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  1. Check the SR7 calendar thread for this kind of information. The last delivered build is #15.
  2. They've actually been pretty clear that they don't know how these kinds of issues will sort out. It's all speculation at this point.
  3. Good luck! I hope you're successful in getting a refund.
  4. Limited uses for those voltages. I'm sure that's why it hasn't sold already.
  5. I echo these comments. This has been my experience, as well.
  6. The goal is for the entire product line of SR4, SR5, and SR7 to eventually be produced by Paul Hynes Design, as distinct from Paul Hynes himself. Only standardized supplies will be available, which is to say no custom SR7s will be produced going forward. The plan is for Paul to complete the custom builds already on order and then to shut down that part of the business.
  7. Farad is expecting to release a 12A version of their power supply later this year. It should have more than enough power for your Prestige MX, but there is also the question of cost.
  8. Thanks for making the extra effort to ensure cable quality and materials were not a factor in your comparison. I know this required extra time and patience on your part.
  9. I'm hoping it will elicit a response from @paulhynes I think we're entitled to one.
  10. At the end of July, we will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the last known SR7 shipment! I hope the $100,000+ in customer funds are generating nice interest income for Paul Hynes Design while we wait.
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