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  1. I trust your assessment of equipment and would love reading about what you hear through these.
  2. Anyone buy this? At Acoustic Sounds. 24/192 is $92 and 24/96 is $62. So far all of his output is spectacular.
  3. The Chassis on this is like MSB DAC. I stumbled on this yesterday and I am really interested in hearing one. I do believe in bench testing or at least opening the hood and seeing what is underneath.
  4. Anyone want to be the sacrificial lamb here?
  5. Excellent all around to read this, Sonis review and commentary. As a reader of reviews I'm always hoping for honesty and not fan boy adoration. This certainly fits that bill.
  6. Wasn't there a whole debate when the LCD-4 was released about sound sig and disparity between supposedly the same phones'? Also blown driver debate? I tried a cursory look at forums with nada but it comes to mind. Audeze definitely need a damage control rep. At their level this shouldn't have even bothered them. If they had a problem then send a bunch of phones out to parties concerned to make double sure. I've owned my LCD 2.2's for years and love them but my big question would still be are they worth a $3000 (retail-you can get these either used or new for around $2500 or less: that alone gives me pause) premium over what I own>
  7. The Ferrari you tested couldn't achieve a zero to 100 time of 4.2 seconds? You clearly do not know how to drive the automobile. You wrote: 'it rode like an old truck"? It is obvious you do not know what "sports car handling" is supposed to feel like.
  8. This is beyond interesting. I believe this is number one of all my years on forums and which include fighting and insults and being banned. Audeze has handled this quite poorly and should have just stayed out of this dialog. The beauty part to me is that the review phones' didn't come from factory.
  9. Excellent review. I LOVE reading a review that doesn't dance around the "what if's" like so many here are implying. Maybe the Emperor has no clothes. I was interested in these at one time and my go-to is checking what they are selling for used.on eBay, Audiogon, or HeadFi and these were going for around $2500 which is a Red Flag to me for a $4,000+ phone'. Same for the Chord Qutest Sonis reviewed (I asked this question at another forum and they were not happy about my observation) . Why so many for sale at a discount? Thank you Sonis. Please reveiw the Meze Empyrean!
  10. Good to read an honest review. Everything else I've read makes this sound like it's just a step away from the Hugo TT2 or Dave.
  11. Bull Moose has a great deal on this for under $40 shipped to my door. Couldn't pass it up.
  12. 4 CD issue on the way September 6. Does anyone know if this will be available for download in HR? I can find nada on this. I would believe it would be however I'm not sure if this would benefit. I'd really like a BD version ala Fillmore East Recordings.
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