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  1. I'd be interested to know how they got compromised. These days it is almost always a socially engineered attack so probably a typical PEBKAC vector.
  2. Well that was good troubleshooting. Definitely sounds like a buggy software change exasperated by older hardware. Although, after looking at the Roon Core system requirements, your Mac Mini seems to be fulfill those easily. Unfortunately, this is the wild world of software development and live beta testing to flush out problems. Microsoft and Apple do it all the time with great success but that is the unwritten process. Sorry not offering much help here but these issues intrigue me. Can you roll back to the previous version that was working?
  3. If your Mac Mini were wine, I would say it is just about ready for enjoying, but a nine year old computer is ready for recycling. Seriously, modern software on older hardware can have unexpected results. Business computers are commonly on three year life cycles for this reason.
  4. In my novice opinion, the only thing that could change in 24 hours is that you are acclimating to the new different sound. I would expect an electronic device to sound the way it is going to sound straight out of the box. I mean, solder and silicon will not magically age to taste better like a fine wine. Now certain wines truly do get better if you age them properly, especially an Italian Brunello but electronics? Aging is a process of degradation, a process where things break down so if you age your super DAC, will it sound better to your aging super ears?
  5. This something that many people do not realize. Our youngest generation is growing up with this as the norm and without having the benefit and experience of living in the not-so-smart world many of us grew up in. Now everything is connected to the internet and plenty of half-baked freebie apps easily downloadable to your smart devices. We have smart homes, smart cars, smart audiophile streamers, credit cards etc. I used to laugh at people that said they do not need the internet but now I am thinking they are not so far out there. You need to be smart about all this and vigilant with credentials and passwords. These days based on the latest attack vectors, it is user education that is the best defense, human firewalls in addition to the hardware.
  6. Just add volume control and that's the full package! A really good price point and option for a second system. Cannot wait to hear some reviews here on AS.
  7. What about hosted email through Microsoft Office 365? When we cannot relay through them we use another smtp server such as SocketLabs.
  8. Doesn't the Lumin buffer the songs? I bet if you disconnected the patch cable that the music would still play for the entire song so why obsess over the network setup? Get better speakers to improve SQ.
  9. What if we are using a class D amp, still no advantage? Just curious as I am following this conversation as I am using Class D with a DAC with volume control.
  10. Just curious what type of computer you have and what streaming service you are using. Personally, I find my 2014 Macbook Pro works very quietly but that could be because it has plenty of CPU. I stream Spotify and Amazon HD. If I had to get a streamer to replace it I would consider the Bluesound Node 2i.
  11. I am glad someone else shares this sentiment about Spotify and its Ogg Vorbis. It really is pretty good considering it is lossy.
  12. I believe the latest ones no longer have Toslink output through the headphone jack. I have a 2014 model which still has Toslink and I agree with the other post about optical vs. USB. Macworld Article on Missing Digital Outputs
  13. Every time you fire up your computer and connect to this wild wild world (www) you are tracked whether you know it or not. This subject goes way beyond AS all the way to systems such as China's national social credit database. It is indeed a brave new world.
  14. I bypass the Windows volume control completely and stream my Spotify bit perfect with Amarra SQ+ on my Mac (sorry couldn't resist)
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