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  1. For Sale my Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator for a super reasonable $150 shipped in the Continental US! Works great, I just no longer am using it with the addition of my TX- USB ultra. Thanks for looking, Todd
  2. Jeff Rowland’s designs in the late ‘80’s and early nineties had optional DC supplies. I new those models well because I was at the CES with Audio Artistry when their Beethoven was Stereophile’s speaker of the year, and the we’re sharing there room with Jeff and using His Model 6’s with the battery supplies😉 Today like Levinson and many others he uses switch mode power supply’s. Maybe the renewable energy trend will get some of these designers, like Rowland going back to DC supplys. I still love those scalloped thick aluminum face plates on the Rowland’s, beautiful equipment cosmetically.
  3. Absolutely! without testing it as I said in my original post, my grid AC could be atrocious. That is why I would hesitate to apply my local results broadly to everyone else. I really need to a decent scope for tangible measurements for any of my experience to be translatable to other’s AC setups.
  4. Hey Jud, thank you for your insightful post. I am now running my low capacitance Topaz transformer after my sine wave inverter. There is definitely not some dramatic chance in the sound quality, but I’m sure it is not worse and probably would measure better. I wanted to clarify that while I am listening to my off the grid system, it is running strictly on DC battery power with no solar or other charging devices connected. And I did want to reiterate, that I have a extremely thoroughly implemented dedicated AC system coming directly from my homes outside service entry not from my existing inside main breaker panel. And truly there is no comparison, the DC derived sine wave inverted AC absolutely crushes that dedicated grid AC! So the question is: could there be other reasons besides line ripple that contribute to that drastic improvement of the DC derived system?
  5. I must admit, I have not tried running an isolation transformer after the sine-wave inverter but I have a .00005pf capacitance one I can try for reference and post that result here. It
  6. I chose the Yeti for its simplicity and the audio review of the smaller version. However, subsequently to purchasing it, I found a rack mounted one and some others with a more detailed listing of their specs and and ripple, but I was also concerned about their fan noise. The thing I liked about the rack mounted one is that it didn’t switch over to the batteries until that AC line was interrupted. That way, it could keep equipment running off the AC until you wanted to switch over, eliminating the warm up time some of the audio equipment needs to sound their best. Right now, I keep the Yeti AC output running some of my electronics full time for that warm up issue, so I keep an AC to DC charger on it to keep it at full charge. I will have to dig up the info on the rack mounted one, and I’ll post that here once I do.
  7. Hey Ricky, Yeah the earthing rods with the special soil mix, the whole nine yards. I really should buy a decent scope just to get a visual of what’s really going on. So about a week ago I heard this out of the ordinary sound coming down the street and could hear the turbo whine, it was the KTM, my neighbor just got one! It’s frigg’n wicked! You must have a blast!
  8. I do agree that DC for everything seems the correct way to go. My Chord M-Scaler, My STOM TX-USB Ultra My Digital crossover all run off DC and it wouldn’t be hard to convert my PC to DC & Probably my amps wouldn’t be that bad. But the cost to convert the other items would well exceed the cost of the Yeti 1000. And it’s doubtful that many of the High End manufacturers have any need or desire to create DC powered items in the near future.
  9. Hey Peter, Well these days maybe I should just refer to you as: “The Cable Guy” (Ok not the Jim Carey and Mathew Broderick “Cable Guy”)! I’m sure it is much easier constructing your wonderful cables than writing code for that 2.11 XX HighEnd release😉! BTW, the NSX is great, but never owned a Porsche, The Ferrari F430 Spider is for sale but it’s replacement 458 Spider is staying put 😁! And I think I’d have to go back to my ‘80s days of customized vans for audio systems to fit any of this in there! Those darn 2 seater mid-engine cars don’t lend themselves to good audio, but of course those engines create there own sweet tunes! Cheers!
  10. I thought it might be time to pipe up and give some actual observations from someone who is using a relatively simple version of solar powered audio system. I currently uses a GOAL ZERO YETI 1000 LITHIUM PORTABLE POWER STATION with 200w of solar panels for charging, 2 extra AGM 12v batteries for reserve capacity and a AC to DC charger if I need more current to recharge the batteries faster. The Yeti is a 1500w pure sine wave inverter. I run all my audio equipment and music PC off the grid, excluding my subwoofer amps. I have a separate ac circuit running 6gauge wire in galvanized pipe directly from the outside service entry to its own breaker panel and then to a 5Kv Topaz balanced transformer. Currently, I run just the subwoofer amps off that balanced power. I want to qualify my observations by stating, I have never put an oscilloscope on these circuits to get the actual measured noise, so again these are my observations on my system and my electrical grid.(which for all I know could be way noisier than any of yours!) It is literally no contest the pure sine wave inverter run off battery power only is dramatically better than my dedicated AC circuit in every measure of listening enjoyment. I would equate it from going from a crappy smps to a high grade linear supply. Blacker background, more refined purer tone, much deeper bass with way more musical density. and much more information retrieval. The soundstage is much broader and way deeper, classical music is portrayed with a much more accurate sense of scale and with much better delineation between the musicians. There is no smearing of things as the music gets more complex. FYI, I am not new to this audio game, having been in search of audio nirvana for over 35 years. So my system is pretty well sorted out and I have a lot of equipment on hand to make comparisons with, so whether I’m using my Phasure NOS1 with all the factory upgrades or my Chord M Scaler and Dave directly driving my 115db/w Orphean Horns, with highly resolving open baffle mid bass and subwoofers, The improvement my off the grid power power gave my system really stunned me, like “jaw hanging wide open, listen to your whole music library again!” stunning! Todd
  11. Unaldured Singser SU-1 USB digital interface with warrantee seal in place! $ 275 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping. Will throw in a 1ft. HDMI cable for i2s connection I have for sale absolutely pristine barely used, Singxer SU-1. This was used with my Holo Spring L2 for USB to i2S. This definitely was huge step up in performance by providing cleaner i2s direct connection via HDMI. I was using HQ player to upscale music to DSD 512 and PCM 768 with no issues. I bought this 2nd one to have a first hand instant comparison to my modified one. (Being a crazy audiophile since the early ‘80’s😉) It comes as new in the original box and under warrantee since the chassis seal is in place. Hope it finds a good home, it is a great piece, Todd
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