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  1. I ordered my SR4 in March to be included in the April build. No word since. Colin
  2. Thanks, Rick. Yes, I've heard some great things about this power supply. Hopefully, Paul's plumbing issues won't delay it for too long. Colin
  3. Thanks for the update. I got very similar results, though I'm using it to power my server via the DC-ATX 400w power supply. Additionally, I'm powering my external Startech USB 3.1 enclosure via an MPaudio LT3045 based power supply and my Startech USB 3.1 card via a DXPWR power supply. Both of those added to the 3D audio effect you described. Next for me is a Paul Hynes SR4 for my NUC endpoint to replace the LPS 1.2. My order is part of the April build, so fingers crossed. Colin
  4. I may replace all of the HDPLEX supplied cables as well, as they are not the greatest. Colin
  5. Yes, and it does, but there were two sets in my box. I knew I was going to need them so Larry threw a couple extra in. Colin
  6. Rick, my apologies. I left out a crucial piece of information. It's a 3-pin XLR to 7.4mm connector (male/female, I can't remember) then 7.4 mm connector to 6 pin Molex. Colin
  7. Sorry for the delay, Rick. I used a 3-pin XLR to 6-pin Molex cable for this connection. It came in the box with the HDPLEX DC-ATX. I found that the 6-pin worked and the other 2 pins were not needed, apparently. I am running an i7 6700K cpu. Colin
  8. Received my new HDPLEX 200w from the current batch last Friday. I'm using it to power the following: 15v to an MPaudio LT3045 based power supply which is sending 12v to power a Startech USB 3.1 enclosure 15v to a DXPWR LT3045 based power supply which is sending 12v to power a Startech USB 3.1 PCIe card in my PC 19v to an HDPLEX 400w Hi-Fi DC-ATX power supply, which in turn is powering my motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX Z270H) 12v to the CPU connector on my motherboard After a few hours use the HDPLEX 200w runs warm with all rails fired up, but not overly so. After reading previous reports here, I removed the lid before powering it up to make sure everything was where it should be (it was), and other than the fact it was set for 220v, it was fine. My server is running AL, and is on the top floor of my house. My NUC endpoint is on the ground floor. I use 5 GHz wi-fi between the two. The above server side changes brought an amazing improvement across the board to my system. Some will dispute this, but the increase in clarity, dynamics and overall realism cannot be ignored. Colin
  9. I actually configured this incorrectly at first, having A: B-W-Y-R and B: B-W instead of A: B-W & Y-R and B: B-W. I was really enjoying it in my system until I realized my mistake. I then changed it and found I much preferred the first configuration, at least in my system. More focused. Vocals more forward etc. Colin
  10. Agreed. I went from using a Synology NAS for my storage to the method described above. My server and endpoint are separated by wi-fi. It was one of the biggest differences I've heard in my system, and I don't even have these devices separately powered as yet! Following @lmitche 's lead, I'm using a Startech USB 3.1 enclosure with WD Black 3.5 HDD. That connects to a Startech USB 3.1 PCIe card in my server. Colin
  11. As one of the above mentioned owners (thanks Larry!), I came from using Win 2016 server core with AO. I also have an i7 DNBE NUC endpoint with AL. The endpoint was done first with excellent results, but converting the server made a large and noticeable difference. I have an HDPLEX 200W and DC ATX on order to power my motherboard/CPU and Startech USB 3.1 card. Colin
  12. Thanks for posting this. This is what I plan to do when I get my HDPLEX 200W LPS and HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX in March. I currently power the PC with a Seasonic Platinum SS-460FL. I have an Asus Z270 motherboard with an i7-6700K processor. I run Win 2016 server core with AO on an Intel Optane 950P. The only other board in the PC is my Startech 4 port USB 3.1 PCIe board. I plan on powering both the motherboard and the Startech from the HDPLEX, so this post is very timely. I look forward to your updates. Colin
  13. 200W HDPlex sold out in US until end of Feb. Colin
  14. I’m in Frederick, and will try to go on Sunday. colin
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