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  1. I am trying to build a hifi Headphone station for Roon streaming. This is an evolution of an earlier thread I started.... I was seeking too much in an all-in-one box and have decided to get a stand-alone tube headphone amp. I am looking for a Roon-Ready streamer/DAC to feed it. My IDEAL box would do precisely that, do it really well, and do nothing else. My research has turned up many Roon-Ready DACs, but almost all are bloated with many features I do not need (pre-amps, proprietary control software, etc). I don’t mind spending <=$2k, but I’d rather that go into a better DAC than into features I do not need. Suggestions?
  2. Brushing off this topic. Odd 10 year gap between OP and most responses. What is the landscape like today? How do these compare... The Absolute Sound Stereophile HiFi+ TONE Audio I get magazine subscriptions for free (long story). Trying to pick 1-2 to carry.
  3. Impressive. I am getting a little nervous about the new system I am building. Because we are doing this in our living room, as opposed to a dedicated listening room, I have very (very) little flexibility when it comes to speaker placement, listening position, and acoustic treatment. My wife loves music and is fully supportive of my move from inconspicuous, in-ceiling speakers to large, floor-standing speakers. Here "support" is not unlimited. She is an architect, interior designer, and artist. Pulling speakers >18" away from the wall and gluing foam panels all over the walls is just not in the cards. Basically, I am banking on good luck. I will know how it sounds in a few weeks.
  4. @The Computer Audiophile Was this a "virtual" analysis done remotely? Or did someone come on-site?
  5. RIP indeed. This one hurts. I love that he never wrote a book or told his story. He knew the innermost of the inside. Kept his integrity through to the end. Easily in conversation for top 3 rock lyricists. #1 for me. “I have spent my lifeSeeking all that's still unsungBent my ear to hear the tuneAnd closed my eyes to see.” - Attics of My Life Robert Hunter Gave the Grateful Dead Its Voice By Nick Paumgarten This is a great piece. Mad respect for Paumgarten since he wrote what, IMHO, is the best article about the Dead I’ve ever read.
  6. Interesting. So you would not be a fan of these: https://audioengineusa.com/shop/accessories/ds2-desktop-stand-pair/ OR https://www.auralex.com/product/mopad-mopad-xl/ ???
  7. I think this topic jumped the rails pretty quickly. My bad. Reading my original post, I realize this is my fault. I know enough to understand that the cable debate is heated and very subjective. I understand that no one can tell me what is "best" for me or my system. 10-4. Got it. I think what I *meant* to ask was this... What is the best way to test system quietness? Is it as easy as hitting "pause" on a source and then cranking all gain adjustments to the maximum setting? Would this allow me to amplify any noise in the system and possibly measure it with a decibel meter? Seems like a potentially interesting experiment, but I wanted to ask before I did this. That's it. I will now duck under my desk and await your replies! 😬
  8. Seeking speaker recommendation. Here is the situation: Cabinetry in our kitchen has two cabinets for speakers. See photo below. This is next to the ceiling,...about 7-8' off the ground. For the last 8 years, these have had a pair of B&W 705 speakers, wired to a multi-channel amp pushing about 60w. And it has sounded terrible. There are several issues which, I believe, make this an especially "hostile" environment for speakers: No fixed listening position. It is a kitchen. We are all over the place. Next to ceiling...I imagine this creates unhealthy reflections Inside a box. Ugh. It is what it is. Should this disqualify any rear-ported designs? New system: New amp will deliver 140wpc of class A/B power Rebuilt "grills" to allow much more open space I may treat the inside of the cabinetry with absorptive material (should I?) Bookshelf speakers will lay on their side, likely on dampening foam like Auralex Mopads that will reduce vibration and allow some downward tilt Now I need to choose speakers. Any suggestions...? Thanks in advance.
  9. I am certainly going to do what I can, but I do not have a dedicated listening room. It is our living room. Alas, it needs things like furniture. As long as I can avoid compromising aesthetics or comfort, I can do a little tweaking.
  10. I appreciate the reply and that sounds like a sensible, thorough approach. In all honesty, I won't go that far. I am just not that far down the path in my audiophile journey (yet). At this point, my main question is whether the power cords that came "in the box" with my components allow more noise or interference than an expensive set of aftermarket cords.
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