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Found 17 results

  1. Anyone aware of any audiophile-grade cables that have 90-degree plugs? Looking for XLR and Toslink. My new ELAC DD2 DAC is too deep from my shelving. I am playing for centimeters.
  2. Hello everyone, I've just purchased then new version 1.2 of the Katana + Isolator DAC (but I haven't received anything it yet). I would like to try to solder XLR connector on it (as it's said it can be done). I tried to download every documentations I could find on Allo website : I found a lot of details on how to power each card of the "bundle" but only a few about where to "plug" XLR connectors. From what I saw : I don't have the detailled schema who explain which of each their "...soldering points ready..." are supposed to be used to (I'm speaking about how to identify the positive, negative, drain and chassis ground soldering points on the board). Thanks a lot for your help
  3. Hey, guys! Just sold my NAD M51 and looking for a new amazingly sounding DAC with maybe a streaming option. Would be nice also if that was capable of DSD 512 and maybe PCM 768kHz, just in case Must have XLR balanced outputs and Toslink input. The budget is around $6000 US. Can go higher if needed. My other components are: Foobar2000/HQplayer MacBook Pro (late 2017), USB digital interface: "Gustard U16", Integrated amplifier: Musical Fidelity - "Nu-Vista 600", loudspeakers: "ProAc D48R". Would be super grateful for all suggestions! Thanks!
  4. Hello, I would like to buy a pure streamer device (without DAC just accurate, low jitter digital output). I found the Digione (Signiture) Player. But it has digital coax/BNC 75ohm output while my sound processor (the streamer will feed it) has digital XLR 110ohm connection. Is it any way to add XLR connection to Digione Player ? Or could you advice me other "chap", accurate Streamer device with USB for USB stick/HDD and digital XLR output ? I found one XLR board for RB Pi, but I'm not sure it works with Digione Player; https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-and-interfaces-for-raspberry-pi/audiophonics-digipi-aes-toslink-tcxo-digital-interface-aes-ebu-for-raspberry-pi-p-13316.html Any idea, please ? Thank you all the idea/advice sharing with me, Istvan
  5. Hello everybody, At the end of the year I would like to buy Studio Monitors. I prefer Genelec or Neumann, but that's not the topic here. Currently I have a pair of Edifier 1280T connected to a Dell U2414H. From there my Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) is connected via Displayport and my Xbox One S via HDMI. My intention is this: I'm looking for an Interface/DAC that allows me to run both my Xbox One S and my MacBook. The Xbox One has an S/PDIF optical output. So far I have found the following products: Audient iD22 Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus First I want to run a 2.0 system, later adding a subwoofer. Maybe someone here knows another insider tip! In terms of price, it should be around the Audient iD22. I am sorry for my English (living in Germany) Greetings SporeTinte049
  6. I'm a new beginner at this, but usually a quick lerner. I'm thinking about trying to build a music server. At the moment I'm just looking for possible (high resolution compatible) hardware. If I start a build, it is important that the music server will have either 'S/PIDF coaxial out' or 'AES/EBU (AES3?) XLR out'. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction for hardware with 'S/PDIF coaxial out' or 'AES/EBU XLR out'? Or is there a really good reason why most people build music server with USB out? If software is the problem, I think I might have that covered. I just got a friend who is a programing wizard interested in high resolution digital audio. So if there is hardware with 'digital coaxial out' or 'digital XLR out' that could be usable with some coding, that might be even better. Thanks /Filip
  7. Hello, I would like a discussion for my setup if possible. I bought a set of Genelec 8040B's on sale last November off of Amazon. They have been great to listening to for the purpose of "vibing" off to and enjoying music for listening to and not for the purpose of mixing or mastering. So far I have been borrowing my friend's Focusrite 2i4i audio interface, and with the latest driver for Windows 10 I have not spotted any cutting off or crackling which I am pleased of thus far. These monitors are really satisfying and have a lot of detail to show. I use 25' XLR to XLR cable with the addition of 2 XLR to TRS connectors to plug into the Focusrite audio interface. Having to return the interface to my friend, am I better off to repurchase this product? Or is there a substantially more worth it setup for my Genelec's? This is of course assuming I have a good room to start with. I'm talking about an upgrade to revealing audible detail and first hand comparisons that would make something more of a jem to listen to compared to the Focusrite 2i4i. I'm not using music to listen to equipment, but rather equipment to listen to music. Any discussion would be helpful, especially from first hand experience of working with Genelec's. