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  1. I tried to power off the DAC. Also completely removed the power and usb and rebooted the PC. Nothing helps. The cable does not work with anything else as well. I hope the cable is not defective. Worked well for a couple of hours and then just stopped. ☹️
  2. Unfortunately the MP SlimRun just stopped working. It worked well first time I tried it. I did not touch it and it just stopped after first few hours. Now it does not recognize anything I attach to it. Very frustrating... I hope it's not completely broken.
  3. Nice! It's becoming harder to significantly affect the sound when it's already great. I upgraded the power, power cables, speaker cables, RCAs, USB and now the SlimRun. Changes have less and less effect but I still like to try, especially when it's a simple upgrade like this. Even if I just think it sounds better, that does the work for me. 😀 I wonder if there is any new trick I can still try that can significantly improve what I already think is a great sound. I know I should replace the IEC inlet of the DAC but with all power changes I am not sure if this will do any significant change. One thing I know for sure, using good power is crucial for sound. This is also true for DC. I used the UltraCaps LPS-1 once and it made a significant improvement. I think that no power is probably the best if we can avoid it.
  4. Yes. I am powering it just from usb port. Nothing else between PC and DAC. Only SlimRun and Sablon. I do have a PPA v2 USB card in my PC as well. It has light effect on the highs but it also sounds great without it. I do feel it cleared the sound a bit more and made the stage a bit wider. It seems like subtle changes but I think it's significant. I will give it more listening time before I conclude.
  5. Just got the MP slimrun usb cable that was recommended here. I am using it now with Sablon USB 2020, that already sounded wonderful before. My initial impression is that it's either the same of a bit more clean and open. I still have to give it a bit more time and do some A/B testing before I can have a final conclusion. I think that not hearing any degradation or having a connectivity issue is a good start. Regardless of the SQ, it also gives me much more flexibility as I am using a desktop that used to be very close to the system because of the USB length limitation. BTW, I have T+A DAC which does not need 5v power. Makes things easier and hopefully better.
  6. @EvilTed, I was just looking for feet solutions to increase the space between amp and preamp. I think this can help. @Davide256, The system is not in a cabinet so I think it's quite ventilated, maybe except for the components on top of each other.
  7. I think I have enough ventilation. Currently the preamp is on top of the amp. This is not an unusual setup. I don't have space to put them side by side. Maybe it will be better to switch so amp will be on top if this amp need more ventilation.
  8. Many great reviews for new 2020 Sablon usb. Anyone compared it to Habst Ultra III or Intona Ultimate?
  9. I have to say that since this last happened a few days ago, I am having the best sound I had from the system. Everything opened up and sounds crystal clear now. I hope it will stay like this and I won't have to go back to search for the problem. My magic sequence for now is to shutdown everything every day and before starting take the main electricity out for short time and then plug it back in. If anything will change I will update...
  10. There are some interesting insights. Heat can be an issue. I stack the amp and pre on top of the other so heat might be an issue. I also believe that it may be relay switch and some cleaning may be needed. When this will happen again I will try to be very methodical on what I do to resolve it going component by component. Once I will be able to identify which component is problematic it may be easier to focus on the problem itself.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions! Just to know, this has been like this for long time (more than a year). I did replace many things that I suspected on the way and it is still happening. All the power cables replaced and power conditioner was added just because I suspected there is a power issue. It happened before and still happening now so I don't think they are the problem. Once I get it working well, I works like this for a few days, sometimes a week or more and then it happens again until I unplug everything and connect everything again. Strangely, the problem is not always fixed when everything is disconnected. Maybe I have to wait a bit for everything to drain or I did not disconnect all cables properly (not just the main power). I do tend to think this is related to the either the amp, pre or DAC. Next time this happens I will try to disconnect (and wait enough) only one component at a time to try and pinpoint the problem. It may also be there is more than one component affected.
  12. Did anyone has a chance to do a real comparision between Habst (Ultra III silver) and Sablon Elite or the new Sablon 2020? I am currently using the Elite and I think it's wonderful. I did compare it to Curious which is also great but too analytic to me compared to the full body and musicality of the Sablon. I wonder if the Habst can overpower such a fine cable. If it beats the Elite it will also be interesting to know how it compares to the new Sablon 2020.
  13. I am using a very good stereo setup: Accuphase P-300 with C-200 pre (both restored). Yamaha NS-1000 speakers (Clearday cables). All connected by sablon power cables to a ISOL-8 conditioner. The DAC is connected to a PC using the sablon usb elite cable. When it is at best the sound is just wonderful!! Every single note is clear and vibrant with crystal clear highs, amazing mid and very tight accurate bass (not booming). There are some situations where the system become dull, like it is under fog. The bass becomes exaggerated, highs are not crystal clear and everything loses the sparkle I am hearing now. I am not sure what causes this. It can happen without doing any changes and with no specific reason. I turn off the all system components every day except the ISOL power. Initially I suspected there is a power issue, so I upgraded all power cables and added the ISOL but this still happens. For now when it happens I try to disconnect everything include the ISOL for a few minutes. I am still not sure this resolves the problem, but after playing with some components on and off I am able to get back to perfect sound. The sequence is not yet clear to me. I wonder if anyone experienced similar issue. It is really annoying because I don't really know what is the root cause and if the voodoo of disconnecting everything is the right thing to do (not sure if it helped in all situations). I don't mind having this issue as long as I knew what is the right solution to immediately resolve it when it happens.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. They are good but no cheap. I will see if there are any additional options. I wonder if a simple fanless mini PC can also do the work without affecting the SQ.
  15. I have a T+A DAC8 DSD that I am using directly with my PC which also has a Paul Pang USB card for SQ. I would like to have a solution like ultraRendu or Sotm that can provide the same level of audiophile NAA component but running Windows OS. Unfortunately the T+A does not yet officially support Linux for DSD512 and I don't want to use the beta firmware for now. Appreciate any good suggestions that can provide Audiophile level solution.
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