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  1. Just heard Hans' review of the software in the video above. Thanks, @audiobomber!
  2. Because I like to use reference points to understand where a product's relative advantages may lay, it seems to me that the hardware benchmark in this space is the Auralic Aries femto or Mini. Or the Sonore mRendu/ultra. Or one of those DDC reclockers like Singer? I can't speak for and don't understand the software side as it all seems so DIY Github-hauntingly discouraging unless you pony up for Roon (I don't; my own problem). Anyway, it's helpful to see the software a little since that's what you touch. I wish we got as much software analysis as hardware. And for me, it seems the major hardware contenders recently are the Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra or the Allo Digi-One Signature (and assorted power options and cables which have to be factored in as well). I wasn't aware of the updates to some of these mentioned earlier–thanks. And if you're gonna stretch maybe the Metrum Acoustics Ambre? So many choices and configurations, who has time to listen to music? 😉
  3. With regard to compelling music with chords>3 and maybe a general resistance to I-IV-V, well, as someone put it, maybe we have to really cultivate the ear/brain for that. But, I do try and am definitely attracted to music that's a) rhythmic, b) arranged to change, and c) different/technically interesting (to me). Unfortunately, any given artist's oeuvre isn't always outside the norm, and then there's the matter of "consistency" and taste. So, I'm happy to discover one or two gems and then perhaps, perhaps there's more. Put simply, "does the artist change things up?" (I'm looking for a strong yes, just like the band YES does/used to do, ha ha ha–I like almost all their stuff, not just early work.) Some recent listening sessions I've really enjoyed included (new-ish and old): Blue by Joni Mitchell After Bach by Brad Mehldau Silk Road Ensemble w/ Yo-Yo Ma Twisted Tenderness by Electronic (band–Sumner/Marr) Money Jungle by Duke Ellington Functional Arrhythmias by Steve Coleman & Five Elements Heartwork by Carcass (n.b., harsh metal) These are the Vistas by The Bad Plus Emily's D+Evolution by Esperanza Spalding And yes, Lamar, because I wanted to see if the fuss was for me (it's not). And some award-winning video game soundtracks (NieR Automata). And less-mainstream (to me) classical is occasionally cool, such as composer Dobrinka Tabakova. Finally, a coworker keeps suggesting technically interesting bands like Animals as Leaders which I need to explore more. I hope there's something in here for you.
  4. @Musicophile It's my impression and understanding from a local (Seattle) rock band leader friend that a) rock is indeed "dead" as we olds knew it (okay, you may not be one, sorry) and b) the good stuff is online at Soundcloud and the like. As for musically interesting and technically proficient arrangements/performances, well, maybe check out some of the suggestions on the old AudioStream.com "Weird Pop" or whatever they called that series before Lavorgna left. I keep meaning to do that myself, but am instead listening to my three versions of Aja (really), and now three versions of Carmina Burana because my son just sang it and WOW to sit ten feet from the baritone and ensemble and...well, you get the idea. I'll put a plug in for my current favorite jazz drummer: Stanton Moore. Joe Bob says, "check it out."
  5. First, I love it when secret sauce is revealed, especially since "everything counts in large amounts" (especially you know, your bank accounts). But seriously, it's too bad some of these lesser known DACs are not so easily comparable. I wish a few others were covered and perhaps someone else will take up the baton! In the meantime, back to my three versions of Aja...which sound ever so slightly (and emotionally) more dynamic out of my CD player as transport into my DAC than my network signal. That's my not-so-secret sauce.
  6. Thank you, @austinpop for your efforts above and beyond! Would that you'd continue, but closure is good too: To be satisfied and even inspired by your choices, and to rediscover the music. Cheers!
  7. @GeneZ Thanks for posting. I may try that again as I have that on my Naim Hi-Cap, which hates all aftermarket cords (that I’ve tried so far) except the f3. My Yggy A2 sounds great with a Synergistic Black that didn’t play well with other components. I tried several cords with Yggy and Gungir, and my Naim system has typically not played well with most choices. That said, I’ve had some great experiences lately with Transparent Audio Cable interconnect/coax. Their power cords may be worth exploring. Sadly, they are priced high up on the diminishing return curve. So it goes.
