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  1. New computer build and my Curious Cable won't reach new USB port from Chord Hugo TT2. Until I go and buy a longer cable I plugged in a USB hub and then Curious into that. Is there a SQ downside to that? I think there is but unsure and can't find much from Google. I'm ready to buy a longer USB cable unless someone could weigh in here. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the "heads up" on keeping power on 24/7. Checked in over at HeadFi and Rob Watts checks in on the thread and corroborated that.
  3. Totally unrelated. Can you do away with the memoji? Doesn't fit the site in my opinion.
  4. So............SATA SSD is better? I'm totally open to suggestions. I read an article a while back in Positive Feedback and he was going nuts over NVMe sounding better.
  5. I think I'm going NVMe unless anyone can advise against. New build 2TB will take care of it and I'm pretty much done for now (Buhahahahaha...........)
  6. I think if I bought these I'd get an old Mark Levinson 332 to power these up. something big and bad.
  7. Chris!!!!!!!! I just bought Meze Empyrean+Chord Hugo TT2. You're supposed to give me a "heads up". Dying to experience these. Excellent review. Honestly I want to read superlatives if its warranted.
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