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  1. My opticalRendu played fine on 1.8 for a week (after the initial problems were resolved with multiple updates). Today it died again, forcing me to put the 1.7 chip back in. 1.8 still isn’t ready for prime time, at least not with the opticalRendu. What’s different this time is that typing “sonicorbiter.com” in a browser doesn’t bring up either the opticalRendu or my sonictransporter. They even both disappeared from the network until I rebooted the router. Now I can get music (Roon), but still cannot access either device on a browser. Any ideas?
  2. My opticalRendu 1.8 card worked for a while then shut down. Powering off and on did not work. I put the 1.7 card back in and it worked fine. Then the 1.8 worked again. But once again it played for 20 minutes before shutting down. The solution was to update before the unit shutdown. Two updates were necessary. It’s now staying on.
  3. I happen to have single mode fiber. I didn’t give it much thought, but I hate the color orange, so I ordered a run of aqua colored single mode fiber. I think things sound great but you have me intrigued. I’ll order the attenuators and give it a try. The other option is to try a better multi mode cable, like the Sonore branded Corning. But if I post a question on sound quality of optical cable I’m sure to incur much derision on this forum.
  4. I was hoping to sell my LPS 1.2 after installing the EtherRegen, but some A/B comparisons with the supplied SMPS made it clear that it was worthwhile using LPS 1.2 the feed the ER.
  5. As Alex said. Copper in on B side / optical out to the opticalRendu. I think it made as significant an improvement as changing from ultraRendu to opticalRendu, although it’s been a couple of months since I made that change. In any case, highly recommended!
  6. I think a few have. I didn’t write a review but did mention that using the EtherRegen as a replacement of an opticalModule connected to my opticalRendu, was a significant upgrade.
  7. The UpTone EtherRegen should be on the list of noteworthy devices. I replaced my opticalModule with an EtherRegen (sending to an opticalRendu). It resulted in a surprising improvement in audio quality.
  8. I just received and installed my EtherRegen as a replacement for my opticalModule. Great results so far. One question: Was the ER supposed to ship with a fiber transceiver?
  9. That’s exactly the setup I plan, when my ER arrives next month. So I also would like some feedback on this.
  10. I haven’t received mine yet, but my understanding is that the ER will have to be used “backwards”, with the router feeding the B side and the optical out on the A side connected to the opticalRendu (replacing the opticalModule). The B side won’t communicate with the opticalModule since it’s 100 Mbps, not the 1,000 Mbps required by the opticalModule.
  11. So this means the ER won’t be able to feed an opticalModule from the B side? If so, I guess my only option will be to use the ER in “reverse”, with the router connected to the B side and the A side optical port connecting to my opticalRendu.
  12. Ryan, is a similar update for the QX-5 in the works?
  13. So this backwards approach would make the EtherRegen a substitute for an opticalModule. Have either of you made that comparison?
  14. I did that. Picked one up at RMAF last week. I only had the Black, so I don’t know how the Cobalt compares with the Red. But I couldn’t be happier with the Cobalt!
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