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  1. Hi, Alvin1118 Just confirming that "all" Denafrips DACs have this USB input and reclocking? And specifically the Ares II as well? I mainly use SPDIF anyway but am curious because I picked up a used Ares II from someone upgrading to Venus. Thanks.
  2. A friend of mine has been testing streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, etc.) all summer and has simply used his iPhone and Dragonfly Red to his integrated amp. He listens mainly to classical and folk and popular classic rock. He reports enough of a sonic difference to pay for one (Qobuz) over the others. He just got a renderer a few weeks ago (per Barrows' definition) by Pro-Ject. He thinks it's much better than the iPhone app with a greater sense of ease and timbre and PRAT. He's shopping for a better DAC now (which the Dragonfly makes difficult because he reports it being q
  3. +1 for Waldorf! Even online, although admittedly the kids would prefer live instruction. My son plays a bunch of instruments now and sings in a notable boy choir. We spend a lot of time in the living room with the "big rig," enjoying the music whether live or reproduced. Someday he might express some interest in this hobby, but we don't talk about audio gear. We talk about music because it's part of his life at home and life at school. Excited for you and your family's discoveries!
  4. Ah well my apologies for inadvertently crossing the lines! I nonetheless look forward to learning something from your posts. Best, Laurence
  5. In the spirit of wanting to learn something here about speaker/room interactions and how measurements inform the future PhDs of audiophile progress, it's unhelpful to use biased statements like, "...the subjective abyss" even if it's accurate in the inherently subjective nature of human auditory experience. Do wine tasters go at each other this way? Do coffee drinkers? Chefs? Instead, perhaps we may learn something about why measurements don't seem to capture all that people report hearing. Statements made in the first post suggest that all of an input signal's characteristics are
  6. I've the same experience with Spotify via iPhone vs Spotify Mac app (both getting to the speaker system via AirPlay): The Mac app sounds much better, no contest.
  7. Indeed, fair enough. This post came up just as I was about to give Qobuz a try, and I abhor poor customer service (because I deal with so much of it managing elderly parents' affairs on top of my own). I'm customer-facing in software; I know it's hard to please everyone. I expect the accounting team to do better though–it's just debits and credits and you have allowances for customer issues, so just fix the damn problem please. Good luck, better listening!
  8. @Johnseye Thank you for the public service announcement and sorry for your hassles. I appreciate that you just saved me from wasting my money on a company that doesn't have its customers and customer service front and center. Such a shame; I hope your social media efforts provide some remedy.
  9. Three examples of my young/modern favorites are: BONUS:
  10. I have taken audio for granted. My son sings in a boy choir and they were part of an amazing ensemble performance of Carmina Burana in a lovely acoustic space which was recorded. We sat about 15' from the soloists and piano–what an experience. I thought the recording would be marvelous. I obtained a copy of the recording after a couple weeks. I wondered why it was taking so long, and after I got it, I was reminded why recording is a bit of an art itself. Despite hitting the wall a couple times in the beginning (Carmina's dynamic range is just too wide, I guess), the rest of the per
  11. @PeterSt You and a number of people here are welcome to come by so we can listen to music and have a beer! I might even open a bottle or three of wine and share some nice Scotch if you make the journey to Seattle! But it's the local "microbrews" like this one <https://reubensbrews.com/> that make it worth the trip. Oh wait, we're not "open" yet. LOL (Not that this is funny, read that as a letting-off-stream laugh.) Thanks for posting the pic. Let's see how well I decoded the last post of TANF or whatever it was! hahaha
  12. The lack of photos here, despite my urging Peter to do so, says something about its members, LOL. 😉
  13. Well if anyone feels more voices/votes is more legit, then +1 for power. Paying for quality power has paid enormous emotional sonic dividends over the years. In fact I have considered power the most important factor in my system for a long time, and power especially opened my ears with digital signal quality five or six years ago. YMMV.
  14. "The dogma is strong with that one..." 😉 There's another well-known and very successful audio company that makes great products but eschews commentary on what we as their consumers, hear or don't hear. Just as well, and yet because of how prominent they are, and because of how their demographic is influenced by them, I wish they would "care" about power and cables as much as the more discerning ears here do. Regrettably, we're all simply human and they have their blind spots as we all do. My dogma: Everything counts in large amounts, and clean power uber alles, and YMMV
  15. @charlesphoto I sold my recapped CB NAP 250 to a friend to pick up a newer DR for myself, but the CB has "the sound" we love Naim for! (I love my DR, too.) Regarding your cable comment, I just noticed the boys "across the pond" talking about Witch Hat cable's Morgana cable for Naim. They're ex-Naim techs turned Naim cable specialists. Mine aren't here yet so I can't comment on the sound, but they're well regarded, it seems. (And clearly worth taking a flyer on, for me anyway.) Love the old recapped CB sound however! Congrats!
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