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  1. Unaldured Singser SU-1 USB digital interface with warrantee seal in place! $ 275 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping. Will throw in a 1ft. HDMI cable for i2s connection I have for sale absolutely pristine barely used, Singxer SU-1. This was used with my Holo Spring L2 for USB to i2S. This definitely was huge step up in performance by providing cleaner i2s direct connection via HDMI. I was using HQ player to upscale music to DSD 512 and PCM 768 with no issues. I bought this 2nd one to have a first hand instant comparison to my modified one. (Being a crazy audiophile since the early ‘80’s😉) It comes as new in the original box and under warrantee since the chassis seal is in place. Hope it finds a good home, it is a great piece, Todd
  2. Thanks for the clarity Ted! I look forward to your impressions of DSD512 from the Singxer SU-1 and the Spring's built in USB input.
  3. Hey Ted, Sorry I didn't quite understand your reply. Did you mean you have a not yet publicly released firmware for the Singxer that allows it to do DSD512? or are you updating the Singxer XMOS firmware with the Holo DSD512 XMOS hardware that we're using on the Spring? Todd
  4. Hey Ted, Which driver are you using to get the Singxer SU-1 to do DSD512? I get DSD512 fine with the HOLO driver into the Spring's USB input, but can only do DSD256 on the Singxer. Do you use the Holo driver for the Singxer XMOS also? I would love to be able to compare DSD512 on the USB & the I2s inputs of the Spring as I'm using the Uptone LPS-1 supercapacitor supply to run the Singxer with good results with the Itona on the USB input. Todd
  5. Hey Superdad, The LPS-1 comments are quite warranted. It is a good sized basement listening room, about 20' x 34', but the speakers aren't as large as you might think. The 8-12" per side are scavenged from my Audio Artistry Beethoven Grandes. So they are in a "w-shaped" folded baffle about 19"w x 55"h x 22"d, fairly compact. They cover 80hz down & require very little excursion for quite a bit of output and they lower the excursion of the 3-15" mid-bass by limiting them to 80-270hz. The rest of the system would be way to loud to ever tax the 16-12's to their excursion limits. The Orphean Horns & 3-15" per side are configured as a copy of the BD Labs Orelo Mk II.(They need quite a bit of finish work yet, so I'd be a bit embarrassed to post pictures of raw MDF and unpainted white plastic horns:) The Beethoven woofers are finished in a beautiful natural Brazilian Rosewood, so I'm planning on laminating the "wings" of the Orelo copies in matching Rosewood and I might go crazy and paint the horns in Ferrari Rosa Corsa if I don't wimp out and go with gloss black;) It really sounds wonderful but it certainly is no "looker"!
  6. Hey All, I've been meaning to post for a while now. I've been using an Uptone LPS-1 for the last couple of months on the Singxer SU-1 to the Holo Spring I2s input. Typically I'm upscaling both DSD & PCM to DSD256 from HQPlayer running on a Phasure MACHII linear power supplied PC. (It is my normal front end for XXHighEnd to a Phasure NOS1a.) (BTW the built-in linear power supply in MACH II absolutely killed the HD Plex 400w ATX linear power supply running the same MB and configuration on another PC) I did have to swap out the Xeon 2650 v4 12 core 2.2Gz on the Mach II for an i7-6800k 6 core 3.6Gz to be able to upscale to DSD 512. FYI, I also run W10 and HQPlayer from a ram disc and the PC has no graphics card. It is controlled from a directly networked remote PC where the music files also reside. I also use a New ClassD Neutron Star Clocked USB3 PCI-E card running through an Itona Industrial USB Isolator to the SU-1. The Holo Spring directly drives a Single-Ended Triode NOS amplifier connected to a custom BD Orphean 115db Horn system with 3-15" and 8-12" per side in open baffle configuration, crossed over from the horns at 270Hz and eq'd with a Mini DSP feeding 4-NCore 400 based amps. (I mention the equipment because it is extremely resolving and very easy to detect minute system changes.) So here is my brief observation. The LPS-1 made a very obvious difference over the standard linear power supplied SU-1. Darker background, less overhang, better width and depth of image, just sweeter and more realistic in general. But, it is a tight race between it and DSD512 run directly to the Holo Spring USB input. I would say I slightly prefer DSD 256 through the SU-1 with just a tinge more delineation between the instruments and vocalists and maybe a little purer sounding. No way I would bet my life on it though. I am confident that if there were a DSD 512 driver for the SU-1 (powered by LPS-1) it would be the clear winner. Happy experimenting everyone!! Todd
  7. Hey guys, I'm the one that said he would try the Regen with the Itona isolator and I did. Please note that my Regen was run off a lithium ion battery power supply and the stock clock was replaced with a New Class-D Neutron Star clock with its linear power supply. The mods improved the Regen substantially over the stock unit and in my system I preferred the Regen to the straight USB connection. It has been enjoyed as part of my system for the past several months. I found the result of adding the Regen with the Itona quite enjoyable and musical and not much different to the Regen alone. but it was not as accurate and neutral as the Itona alone. With the just the Itona alone there was definitely more low level detail and better delineation of bass notes plus a wider soundstage and overall quicker dynamics with less overhang. As I posted earlier, less blur and distortion. Like the difference between looking out a pair of smudged glasses as opposed to 20/20 vision with no glasses at all."Just More Real" Did the Itona improve the Regen? I'd say maybe slightly but I'd have a hard time justifying its cost if I had preferred the sound of the Regen to the Itona by itself. I'll be sticking to the Itona alone in my system and now can't imagine listening without it! Todd
