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  1. OK, but MQA aside, does anyone know how this mobile headphone amp performs vs. something like AudioQuest Dragonfly?
  2. No, sorry. I was just referring to a hypothetical situation. Musicians do move; stages are different sizes, etc. I understand that stage position matters to musicians (I play drums), but after reading your article it occurs to me that we listeners may imbue “soundstage” with more importance than do the musicians themselves. I thought the point about the stereo image collapsing as the you move farther from the stage was especially interesting. The point I was trying to make is that it does seem arbitrary and unimportant that stereo or multi-channel mixing generate a soundstage that “a
  3. Great article. Raises a number of interesting questions and pushes on a few sacred cows. I certainly question the value of pursuing some platonic ideal of “accuracy” in soundstage. We can fret over whether the guitar appears Left-Center-Left as it did the moment it was recorded, but the reality is the musicians didn’t really obsess over their seating arrangement and half-way through the song, the bass player moved to the other side of the stage, so where does that leave you? I definitely take the point that with un-amplified live music, there is a single point source for most s
  4. well, my case isnt rock solid. Still researching. But one reason is the convenience of the interface. I find it better than other NAS interfaces for managing files and folders. Why would I need to do that? Mainly has to do with my massive collection of live Grateful Dead recordings. The metadeta conventions are, how do you say, a “dog’s breakfast”? Anyway, a lot of manual tweaking of folder and file names. I have used mp3tags software, but there is still a lot that needs to be done manually. Also, I use Dropbox already for personal files, pay for significant space, and just find thei
  5. Does anyone use Roon’s Dropbox integration? I currently have my library on a NAS, backed up to cloud with Backblaze. Considering loading it all onto my DropBox account. Any advice? Thoughts? Suggestions? Warnings? Jokes?
  6. this piece talks about their MX950 system, but Jeep unveiled yesterday that they are also offering an MX1375 “Referance” system.... https://www.whathifi.com/us/news/mcintoshs-reference-car-audio-system-revealed-in-2022-jeep-grand-wagoneer
  7. Wow! I'd heard about that, but not yet seen photos. Those meters are IN YOUR FACE! No everyone in the car can get really focused on monitoring the system for clipping. Finally! 🙄 But I actually do look forward to hearing that sometime. This raises another question that I struggle with: How do these new, very high-end branded OEM systems compare with aftermarket? Harman, Burmester, B&O, etc, etc. Here is an interesting piece in the Times from last fall... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/19/business/car-stereos.html?smid=url-share It provides some intere
  8. with that endorsement, I’ll dive into my current dilemma. Maybe @NOMBEDES can give me some Mercedes advice. COVID and growing kids has reshuffled our driveway a bit. We just sold a minivan that we drove into the ground. I am in the market for a new “daily driver” and am focusing on used Mercedes wagons: comfortable haulers with powerful V8 engines. I may even go after an AMG E63 with over 400hp! (Insert joke here about how if you can’t afford a new german car you definitely can’t afford a used one ;-) Anyway, I want to put in the best possible system. Likely a Kenwood Exc
  9. Why would you spend big bucks? Well, first off, because you want better sound. Second, I'd say that "big bucks" is relative. You could do an entire "high end" car system for less than a single home audio HiFi component ($2-3k). As for whether it is "audiophile,"...to be fair, I never referred to any car audio system as "audiophile." I did refer to people as audiophiles, and these people listen to systems in their vehicles like the rest of the world. Unlike "civilians," audiophiles have more appreciation for ANY improvement in SQ, whether it rises to the level of "audiophile" sound
  10. OK. I will take the bait. This line of argument seems to imply that a self-proclaimed audiophile is wasting time and money by trying to improve SQ in any situation where it cannot be optimized to the Nth degree. Many of us spend more time in our cars than in our designated listening rooms. While there are serious limitations inherent to the in-car listening environment, it is not worth debating whether in-car audio can be dramatically improved. It can be, and easily. Why should an audiophile not seek to do this? Should an audiophile not seek to improve SQ through headphones in an airp
  11. While I see some occasional posts, I do not see a 'home' on AudiophileStyle for discussion around car audio. I'd vote for that to change, but fair enough. Do any of you have experience with the other online forums? caraudiojunkies.com caraudio.com diymobileaudio.com stevemeadedesigns.com the12volt.com
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