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  1. Cat Power: Wanderer. Great music and great recording.
  2. Leonard Cohen: "Songs From The Road". Very well recorded and obviously great music.
  3. Kai, Very true. As an old audiophile I am that person that you and others describe and I don't understand because in my situation and in the case of many, it's just too much of a pain in the rear end to compare, especially on some of the selected equipment we choose to own. Tough to teach old dogs new tricks. My dad may he RIP would always buy a Buick. I would ask why don't you look an Oldsmobile, etc. "Because I like Buick". Many of us older "audiophiles" just go with the flow of "components" as we are most comfortable with that.
  4. Well guys, to bring some cheer to this COVID mess, Gilead appears to be having some legitimate success with remdesivir. Phase III trials and compassionate use are showing good signs, especially in the severely ill, just published in New England Journal of Medicine. Let's keep our fingers crossed. This in addition to antibody testing, Abbott point of service testing may get our doors open around the world much quicker than any of us thought possible and buy us time for vaccines.
  5. Well that sucks. Totally agree with Tone Deaf. Definitely will miss him.
  6. Priaptor

    Corona Virus

    He was referring to the FDA's approval for off label utilization which the states would be charged with distributing, regarding "off label" utilization as well as in controlled drug trials as Hahn elaborated on in more detail. Additional "approved" drugs for trial and compassionate use include convalescent plasma and immune globulin, remdesivir, Losartin, as well as some other therapies being fast tracked for study. Yes, one can infer from that clip that he is saying the FDA approved it's use "TO TREAT COVID" but that is not what he meant and it was clarified. Fauci indicated it has promise and as a scientist he can only evaluate it based on real results that are done in an approved double blinded study not that it isn't being used or approved for study by the FDA. Additionally you claimed that people self-medicated based on this and died which the couple you are referring to used fish tank cleaner containing hydroxychoroquine. I by no means have huge hope for hydroxycholoroquine especially based on a tiny 30 person French study, but we will see.
  7. Priaptor