  8. +1 for BNC. I've been testing Transparent Cables lately and the only demo cables are RCA. Those are dang good FWIW, but I'll be buying BNC when I finally pony up. The converters are total rubbish–they strip away the magic you're talking about above. As Barrows says, use your ears. If you can't tell or don't care, you don't. No harm no foul. Aries G2 without BNC unfortunately forces you down the AES path. Fortunately Transparent has a trade-in policy if one goes this "big box" streamer route. But there's magic in them thar boxes. And cables. Crazy (magic) hobby! Back to music now that I've determined I have a "good" copy of Aja...
  9. It seems you have enough already given your goals. In my experience your hard drive music files in ALAC are excellent via iTunes...until you try to get them off the computer. The diagram you want would show a decision here for USB or Ethernet or WiFi. The trade off is quality vs convenience vs affordability. Choose two (kidding, sort of). Since ultimate sound is not a goal, then your physical layout needs will inform your choices as well as minimize/avoid additional expense in the form of quality improving power supplies. I don’t stream so I’m no help, but everybody here (figuratively) seems to think Roon is a god-send. If that were an option and quality is desired, you have many options to spend money! The good news is that there are reasonably priced upgrades for the “endpoints” of your signal that feed your DAC. This is one possibility; hope this helps.
  10. This is why we need moderators. Threads are cluttered with the same arguments ad nauseam (oops, no liberal arts latin!), I mean, the same un-winnable arguments over and over, blah blah blah. Because I want to spend time with my son and listen to music, I don't want to wade through all. that. blah. blah. blah. blah. Having recently gone through a refinement of my coax cable as well, that coax thread is one I was very interested in reading. Related to the NUC and Massive... threads, I think (perhaps wrongly) that by avoiding USB I avoid the spaghetti mess of hardware and (more!) cables. But, as soon as the cable-haters rolled in, I opted to go my own way–such a pain in the rear to wade through the dross. My loss, and yours too Peter as we corresponded about one of your coax cables (actually two since we were talking about the Lush^2 as well). @Taz I'm glad you got your system tuned! I may have to go back and see if you documented your comparisons as that is what I enjoy about talking with other audiophiles. And again, how about moderators who dispense strikes to offending posts? A group of moderators provide oversight. A kind of supreme court (ha ha). Then maybe people will pay attention and think about the reactions to their posts. Low impact on the content, maybe big impact on behavior!
  11. So again, how about moderators that divvy out strikes per thread? Isolated effect that may promote “civil” behavior.
  12. I don't think about this a lot because, I presume, I'm a heavy user of the ignore feature. That said, I still heartily vote "yes" for moderation or perhaps a means to vote people off a thread? While I generally filter out the users who post antagonistic and irrelevant content (to me) and accept that I miss some things because the content "provider" is a troll 90+% of the time, CA does not have to be a democracy and freedom of speech isn't an inalienable right. While this probably sounds and feels dictatorial, I'm more aligned with Chris than it might seem; and I'd prefer selective heavy-handedness with certain individuals and threads than an attempt to be "fair" that will be attacked on the grounds of principle rather than on the fact that certain individuals primarily "contribute" negativity and animosity rather than productive ideas. Again, since there's clearly no majority here (50/50 as of this writing), maybe instead of moderation we give a group of moderators the ability to give warnings, and if enough approved moderators ding someone, they're removed from the thread on the third ding. No discussion, no appeal, no dice. Maybe that will encourage people to be civil? Maybe we should at least try this a while and see how it goes... And to those who are respectful (almost to a "feeding the trolls" fault), my respect. Our founder, especially. You people truly have the patience of a saint.
  13. And +10 if there has been any mention/ask for a way for individuals to mark posts as relevant to their interests, and then only viewing those tagged posts in the thread. i.e., As I read, I click on posts that form the core or backbone of the thread, and then I can filter the thread so the irrelevant cross-talk and sniping and other unrelated and bad stuff is removed. CA is much more enjoyable this way (currently by using the ignore feature which is a minor god-send!). Seriously, a means of custom filtering a thread would be amazing.
  14. Hello, Mario Please send me the codes as well. My fourth album choice is Conversations because De Quiros (or someone) put so much effort into getting Herrs Beethoven, Liszt, and Schubert to be civil, how could one not want to overhear how they get on together? Thank you for making your offer available!
  15. Alex, Here’s another appreciative customer. I know you don’t take pre-orders but I’m ready to fund your first run. I’m sure there are others too!
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