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  1. Rajiv, a truly great review, thank you. I found it thoughtful, empirical, helpful and educational. Quick question - is it right to assume the SOtM switch you used in the comparison contained the internal clock, silver wiring and Evox capacitors, and the external clock input? Thanks again! joe
  2. For sale is a 1 year old, WireWorld 1 Meter Platinum Starlight Ethernet Cable in excellent condition for $650 ($850 list). I’m the original owner and have all packaging. This is widely considered the best audiophile Ethernet cable on the market. http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/wireworld-starlight-platinum-category8-ethernet-cable https://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2019/3/3/wireworld-platinum-starlight-ethernet-cable
  3. Tellurium Q cables aren't well known in the US, but they're the best cable I've ever heard. Compared to a variety of cables, including top of the line Nordosts, they always sound more organized, musical, and relaxed. The number of awards they've won supports this belief. If you're interested, the awards are listed on their site. As an addicted audiophile, I upgraded to their Statement cables. So up for sale are these amazing, pristine 1m XLR Black Diamonds. List is $1250. Im offering them at $750 with shipping. Considering the cables these surpass, they're a bargain in the bizarro world of high end audio.
  4. For your consideration, a 2 meter pair of Tellurium Q Black Diamond XLR Interconnects in excellent condition with original box. These are rarely put up for sale. List is $2300, I'm selling for $1250 shipped. Few, if any, cables have received the praise and awards of Tellurium Q and their Black Diamonds. When I added their cables to my system (replacing Nordost Tyr 2 XLR interconnects - which are about twice the price) the music was immediately more organized, musical, and smoother. I was amazed. I'm selling because I'm upgrading to their Statement series. (I will soon be listing 2 1 meter Black Diamond RCA interconnects, an XLR interconnect, 3 meter BD speaker cables.) "I can honestly say the Tellurium Q Black Diamond interconnects and speaker cable are the very best leads that I have ever had in my system." Hi-Fi World Check out the awards on their home page. https://telluriumq.com/ Also: https://telluriumq.com/black-diamond-xlr-cable/ http://www.audioreference.co.nz/review/i-can-honestly-say-tellurium-q-black-diamond-interconnects-and-speaker-cable-are-very-best-le https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/telluriumq/4.html
  5. By the way, sorry for the re-post. I significantly changed the price and the description and am now unable to alter the ads. If this is against policy please let me know. If it is, apologies in advance.
  6. This is a rare opportunity to get a brand new, unopened Antipodes audio component at a 35% discount. I'm selling the $1500 Antipodes P2 isolation base and digital output array/re-clocker for $975.The reason for the sale? While this was on order, I learned I needed to move cross country. My entire system is now being sold. So my move is your gain.Alone, the P2 is a custom isolation base custom carved from a solid block of a special grade of aluminium alloy that adds depth, sound stage, and clarity to the world class CX or EX digital music servers/renders. In addition, the P2 is a re-clocker that adds an array of enhanced digital output capabilities including S/PDIF on BNC. S/PDIF on RCA, AES3 on 3-Pin XLR, and I2S on HDMI.From the Antipodes web site:The Antipodes P2 Reclocker uses femto-second clocks to regenerate and add S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S Digital Outputs to your CX or EX, and provides an isolation platform for the EX or CX. Carved from a solid block of a special grade of aluminium alloy, the P2 houses the electronics to add these digital outputs to your Antipodes music server solution.The requirements for the P2’s digital outputs are quite different because they are synchronous interfaces. Therefore, in addition to low noise, the P2 needs exceptional accuracy of the clock data carried in the signal. The ultra-low noise signal produced by the CX or EX is sent via USB to the P2, and the P2 regenerates signals using a femto-second clock.The P2 also provides a word clock out. This enables you to slave the DAC to the femto-second clock in the P2.The P2 has exactly the same footprint as either the EX or CX and is designed to sit under them, but can also be positioned separately.https://antipodes.audio/product/antipodes-p2/Please note the photos are from the Antipodes web site. The box is unopened.Shipping is free. Buyer pays for any transa c tion fees. (E.g., PayPal)
  7. Please find a 3 year old ATC CA2 active preamp in excellent condition. It was lovingly used to drive ATC active studio monitors in a smoke and pet free home. It has XLR and RCA outs, 5 RCA inputs with a phono stage. I’m selling because I’m moving and selling my entire system. Many people in the US don’t know that ATC makes great amps in addition to their renown speakers. It’s a reason why their active speakers are so good. At $2800 new, this is one of the great preamp bargains, for both pro and home audio. I’m selling it for $750. These are a great value because ATC sells them at a low margin in order to have an affordable, perfectly matched, option to help sell their monitors. I’ve tried $10K+ preamps with my ATC's and the CA-2 sounded better. Their other preamp, the SCA-2 sells for $13K. I’ve owned both. The CA-2 is about 85% of the SCA-2, and has a headphone amp. The SCA-2 doesn’t. The CA-2 is neutral, powerful, and effortless. It gets out of the way so you can hear what you actually have. It received 5 stars from What-HiFi and a Best Buy. It comes with a remote, a manual, and the original packaging, including the cloth bag, but not the original box.
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