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  1. Yes, I did. It didn't help. The other core on my laptop accepts my credentials just fine. I tried connecting to the server core, but I need to log in, and when I do it asks "are you online?" Colin
  2. Upgraded to 1.7 last night. All went well until I tried to play music, then I got "playback was interrupted because a track failed to load". I went to the account page to find "error retrieving account information". I created another core on my laptop and my credentials worked just fine and I could play music, just not from my server core. I opened a ticket with Roon support, but I can tell it's going to be a lengthy process. Yes, I did reboot my server. Colin
  3. Yes, Corsair Dominator Platinum non-ECC ram vs Apacer ECC ram in server. Colin
  4. Here's another glowing report on the Apacer ram. Thanks, Nenon! I purchased two 4GB sticks of non-ECC Apacer ram for my i7 DNBE NUC and two 8 GB sticks of ECC Apacer ram for my Asus B450m/Ryzen 2700 server. I previously had Hyper X Fury ram in the NUC and Corsair Dominator Platinum in the server. I swapped out the ram in the NUC first and I had no idea it would make such a difference. The improvements were pretty much as Bricki described above. More air around instruments and voices, and just a general uptick in realism. I waited a few days for it to settle in, then changed the ram in my server. I really did not expect a difference on the server. The Corsair Dominator Platinum ram has Samsung chips also. What I got was more of the same, in fact there was a bigger improvement on the server than there was on the NUC. This change was well worth it. There was no wondering if I was imagining the change or not. It came through loud and clear. Colin
  5. I received my order last week of Curious Evolved 0.8 m and Evolved Regen Link. I've been burning them in per the instructions on the web site. I bought them to replace two Phasure Lush 2 cables, but I'll be sending them back for a refund. The Lush 2 cables are just far better in my system. There is a clarity and definition with the Lush that I am not getting with the Curious. They are a very good USB cable, just not for me. Colin
  6. Hi Alex, Understood. Doesn't matter where it's fed from. I guess what I was getting at was is it likely to make a difference on the other side of wifi. I know, buy one and try it 🙂 Colin
  7. Thinking of purchasing an EtherRegen, but wondering where to put it for best effect. My system comprises a server on the second floor of my house, and an endpoint (i7 NUC) on the ground floor feeding my DAC. Between the two is Wifi. I have an Eero Pro mesh network with the gateway in the same room as the server and two extenders, one in my kitchen and one in my listening room. As the Eero extenders have two Ethernet ports, I thought about feeding the EtherRegen from the Eero in the listening room and connecting the other side to the NUC. I tried this with a Cisco 2960 switch but didn't hear any difference, but I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts. Colin
  8. Interested in your impressions of this cable as I just ordered an 0.8m version and a Regen link. Colin
  9. Ordered March 7th for April build, to be delivered in May. Was delivered July 22nd. Colin
  10. Hi Alex, A: B-W-Y B: B-W-Y was Kurb1980’s previous config a couple pages back before JSSG360 cubed came along. I liked that one better at the time but after reading Larry’s post that he hadn’t given it enough time in place, I gave it another shot and sure enough, it was better. Colin
  11. OK, like @lmitche I didn't leave the latest config in place long enough. I decided to try again, and lo and behold it is better than A: B-W-Y B: B-W-Y. It did take a while to show itself. Seems much more balanced. The previous config I tried had more presence, and pushed vocals especially forward in the mix. This latest config brings more of the 3D layered sound with an impressive depth. Colin
  12. Mine arrived today along with .5 meter silver cable. Out of the box it lifted the performance of my NUC to new levels. More realism, dynamics and coherence. More of that 3D experience. Really well worth the wait and interesting to see how it gets better as it burns in. Colin
  13. SR4-19 arrived today. Well worth the wait. Burning in now. Colin
  14. NUC -> Lush^2 -> ISO Regen -> Lush^1 -> DAC Colin
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