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  1. I use these cables for my network backbone to provide general hygiene and maintain signal integrity. They have never been my "audio" Ethernet cable, which I consider to be the last and most critical in the digital chain, even though the materials and construction certainly qualify them as candidates for that role.
  2. DIY types may be interested in this cable: https://viablue.de/com/cables_ep7_ethernet.php They can also be purchased as finished cables.
  3. Dumb question...where does the fuse go in your build?
  4. This was a phenomenal thread. Thank you so much!
  5. Do you think the distance between the JCAT NET and Pink Faun USB cards would closer than the JCAT NET and USB cards in your build?
  6. What is the difference between the LC/UPC attenuators you bought and the LC/APC attenuators below? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B1KH6DX/?coliid=I4B8CAK6ZS4FP&colid=1O2O3N2HH23ZK&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  7. There is discussion of different cables in the REF 10 thread: I use the Habst Digital BNC, which I prefer to the SOtM dCBL-BNC and the generic cables from the engineering supply houses. In the Mutec thread, people have done comparisons of a few generic cables. EDIT: At the moment, I am using a Blaxius^2 to re-clock my ER.
  8. I am running my ER with the REF 10. Like you, I hear a cleaner sound with more resolved highs and better dimensionality. I also found the REF 10 removed a bit of harshness that I was previously not aware of, resulting in a more liquid sound. EDIT: At the moment, I am using a Blaxius^2 to re-clock my ER.
  9. Audio Sensibility Signature Silver > Farad Level 2 > the other two options you mention. Big delta between AS Signature Silver and Farad Level 2. https://audiosensibility.com/blog/sotm-audio/#!/Signature-Silver-DC-Cable/p/102469015
  10. Will you be getting a brand new unit or sending yours to Mutec for an oscillator and case upgrade?
  11. Has Mutec made an official announcement about an upgrade path, or even officially announced the REF 10 SE-120 is available for purchase?
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