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  1. To each his own. My accolades to Boulder was mainly for recognizing a different buyer than their standard products are made for and coming out with a very desirable product that is in reach to many more buyers to enjoy their excellence. While 14K is still lots of money to most, it is a high end ROON endpoint capable DAC, integrated amp offering from one of the most very expensive high end manufactures out there. We have seen so many of these uber expensive electronics manufacturers concentrating on products while racing to stratospheric pricing that few if any can afford that I li
  2. Kudos to Boulder. Looks to be a great product with a great price sweet spot. Unlike some of the other manufacturers that only produce for the super wealthy it is nice to see Boulder taking charge to provide their great technologies to a much broader audience.
  3. Amazing from one of the greatest and for many reasons the greatest speaker manufacturer of the high end industry. Just one point. Since 99.99% of audiophiles are OCD, one "problem" with these speakers is what Danny mentioned "the team even went as far as completely re-envisioning the smallest increments of time alignment with dual micrometer adjustments for the four individually adjustable upper modules contained within each speaker’s cut from solid blocks of aluminum gantry". Do the math. That will lead the best of us to an indeterminable number of variations to obsess over durin
  4. I have to say, some of the songs on this album are some of his best work in a long time and recorded as well or almost as well as (the song) The Ghost of Tom Joad while other selections leave me in wondering, WTF. However, overall, even accounting for the tracks I find a little too much for my likes, really good.
  5. Very hard for me to listen to this. Some albums, like when you release one of the greatest works in folk history, recorded with some of the greatest ambience ever, should just be left alone to stand for all time. I did not find this very engaging. Must my opinion
  6. Cat Power: Wanderer. Great music and great recording.
  7. Leonard Cohen: "Songs From The Road". Very well recorded and obviously great music.
  8. Kai, Very true. As an old audiophile I am that person that you and others describe and I don't understand because in my situation and in the case of many, it's just too much of a pain in the rear end to compare, especially on some of the selected equipment we choose to own. Tough to teach old dogs new tricks. My dad may he RIP would always buy a Buick. I would ask why don't you look an Oldsmobile, etc. "Because I like Buick". Many of us older "audiophiles" just go with the flow of "components" as we are most comfortable with that.
  9. Well guys, to bring some cheer to this COVID mess, Gilead appears to be having some legitimate success with remdesivir. Phase III trials and compassionate use are showing good signs, especially in the severely ill, just published in New England Journal of Medicine. Let's keep our fingers crossed. This in addition to antibody testing, Abbott point of service testing may get our doors open around the world much quicker than any of us thought possible and buy us time for vaccines.
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