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  1. You need the following cable setup (RJ11, RJ11-DB9 adapter, RS232-USB), connected like in the pictures. Once you have it, shutdown the DAC, connect the to the control port (not sys) on the DAC and USB on the PC. I think I originally ordered the wrong RJ cable (12) and it did not work so you can try but if it's not working try RJ11. Run the Service Tool (it may open almost obscured. If so, drag it to middle of screen). Once opened, select COM port 3. It should recognize the DAC. You can run test connection to see it and then firmware update.
  2. I am using Sablon usb 2020 cable unpowered with T+A DAC DSD and I am extremely satisfied. I also read very good reviews on the ifi nano usb 3.0. I wonder if this can further improve the great sound I already get with the Sablon. I would be good to hear from anyone actually using both. If ifi is recommended, what is the difference between the nano usb 3.0 and igalvanic 3.0?
  3. From a few listening tests I did, I haven't heard any significant difference between volume control or line in. For convenience, I keep using the remote control for now. It will be good to know if anyone has difference experience and if it's recommended to use software volume control. I will run a few more tests to be sure.
  4. I wonder how these compare to high end RCAs. I have very good expensive Sablon RCAs and I am not sure if going semi-XLR will improve anything. I know that usually XLR to RCA requires some quality transformation and that there were dedicate adapters for that (e.g. Jensen Transformers). I wonder if this works well. I was once looking for these Cardas adapters to use with my own RCA cables. At the end I decide not to buy them but I still wonder if this is a good solution that really makes any difference: https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=CRCGAMXLR
  5. I also run monoprice slimrun usb connected to sablon usb 2020. The sablon by itself is wonderful. Best I heard. With monoprice it's even gets a clearer and a tiny bit better. It's a must to run slimrun with good power otherwise highs are not clean. My only problem is that the female side of the slimrun gets extremely hot. Is it how it should be? I ordered heat sinks but I am not sure it supposed to be like this. SQ is not affected but I am still concerned with it.
  6. sbenyo

    HQ Player

    Other reason. I have 1920x and RTX 2070S GPU. From some reason I cannot use both CPU and GPU for XTR (sinc-xtr-lp) for DSD512 If I use CPU and GPU, CPU is around 15% and GPU gets as high as 70%+. There are gaps in sound. Every few seconds there is a short stop. If I just use CPU, it gets as high as 35-40% but without and lags/stops. It's not clear why I cannot benefit better from both and where is the bottle neck with the GPU (memory, clock?)
  7. sbenyo

    HQ Player

    What is the verdict for "Sinc L" filter? I am using a 2070RTX Super and it does not work converting to DSD512. Does anyone know if this works with 1080TI or any other card? Is it the video card memory issue? it has only 8GB. I am also running AMD 1920x which is the lowest CPU that allows me to run full XTR without GPU. I am not able to use the GPU with XTR and I have to run it on CPU only (which work fine).
  8. That's great news. Until now I though the only way was to open the DAC and shorten the USB circuit. 🙂 This is also encouraging for T+A to issue an official update one day. This can be done easily by everyone. As for the DSP update, it seems it's part of the T+A firmware update. There is probably a way to do just this part. Let's see if anyone else knows about it.
  9. In the pdf link, see that the USB firmware update can be done without need to open the DAC to erase the USB firmware. If this is correct, it's great. I already updated the firmware to v2.70 and I did not want open the DAC for the USB update. I also see there is a DSP update. Does anyone know what this means and how to do it?
  10. I tried to power off the DAC. Also completely removed the power and usb and rebooted the PC. Nothing helps. The cable does not work with anything else as well. I hope the cable is not defective. Worked well for a couple of hours and then just stopped. ☹️
  11. Unfortunately the MP SlimRun just stopped working. It worked well first time I tried it. I did not touch it and it just stopped after first few hours. Now it does not recognize anything I attach to it. Very frustrating... I hope it's not completely broken.
  12. Nice! It's becoming harder to significantly affect the sound when it's already great. I upgraded the power, power cables, speaker cables, RCAs, USB and now the SlimRun. Changes have less and less effect but I still like to try, especially when it's a simple upgrade like this. Even if I just think it sounds better, that does the work for me. 😀 I wonder if there is any new trick I can still try that can significantly improve what I already think is a great sound. I know I should replace the IEC inlet of the DAC but with all power changes I am not sure if this will do any significant change. One thing I know for sure, using good power is crucial for sound. This is also true for DC. I used the UltraCaps LPS-1 once and it made a significant improvement. I think that no power is probably the best if we can avoid it.
  13. Yes. I am powering it just from usb port. Nothing else between PC and DAC. Only SlimRun and Sablon. I do have a PPA v2 USB card in my PC as well. It has light effect on the highs but it also sounds great without it. I do feel it cleared the sound a bit more and made the stage a bit wider. It seems like subtle changes but I think it's significant. I will give it more listening time before I conclude.
  14. Just got the MP slimrun usb cable that was recommended here. I am using it now with Sablon USB 2020, that already sounded wonderful before. My initial impression is that it's either the same of a bit more clean and open. I still have to give it a bit more time and do some A/B testing before I can have a final conclusion. I think that not hearing any degradation or having a connectivity issue is a good start. Regardless of the SQ, it also gives me much more flexibility as I am using a desktop that used to be very close to the system because of the USB length limitation. BTW, I have T+A DAC which does not need 5v power. Makes things easier and hopefully better.
  15. @EvilTed, I was just looking for feet solutions to increase the space between amp and preamp. I think this can help. @Davide256, The system is not in a cabinet so I think it's quite ventilated, maybe except for the components on top of each other.
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