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  1. Ordered March 7th for April build, to be delivered in May. Was delivered July 22nd. Colin
  2. Hi Alex, A: B-W-Y B: B-W-Y was Kurb1980’s previous config a couple pages back before JSSG360 cubed came along. I liked that one better at the time but after reading Larry’s post that he hadn’t given it enough time in place, I gave it another shot and sure enough, it was better. Colin
  3. OK, like @lmitche I didn't leave the latest config in place long enough. I decided to try again, and lo and behold it is better than A: B-W-Y B: B-W-Y. It did take a while to show itself. Seems much more balanced. The previous config I tried had more presence, and pushed vocals especially forward in the mix. This latest config brings more of the 3D layered sound with an impressive depth. Colin
  4. Mine arrived today along with .5 meter silver cable. Out of the box it lifted the performance of my NUC to new levels. More realism, dynamics and coherence. More of that 3D experience. Really well worth the wait and interesting to see how it gets better as it burns in. Colin
  5. SR4-19 arrived today. Well worth the wait. Burning in now. Colin
  6. NUC -> Lush^2 -> ISO Regen -> Lush^1 -> DAC Colin
  7. Larry, Right now I'm using the configuration I mentioned in my post above into the ISO Regen and a Lush^1 out to the DAC, so maybe that's why I'm hearing what I'm hearing. Colin
  8. I'm going to buck the trend here and say that at least in my system, this one is still better by far : A:B-W-Y B:B-W-Y Colin
  9. Received email from Paul last Friday that my SR4-19 was shipped that day. Ordered March 7th for April build. Colin
  10. Tried the latest Kurb1980 config on my Lush^2 a couple days ago - A:B-W-Y and B:B-W-Y. I went to this from the default and then PNF and this is by far the best. More natural, especially voices, with more presence and air. As described above, the feeling of a lower noise floor. It’s a keeper! For now 😊 Colin
  11. I ordered my SR4 in March to be included in the April build. No word since. Colin
  12. Thanks, Rick. Yes, I've heard some great things about this power supply. Hopefully, Paul's plumbing issues won't delay it for too long. Colin
  13. Thanks for the update. I got very similar results, though I'm using it to power my server via the DC-ATX 400w power supply. Additionally, I'm powering my external Startech USB 3.1 enclosure via an MPaudio LT3045 based power supply and my Startech USB 3.1 card via a DXPWR power supply. Both of those added to the 3D audio effect you described. Next for me is a Paul Hynes SR4 for my NUC endpoint to replace the LPS 1.2. My order is part of the April build, so fingers crossed. Colin
  14. I may replace all of the HDPLEX supplied cables as well, as they are not the greatest. Colin
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