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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but how does a spectrogram show if the file has merely been upsampled from 44.1kHz?
  2. If you listen to hip-hop and RnB and like a lot of bass, consider auditioning the Audeze LCD-3 or LCD-4. They are known for their bass reproduction. Be forewarned: they are heavy and feel like a clamp is around your head, so they are not the most comfortable headphones for long listening sessions. Definitely try before you buy. Personally, I prefer a more reference sound, so I use the HE1000se.
  3. Curious if you've bothered to determine which devices benefited most from the DC3. Completely understand if you have no interest in doing those experiments. I certainly wouldn't. 😉
  4. Chris, I'm still seeing every unread post from every thread that I follow on my unread content page.
  5. Jord is now a Melco dealer, so you also can order a fully modified S100 from him on a turnkey basis.
  6. What is the magnitude of the change going from one PF switch to two?
  7. I am seeing every post from every thread that I follow on my unread content page. I hope we can get back to the way it has always been, seeing only the most recent post with the ability to go directly to the first unread message. Thank you. P.S. Love the speed of the site now.
  8. FWIW, I have always used the 100MB ports on the S100 without any issues of audio files loading slowly or network drop outs. The large majority of my content is 96-24, 192-24, and DSD. In fact, the only time I experienced connectivity issues was prior to the S100 when the ER was in my system. While I most definitely am not challenging your experience or what you were told my Melco, based on my own experience with various switches, I believe the problem is network and system dependent.
  9. I don't know the part number of the older Finisar transceiver off hand. People were buying them used off eBay for around 10 US$. I have seen people say they are now difficult to find, if not completely impossible.
  10. IIRC, at one time in months past, romaz' preferred configuration was Melco > M12 Gold > Melco
  11. You are correct. We are referring to the amperage rating. Sorry for not being more clear. Correct, we're trying to minimize the risk of blowing a fuse. The higher amperage rating has no effect on SQ. (After I blew the second blue fuse, I asked Synergistic Research about getting a free replacement. They happily complied with my request.)
  12. Based on my experience with the JS-2, I decided to go with higher rated fuses. I don't know if the SR4T will have a similar issue. I have only used a 1.6A orange fuse in my SR4. In my experience with numerous power supplies, a higher rated fuse has never caused a problem.
  13. I blew 2 blue fuses in my JS-2. Ever since then, I always order the next size up and have never had an issue. The ratio, at least with the blue fuses, was 1.3-1.6x the stock fuse rating. I do this with both SR fuses and Audio Magic fuses. Please don't start the typical fuse jabber about using overrated fuses, blah blah. We're already familiar with those arguments.
  14. Why not try the fuse and decide for yourself? If there is no difference, remove it and try somewhere else.
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