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  1. I actually configured this incorrectly at first, having A: B-W-Y-R and B: B-W instead of A: B-W & Y-R and B: B-W. I was really enjoying it in my system until I realized my mistake. I then changed it and found I much preferred the first configuration, at least in my system. More focused. Vocals more forward etc. Colin
  2. Agreed. I went from using a Synology NAS for my storage to the method described above. My server and endpoint are separated by wi-fi. It was one of the biggest differences I've heard in my system, and I don't even have these devices separately powered as yet! Following @lmitche 's lead, I'm using a Startech USB 3.1 enclosure with WD Black 3.5 HDD. That connects to a Startech USB 3.1 PCIe card in my server. Colin
  3. As one of the above mentioned owners (thanks Larry!), I came from using Win 2016 server core with AO. I also have an i7 DNBE NUC endpoint with AL. The endpoint was done first with excellent results, but converting the server made a large and noticeable difference. I have an HDPLEX 200W and DC ATX on order to power my motherboard/CPU and Startech USB 3.1 card. Colin
  4. Thanks for posting this. This is what I plan to do when I get my HDPLEX 200W LPS and HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX in March. I currently power the PC with a Seasonic Platinum SS-460FL. I have an Asus Z270 motherboard with an i7-6700K processor. I run Win 2016 server core with AO on an Intel Optane 950P. The only other board in the PC is my Startech 4 port USB 3.1 PCIe board. I plan on powering both the motherboard and the Startech from the HDPLEX, so this post is very timely. I look forward to your updates. Colin
  5. 200W HDPlex sold out in US until end of Feb. Colin
  6. I’m in Frederick, and will try to go on Sunday. colin
  7. Yes, of course. It made sense me afterwards, and I have to say that this configuration is the very best of the three I’ve heard in my system so far. And it’s only been one day! Colin
  8. I’m a little confused. The pic shows B-W-R-Y and the description says B-W-Y-R. Which is it? Colin
  9. I cancelled my order. I decided I've already sunk so much money into my PC server that I'm going to keep going in that direction. Colin
  10. Good luck with this. I have the same issue but couldn't get any help, mainly because WS2016 isn't supported by HQPlayer. Colin
  11. Guys, That is what I’m doing right now. My PC, NAS, fiber switch and modem/router are all in an upstairs room, while my streamer/DAC/amp/speakers are in a downstairs listening room on the other side of WiFi. I guess my question is, why spend a ton of money on the upstairs equipment trying to reduce noise when it probably isn’t making a whole lot of difference to the equipment downstairs. Or is it? Colin
  12. As I recall, it cost significantly more than $50, but in any event it’s powering the PC only. The DAC side of the WiFi has the Altair powered by its own linear power supply, the Tx USB Ultra powered by an LPS 1.2, which in turn is energized by the second outlet of a JS-2, and the Brooklyn DAC + is powered by the first outlet of the JS-2. It’s all fed via a dedicated 20 amp circuit and into a Topaz isolation transformer which feeds an Audience Adept Response power distribution unit. Colin
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