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  1. I'm no longer using coax for SPDIF, I now use AES, but... For cables, in my system, my room, I've tried several coax cables and really liked Oyaide DB-510 as an affordable cable. Then I borrowed a $900 Transparent Audio coax from the dealer. Wow, great cable. Then Silnote Audio (note: NOT "Siltech") put their line on sale at their website and so I took a flyer and was happily sold on their warmth and detail...and price. They're still on sale it seems, (small company, apparently). I now use Silnote Audio for my AES (and coax as well, from my CD player/transport). As an a
  2. My bias in audio has over the years increasingly leaned toward clean electricity. I use AES with Yggy and think it far superior to USB, but I am all Red Book so if you need USB for hi-res, you need USB. For AES, IME (bias) Pi2AES seems low cost until one adds "quality" power to the mix. That bumps it up into "may as well buy a _______" territory where you get quality power built in. I don't have a good answer for this, for me. Currently using an older Auralic Aries streamer with its better LPS. I'd prefer to put an Uptone power supply on it but the voltage doesn't match, so now I'm into
  3. I don't know if you all would agree there's something of this psychological "misdirection" happening with circuit design and how signal through one circuit is more or less "misdirected" as it comes out the transducer, but I sort of feel (best I can do) that this is what I'm hearing when comparing my long time separates system with an integrated amp I have on hand. One system is class A/B and the other more class A. One seems to present the recording more "evenly" for lack of a better word, while the other presents certain tones or frequencies (can't quite decide if I can tell which
  4. So back to the idea of flavors...I've posted elsewhere here that I've had the pleasure (without all the financial pain, thanks to a friend) of auditioning a Denafrips Pontus II, Chord Qutest, Wavelength "The Brick" N2, and a few other older DACs in my own system. While I do hear that relative to one another there are differences, it's not so simple as better or best. To my ears, I'd say there is not even a linear scale or spectrum of qualities beyond some of the basic ones. I don't want to write a review, so I'll just say Pontus does some remarkable things but apparentl
  5. @R1200CL You're welcome! It's a fun read and his snarkiness suits the subject, for better or worse! Well, off to pack up my Yggy for the journey back to the mothership for LiM...
  6. Jason Stoddard writes extensively about their business model and practices and product design choices, and has done so since something like 2015 here (link to first post/table of contents). Anyone interested in Schiit should just go read the latest posts there; they are busy running a successful business and this ongoing "blog" is ample evidence of such.
  7. +1 for me. This ^ is why I far prefer speakers to headphones, but I have to admit that if you don't have the speakers and especially, the room sorted, you're not hearing/feeling the whole enchilada. Someone (a reviewer) once said "speakers pressurize a room." While that may not strictly be true, that is how it feels, and doesn't have to be the exaggerated HT pulses nor the Infinity IRS oncoming wavefront of air I recall from a show long ago.
  8. @matthias Any app on a Mac can be used as an audio "source" and sent via AirPlay using Rogue Amobea's long-time software AirFoil, found here: https://www.rogueamoeba.com/ I actually find Spotify better via Mac than iPhone (and AirPlay) when Spotify is streamed via Mac using AirFoil, but that was before I got a streamer with Spotify Connect. Connect on hardware is the best way to go for Spotify.
  9. Having recently compared several DACs from Chord, Denafrips, and others at home over several weeks vs. my Yggy A2 via S/PDIF coax, I applaud the subjective comments, used in a direct comparative fashion, such as... just sounded congested to me, as if the details were lost Instruments seemed to pop out unnaturally vocal was good and the drums had good air / space around them extra crispy high frequencies, and harsh hammer strikes the steel drum was really clear at low volume and had great separation between mallet strikes "Yes." The sound put me at e
  10. May I strongly suggest AES input and balanced outputs? After discarding USB and using S/PDIF coax happily for years, I now find AES/balanced out steps up the Yggy game substantially. In my case, my gear has single-ended RCA input only, so the new Schiit Lokius EQ enabled me to do the balanced to SE conversion sans transformers that color the sound (detrimentally, in my experience). YMMV, of course.
  11. Thanks, Exocer, for the upgrade option info. +1 for LIM Thanks, @The Computer Audiophile, for sharing straight impressions and especially context and backstory, because I've heard the subtle qualities you describe recently with DACs and also amps in my system. Now I have to decide how far to go towards that "new" horizon, not that where I'm at is all that far off or lacks anything per se. But the "last mile" sonically is, as Spock would say, "Fascinating!"
  12. Oh, I'm certainly not naive enough to think any industry or company is going to do this, for exactly your reason. But I don't think Edison or Tesla or most others had much backing going for them either.
  13. Maybe, just maybe, certain audio phenomena need to have a whole article devoted to what the perception is, what the measurement is AND IS NOT, for both qualitative and quantitative characteristics. There are things I've have heard while comparing DACs (very recently for several weeks) that are very, very difficult to put into words, and have made me appreciate even more the subjective nature of this hobby. I tire of the measurement debate as much as the next lurker, but I would also like to see progress made in this hobby so that maybe, just maybe, we can all just get along.
  14. Fascinating, and frustrating. After years of reading how Yggy's AES is the best input and its balanced outs better the single-ended, I finally got my streaming and amp-ing to connect up this way with minimal sonic trade-off (read: Schiit Lokius). And, dammit, the reports are 100% true (to my ears). There is magic in them thar Schiity combo-burritos (reference to the name of their DAC filter tech), but only if you use the right ingredients (AES in, balanced out, and a Shunyata Venom NR power cable and PS Audio power regenerator as well). Now I have more Yggy choices? Aaargh! But I w
  15. Your quote is awesome (why they're on stage, not where...) - I wish I had thought of that!!! 1,000%
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