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  1. No more, but not in the same way or with the same output. May be a difference that makes no difference, but it is a difference.
  2. The confusion is probably in which "industry" Chris. The Audiophile world? The consumer electronics world? You have your fingers in a lot of pies. Note that any indication of a positive opinion of MQA will garner a quick comment that the Audiophile market is too small and means nothing. The opposite gets an opposite reaction. (grin). -Paul
  3. I suggest you might be reading the backlist comments through a haze of prejudice then. No insult intended, but that is one odd conclusion to come to. -Paul
  4. The Mastered for iTunes rules are public and very clear.
  5. Being not sure and being ignorant are two different things, and conflating them is also disingenuous.
  6. Not sure what you are trying to show here and have no intention of guessing. In the same scale, what does the Non MQA version look like? This is is a bit disingenuous, since you obviously know the frequency domain is the inverse of the time domain. Converting from one domain to another makes some problems easier to solve. It can very well be true that MQA solves some processing in the time domain instead of the frequency domain. A process that would very well result in the “sharpening” of the signal in the time domain. Nothing particularly earth shatteringly new or new or innovative about it. But it sure does “deblur” the signal. Does not really mean anything though, as other methods actually do the same thing in the frequency domain. But then, you know that too.
  7. No, you have an imaginary advantage. Which you are welcome to keep. -Paul
  8. Thank you all for the support! There are a few things left. The surface laptop. ($350, loaded with Windows Pro not Windows S.) The PreSonus 1810c USB Audio Interface. ($160, USB-C version. Sounds great.) A SpinXLR Phono Preamp (converts to XLR connectors, requires 48v power). $20 A Record Doctor Cleaning Machine. $125 A NAD C715 Receiver (with CD player). $195 JVC Digital Video Camera (uses tape) $30 An Alesis Q88 full size Midi Keyboard wit USB and Midi Cable included $120 Oh, my Canon 6D MKII - in perfect condition. Full frame, and takes gorgeous shots. I am hoping to see $2100 for this, but will accept any offer above $1800. 1 Canon Excellent ES 6D MK II 2 Canon Excellent Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens 3 Canon Excellent Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM UD Lens,USA 4 Canon Excellent EF 24-105mm IS STM Lastly, I have an outdoor set up for sale, but shipping on this is prohibitive. A Yeti 1400 Lithium Power Unit $950 Two Boulder 100w Briefcase Portable Solar Panel units. $300 ARB 50q fridge/freezer $425 All come with cables, etc. All together, I am hoping to collect $1550 on the outdoor gear, or will sell separately at the prices above. Shipping will be a bear on any of these things though, and I am not sure the Yeti can even be shipped. Lithium batteries with a load of amp hours in it. Will run a household fridge for a few days, or indefinitely if you limit how often you open it. Powers all the lights in the house here when power is out. As above, I will cover half the packing and shipping costs for anything but the Yeti gear. Credit cards accepted, Zelle, and cash and checks from here.
  9. Can we make a rule that every time Mansr starts speaking for everyone that he can't make any more posts for 24 hours?
  10. It is amazing how many people never cognite on this.
  11. You know, I actually agree with most of that. It would be far more problematic for them if it split into two threads; one technical and one more full of flames than heck. -Paul
  12. Yes, he did. Just as Marty Caiden demonstrated his version of telekinesis, but Randi wouldn't agree to any testing unless Marty signed paperwork saying he was a wizard or some such stupid stuff. Seriously, testing may have proven either or both false, but what Randi was setting up wasn't testing, it was entrapment and a stage illusion. Stuff he was extraordinarily good at.
  13. Let's instead say Randi backed out as soon as he saw that Mikey Fremer demonstrated the exact capability in question, and there was too much resistance to Randi's attempts to rig the test.
  14. Here is some more bad news - this time for you. Randi is not scientific, not was he particularly concerned with using the scientific method to uncover fraud. He was interested in one thing and one thing only - promoting himself and cashing checks. If you have never met the clown, then you have no idea what a funny duck he really was.
  15. Oh boy - Randi was the biggest fraud of my generation. He was famous for mousetrapping his tests so there was no way he could lose. Nothing scientific or honest about his testing. Good entertainment though, especially when put up against another skilled fraudster, like Uri Geller. Now there was a match worth watching! Trickster vs. Trickster. Using Randi in this argument, especially as a foil against Mikey Fremer, well - that is not reasonable behavior. Revisionist perhaps, but not reasonable. -Paul
  16. I did include people interested in DSD, but yes, “lots” is a perfectly good usage there. Y’all argue that the audiophile market is to small to be meaningful, but I will point out again, the audiophile world supports a huge number of niche and boutique products, and moves enough money to support pretty big fairs. There are lots of people interested in SACD, and more interested in its direct descendant, DSD
  17. Err. yep. Everything is relative, but put a SACD up for sale and it won't be up for long. There is a lot of interest in SACD. I know you and a couple others are rather dismissive of the audiophile market, but that is the market that drives the sales for high resolution audio and other esoteric formats. Yours, -Paul
  18. Lots of people care about SACD, and even more about its file based descendant, DSD. -Paul
  19. Hey guys - I have got to sell some more of this stuff in a hurry. If anyone from here wants the Harbeths, I will take $950 for them, ad $400 for the Peachtree Nova 150. I'll cover half the shipping as well. Also, if anyone wants a surface laptop- make me any offer above $350 and it is yours. All these items are up on Superphonica. -Paul
  20. Of course, there is no benefit to going past DSD256. Can't possibly hear any difference! (grin) Want your leg back now? -Paul
  21. I usually do "miss" those comments. Bandcamp is definitely one of my favorite places on the net. This is one of my most favorite purchases of all time.
  22. I thought it was just as clear the the audiophile market is the only market for hi-res or "master" material?
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