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  1. I don’t recommend using the LPS 1.2 with the EtherRegen. Though it technically can power it, from my testing the EtherRegen sounds better with a higher amperage power supply. Even the stock SMPS sounds better than the LPS 1.2, but ideally a higher powered LPS like a Uptone JS-2, Paul Hynes SR4T or Farad Super3.

  2. I just switched my SR4T from 9V to 7V this week, and I think I prefer it at 7V (although I haven't done detailed comparisons--more passive listening since the change).
  3. Could WiFi be used this way? Turn on to download the track, then turn it off during playback?
  4. Received my SR4T yesterday. Ordered mid April, shipped June 5, package hung out in customs in NY for awhile and the arrived to Austin June 25. So far so good! It’s made a very nice improvement replacing the stock SMPS in my EtherREGEN. I’m enjoying richer and realer sound from my system.
  5. Received my EtherRegen end of April and, although I’m just getting around to posting, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it for these past 2 months. Significant increase in realism and imaging and a recognition that—yep, there was a ton of unhelpful junk coming in via the network. A huge thanks to UpTone for this product! Yesterday a new SR4T power supply arrived and I swapped that in for the provided SMPS. Whoa. Richer and realer. To my ears by an equal margin of improvement to adding the eR itself. Right now I have the SR4T set to 9v and I like that very much, but haven’t do
  6. I have the previous gen Chord 2Qute and every time I’ve improved my digital sources it has improved the SQ. Big changes going from unoptimized PC to optimized server /streamer with good power supplies. Also a big boost from putting the EtherRegen in front of my streamer.
  7. $375 Sonore microRendu with the 1.4 board with upgraded clock (same clock as the ultraRendu). Ethernet input and USB output. Purchased in 2017 and in Excellent condition. Selling because I moved up the product line to ultraRendu. Very flexible software—Roon Ready and basically any other streaming protocol. Does NOT include a power supply. UpTone LPS-1.2 or any other high quality 6-9v power supply recommended.
  8. Hi all - continuing my quarantine tinkering... received a Lush^2 today to compare with USPCB for the connection between microRendu 1.4 and a Chord 2Qute DAC. After inserting the Lush^2 (shipped configuration) I’m hearing a distinct decrease in bass volume and quality. Did any of you that compared to USPCB experience this? Was your preference Lush^2 immediate, or did it take some time? At first I thought this might be due to having to power down the streamer and DAC for a few minutes to rearrange to accommodate the cable (clock warmup time, etc.). However it’s been a few h
  9. Uptone LPS-1 for sale. Excellent condition, original owner (purchased April ‘17). $250
  10. Hi @Schnoopies - it has 7Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 19Vdc selectable output voltage - that's one of the great things about it; super versatile to use with many different devices More info here: https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/sps-500/
  11. SOtM SPS-500 power supply for sale. Perfect condition. Will ship in original packaging. Comes with the SOtM stock DC cable as well as a custom Ghent Audio (Canare 4S6 wire, Oyaide 2.5 to Hirose HR10A-7P-4P(73) connectors, 0.3m Purchased in December 2017 and has been powering an Intel NUC Roon ROCK server. Retails for $500 + $53 for the custom cable. Asking $400.
  12. Agree with other comments, not sure the battery you tried was the best choice... try it with an LPS1.2, Paul Hynes SR4, or something along those lines.
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