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  1. Ok thanks. I didn't realize the USB input was the second part of the upgrade. I'm not sure which one people have been lately raved about.
  2. Did you manage to get your self on the new Yggy Gen 5 USB to do a fair comparison?
  3. Any comparisons to the new Yggy Gen 5 USB stage Analog 2 upgrade? Thanks, I'm really interested to hear this.
  4. Any comment on Terminator compared to Yggy Analog 2 now?
  5. If you have the Metrum Pavane than you have a very competitive DAC (I have heard legit feedback on that). Audio GD would definitely be a downgrade. Only DAC I can recommend although I have not heard it is the Yggdrasil for that price point. I have a feeling the Metrum Pavane is a bit more musical though. Again you have on your hands a very good DAC.
  6. If there was a way to compare those models in a listening test, I would if it meant spending $0, (it would mean I would only be wasting my time) but there is isn't and no return policy. Luckily I've sifted through enough forums, particularly SBAF (but from a round of trusted members) to understand that there products do not constitute serious value for there price. If you want to be a hero and purchase one to compare and do a thorough listening test be my guess however for the ones that do not know or don't have DACs to compare one to they will only have one point of reference (AudioGD). I'm sure these products would please a variety of customers but for they are the same ones that don't know what sound they are looking for in their sound, or perhaps there systems are low enough budget to not make too much of a difference for the listening experience. I'm talking about aspects like channel balance, resolution of detail, accurate timbre of instruments, sound stage, artifacts in the music, conversion and compensation for conversion errors. Not saying I'm a Schitt fan boy but wouldn't the Mimby out beat everything at the price range and don't people know that?
  7. Yes, partially a blessing as it drives competition but primarily a curse. If people on a fundamental basis of performance outside of preferences could give me a list of 15 DACs to choose from within a set price level I would certainly much rather that be the case and be more happy than to have to sift through the bullshit, hype and un-trusted paid reviewers, forum posters and people who say the product is good because it is the one they bought or support for reasons that don't correlate to an intersection on value and cost. (Were talking hundreds of DACs here).
  8. There's not necessarily a bad guy here I will give them the benefit of the doubt that the owner and people employed are decent people. I've taken a look at the R2R 7, R-8, R-1, R2R 2, R-28 and when I did do research on DACs 6 months back I thought I came across a $350 product, however taken a look it must have been their non-ladder R2R ladder line up the NFB-11.28 at $330. Certainly, that is not too much of a down payment risk to put down for the audio enthusiast who is on a strict budget, however for the other prices ($1038, $735, $799, $1480, $2580 (and I have no idea how much the shipping costs) on the R2R line I would like to think comparing other well acclaimed products at that price range (Schitt Mimby, Holo Audio Cyan, Soekris DAC 1421, hell maybe even the Massdrop RDAC Airist R2-R DAC that has been quite the performer for its price range I hear lately) Audio GD products simply would have a hard time matching the performance of proven products. I'm sure it's not a matter of selling snake oil as that is the extreme verdict to take, and having set aside the Audio GD 19 mishap what exactly is it that Audio GD happens to offer in performance of detail retrieval, micro and macro dynamics, FR, SNR, THD, jitter, dynamic range and channel balance? All those aspects are measurable audibly, and some with instruments. Its nice to cheer and root for a company that perhaps puts a lot of enthusiasm into what they do, however sifting though the responses and opinions my gut is telling me for what the products claim to do they are WAY too overpriced. If you know the owner as nice, trustworthy, intelligent of a designer etc.. you have to admit that your going to be a bit biased rooting for him and his company. I'm sure there is an audience for the products however mostly out of naivety to purchasing in a price bracket (trust me I was way back looking at considering a DAC from this company too at the time, not triggered fingered but I could really have went down that road). The company is either having to bank on the fact that within preferences there is not too much in overall listening experience that differs to a number of proven DACs out in the market, however I tend to think that they are just trying to meet a certain price target for a certain audience like I said. Clearly who in their right mind would settle for there flagship R2R 7 over a Yggdrasil for instance. Not happening. Unless someone knows exactly what deems a good DAC, from my eyes and opinionated research aside from the NFB-11.28 and I could be wrong there to say it is value for the money, for $U.S. dollars (I'm in Canada) the rest of the line up are a waste of everyone's time and money and are simply just way too overpriced for the quality they claim to achieve.