    Corona Virus

    Sorry, but his "good feeling" is all he said. He NEVER said it was "approved" and both he and Fauci indicated that people are and can use it off label under doctor's supervision. In fact right now it is on what is called a dual track, being used in "compassionate use" off label as well as being studied in randomized double blinded studies. The people you are talking about who self-medicated did so with fish tank cleaners not hydrocholoroquine. I have no idea whether if "really" works or not but YOU SHOULD NOT be casting aspersions for "misinformation" when that is exactly what you are doing. As it pertains to "no one should be taking......" those who are should be under doctor supervision and we should see if it has any efficacy after the trials. Anyone doing so without supervision of a healthcare provider does so at their own risk.
  8. Kudos Alex. Received mine on Thursday. Plugged the LPS-2 at 12v into the ER, let it warm (heat up) for a day. Today is my second day listening. Either my previous switch was broken or the ER is just awesome. I know there will be doubters but I’m thrilled with another awesome UpTone product. Listening on a fairly esoteric system, with CH M1.1 amp, CH L1 pre into an MSB Select with V2 renderer into Gobel Aeon Epoque Fine (small one) with all Gobel cables. Don’t want to piss off the doubters but I’m extremely impressed with the ER. AND while my system is esoteric and yes expensive these types of upgrades are by far my favorite. Once again congrats Alex.
  9. I can't read your whole post BUT regarding "sound quality being better but not publicly discussing it" issue, let me say, I have been very close to many manufacturers over the years and this is the business of the hobby we choose to purchase from and it is at no fault of the end-manufacturer like Uptone. This is the same with manufacturers of speakers, amps, etc. They often don't have control over what the parts manufacturer are using or should I say changing and these parts suppliers often look for "better" or "cheaper" ways to manufacturer so and end manufacturer like Uptone, Audio Research, Magico, CH, Wilson, Raidho, take your pick is at the mercy of those manufacturing parts for them. Very often it is an "unannounced upgrade" because it's not really an upgrade with version change it's just the way it is in this hobby; and quite frankly in most industries relying on parts from others. Would you be happier if Alex did what some others in the business do, when they can no longer get the "original" parts for their design and announce a "version" change, with a new higher price rendering your product less valuable? Yes there are many manufacturers I know of, rather not name them, when faced with "new parts" because the old ones are no longer available immediately announce a version upgrade, making the almost identical product obsolete and charging more for the new one.
  10. I haven't posted in some time and occasionally drop by to see what absurd threads are getting some attention (and I am rarely disappointed) but this one is up there. As an end-user of Uptone, I have to say Alex and crew have been one of the best I have ever dealt with. If there products aren't to your liking, so be it, but from my perch, they give some of the best bang for the buck and I haven't been disappointed with any of their products and I definitely haven't been disappointed with their service. In a hobby where so many disappoint with service Uptone is definitely NOT one of them. From my perch, the complaints seem absurd and John's response, while overly detailed, demonstrates his passion for his products as well as his good name. Just my two cents.
  11. This is going to be my last post on this forum for multiple reasons. First I am tired of the never ending threads here denigrating those buying systems that most posting here can't afford as well as the constant berating of those with "subjective" opinions, unless of course the subjectivity comes from Chris which all his sycophants would never question. Second, I am tired of the "moderator" acting as some dictatorial figure, determining some of the most vile comments to be acceptable as long as it meets his political leaning; which is his right to do as this is his site, but I don't have to tolerate it. Third, the Progressives on these threads prove themselves to be the most intolerant, propagandist brainwashed drones I have ever encountered spewing their hateful polemics, platitudes and generalizations. Lastly, there really isn't that much regarding audio exchanges occurring here anymore and it has become mainly a forum for criticizing. And now my response to Terersa which will garner me another "never expiring penalty point" that is so petulant, I didn't even know what to say except to laugh hysterically when I got Chris' warning. "Sarah Palin may not be very intelligent, however that is not an excuse to slander her". Well Teresa you just did slander her. From your comments it seems like Palin is much more intelligent than you. "to have seen protections of the First Amendment expand way beyond its original intentions" Really, you have no idea what you are talking about and never have pertaining to the topic and it shows every time you and that other guy try to claim what is or is not covered by the 1st Amendment. Read the 1st and 14th Amendments and try to understand what you are talking about what the standard is I pointed out that has to be proven to be a violation of the 1st Amendment. Unless there is a new amendment or Constitution eradicating the 1st Amendment it is the law, except of course by Progressives who want to be the arbiters of what is and is not acceptable and single handedly rewrite the Constitution. "I feel that every heterosexual couple on Planet Earth should have only one child, at least until the world's population decreases to 1 billion. After that one child, both the male and female should be sterilized. And we should be encouraging the homosexual lifestyle since gay people cannot reproduce" I have to say of all the absolute absurd, hateful and depraved propaganda I have heard from Progressives, this may be up there with the most bizarre and deranged I have ever read. I recommend you get some help. Reading your post is like a trip through Bizarro World. Keep America Great! Trump Wins 2020
  12. Yes Teresa, no matter how your "attempts" lack facts. But in today's world, who cares about facts, when you can just "believe and know".
  13. "So you actually believe"?? NO, I know, it has nothing to do with "believing" it is understand the facts. It's bad taste just like just about everything coming out of Hollywood BUT it doesn't violate the 1st Amendment. As I said above and if you really understood the 1st Amendment and the court rulings that further defined it, any "violation" of must meet the standard of "imminent lawless action" Advocating murder is a common among pro-choice people, no? Your argument, no matter how simple, holds no legitimacy. Nothing would make me happier than to see Madonna, Maher, Behar, Kathy Griffin, BLM, Antifa, skinheads, etc jailed BUT what they are doing is not a violation of the 1st Amendment. Let me say, I don't support "hate speech" but even more I really don't support those who think it is in their purview to be the arbiter of what "hate speech" is. This is where we are with the left today.
  14. If I were you (thank God I'm not) I would do some research before doing copy and paste arguments. I can give you examples by one of your heroes that violates YOUR definition: Bill Maher: "Palin is dumb c-nt" Bill Maher : "Sarah Palin is a dumb Twat" Bill Maher to Milo: "impish British fag." Not only did he NOT violate the 1st Amendment, which according to your sophomoric cut and paste "factoid" claims he did BUT you guys think this is entertainment.
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