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  1. Here is an update I received from Paul on June 5th. There was some potentially encouraging news for people in the SR7 queue. I am well behind on answering e-mail (there were over 20,000 e-mails last year and I have 1025 still to answer in my inbox). Sorry I cannot keep up with e-mail in real time, as I would not get any time for progressing the outstanding custom build orders and running PHD. With the sewage contamination event and the Easter holidays there was little done during April. There have been a surprising number of re-specification requests recently. I guess people are following Romaz’s adventures and wanting to upgrade their power supplies to match the latest specification. This has been quite time consuming, however even with a week of off-island trips for family health checks I have progressed some custom build works over the last month. Materials for builds 14 and 17 arrived (both on hold due to re-specification requiring new mains transformers and one on hold awaiting Teflon boards and z-foil resistors). Build 14 with new mains transformers, Teflon boards and z-foil resistors has been completed and shipped out I am currently working on build 17 which should be completed by the end of next week. I am about to ship build 15. I have a problem with build 16 due to an interaction issue using remote voltage switching. I have decided to stick with on regulator board switching of output voltage as used in the SR4 as there is no interaction issue with this. I am having new PCBs made for this. I still have to upgrade builds 18 and 19 regulator modules with the higher power rated output stage (all 3A modules are being up-rated to the 6A output stage). Then I should be clear to start build 20.
  2. The owner of the March SR4 informed me that he received a shipping notice overnight. April now seems to be the current delivery month.
  3. Alex, Let's keep your marketing out of this thread and stick to the facts regarding SR7 and SR4 delivery schedules. Thanks for your cooperation. Brian
  4. From what I understand, not all orders promised for March delivery have been fulfilled.
  5. I'm not sure what is strange. This is the SR7 and SR4 calendar thread. Earlier, I inquired with someone about his SR7 status. As the OP, I find this question to be completely on topic.
  6. If you're composing off line and pasting, highlight the entire post and click the Tx button (second to last button from the right) to remove the formatting. When you submit reply, it will post with the default Audiophile Style font.
  7. @hieukm Given the disaster described by @Ricones, I think you are deluding yourself expecting some kind of refund.
  8. The power buttons on the Reference One PSU also light up that way (different color than yellow). Adrian must like that kind of button.
  9. I was trying to be polite, but since you insist... As someone with a scientific and quantitative background, let me point out the obvious flaw in your conclusion that "any gounding (sic) box that actually ELEVATES the noise floor" and your subsequent reply to me is wholly unsupported by your graph. In other words, the most that can be said about your graph is that your current grounding methodology without the Entreq is superior to your current grounding methodology with the Entreq. However, there is NOTHING to suggest that the Entreq (and all other grounding boxes, including more modern active grounding boxes) adds noise to other systems since you provide no such baseline. To put it simply, you have grossly over generalized. This faulty conclusion begs the question of whether your measurements were even made in a scientifically valid manner. Furthermore, you have not described your approach in a way that allows us to evaluate the quality of your test results. Nevertheless, I am perfectly willing to accept your subjective listening impression that your current grounding methodology is superior to your Entreq grounding box. Apologies to everyone, but I had to call bullsh-t. I will have nothing more to say on this matter.
  10. Actually, the entire purpose of this thread is to document user experiences and listening impressions. People who rely on scientific measurements to justify their opinions are typically requested to take those discussions elsewhere. Now would be a good time for you to review the guidelines for this thread: In particular, note that this thread is about listening impressions. We do not: Demand proof Require a specific methodology Require measurements.  If you need further clarification, I'm sure that @austinpop would be happy to elaborate.
  11. This has certainly NOT been my experience or the experience of others I know who have used one in their systems.
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