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  1. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B00831SCBM?ref=dm_sh_4b07-0b8e-91d6-1c35-2dcee
  2. Extended return period?
  3. So far, I can honestly say that the three month free trial has been worth every penny.
  4. Well, they do manage to put an awful lot of crap in their catalogue, like Pear Jam for Babies.
  5. In my case, the "Loudness Normalization" was on by default when I reinstalled the app (following your directions). I am almost positive it wasn't like that before, so that it didn't inherit this setting. Also, the volume was attenuated (which would compress the dynamic range, paradoxically making it sound "louder.") So, if these settings were in fact the default in the high-res player, Amazon is doing something to playback by default (that can then be changed in the "advanced" preferences), albeit not to the files themselves.
  6. I used the link. Do you get any feedback as to whether it worked, or do you only find out after 3 months and I forget to cancel? If Damien adds this to Audirvana, I think I will subscribe.
  7. The player doesn't do automatic sample frequency switching on a Mac OS X system, so if you have this, be sure to set this manually in Audio MIDI Setup. Also, I had to max out the volume on the player software, and in the Preferences, turn off the default "loudness equalization", all of which, I assume, will degrade sound quality. The search/browser functionality is a travesty.
  8. At least the person who staged that didn't put them over the dog's ears. Mine prefers floor-standers:
  9. Don't forget the second part of the question: Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?
  10. Wow, scriptable and regular expression searches. How did I manage to miss this?
  11. White male Islamophobic hegemonistic patriarchy-infused audiophilia. Say that 100 times really fast.
  12. Redwood is a conifir. But I have never considered it "light." Around here, branches that fall off crush people's houses and cars, and are called "widow-makers." In any case, metal (steel) shelves will do a lot more to block EMI, should it be a problem. But if it were me, I would just test the hypothesis. Put the preamp and/or DAC in between them where they sit now, and listen for any interference. (I also suggest with a hip issue that you get someone else to do the heavy lifting.)
  13. I can see how the frequency response curve is consistent with the reported observations. However, it also seems rather similar to the other headphones that are said to sound much better, so that has me puzzled.
  14. Is there any chance you could post images of those measurements here? This would be the most definitive way to refute the criticism.
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