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  1. Hello, Shanti arrived two days ago, heavy and big 5V power supply unit. 3A rail connected to Chord Qutest and the 1A rail to DigiOne Signature clean power. The result is outstanding. Much better than Chord Qutest with stock SMPS and DigiOne with battery pack. Better resolution, details come from deeper, it seems dynamic range is better, timing, transient speed is outstanding, plus I can let DigiOne in idle during the day, battery pack was not as user friendly. I can recommend it to DigiOne or to 5V powered DACs to replace stock power supplies. Shanti is muc
  2. I have few experience in high-end audio to hear weak points of Freya. About the modes it has; there is gain difference between SS and tube modes plus new Freya switches off tube heaters when SS mode active so there is about 40seconds warm up time when it switches back to tube mode, difficult to compare them. After one evening music listening I can write the followings; SS mode is very detailed well balanced, better than tube mode for Chord + Hypex amp, nothing drama or excessive power, just all the instruments at their places, sounds very relaxed, musical, not as dry and lean as t
  3. Thank you all the answers, I reread that suggested NCore topics and finally I ordered a Schiit Freya+ preamp, arrived today. It sounds amazing with Chord Qutest and Hypex NC250MP. It seems in my setup the problem was the Chord - Hypex couple demands a good preamp. Freya+ adds some but realistic body to the music, details not reduced too much, I love it. Sorry for my post NC250MP is a really good amp module if driver stage suits to this.
  4. If NC502MP fits to your reference quality system, than it must be good to me as well and an additional solid state - tube mixer preamp in my mind where I can set the level of tube distorsion added to the system from 0% to 100%. Have you had chance to listen NC400, NC500 and NC1200 based amplifiers and to compare them with NC502MP ?
  5. You could be right, all time when I heard good quality amps/speakers something was wrong in the chain at friends (too much glasses, good speakers but bad amp, expensive system but bad placement in living room, etc) so I had no chance to listen a well tuned solid state system. I just feel the vocals are not natural and instruments does not sounds like the real instruments and lacks of energy. I'm looking for detailed amplifier like this Hypex but with music where instruments sound like real instruments. (my speakers enough good to support it, plus I have room corrector DSP to exclu
  6. I spent some time over the weekend to figure out how can I reduce interference at least between Hypex modules and other components, so I built shields around the modules but let some space for air ventilation (there are big holes on the bottom of the copper shield). It is on the attached photo. No real sonic improvement. On the board difficult to build a fence because of tight spacing. I choose NC250MP since the short wires between the SMPS and power amp and the good, close to 0.01% THD despite compact design. I tried to figure out where are the visible (f
  7. At the first 10-20 hours I heard improvements in stereo space and in shape of low frequency instruments like drums, but (at least to my ears) it stopped.
  8. Hello, I'm new on this site just a wrong decision forced me to write/ask. My new Hypex NC250MP based amplifier sounds so pure, timing is fine but no muscle on the bones during vocals, drums sounds like beating pots, sound is very detailed but instruments have flat character. I would like to cry how bad is my choice the NC250MP. Just not to do a bad acquisition again, do somebody had the chance to listen different kind of Hypex modules and could you share your experience to compare them, please ? One option to replace my amp with a bigger Hypex NC500MP based
  9. Thank you, dmesg looks very useful, I had some error messages as well about my USB stick only, plugged into RPI. Concerning your question about list of power supplies fits to Digione Signature. I don't know how do you see it, but to my ears the best is the battery pack. 4x 3500mAh battery + charger was only 45EUR and I don't think power supply can beat that zero noise. 2x 3500mAh enough for more than 20hours music listening while another two batteries are charging. Allo design is really clever with low power consumption clean board capable to use batteries. They save us hundreds of
  10. Where did you find these under voltage exceptions ? Is it in a log file ? Mine seems stable, at least it works without necessary restarts, I can connect by SSH and works with volumio or squeezebox clients well about two weeks ago. Volumio loads the RPI about 1% (with "top" command) but I don't use resampling (about 10% load) or brutefir DSP (can do 100% load).
  11. Hello, I was sceptical about importance of a good streamer, but ordered the Digione Signature for a "cheap" try, with voucher code "Roon10" there was about 10% discount. It arrived two days ago and after some setup I connected it to my Chord QuTest via BNC DigiCoax today. (Vincent amp, Audio Physic speakers, Chord cables in the chain.) Power supply for the clean side was ordered from Audiophonics for 89EUR what Tibor suggested, standard PS for the dirty side. Well, this streamer sounds amazing, I cancelled my evening tasks to re-listen my favourites today. That timing,
  12. Thank you for the answers! I have never thought how many Raspberry Pi heroes live on the Earth. I wish I have all of them for testing Finally I decided to create passive 110ohm<>75ohm impedance transformer (protocol on XLR input switchable to SPDIF) from cables, plugs and resistors to DigiOne Player, I will report the result with this.
  13. Hello, I would like to buy a pure streamer device (without DAC just accurate, low jitter digital output). I found the Digione (Signiture) Player. But it has digital coax/BNC 75ohm output while my sound processor (the streamer will feed it) has digital XLR 110ohm connection. Is it any way to add XLR connection to Digione Player ? Or could you advice me other "chap", accurate Streamer device with USB for USB stick/HDD and digital XLR output ? I found one XLR board for RB Pi, but I'm not sure it works with Digione Player; https://www.audiophonics.fr
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