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  1. I'm planning to do this comparison in the next few weeks. I've been waiting for the Eunhasu updates to stabilize and become more usable. 4.54 seems to be a worthwhile starting point.
  2. I thought that review seemed suspicious based not only on the findings but also on how it was written.
  3. Are you using your REF10 for anything now?
  4. auricgoldfinger

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    The Neo is a nice upgrade. I think you're overpaying at $800, especially if you have no plans for the master clock. Others may differ. If you're a DIY type, build yourself a NUC for 1/2 the price.
  5. auricgoldfinger

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    They're afraid of being left behind by NUCs running audiolinux and are rushing out code to address the performance deficit of the sMS-200 series products.
  6. That makes 2 confirmed users in an SR7.
  7. You can find the actual data here on page 2: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/960849O/3mtm-emi-absorber-ab5000-series-tds.pdf My observation is that this EMI absorber has been used successfully by others here on CA in various audio components, including at least one SR7. So, the perceived improvement in SQ is either an example of mass delusion or yet another example of a real audio phenomenon whose mechanism is not well understood. Also, IIRC, many Chord Blu Mk.II owners (as well as Rob Watts) found the most effective ferrite in reducing perceived glare operated in the 2.5GHz range.
  8. Given the lack of response, there must be some doubt regarding the statement on transformer emissions.
  9. Maybe other EMI paper absorb different frequencies? If @Superdad responds to your question, we can look into it.
  10. +1. Only my headphone amp has an output on the front. Everything else in on the back side where it belongs.
  11. I was hoping someone knowledgeable would chime in. 🙂 Fortunately, the size and location of the EMI paper inside the case is still able to a make a difference by absorbing emissions from other parts.
  12. I try to place the paper in the areas where I would imagine EMI emissions are greatest. For the power supplies, start by placing some above the mains transformer. If the diameter of the transformer is 3", maybe use a 4" piece of absorber. For the Zenith, I suggest you begin by placing some above the microprocessor. I'm not sure what would be the next best candidate on the motherboard or elsewhere (such as the SSD, etc.). You could also consider placing some near the internal power supply. It's really all about experimentation, but as I mentioned above, you want to err on the side of too little rather than too much. I put an entire sheet of thin paper inside my former DAC, and it was overkill. I had to remove most of it. If you happen to have an EMF field tester, you could try moving it around inside the case and see what you find.
  13. I have Synergistic Research power cords, HD grounding cables, and blue quantum fuses that utilize their UEF/graphene technology. I can confirm that graphene is great for audiophiles.
  14. auricgoldfinger

    The Paul Hynes SR7

    SR states that the blue fuse is directional, so you're not crazy. From their FAQ: Yes, fuses are directional. Electricity should flow from the left to the right when you view the fuse. If you do not know the direction of flow you should listen to the fuse inserted in both directions. One direction will sound more detailed. This is the correct way. https://www.synergisticresearch.com/fuses/blue/ I blew 2 blue fuses that I was using in my JS-2. SR was kind enough to replace the second one for free after I inquired about it. @austinpop told me that adding a 1.3-1.6x factor seems to be preferred (I'm not sure by whom), so I elected to go with a 1.6A fuse (vs. stock 1A) with the free replacement fuse. So far, everything is fine. 🤞 If you ever want to splurge on a power cable, the SR UEF Blue HC is performs well above its pay grade IMO. I have used them successfully with my BPT-3.5 Signature balanced power transformer, DAVE, and Reference 1 PSU. https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/coreuef/uef-blue-hc/ SR is onto something good with their UEF/graphene technology.