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  1. Exactly. And if you suggest otherwise, your post will be deleted.
  2. Since it is now well-established by many members (see relevant PMs) that bitwise-identical files can sound hugely different, like night and day, what is the best way to get our measurements up to this new high standard defined by our golden-eared, golden-aged colleagues? This is an absolutely imperatively important topic that really deserves to be interjected into every discussion at every opportunity.
  3. Maybe this is because you (deliberately) misunderstood his analogy.
  4. Like Michael Lavorgna? At least he gets the satisfaction of knowing his idea of what the site should be has ultimately prevailed.
  5. Maybe it would be a goodwill gesture to allow those of us who are no longer welcome to have the right to delete our content before our eagerly-anticipated departure.
  6. If only we had a strong leader who would just dismiss Congress. Checks and Balances are left-wing commie liberal feminist constructs designed to castrate real conservatives who value Constitutional fundamentals. Bigly.
  7. Thanks. Sorry I missed that before I posted. Note the avatar.
  8. WD stands for "water dispersant". It has a foaming agent that makes it useful to clean old lubricant out of stuff. I use it to clean out my Chris King hub ring drive. Then I lubricate it with an actual lubricant.
  9. You know how I knew it was fake? WD-40 is not a lubricant.
  10. Anything that implements dither should be inaudible, unless you are really turning it down low. Digital volume control in Audirvana and even iTunes work inaudibly, in my experience.
  11. I suspect it is a Fakebook meme. Oh, BTW, Happy Australia Day (although I guess that was the day before yesterday there now.)
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