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  1. +1 David! Thanks to C.A., I am now enjoying music that I wouldn't have been exposed otherwise. Thank you all. Here is one that I am enjoying right now.
  2. I understand that this post has nothing to do with this forum, but I think the potential for a better quality of life by sharing this info is worth it. Nature’s best kept secret is a wonder molecule called RNA. It is central to the origin of life, evolution, and the cellular machinery that keeps us alive. In this Lab you’ll play the role of a molecular engineer by solving RNA folding puzzles. Then take your skills to Eterna, where you can design RNAs that could be at the heart of future life-saving therapies. RNA Lab | NOVA Labs | PBS
  3. Published on Dec 23, 2013 Moderator: Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. Founder and Chief Engineer at AIX Records and iTrax.com Audiophiles seem to focus on the path from the playback media and device to the speakers. It's been all about the formats (vinyl, tape, CD, DVD-A, SA-CD, Blu-ray and now HiFi Pure Audio), components, cables, amplifiers and speakers, but where do the actual production technologies and techniques come into play? The production methods, formats, techniques, environment and equipment affect the quality of sound experience far more than the expensive power cord or high end amplifier in your system. This seminar will focus on the actual recording process, the tools and techniques, the environments, the musical issues and how to identify and acquire high-end productions.
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    And all this time reading you all, transparent was the goal....
  5. Local talent that I have been neglecting, Catherine Major
  6. Thanks Blake for confirming Damien solution. Yes , I believe that spending the money is worth it for my system and piece of mind. Do you have or plan to purchase the Dual USB cable?
  7. Thanks guys! Your inputs are appreciated. My first instinct was to avoid cheaper model because I wanted to fix a problem an not create others in my audio system, but after the answer I got from iFi, I might try a cheap one to see if it eliminate the clicking sound and then re evaluate where I go from there. I hope Damien solution works. iFi: "Dear Jean, Thank you for your kind enquiry. The iUSB Power cannot solve a problem that is inside the computer - Mac. A powered hub is also unlikely to fix the problem. At any extent, we have not tested the iUSB Power for this purpose/problem and can therefore not comment on if it will help or not. The benefit of separating audio + power is documented here: In a nutshell, USB was not designed for high performance audio. As such, it carries audio + power together. It is not good for sonics to have audio+power laid together, like interconnects and power cables running side by side. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Best regards Vincent Luke - Markets ifi-audio.com"
  8. Just to make sure, you are talking about this product: iFi-audio iUSB Are you using the Twin headed cable? Thanks
  9. Thanks Blake! Any downside or compromise using a USB hub?
  10. In order to enjoy my old Mac with integer mode and 384K, I need a powered USB hub. This solution is offered by Damien to fix this problem: "You probably have a Mac whose model has been introduced before 2008 end. These models have a limitation in their USB ports power supply that makes a few samples to be set to 0 every ~16,000, and this only in Integer Mode. And this is what you can hear as clicks. To continue to get the benefits of the Integer Mode, the most widely used workaround consists in connecting a powered USB hub between the DAC and the Mac. (With only the DAC connected to it of course)." What brand/model would you suggest?
  11. I use W4S DAC2 with my ADAMS and I'm very happy with the result. The term "revealing" has been used often to describe the ADAMS, so trying different DAC's is highly recommended. PS; obvious suggestion for any component to be honest
  12. They are allowed in your audition room!!!? You guys are weird!
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