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01E6T50LY/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1?ie=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01E6T50LY&pd_rd_r=17a26602-4355-11e8-b4af-bb8759a2f7d7&pd_rd_w=SgdFF&pd_rd_wg=95DNU&pf_rd_m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=Z5RB9RANYAGHJ1P0R55Y&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=07871b8e-d32a-4963-b98f-ba712077f7f5&pf_rd_i=desktop https://www.amazon.ca/Genelec-Bi-Amplified-Monitor-System-Woofer/dp/B00K2TP4TQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1524089363&sr=1-1&keywords=genelec+8040 Thanks, Reggy
  8. Hello all, I have an Audio Note Dac 2.1 x Signature which has an Unbalanced S/PDIF and a Balanced AES (XLR) input. This is perfect for a CD transport to DAC but I am struggling to work out the best way to get from a computer. I ideally would like to setup a MiniMac as a music server. I could output via USB or HDMI. I would imagine that HDMI is the better output for digital audio seeing as it was designed for it, unlike USB, but USB has been around longer and there are there seem to me more choices for converters from USB. Do any of you recommend one over the other? There are definitely Audiophile USB to S/PDIF and AES converters out there but are there any Audiophile HDMI to S/PDIF and AES converters and have any of you compared them? This is possibly a huge subject but I would be grateful if any of you could point me in the right direction. Many thanks, DBD
  9. I am using DAC8 dsd connected to pre-amp using RCA cables. Both my pre-amp and amp only have RCA. I undertstand that the XLR output is considered better sonically. Does anyone have experience using XLR to RCA adapters? Can it really make a differnence or it's just not worth the effort of even testing it?
  10. Greetings. I'll soon be needing XLR cables to connect an Emotiva DC-1 dac/preamp to a pair of powered monitors. 20' ought'a do. Any advise?
  11. Hi everyone, My basic setup is as follows: Custom built PC with both USB + OPTICAL outs > Arcam rPAC (with an unbalanced RCA passive volume control) > KRK VXT6 active monitors + 10s subwoofer I want to replace my Arcam rPAC and the unbalanced volume control with a DAC which has: balanced XLR outputs, a volume control and optical input. (budget around £350/$500) I'm hoping this will eliminate the noise issue I've been having for ages now. And yes, I've tried endlessly to fix that other ways but to no avail. One I've been looking at is the Matrix Mini-I Pro, however I haven't been able to find any retailers here in the UK which sell it. Any suggestions are very much appreciated! Thanks all.
  12. Hello All, I am going to buy some Genelec 8030 speakers for home. What DACs should I consider. At work I have the Meridian Explorer, which sounds fine to me, and I'd like not to spend more than about the same amount. But I need a DAC with XLR outputs. Ideas?! Thanks! Michael
  13. Dears, I’m going to connect, through XLR, Yggdrasil DAC with the integrated Burmester 082. I just read the two equipments have a different XLR configuration, with pin 2-pos and 3-neg for the Yggy and the opposite for the Burmester. My doubts are: - is this going to damage the electronics? Or is it just an issue of phase/polarity inversion? - is the “phase inverter” button on the Yggy enough to connect them with same polarity - do I need a modified cable or an inverter plug to fix it and avoid any problem? Sorry for the basic questions but I’m not an expert here thanks a lot ciao andrea
  14. Hi folks, I've now had PS Audio DirectStream DAC for about 4 months, and am enjoying it. However, I've recently noticed that in the absence of any music I can hear a constant soft buzzing from the right channel (speakers/headphones). There is absolutely nothing in the left channel. Only in the right side. 1. If I unplug my speaker cables from my monoblock amps the buzzing disappears: i.e., not in speakers 2. If I unplug the (XLR) interconnects between the DAC and my monoblock amps the buzzing disappears: i.e., not in the amps 3. If I unplug the USB connection between my Mac and the DS the buzzing DOES NOT disappear: i.e., not in Mac... In the DS! 4. If I swap the (XLR) interconnects between the right and the left connectors at the back of the DS the buzzing moves to the other side. So it looks like the buzzing is coming from the RIGHT XLR connector at the back of my DS. It's actually quite annoying as I can hear it up to 1 meter away from my right speaker, and can hear it quite distinctly in the right side of my headphones. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this buzzing? Thanks very much for any advice! Art I am using a Mac Mini/Macbook, with Uptone JS-2 LPS, Regen, the DirectStream, Woo Audio WA234 Monoblock Amps, with a P10 Powerplant, and Nordost Valhalla2 power cables and XLR interconnects.
