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  1. I almost got run over a few months ago by a McLaren executing a close-pass while on my (over-priced, boutique) bike. I think the question should be how many other people die from exotic cars driven by people with more money than brains.
  2. Mapping Notre Dame’s unique sound will be a boon to reconstruction efforts Scientists took detailed acoustical measurements inside the cathedral a few years ago. Link to article in Ars Technica
  3. Today's New York Times reports: Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. RT America, a network known for sowing disinformation, has a new alarm: the coming ‘5G Apocalypse.’ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/12/science/5g-phone-safety-health-russia.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage So, is the OP a Russian Troll, or just a useful ...?
  4. This one really winds up the ninnies:
  5. There is a heartwarming story behind the insert poster that came with this one: http://www.sevencut.com/culturejam-bannedmediamonth-jan17/2017/1/25/banned-media-month-11-frankenchrist-by-dead-kennedys-1985
  6. I'm denying it. You couldn't tan my hide if your miserable life depended upon it. Just out of curiosity, who do you think you are to determine when someone else steps grandly out of line? Your sense of self-importance is truly delusional. Nah. It is vastly more entertaining to watch you make a complete, blithering idiot of yourself.
  7. I'm afraid of utter nonsense, jibberish and narcissistic posturing derailing what should have been a perfectly good thread.
  8. Verily. Shoelace aglets sleep furiously heteroduplastic muon decay in a squew-Hermition operator space.
  9. The guy has attacked me like a psychotic previously. I prefer he stays out. He contributes nothing positive. Feel free to start your own thread and he can bring his shopping cart and scream at shadows.
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