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  1. The bottom line is we don't really know. Does the WD-Black use better materials that might improve sound quality relative to the EVO? Why does industrial, wide temperature RAM sound better to so many people? Is it materials? I have not seen a definitive answer. Does the WD-Black have lower latency (similar to the Optane) than the EVO? We don't know from the specifications. Only listening tests can give us an idea. In my experience, a 32GB Optane M10 sounded noticeably better than an Apacer industrial, wide temperature SSD in my NUC when used to run the Euphony OS. The gener
  2. I've never seen anyone mention this product. It has better specs than the Samsung EVO. https://shop.westerndigital.com/products/internal-drives/wd-black-sn850-nvme-ssd#WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0
  3. That's kind of a bizarre playback strategy for HQPe.
  4. Did you ever have a chance to contact the accountants? Is there a way to find out who is in charge of the liquidation process? I see the PHD website is still live with no mention of the insolvency.
  5. There was a time when some people were using external disk enclosures powered by a separate LPSU. IIRC, the external enclosure was connected by USB. Perhaps the second LPSU powering the external disk is key here.
  6. How were you powering the external SSD?
  7. Conservatively, something north of $100,000 in unfulfilled custom build orders.
  8. There is a good chance we will hear from Stephen on this thread in the coming days. He has privately confirmed the information RedundantSoul has shared, and more.
  9. I can confirm all employees at PHD lost their jobs. I don't know anything about the liquidation status.
  10. Yes I believe the answer depends on the server configuration. For example, having everything in the same box is likely to work better on a higher powered server. With a NUC, a 2-box solution may sound better. Can you install Stylus EP on the NEO? If not, then I don't know how it would be compatible unless I am missing something.
  11. Are you talking about PHD shipments that never arrived, or custom builds?
  12. I don't see the power consumption for the ASUS. The i7 is rated at 65W. A 19v Farad will only give you 57W, so I don't think it will work with the i7. This is not my area of expertise, so others may want to chime in.
  13. With the Farad3, I think you'll be limited to a NUC.
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