  9. That is a good point, I only auditioned the 650's once but it was a quick 30 seconds so I can't remember the sound. The general consensus is a bit more on the warm veiling side. I guess once you get to know your headphones than you would be able to judge all DACs so there must certainly be something wrong about DAC, I don't think he is a bullshit reviewer however if it really comes to synergy, perhaps the Audio GD 19 sounds much better on brighter cans as it may veil the sound in a positive warm way, (I have not heard it so I can only guess). Regardless there is a general false hype or overvaluation of their products for a legit group who have been exposed to higher end products. I don't know the price range however unless your on a budget sub $350 and they happen to have something in the price range my gut feeling if they don't have good value above that and a lot of people would be better off wasting there time talking and purchasing a mediocre DAC
  10. "If you take this burn-in at face value or as an incremental journey towards perfection, every time you listen, things should improve for a long time; unless the process wasn't linear and happened in spurts. Either way, judge too soon and you're bound to misread." You do realize there is a a lot of satire there, hopefully you catched that. If you meant the review is reliable because he is making fun of the promises of the quality of sound improving with a whopping 1000 hours of burning in with " Mr. Qinghua already mentioned burn-in as the second line of his mantra" than I agree with you as he is continously insisting if the DAC sounds bad then it will improve after burn in. Also 6moons are sometimes compensated, so even in the last page he gives it a thumbs up you've got to be pretty naive if you think 6moons really trustworthy for a good buy.
  11. Aside from a variety of useful talk amongst the forums (yes there is good and bad feedback), its this review that has tainted a very bad picture on the "quality" of the sound coming from this company: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/audio-gd-singularity-19-dac-comprehensive-review-and-impressions.4134/ It seems like a serious review considering the track record of that reviewer. The same people on some of the sites (HF) who have claimed the Ares is more superior to the Yggdrasil and Spring DAC also claim that the Audio GD-19 is better than the Denafrip Ares. So its in those extremes that you can not trust other people in knowing what constitutes quality. I am of course singling out that particular DAC but it stands after hearing that review would be enough to scratch everything they make off my list. There are certain "pro tools" even at the sub $1000 (Focusrite, Tascam) I would even gladly consider well over what the kids produce in their shop. Again they use high quality parts for some cases, but the implementation is just not there.
  12. That sounds wonderful, but "better" needs to be described relative to a number of things. Does is sound more musical hiding some of the microdynamics, how is the presentation like? Is it soft sounding or a bit moist and thick in sound? Does is lean towards a more warm or cool sound? Would you describe the presentation to be more focused on the detail and the subtleties of the recording? What speakers or headphones are you listening too? Given its price how would it compare to one of the best DACs of its price, of course the Yggydrasil, would you think it would match the performance of that or is it in the preferences which make it better. I believe changes or "upgrades" can be heard but preferences and synergy is all what it comes down to when describing something like that DAC in its competition. Music probably won't sound that much better than its surrounding competition at that price level, not saying it isn't a good sounding DAC and perhaps they are having a hard time getting the word out, but I think we all know what I mean when putting the brakes on the hype train.
  13. While I'm sure there are a handful of people aligned with what can work for your system and your budget and are thankful for that, the truth is a majority of people out there are not concerned with the +$5000 market, chances are, a lot of people are going to be left behind in the process. This is due to a number of reasons: priority in life, budget, mostly though leaning toward practical common sense of what the upper limit intersection of price constitutes value. I've read your criteria list and I don't in particularly like the "at least 24/384 PCM argument", including excluding DACs who support a maximum of 24/192 which doesn't make any sense on why a DAC should meet that (in particularly, this is a good way to exclude the Schitt Yggdrasil). And yes there are a handful of people eager to compare your thoughts on the latest Holo Cyan release so it would be thoughtful to consider that one if you gauge other people's interests on this site with a quick search. I understand the idea of publicizing a journal of thoughts to logically arrive at a conclusion is a coherent way to arrive at a product which would best fit your system. your ears. and your preferences, however keep in mind the journey will end and people will either have to replicate what you have, or take a leap of faith to see if the DAC part works for their system. Just keep in mind out of respect these write-ups are mainly for you alone. Good luck on reaching the end of your quest.
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