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  1. I have multiple issues of Yes and you cannot do any better than the Steven Wilson's issues in my listening experience. That goes for all the Tull releases plus the two ELP issues he did as well.
  2. Excellent Josh! The Dark Side of the Moon next please.
  3. Sorry to everyone for posting this. I should have just looked at their tech page which spells it all out. I'm going to go check these out locally in a few weeks. I wonder how big the listening difference is?
  4. Is the Hugo TT 2 in single ended mode for DAC only the same as the Qutest?
  5. I have the CD set at home now and it's fabulous. Local Library got it for me (They are fantastic!). I bought the download from Acoustic Sounds and got 10% off to boot. DR looks to be the same as CD's. Download sounds great.
  6. What is the deal with Horns really showing up everywhere it seems. Guttenberg and Stereophile too. I'm going to have to hit Axpona next time to hear these. Plus the painted colorful (Lambo/Ferrari colors) are way cool.
  7. I'd love to hear this rig. At this price I'd also be looking at Stax SR009S, a Headamp BHSE and either a MSB Discreet DAC(w/power supply) or Chord DAVE. I'd still have $$ left over for a cable splurge. Shoot out is the only way we'll know...........you guys report back!
  8. Check out Shabazz, a live recording from 1975 - Billy Cobham / Drums, Percussion- Alex Blake / Bass- John Abercrombie / Guitar- Milcho Leviev / Keyboards- Michael Brecker / Saxophone- Randy Brecker / Trumpet- Glen Ferris / Trombone
  9. This is just superb. Great DR(12's and 13's) and recording. Really a great surprise.
  10. I got a rip of the SACD and listened to it for a few weeks. I'm staying with the Reprise CD.
  11. My only surprise is the Hugo being able to deliver as well as the Cavalli Liquid Gold (I had one home for a few weeks before it was released and it was spectacular) especially being in such a small box to house all that. Just look at the size and stats on the latest Luxman p-750u headphone amp (Audiophiliac just reviewed it). Side-step: I'm using my Cavalli Liquid Fire amp and now have a Wyred4Sound DAC 2v2se with superb results.
  12. Got it sounds great. Analyzed Folder: I:\Music\Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady\Before We Were Them\Before We Were Them_dr.txt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR14 -0.20 dB -16.85 dB 01 - Rock Me Baby.flac DR16 -0.54 dB -18.81 dB 02 - Turnaround.flac DR16 -0.20 dB -17.91 dB 03 - Star Track.flac DR16 -0.20 dB -18.55 dB 04 - Through The Golden Gate.flac DR15 -0.45 dB -18.43 dB 05 - Come Back Baby.flac DR17 -0.21 dB -19.19 dB 06 - Through The Grove.flac DR14 -0.44 dB -16.47 dB 07 - Inspiration In The Hall Of Arrivals.flac ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of Files: 7 Official DR Value: DR15
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