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  1. LOVE these. Currently setup in office with an ELAC DDP-2 DAC streamer. Replaced a pair of B&W 705’s powered by a Peachtree Nova 300. These NAVIS’s sound beautiful, and like all ELAC they have excellent build quality, very practical features, and no fluff. Haven’t tested the direct streaming (no need). Small, but heavy.
  2. I actually have invested in some very high-tech “furniture sliders.” 1-inch square pieces of plastic. Once I get my miniDSP UMIK-1 and @mitchco teaches me to take measurements it will be fun to measure with couches in “social human” vs. “introverted audiophile” positions.
  3. Yes, yes,...the damn sofas. I know. I could always sit on the sofa and wear headphones? Would that help?😞
  4. Great piece, @The Computer Audiophile. I am about 6mos in with my new system (Roon>dCS>Parasound>Wilson Yvette). I love it, but it is *deeply* compromised by my room. I know many of you referance “wife acceptance factor” or some such when it comes to listening rooms and system design, but in my case it is extreme. We do not have a dedicated listening room, so the system lives in our main living room. Nothing about the architecture or construction of our old house would be considered acoustically advantageous. My wonderful wife is an architect and designer who is perf
  5. https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/90fd26c3-9d56-46af-b8f2-bfb40db7c225 This TIDAL playlist contains all live Grateful Dead music on that platform, in chronological order. 💀🌹
  6. https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/90fd26c3-9d56-46af-b8f2-bfb40db7c225 This TIDAL playlist contains all live Dead music on that platform, in chronological order.
  7. Great review, indeed. AudiophileStyle feels like the natural home for this. If there is another audiophile media outlet more "worthy" of this review, I've yet to find it.
  8. I just copy/pasted my review from Amazon. Probably too much for this thread. Sorry.
  9. McNally's book was pretty good. Kreutzman's was great. My favorite in recent years was Steve Parrish's "Home Before Daylight." Joel Selvin's book was a slog. While it may have been well researched, this book is more tell-all, tabloid drama rather than an even-handed, journalistic addition to the band’s history.Selvin betrays a very limited appreciation for the Dead or their music. The primary objective of as a hit-job on Phil and Jill Lesh. The treatment if the Lesh’s is borderline ridiculous. News flash: in-laws are difficult to deal with! What exactly would a veteran of the rock
  10. UPDATE: I tested two products from ELAC: 1. Adante AS-61 (bass reflex design) 2. Debut C6-2 (front ported) Both fit the space fine and sounded great. The Debuts were higher impedance, so louder at same volume, But the Adante we much more resolving. I chose to go with the Adante. In order to angle the speakers downward, I installed a 1" board in the back of the cabinet to lift up rear of the speaker cabinet. I cut the top of this board to match the angle of and sit flush against the speaker cabinet. In order to hold the speaker in pos
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