  15. Hi, I just bought the NAD M12-M22 combo which works really well in my system (Roon on a computer, playing redbook and high-rez music from a NAS, with Monitor Audio Gold 300 speakers). However I still have old & crappy RCA cables connecting the M12 to the M22 which a friend told me is some kind of heresy. I am willing to spend US$ 100-200 to replace them and would appreciate some opinion on whether, in this price range, XLR cables would have a chance to sound better than RCA cables. I know I should try them both and keep the best one but my usual dealer wouldn't let me take both and bring one back... Cheers, Chris
  16. FOR A LIMITED TIME RECEIVE A FREE GROUNDING BLOCK ($598 value) When You Buy A Pair Of Atmosphere Level 4 Speaker Cables or 2 Pairs of Atmosphere Level 4 Interconnects Thanks to evolving UEF Technology first pioneered in Synergistic Research's award winning HFTs and ECTs they can now build non-active cables with performance levels only surpassed by our Reference Galileo LE Active interconnects and speaker cables. Think of what this means; no more MPCs or the complexity of multiple power supplies and without sacrificing the legendary holographic sound of SR Active Shielding. Just plug and play for the highest levels of performance in the industry with features not found on other cables. Atmosphere Series cables deliver music on a massive scale with the same ultra black backgrounds Synergistic Research Active Shielded Cables are famous for. In fact Atmosphere Series cables are the most holographic and highest resolution interconnects and speaker cables they’ve ever produced coming remarkably close to our Reference Galileo LE interconnects and speaker cables. Thanks to significantly reduced build times and cutting edge Synergistic Research technology, Atmosphere Series Cables deliver state-of-the-art performance at price points other cables cannot match. The Synergistic Research Grounding Block was engineered to improve ground performance on their new Atmosphere Series interconnects and speaker cables, as well as all SR products with external ground plane connections like Tranquility Base isolation platforms, FEQ and Atmosphere wave generators. By cleaning up your system’s ground connection you hear a noticeable improvement in soundstage height, depth and width thanks to a lower noise floor. Soundstage scale is improved with richer tonal density especially at the edges of your soundfield. Image outlines are brought into clearer focus while musicality and overall system refinement are greatly improved. With optional connectivity cables the SR Ground Block also improves the performance of turntables, DAC’s, Pre-Amps, Power Amps, USB devices or any component with an active circuit inside. Optional High-Def connectivity ground cables are available for the following applications: [*=left]Turntables – Connect to Ground Plug on Turntable [*=left]Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) – Connect to spare Digital Input, Output or Chassis Ground [*=left]Pre-Amplifiers – Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground [*=left]Power Amplifiers – Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground. [*=left]USB Devices – Connect to spare USB Input, Output or Chassis Ground [*=left]Any Component with an active circuit inside – Connect to spare Input, Output or Chassis GroundThe SR Grounding Block includes: [*=left]4 each (4 ft) ground wires – Enough to connect up to 2 pairs of SR Atmosphere Series Interconnects [*=left] 2 each (8 ft) ground wires – Enough to connect 1 pair of SR Atmosphere Series Speaker Cable These product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program As always, please let us know if you have any questions. 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  17. Asking only $650.00, TIME 30 Days Original price is 1,250. Harmonic Technology Magic LINK 2 1.5 Meter XLR IC | Interconnects | Hallandale, Florida 33009 | AudiogoN - The High-end Audio Community
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