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  1. Agree with other comments, not sure the battery you tried was the best choice... try it with an LPS1.2, Paul Hynes SR4, or something along those lines.
  2. I believe Roon ROCK is based on a minimalist Linux OS. (Plenty of info about it on Roon’s website.)
  3. No, the SSD was a Samsung EVO 850 250GB 2.5 inch SATA III.
  4. Based on the chatter on this thread, I ordered a 32G Optane card and did some A/B testing between it and my Samsung Evo SSD. This is on my Intel NUC (NUC7i3BNH) server running Roon ROCK. Music storage is on a USB stick. In my case, the Optane brought a subtle upgrade to imaging/separation and realism. It took several back and forth changes comparing the same 5-6 tracks to be sure of what I was hearing. This wasn't nearly as big an improvement as I've experienced with tweaks (e.g. improving power supplies). However, it was only $60 for the 32G Optane card, and it's nice to get any sort of improvement for that small an investment. And as a little side bonus, Roon is also running faster for me with the Optane.
  5. Wifi from server to the Orbi satellite, and Ethernet Cable from the Orbi satellite to the microRendu (with the low-power switch in between). And yes the server /router are on a different circuits than the satellite/streamer. Confirmation bias is possible for the 2nd Furman AC filtering device that’s placed at the server. The effect of that 2nd unit was pretty subtle and I’ll admit I wasn’t 100% certain I was hearing improvement. That said, I’ve had this setup for awhile now and have definitely heard big sound signature differences when I’ve changed other things at the NUC server (power, supply-stock SMPS to SPS-500, OS-windows to Roon ROCK, bios changes, etc.). I don’t have a logical explanation for it. But I don’t want to hijak this thread on that topic. Most relevant for this thread was that I recommend others try out the Furman AC-215a if they suspect noisy AC power and want to test a relatively inexpensive, easily returnable (Amazon) potential fix.
  6. Do you mean the network topology? If so, I have the Netgear Orbi system which uses a main router and satellites to get whole home wifi coverage. The main router is in my office and the Roon server is directly connected to that router by Ethernet cable. The hifi system is in the living room. Orbi satellite -> Network switch -> microRendu 1.4 network streamer -> Chord 2Qute DAC. When the UpTone EtherRegen is launched I’ll likely replace that network switch with the EtherRegen.
  7. Thought I’d share a quick update. I was pleased enough with the affect of the Furman AC-215a filtering the power to my integrated amp that I decided to order a 2nd one to put in from of the SPS-500 that powers my NUC Server (Roon ROCK OS), which is located in a different room from my main system. I’d read elsewhere that the SPS-500 was sensitive to AC noise, and anyway it’s very low risk to try it out given Amazon’s return policy. Another improvement. More subtle step up than the first Furman (the one powering the amp), but a noticeable step up, and I’m definitely keeping the unit. I still don’t understand why improvements at the server level affect the sound quality in my setup so much, but that’s a different thread!
  8. Great review, thanks @austinpop! My dream setup is still to drive high sensitivity speakers direct from DAVE or TT2 with HMS. One of these days!
  9. House, but clearly I’ve got some noisy mains ...
  10. Yep, that was the initial test. Since then I’ve moved the strip feeding all the Digital side back and forth between the wall and the Furman-not detecting much difference there (which makes sense considering the function of the UpTone gear).
  11. +1 for Furman AC-215a as effective and a good value ($129 on Amazon). I had all the digital side of my system isolated using Uptone LPS 1 / 1.2 supplies, but I was curious how AC power might be affecting my integrated amp sound quality. Just purchased one of those Furman AC-215a's, did some a/b testing and heard noticeably improved imaging, detail and bass precision. Very nice improvement per dollar.
  12. +1 for a longer length option, for ability to use between streamers and DACs
  13. Finally had a chance this weekend to try ROCK vs 2012r1 AO (on the same NUC hardware). I have to agree with @LTG2010 that the SQ is better with ROCK. Better imaging, realism and dynamics in my system. (And also stable thus far, which was my main beef with the 2012r2) Going to have to try Audiolinux next when I have time... perhaps the headless version that everyone is raving about.
  14. Back to the original question - has anyone had the chance to compare sound quality of ROON on a light linux install like ROCK vs. on an optimized bare-bones windows server? (where all else in the hardware is equal)
  15. lol ... but i got to brush up on my command line syntax, so there's that!
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