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  1. I experienced the same thing. I had to move enabling Ramroot to resize AL partition in RAM to one of the last steps.
  2. Apple Mac Mini "Core i7" 2.3 Quad-Core (Late 2012) w/16GB of RAM + Uptone Audio MMK DC Fan Controller (Installed by Uptone Audio) Includes Mac OS X El Capitan (Optimized) on a 32GB Toshiba SDHC Card with HQPlayer playback software installed. Mac OS X is configured with bridged networking. It's plug n play with this configuration. The internal 500 GB SSD Drive also includes Windows 10 on a partition that I ran optimized with Process Lasso and Fidelizer - also configured with bridge networking. It's plug n play with this configuration too. This Mac Mini can also run Audio Linux (AL) booted to RAM. I have only booted AL to RAM once for testing, but have not listened to it. Alex Crespi of Uptone Audio runs his Mac Mini using Audio Linux in this way and he has stated that he is very pleased with it. Before discovering Audio Linux, I experimented a lot with different operating systems and settled on an optimized version of OS X El Capitan booted from an SD Card, then un-mounting the internal SSD. I used this to run HQPlayer as an NAA and I ran Roon Server on my sonicTransporter. This machine is powerful enough to run Roon alone or HQPlayer in a distributed setup as I did. There are A LOT of different configuration options to choose from using this Mac Mini. It can be configured as a Roon Server, Roon Endpoint, NAA, etc. I bought this Mac Mini from Frys and shipped it to Uptone Audio to install their Mac Mini DC-Conversion/Linear Fan Controller Kit (MMK). Power Supply is not included. I ran mine with my Paul Hynes SR5 linear PSU. Here's what's included: Mac Mini with original box 500 GB Internal SSD 16 GB of OWC RAM Toshiba Exceria Pro 32 GB SDHC Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter CompuLab Display Emulator (fit-Headless) Edimax Wi-Fi USB Adapter I will let it go for $1,200.00 - Reduced to $995 OBO. Free Shipping in the continental US and Buyer pays PayPal fee of 2.9%.
  3. Thanks Alex. I got mine to work. For some reason, when I boot to the Mac and hold down the Option key, the AL icon is called EFI boot. But it works. I don't have any experience with HQPlayer Embedded. Are you able to use a Roon controller with HQPlayer Embedded?
  4. Does anyone know if AL will boot on a Mac Mini? I tried but it looked like the thumb drive was not recognized.
  5. ****SOLD**** For sale is a pair of the excellent sounding Nuforce Reference 9 v2 monoblock power amplifiers, in excellent condition (9/10). I am the original owner and I had them factory upgraded to full 9V2 status with the V2 faceplate. They come in the original boxes, packaging materials, and manual. The Nuforce Reference 9 v2 amps are 300 watts per channel and have both RCA or balanced XLR inputs, featuring WBT RCN Connectors and Eichmann speaker binding posts. The V2 upgraded is a significant upgrade over the original Reference 9s. Sound quality is superb. Excellent resolution of fine detail, superb bass and a very extended and controlled treble range. Great transient detail as well. The Nuforce Reference 9V2s are very powerful (190W per channel in 8ohm, 300W in 4 ohm and stable to 2 ohm) and can drive pretty much every speaker with total control. Bass control and definition is second to none, extraordinary detail retrieval and attack on leading edges, very fast and dynamic, and bass that is deep, tight and fast. Specifications: Power: 300W @ 4 Ohms Damping Factor: Greater than 4000 Input Impedance: 45 Ohms Gain: 27 dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 120dB at 100W Finish: Silver “The V2 amps stand up to any amplifier I've had in my system, irrespective of technology or price and I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same in yours.” – Edgar Kramer, 6moons Retail price was $3,500 USD for the pair. Now only ***SOLD*** for the pair - including FREE shipping and PayPal Fees. Will ship anywhere within the continental U.S. They will ship in the original boxes and packaging and will be double boxed for safe shipping.
  6. When I disabled ramroot from the menu, then rebooted then changed to acpi - it worked. Piero told me "To check that you have disabled intel pstate driver you should have intel_pstate=disable in /boot/loader/entries/audiolinux.conf" I confirmed on mine after I disabling ramroot, rebooting, changing to acpi, rebooting again.
  7. @hifi25nl I'm having trouble getting the selection to acpi to stick. I have tried it several times but it keeps rebooting as intel_pstate.
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