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  1. How come Spotify can create such a solid "connect" product while all the other streaming services struggle? Spotify Connect is one of the big reasons I stick with them.
  2. Once bitten twice shy, sounds like the Universe is saying "...I didn't tell you to upgrade to more Macs!"
  3. That sounds like an awesome experience. I love those times when you are so into moment that nothing else matters, not even food. Those Van Halen and Van Hagar days were epic! The Eddie and Alex Van Halen lead guitar and drum sound was so energetic and bold as well as those falsetto background vocals like in Jamie's Crying. I am inspired to blast some VH this weekend while my wife is out of house but on a system that pales in comparison.
  4. I had the Chord Qutest which is the same FPGA used in the Hugo's but the Hugo version has more Taps I believe. The Chord equipment has a very unique aesthetic and is built really well with quality materials and excellent fit and finishes. I had the QuteHD, 2Qute and finally the Qutest and I will say I do regret selling my Qutest as I do like the Chord sound as it was very detailed and sterile as some might say but I liked it. The adjustable voltage was great for direct to amp matching. My 2 cents.
  5. Check out the Channel Islands Audio (ciaudio.com) LPS's. Very reasonably priced and made in California with good parts.
  6. Oh wow, he was quite the rock guitarist legend and songwriter. I loved his Poundcake power drill technique. Just great memories of my Van Halen (and Van Hagar) musical times during my formative years. Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth were quite the duo. Thank you for the music Eddie!
  7. If you are not actively using an electrically powered piece of equipment, my opinion is it should be turned off. That is whey they come equipped with on/off buttons. Is audiophile-itus more important then clean air and clean water. Every little bit does help. Eat meat one less day a week, turn off your equipment when not being used, it adds up when we are talking about 7.8 billion people on this planet and about 10 billion by 2050.
  8. I was excited until I saw the price. I would have to sell one of my Picasso's!
  9. Donate them. I had a pair of Snell D's which I gave to Father Joe's and I am sure they had someone repair the surrounds to make them saleable.
  10. Okay, I have to show off my Picasso with all your guys talk about him. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone BUT it is modern art by a true master! I am sure Chris will remove if this is too off topic.
  11. Here is a Picasso I have. Notice how he does the date backwards? (Picasso pic deleted. Maybe not safe for here?)
  12. Best Female Singer: Karen Carpenter Best printmaker: Albrecht Durer Best Car: 1980 Ford Escort Best Concert: Bobby Sherman 1974 Saratoga Racing Grounds Best Watch: Zenith El Primero Best NFL QB: Tom Brady Best Toilet Paper: None (get a Hello Tushy retrofit bidet)
  13. You have been to a lot of concerts! There is another idea for a thread.
  14. oh sorry, it was a double quote situation, I quoted what you quoted.
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