the world. The internet has made people dumb not smarter. They have become the copy and paste fact checkers rather than doing some primary research into the aspects of what they claim to be experts in. One thing Iceland is NOW facing though, ironically, is the potential total instability of their infrastructure and environment as these trillion dollar corporations try to manipulate their government and people with the big $$ of large cloud warehouses that Iceland appears to be "perfect" for
  9. That is what you got out of my rant? LMAO. No, what my comments claim is that the current corrupt government can and will not fix it. When the leader of the free world admits that there is 15% fraud in abuse in the largest social program they oversee, I think there is a problem. When laws are passed that benefit some at the expense of most there is a problem. When laws that others have to abide by, like insider trading or failure to pay taxes weaponized against some while those in power skate free, there is something wrong. When a 2 trillion dollar company can buy off a politicia
  10. First let me correct the facts of what I said. It is the USA who has increased emissions according to some by 11%. In fact, there is great evidence to show that since 2005 USA greenhouse gas emissions have decreased to 1990 levels so the 11% is in fact much lower. As far as companies NOT wanting to cooperate, who are they? Companies such as Apple, etc. who want to increase margins to save you a couple of bucks on their iPhones while doing so at the expense of the environment by manufacturing their stuff by the biggest polluters and then using CO2 spewing transportation to deliver t
  11. It is eye opening to see that so many have so much faith in governments to fix problems they largely created and are never held accountable for. By no means am I naively supporting unregulated corporate entities to fix things, as our latest richest companies such as FB, AAPL, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, etc. demonstrate by not only their reliance and desire to engage and support the biggest polluters in the world BUT that being said, it is like blaming the current healthcare issues on United Health, etc. who just followed the trail of money government lays out for them. While I appreciate J
  12. I am not that familiar with Germany's approach. Could use a primer if you care to elaborate. I say that sincerely and not to pounce.
  13. Does it really make a difference? I think CA can teach a lot of what NOT to do despite their beliefs that they do it best. They have by far the highest gas prices in America with little change in driving habits. People adapt and don't change. Inertia rules Also, even if did make one think about it, what goal does it achieve other than to grease the palms of the Government who will find a way to waste whatever money they collect. Perfect example are highways. How many ways are we going to find a way to tax highways. Now they are discussing taxing miles driven. From my perch, the mor
  14. No issue with anyone doing what they think is right when what they are doing indeed does have an effect. I by no means am against solar or EV. That was not my intent. In fact, I endorse both but am realistic about both. FPL is actually taking solar pretty seriously and more and more of their grid is now powered by solar, mitigating the need by the individual. However, in our desire to endorse, let us not be blinded to reality and there are some cold hard truths behind solar and lithium. All you have to do is look at some of the ecological disasters at the Chilean lithium pools or the egregious
  15. I must give a counter point to all the banter on this thread. While the vast majority of hyperbole on this thread regurgitates the typical mainstream talking points about climate change and the need to do something I find it ironic who most paint as evil while ignoring the elephant in the room. Most of the absurd ideas involve penalizing with progressive and devastating taxes on those countries who are most cooperative. While all this EV stuff, just to use one issue as an example, may make us feel good, it is like pissing in the wind as it pertains to climate change. Ju
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