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  1. No longer for sale
  2. I am unable to edit this post but the SR4-12 is already sold.
  3. If anyone is looking to get a SR4-12 please PM me, I had requested a SR4-19 but there was some confusion and Paul shipped me a SR4-12. Paul offered to cover the cost of shipping so I can return it back to him, but I felt I can save him the trouble and also get someone a SR4-12 sooner. Please PM me if interested. Cost would be the same as what Paul quotes (including shipping), will ship the package brand new without opening it.
  4. Selling a Mjölnir-Audio KGSSHV Carbon, built in Iceland by Birgir Gudjonsson (aka spritzer). Bought new in 2017. You can read more about the virtues of the Mjölnir KGSSHV Carbon build in this review by Bob Katz... The amp is in excellent working condition. New = $4770 (including shipping from Iceland). Asking $SOLD. Reason for sale: Upgraded recently to Carbon CC Will ship free within CONUS. Buyer pays PP or does Family and Friends
  5. Price drop, $299 now! Modded SMS-200 available (two SMB inputs 25MHz and 24MHz), with two 6 inch SMB clock cables
  6. I have a Chord Hugo 2 (black) for sale. It is lightly used as it was my travel DAC and I have about 100 hours on it. It is in excellent condition, comes with original packaging and all the original accessories. The remote has never been used. It retails at $2695, asking $SOLD. Will entertain reasonable offers. Will ship free CONUS. Buyer pays PayPal or use Friends and Family. Happy to answer any questions.
  7. I have a new, unused DC Y cable for sPS-500 from Ghent Audio , 0.5m with two 2.1mm DC barrel connectors. Asking $60, got it for $80. Will ship free CONUS, buyer pays PayPal fee or do Friends and Family.
  8. Modded SMS-200 available (two SMB inputs 25MHz and 24MHz), with two 6 inch SMB clock cables Aries Mini, tx-USBultra, D-Link Switch, LPS 1.1, Curious USB 200mm A-B cable sold
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