  8. So this is pretty much a repost of what I put on Phasure.com. My Itona USB isolator came a few days ago and I got a chance to listen to it for about 8 hours total now. Here's some detail of my system copied from my Phasure forum signature, some of it will mean nothing to those not using XXHiEnd playback software but you'll get an idea of the specifics of my music server and system components. W10-10074 XX HighEnd 2.03 PC -> i7 3930K AS Rock MB W/ Dexa Neutron Star & linear PS supply mod. For Processor Clock, Hyperthreading On (12 cores) @430MHz (!), 16GB, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Insider Preview build 10074 Samsun SSD, XXHE on 2GB RAMDisk (IMDisk), music on LAN / Engine#4 Adaptive Mode / Q1/-/3/4/5 = 14/-/1/1/1 / Q1Factor = 1 / Dev.Buffer = 4096 / ClockRes = 1ms / Memory = Straight Contiguous / Include Garbage Collect / SFS W10 = .14(max 60) / not Invert / Phase Alignment Off / Playerprio = Low / ThreadPrio = Realtime / W8 Scheme = Core 3-5, W10 Scheme = Core 1-3 / Not Switch Processors during Playback = Off/ Playback Drive 2GB RAMDisk (IMDisk) / UnAttended (Just Start) / All Services Off / Keep LAN - *Not Persist* / WallPaper Off, W10 Running Time Off / Minimize OS / XTweaks : Balanced Load = *63* / Nervous Rate = 1 / Cool when Idle = 1 / Provide Stable Power = 1 / Utilize Cores always = 1 / Time Performance Index = Optimal / Time Stability = On / *Custom Filter Mid 705600* / -> USB3 (Silverstone W/Dexa Neutron Star Clock & Linear PS> *Clairixa USB* -> Uptone Regen w/ Dexa Neutron Star & linear PS -> 24/768 Phasure NOS1a 75B (BNC Out) async USB DAC, Driver v1.0.4b (*4ms*) -> Blaxius BNC interlink -> 8 channels of Hypex NCore 400's -> DYI BD Orphean Horns w/ qty-3 custom 15" open baffle bass drivers and qty-8 12" open baffle subwoofers per channel. I first listened to my current setup which has a NeutronStar clock modified Uptone Regen USB re-clocker running off a lithium Ion battery power supply. The sound was as usual: very nice detail, ambiance, deep nicely scaled soundstage and nice black background. Out came the Regen and in went the Itona with a short generic USB from the PC and the Phasure Clarixa 1m USB to the NOS1a 75b. So I don't want to sound hyperbolic but, I was literally stunned at the difference! Like a complete removal of blur, smear and distortion. And this was in all important areas; frequency response, timing and dynamics. Every song I played was just so much more detailed and right. What really stood out was the delicacy of quiet passages but the incredible slam and quickness of percussion and piano. And the decay seemed infinite, just so natural. And the natural shimmer to cymbals better than I've ever heard from my system. We all have known the feeling of running through our favorites and hearing them as new again, but Wow! this was pretty dramatic. Todd
  9. Greetings Mario, I'd love to try pianist Luis Grané's recording of Iberia by Albéniz. Thank you, Todd
  10. Wow Fred, I could not agree with you more! I indeed forget the equipment and in fact I forget everything else on my mind when I listen to my NOS1a. I'm actually having a hard time composing this response because I'm sitting in my listening room with Norah Jones and ensemble here singing to me! As always, I must thank Mani for posting on here years ago now, how his original NOS1 was outperforming his Pacific Microsonics Model 2 which led me to purchase one (Wow XXHighEnd and the NOS1a are now light-years ahead of where my original NOS1 was then.) Most important to the whole package is Peter, If you want another example of him going the extra mile, PM me! He has repeatedly been so generous with his time and labor and probably saved me thousands of dollars over the course of my years of ownership. I really could not be happier, and in this case you get way more than what you pay for! For anyone looking at top tier DAC's, do yourselves a favor and take advantage of Peter's long and liberal audition and return policy, and you can then be thanking me and the other NOS1a owners like I do Mani! Todd
  11. Hey Geardaddy, See it just took a little more experience reading your posts to understand your just a sarcastic s.o.b. Lol. We'll get along just fine... And I agree about how others view this hobby, my wife humors me, but really I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts when I want her to come listen to some change to my system. Generally if start talking technical, she just points at herself and says, "Girl" And your right it should be fun. Unfortunately, we will have to wager something else on the wireless audibility. I developed an awful allergic reaction to alcohol about five years ago so unless you actually know of a "near" beer that's worth a damn, I'm screwed. (I guess I'm being presumptive about being able to hear the difference.) Maybe Koolaid for everyone! Just don't take away my audio, fast cars or porn and I'll live without the alcohol
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